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  1. But what if the power fails? For this reason, I would pick the acoustic. No amp required. Steve, Good point about nylon strings being easier in the long run. I might go with my Taylor Grand Pacific, but I also have a Taylor nylon string Tns24ce.
  2. Anthony Fesmire is a good insructor.
  3. @matonanjin Yes, Beato is a great resource. I watch his YT videos each week. The Beato book is a very deep supplement to the music theory Steve is teaching. The Ear Training program is excellent with real time testing and feedback. Of course it isn't good to overload yourself when focused practice on your current material is the best course.
  4. Six strings? How about 40? I had to find out what this strange instrument is. Just for fun!
  5. Are you looking for new learning materials? Rick Beato is selling The Beato Ultimate Bundle for $99. These are online products. There is a lot of learning here. You get the following: The Beato Book Interactive The Ear Training Program The Beato Beginner Guitar Course Quick Lessons Pro - Guitar Course I am spending my time with his ear training course now. This is one of my big weakness. The sale goes on for 2 more days. The Beato Ultimate Bundle
  6. It never hurts to work on a technique that pushes you. I have explored some of the exercises myself. For myself I play a lot of fingerstyle which is mostly me winging it, and it still sounds great. On the other hand I would not call my technique precise. If you want just a certain sound you need be precise. If you want to play Stairway to Heaven then there is a very specific path to follow. I know because I have the Led Zeppelin Box Set Authentic Guitar Tab which shows the magic. I took the time to learn the fingerstyle for Stairway along with the 6 other sections, it was challenging and great fun to hear that sound come from my guitar. Steve taught me several other fingerstyle songs including If, Hallelujah, and Dust in the Wind. I play fingerstyle to change up song sections too. Have fun with it!
  7. @Matt_B You have at least a couple years of material. The time estimates are just that. You are not in a race. You can complete the course on your own timetable. Practice and play every day. Learn to play songs with your new skills. Be relentless! Play like you mean it!
  8. Yes a bass! I think it is a natural addition for guitar players. The skills overlap in many ways. I doubt my bass skills will ever catch up to my guitar skills. Guitar is still my main instrument. Too late! I just purchased the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB108. I wanted a dedicated bass amp. I have the Boss GT-1 multi-effects pedal so I have plenty of amp modelling and effects,
  9. @Eracer_Team-DougH Yes exploring the low end. There are many new things to figure out for playing and recording.
  10. My new guitar is a bass. We had some sad news here recently. Earcraft Music in Dover, NH is closing after 50 years. Earcraft was a Taylor Preferred Dealer, and it had a wide selection of musical instruments. If I had more money I would have purchased more. As they say in the biz "Everything must go"! I wasn't planning on buying another instrument, but I figured I would buy one more instrument from Earcraft. My first choice was an F-Style Mandolin which was gone by the time I arrived. My second choice was the Yamaha TRBX304 Bass guitar. It was $90 less than the current Sweetwater price so I purchased it. It is a very cool little bass, handsome, with some nice active pickup EQ too. I don't even have a bass amp yet, but I have my eye on the Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108. I played bass with Rocksmith 2014 on the Xbox Series X with a full surround system. I took the basic bass lessons and my guitar skills had me to 90% note accuracy in a hurry. I had a blast playing along with Lenny Kravitz and the Ramones. I was a little sore after playing. Big bass strings are definitely a challenge. I mainly purchased the bass to add some new sounds to my recordings. Next up an electronic drum kit then we be rocking. LOL!
  11. Vinny makes great picks. I personally would not spend $35 on a single pick. I purchased his acoustic and electric sample packs years ago and they are still in service. My V-Picks are all clear; nothing fancy. I think their best feature is they slip less than most other picks I have tried. A pick that stays firmly planted works best. One of the pointed picks is now rounded, other than that the picks are still going strong for 10 years. I recommend V-Picks for anyone. They are not all expensive and they last a long time. V-Picks

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