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  1. For a single guitar player it makes sense to play the C when playing the notes associated with a C chord. If another guitar player or bass player is playing C then you could start with a different note in C. Most of the sheet music you see is made for multiple instruments playing different parts. The best solo guitar players play rhythm, melody, and lead which covers all the notes in C or any other chord. The open C chord and many other chords have multiple root notes. For the C chord the note C is located on 5th string and second string so you can play inversions.
  2. My first guitar is an Ovation Standard Balladeer which cost $599. The guitar is still here, plays beautifully, and is always in tune so I am glad I spent the extra money. I could have spent less and I could have gotten a much lower quality guitar. There is a wide range of prices in this guitar list. Sweetwater didn't call this the cheapest guitars of 2019, and ultimately the list is a sales tool. One of the big reasons beginners quit early is a poor guitar which doesn't play easily, sound good, or age well. I started with an acoustic, but I have learned for beginners the electric guitar is the better choice because they are easier to play. The Squire models and some Epiphones not listed are perfect starter guitars which cost less than $200. I assume most people in the forum already purchased their first guitar, and some regret the purchase. But there are many here looking for another guitar.
  3. For you new players looking for your first guitar or maybe a new one on a budget. 15 BEST GUITARS FOR BEGINNERS 2019
  4. Ken Burns always does an excellent job on his documentaries. At 16 hours long he will dive deep into the subject. He can't cover every artist, but that shouldn't be the true measure of a series like this.
  5. @DianeB That's great. He is a fantastic guitar player.
  6. I have one of the early GS Mini guitars which didn't have a pickup. I added the ES-Go pickup, and I do not recommend it because of hum. I don't know why a left handed player would have a problem with this. The sound-hole is smaller so some pickups made for larger guitars will not fit. A luthier can put a whole bunch of pickups in the guitar, but I agree with Blue Dog to buy the electric version. The GS Mini is good for strumming in first position, but if you want to play all over the neck it can be challenging because things get tight on the higher frets.
  7. There is nothing wrong with taking lessons. You need to accept the fact that you will "suck" for a while. Playing guitar isn't easy. Practice slow to play fast. Learning guitar will help keep your mind young. For myself, I am not impressed with a teacher that focuses on TAB. Tab is ok, but it doesn't teach you much about music theory or practice. Tab isn't even a good guide to playing songs since so much of it is wrong. The Tab only instruction already shows the L&M Guitar course is significantly deeper than your instructor's program. Criticizing the way you hold your pick seems trivial also. Steve Krenz barely covers holding the pick. You will find your own best method for holding the pick as you continue to practice. The instruction might improve as you work with this teacher. They may be just trying to get you to move around the guitar at a beginners level which is part of the battle. Good luck. Stay focused. Practice every day. Play like you mean it!
  8. Nice work! But I think you need to give yourself a plug with your own logo. Maybe you can give yourself a credit on an interior sticker. You deserve it!
  9. Good luck as you recover from the disaster.
  10. They look nice. They do have a truss rod. They are really expensive so you could buy most any guitar you want. B&G Little Sister Crossroads Electric Guitar Review
  11. 8 Things I regret not doing when learning guitar - Paul Davids

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