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  1. Acoustic amps are superior for acoustic guitar. DI boxes do help. I have the Fishman Loudbox Mini below. I bought this artist package and it is a great value. The Sennheiser mic goes for around $100 by itself. The sound is rich and you can hook up a mic also. Fishman Loudbox Artist Package The Roland AC amps are also very good as stated by @John Wells.
  2. I don't think you will find any pedal that does that. A stereo signal is going to have left and right merge at the center, and it will pan left to right then back. Stereo isn't surround sound. I have a Boss GT-1 Multi-Effects pedal. It has a Leslie like effect and an expression pedal. If you want a Leslie then you need to buy one.
  3. @pkotof That was my reaction also as soon as the orchestra kicked in.
  4. I think it the right choice under the circumstances. Now I have a year to save up for the next one.
  5. Your wrist seems to be bent too much. My wrist is almost straight when playing with most movement coming from my arm; not my wrist. I noticed my pinky and ring finger glide over the top of the guitar when my strumming is smoothest. I palm mute a lot and I don't think it is possible with your wrist bent at an angle. Steve Krenz has some tips in one of the early lessons.
  6. A good chair makes a difference. I looked at the expensive guitar seats, but I wound up buying an inexpensive office chair from Staples which has arms that go up. It works pretty well.
  7. I play standing. I use a strap standing or seated. Yes, you are probably pressing too hard. Raise the neck position. Play with a relaxed motion. As you become more advanced you will see how easy some of the transitions between chords. You will always feel some minor discomfort. If it hurts then stop for a while.
  8. I think @Eracer_Team-DougH answer is spot on. For acoustic your best bet is guitar to DI to PA. DI changes guitar line level to microphone level. You can do long noise free cable runs with DI. Headphone jack is not the answer. The other option is one of the Fishman Loudbox amps which have DI output. You might want to check out the BOSS GT-1 which could go to a PA. There are a lot of multi-effects pedals that might work for you.
  9. I still play and practice almost every day. Steve Krenz has been keeping me busy with the Live Lesson and Workout Wednesdays.
  10. A series of lessons from Eric Johnson.
  11. Start singing. Find songs you like to sing, and just do it. You will improve with practice. There are virtual lessons on the internet like Singing Success, and many others. Mostly you just start singing. https://singingsuccess.com/
  12. Hi Steve, I was looking at the PDF. Does the F13 Dom 7th Rootless Colorful Substitute for Dom 7th. Works on I, IV or V have no F in it?
  13. I had a bad pickup on my Gibson Les Paul back in 2009, and Gibson replaced it for free. I would have to see pictures of the guitar. Some Gibson and Epiphone guitars have a nitrocellulose finish which ages differently and requires more care. I regularly clean my guitars. I also use Turtle Wax Express Shine for a light wax protection. You should take it directly to a Gibson Authorized Service in your area so they can see it up close.

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