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  1. Rik Emmett from Triumph guitar lesson. "Lay It On The Line" Guitar Lesson by Triumph's Rik Emmett
  2. Well done Danny! Good effort Nutty! I recommend you stop looking at your fretting hand so much while playing. You are playing the chords fine so believe in yourself.
  3. You should be more specific about which chord you are playing. If you mean G2 then welcome to the club. Your hands are not too small. The G2 is one of the hardest chords to play. It seems your alternatives are just as hard as the G2. I think you should keep practicing. It could take months to master the G2. I still haven't mastered it.
  4. Play Barre Chords Easily Without Thumb / Wrist Pain
  5. @Eracer_Team-DougH @dave Sorry guys that is different. I was wondering why someone was thinking about L&M Guitar after they already joined the forum. L&M is taken around here.?
  6. Watch out Dave. There is two different versions of L&M Guitar. The cheap one has only 10 DVD disks, but the expensive one has 20. There is also an older version with SD video, and a newer Gibson version with HD video. The instruction is the same, but don't cheat yourself by getting a good deal on half the material.
  7. @moopapa Your plan is pretty good, but don't spread yourself too thin. Anytime you spend away from L&M Guitar will prolong the course. You are still learning, but the main course is real work to complete. Another thing to consider is L&M The Song Hits. Steve put together lessons and tab for 2 songs per L&M Guitar session. There are a lot of good songs which steadily get more challenging. He has If and Hallelujah which are great fingerstyle songs. Recording yourself really helps your development. Hallelujah Nylon
  8. @Magnit Yeah it really looks like it is sculpted from a single piece of wood. It's a beauty.
  9. Welcome Kee. Learn & Master Guitar is your foundation. You are a cellist so you already understand music. Now you have to focus on guitar. Definitely start with A. Good luck learning every chord. I have the "Rocksmith 2014" video game for Xbox 360 and it has a 1000 chord dictionary. The good news is you do not need 1000 chords to play at a high level. L&M Guitar teaches you most of the chords you need to push beyond the average guitar player. More good news. You can start practicing basic fingerstyle as soon as you learn chords. Steve has 3 basic fingerstyle patterns in the L&M Guitar course which you can use on all the chords you know. The basics are simple. If you want to take it to Pierre's level then you need to do more and know more. Pierre is about precision, and he knows all the notes on the neck along with the music theory to make them sing. I have been playing guitar for 10 years now. I have played fingerstyle every day for 9 years with the basic techniques I learned from Steve. I don't play like Pierre, but I play well enough to make sweet sounds I never imagined possible. I have Steve's Fingerstyle and Blues courses also, but I haven't spent much time with them yet. Have fun with it!
  10. Steve has a diamond on the 6th string to indicate the root of the chord. The bold 1 on g, b, and high e indicate the barre.
  11. I never heard of Solar Guitar until I watched this video. I am impressed, Solar makes a sweet guitar. Solar Guitar Unboxing Solar Guitars - Thomann Music
  12. Jim Dunlop Dies I have a few of his picks. RIP.
  13. I like the handheld recorders like the Zoom, but I wouldn't walk away from Pro Tools so quickly. First of all Pro Tools install is a pain. You use the Avid Manager to download and install all the content which is not great. Pro Tools can use any "AAX" format effect. One of the tricky things is some publishers do not put the effects in the correct location so they don't show up. On my Win 10 PC they are located at "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins". All the effects in that location show up in Pro Tools. The error stopping Pro Tools sounds like something is interfering with Pro Tools. Unless you have a powerful computer Pro Tools will take up a lot of power and it expects not to be interrupted. Reinstall might work. However, if you look closely at the Pro Tools docs they kind of want you to dedicate the computer to Pro Tools. In other words strip out anything that might interfere with Pro Tools. I never did because my machine is powerful. I did find one little external program that would cause an audible pop in Pro Tools and it was tough to figure out, but I found it and eliminated it. Avid support should be able to give you a definite answer why the stop. Are you using one of the built-in Pro Tools templates? I have learned all the basics so it is easy for me to make new projects from scratch. Guitar, Mic, Master Fader for starters, and maybe effects tracks to send the clean signal. Check You Tube for beginners videos. Pro Tools has a lot of support.

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