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  1. Thanks, Greg. Of all the courses I have done so far, I like the LMG Fingerstyle course the most. Wim.
  2. Perfect timing. I am right now in session 7 "Jazz" of the fingerstyle course, so that fits perfectly with the challenge of the month 😀. This is a walking bass style arrangement of the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. Wim.
  3. Good playing, @Skip Russell. You jazz cats are being spoiled by Steve with a new Jazz Standards course! Enjoy it. Wim.
  4. What a nice Jazz trio, @Fretless. Like @Eracer_Team-DougH said, it's great that you can enjoy making music together. Well played, Wim.
  5. That is great fingerpicking, Mike. Your sound is very clean. Could you tell me what strings you are using? Wim.
  6. @gotto Greg, having your granddaughter singing along makes this special indeed 👍. I truly enjoyed the result of your family collaboration. Wim.
  7. Happy birthday to you, @Steve Krenz. Thank you for all that you do for us guitar players. Wim.
  8. I'm sad to hear that Peter Green died today aged 73. Back in the old days, he played the blues with so much soul. He did not play too many notes, but he played the right ones with great feeling. I dived a bit deeper in his songs and style when learning to play Albatross 2 years ago. A little tribute to Peter Green 🎸😪 Wim.
  9. My amp is an old solid state, so I always record electric directly plugged into a DAW. I am quite familiar with Garage Band, and now I am exploring Reaper. Wim.
  10. Skip, good job on a song full of nice color tones. Well done. Wim.
  11. Thanks, Mandy and Neil. @NeilES335, the string noise is indeed still an issue when recording my acoustic. It is a bit better with the new microphone. I have Elexir Polyweb strings on now and will try out Martin SP when I change strings again. In this song, there were some slides of full chords, making it hard to avoid squeaks. Wim.
  12. Hi Neil, Indeed, your Gibson ES-137 is a great instrument with beautiful Jazz tone, so that will do the job without much processing. I want to get a good Jazz tone out of my solid body PRS S2, so I will play around with the guitar settings and eventually some plug-ins to get closer. I have just started session 7 (Fingerstyle Jazz) of the fingerstyle course, and look forward to learn the song "Back home in Indiana". Wim.
  13. Hi Neil, I checked out the video series from Kenny Goia "recording your band" and those gave me most of the info I needed to record my first tune in Reaper. Thanks for your earlier advice to use Reaper instead of Pro Tools First. I think learning from your experience saved me a lot of frustration and time. Do you get your nice jazz tone on your latest recordings from using standard Reaper plug-ins? Wim.

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