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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY MAY 12TH - PEDALS and CABLES AND GEAR OH MY! WHAT DOES THIS PEDAL DO? If you've got questions about what pedals do, what pedals do you need, or how something works, then let's get some answers. Steve will guide you through his gear, setting up a pedal board, and how each pedal sounds. WEDNESDAY WORKOUTS: MAY 13TH Tired of not being able to play barre chords? This three week series on Wednesday Workouts will guide you through... 1) Knowing Where to Put Your Chord 2) How to Form Each Chord Correctly 3) Strengthening the Fingers for Successful Barre Chords Bring your guitar and I'll guide you step by step as we play together. You can do it! Let's finally master these and move forward in your music! Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Thanks Nutty and Matonanjin. I really wanted my 15 year old granddaughter to sing this (she has a beautiful voice when she has the chance to rehearse), but I gave it to her on short notice ( 2 1/2 days), tried recording it at her home in a room that turned out to yield a very boxy sound, and her familiarity of the the song was limited, her volume was subdued and she had some slight pitch flatness on a few notes that I couldn't correct in Logic. The multiple recordings just didn't work out. So yesterday I did my vocals and background vocals to get the song off the DAW and onto the forum. It was fun learning all the separate guitar and keyboard pieces, lots of listening, relistening, and practicing the parts before recording them...of course recording and rerecording and..... I may hold off the mass production aspect of recording songs for a bit. I wish I had the skills of other contributors here but making the recording process easier is appealing. Greg
  2. A little late, but this song took me about 2 weeks to record and mix. Again another song by a lady but I love Sheryl Crow and again another song that is not good for me to sing in the lower range. I thought this was a nice song for the month's theme. The bass and drums are a karoake track but the rest is all me, including keyboard , background vocals , and several layers of guitar work. The mix sounds best with headphones or through a sound system, but also again, not my strength. Greg
  3. Well, since I suggested this month's theme, it is time I finally added my recording. It took me a couple of weeks, and is probably the hardest recording I have ever done. Again, my mix could be better, and again this song is not good for my lower vocal range and again another song by a woman, but I love Sheryl Crow so I thought this was a good candidate for the theme. All tracks, including keyboard are mine except the bass and drums, which are kaoake tracks for the song. All guitar parts and background vocals as well, are mine. Got it in just in the nick of time. Greg
  4. Wow, excellent playing Amy! Your patience and practice paid dividends in rewards. Thanks for letting us in on it. Greg
  5. Awesome Neil!! What great clean tone, a very nice example of your jazz progress. I really enjoyed it...inspiring. Greg
  6. Working on my pedalboard and Fractal Axe8 patches, getting ready for a July 4th block party if it works out this year. I have postponed my visit to the Gathering until next year, so no preparation for the Student Showcase. Greg
  7. Very cool, Matt. You have a gift for musical creativity. Love to hear your stuff. Greg
  8. Very nice!! This is clear proof that you can create quality productions in Garageband. You put together a fun project and I just had to have a copy.😀 Greg
  9. I enjoy your recordings Mandy and admire your progress in recording and performance. I too deal with the scourge of arthritis so I can deeply empathise with the challenges. Playing and vocalizing is especially challenging and often I too use a simpler chord strategy, particularly when I am playing with bandmates-they can cover things with more complex play while I sing. When i am not the singer, I get the chance to expand my chops as well. Keep it up and keep giving us the pleasure of your contributions. Greg Also, in my opinion, "fancy" should never be the focus in this monthly challenge and I hope others take your lead and share their skills, regardless of level. I tend to like building layers in songs to develop my recording skills, but I personally enjoy going to public venues and listening to the solo artists as much as any band, and many of these artists use " simple" play in their performances.
  10. I tried to think of actual exercises but found myself stumped. Playing only 2 or 3 strings is something I just do by rote anymore but a couple of thoughts. When playing strings 1-3., try to mute the D string with your G string fingering, that is let it slightly touch the D while fingering the G. Concentrate on strumming only the the treble strings. If you strike the D, it is muted. When playing the internal triads, you must also mute the adjacent unplayed strings with your fretting fingers and release the strum early to avoid the E . You can play triads on A, D and G also but that is not something a Steve taught in his series. Practice very slowly until you have a feel for fretting and strumming control to strike only the fretted and muting the unwanted. Maybe consider using only one triad form at a time up and down the fretboard without changing shapes, then try one change only until the strumming movement becomes more natural and the accuracy improves Good luck. Greg
  11. Wow, very nice Skip and Ron! I can imagine the amount of time and practice that went into both of your contributions . Really just outstanding play and recordings. Very impressive so thanks to both of you for sharing. Greg
  12. Welcome Jogarman. You have advance quite a ways in the LMG course so you have considerable skills under your belt by now, so to speak. Just as you started learning how to strum rhythmically to a metronome, whole notes, half notes, quarter and so on-one- step at a time-so might you consider learning to sing along with your playing. Select a simple 3 or 4 chord song that you know well lyrically (or have the lyrics and chord chart visually close at hand) and go back to square one with your rhythm playing. Keep your strum playing simple, slow down and focus on the melody, hum at first if you need to, use the metronome. As you become more comfortable and familiar with integrating a third task while both hands are working their own actions, you can begin to advance to a more accurate tempo and advanced strum pattern. There is no fast track, just as there is no quick way to "learn and master" guitar but dedicate a small part of your practice each day to the task, perhaps at the end of your dedicated practice schedule. That said, I know some very skilled musicians who simply can't sing while playing, and it does become more difficult as the chord progressions become more complex. It is a learned skill however, so don't be discouraged if the challenge appears too daunting at first. Practice and patience is a virtue. Best of luck on this. Greg
    Great review of blues chords. I found one new one to me, the inside voicing for the C13 shape, which I will add to my blues toolbox. Fun stuff. Greg
  13. That was exceptional Wim!! I am able to make it through the session 1 version but have miles to go before attempting your version. The nylon strings give an great Spanish vibe to this classical song . Very cool Greg
  14. Thx Wim. I learned a good bit by learning parts, practicing them enough to try to accurately reproduce them. Downloading the original karaoke tracks was a cool way to accomplish that. Great for ear training as well. Your kind comments are greatly appreciated. Greg

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