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  1. From the man himself. Eddie Van Halen "Keep playing"
  2. @K9kaos Yeah there is a lot of good information in the video. It is interesting how we keep stumbling on lessons that tie in with the concepts Steve taught us.
  3. I don't know about easy, but this lesson ties the Circle of 5th's to the fretboard. Easiest Way to Become a MASTER of the Fret Board
  4. I have whole house humidifiers for decades now. The Sahara Desert has an annual average humidity of 25%. I have seen humidity levels at 18% here in New England winters. The one below doesn't have bottles so you fill with a pale. I have to refill every other day. Aircare Humidifier
  5. Great! The ES-335 is a legendary guitar. You don't need the fancy stuff.
  6. @Ionut Steve teaches you these forms for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is the ease of moving from one form to another. The A chord is an excellent example of this. You can easily change from A to A2 to Asus to Am to AMaj7 to A7 not to mention the other chords. Many self taught guitar players use fingers 1, 2 and 3 to form the A chord, but that puts your hand way out of position and ease of motion is not great. Don't fight what Steve is trying to teach you. Don't be afraid of learning chord forms because they are a huge part of being a guitar player. With practice you will pla
  7. My condolences to you Mandy.
  8. Those are computer speakers, and not really suitable for guitar purposes. You need to have studio monitors connected to the speaker out on the M-Audio. I have two Mackie MK2 Powered studio monitors connected to my M-Audio Fasttrack C400. Your M-Audio doesn't have an amp so you need powered Studio monitors. The MK2 is bi amped 20 watt tweeter with 50 watt mid. What do you mean "signal is split between the pc and a pair of Creative Inspire T10 speaker"?
  9. This is what wah sounds like. Cry Baby Wah Demo
  10. Listen to your mom. Don't play with your teeth. Dentists don't come cheap.
  11. Yoda switched to bass because he couldn't play barre chords.
  12. I am a big Taylor fan. I would like to have a Martin also. Gibson makes some really good acoustics also. There are a few small makers that have great quality at a cost. I have been busy playing my new Taylor Grand Pacific 317e which is easily my best guitar.

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