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  1. It takes as long as it takes. Can you do focused practice with the course everyday? Then you will make progress. If you don't it takes a long time. L&M Guitar is a focused college level music course. You can go far with the material. You will be a guitar player long before you finish the course. I am one of the early L&M crew. I have only seen 1 person finish the course in a year. But could they play well? I can't say because they never shared recordings. It is easy to go through the material, but the master part is harder. You are supposed to watch the lesson, work the mat
  2. I found this in a search. PS-900 Passive Pickup Active pickups are common on acoustic guitars because they do not play well with electric amplifiers.
  3. @NeilES335 That is a Lutehole cover. They make several kind and sizes. They reduce feedback and look great. Lutehole
  4. @NeilES335 I have a 2009 Ovation Standard Balladeer made in Hartford. This one has the mid cut bowl so it is perfect for playing seated. I purchased it a few months before I found Learn and Master Guitar. It is a very high quality instrument which always stays in tune.
  5. Taylor uses medium strings on a lot of guitars including the Taylor GS Mini. Any quality guitar could go up a string size with no issue. But why would you want to? Playing guitar isn't easy no matter string type. I can't think of a single scenario where I would decide to go up a string size. Know your guitar. Go to the website or read your manual. The manufacturer will tell you the best gauge to use. You can usually go up or down a size with minor adjustments. Anything more you should get an expert opinion.
  6. I use D'Addario most of the time. My Ovation Standard Balladeer came with EXP. D'Addario EXP Coated Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Bronze Light, .012 - .053, EXP11 My Taylor Grand Pacific came with Elixir Medium Gauge Phosphor Bronze NANOWEB (.013-.056) The 13's are a beefy string. I am going to try a light set at some point.
  7. Solid wood top is the standard. All solid wood is even better. The top is the most important part in the acoustic guitar. Mostly cheap guitars will be all laminate. They aren't always terrible, but they will not improve with age and lose value rapidly. A laminated body with a solid top is common on less expensive, but not cheap guitars. Fender makes great electric guitars, but I am not impressed with most Fender acoustic guitars. Martin and Taylor dominate the acoustic guitar business and they make great guitars. You will find they both sell guitars with solid tops and laminat
  8. I have a 2009 Ovation Standard Balladeer with a pinless bridge. This guitar is solid and always in tune when it comes out of the case. At 12 years old it is in great shape. I have to put down a post it note next to the bridge while putting on new strings to prevent scratching. Ovation has used pinless bridges for decades. Takamine and Breedlove are quality manufacturers so I would not expect issues. Takamine thinks pinless is good enough for its Pro series so that should tell you something. If you search you will find a lot of opinions. Traditionalist will want to believe the other
  9. @gmills Yamaha makes some good instruments, it should serve you well.
  10. Taylor also makes nylon string guitars. These guitars are closer to a steel string guitar in design. Nylon string guitars are great for fingerstyle.
  11. From the man himself. Eddie Van Halen "Keep playing"
  12. @K9kaos Yeah there is a lot of good information in the video. It is interesting how we keep stumbling on lessons that tie in with the concepts Steve taught us.

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