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  1. Yes, Ron, I am on his mailing list. He teaches the style of rootsy blues I want to be able to play. I am working my way through his TrueFire courses, which will keep me busy for many months.
  2. Rosedale Blues is a slow steady thumb blues in E from David Hamburger's Fingerstyle Blues Factory course on TrueFire. Wim.
  3. Well played, @Eracer_Team-DougH. You get a nice sound out of your Sheraton. Thanks for sharing. Wim.
  4. Dear guitar friends, I'd like to try out a new format for our recording challenge. So far it has been monthly, but lately we have usually had only a few submissions per month. Therefore, I would like to change the interval to quarterly. So from now on there will be a summer (July-September), fall (October-December), winter (January-March) and spring (April-June) recording challenge. The number of entries allowed per participant is no longer limited to 1. You may submit as many songs as you like. We will still draw 1 winner per challenge, who gets to pick the theme for the next challenge. Everyone is free to follow this suggested theme, but you may also submit any song of your own choice. For this summer, we will start with the theme "Blues...or any other song you like". Looking forward to hearing you play, Wim.
  5. Congrats, @matonanjin. I just bought a full Mahogany parlor guitar and for blues fingerpicking I like it more than my Spruce - Rosewood guitar. Wim.
  6. Wim VD1


    David Bennett has some great YouTube videos on the use of modes in songs. This is the link to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlx2eo2tD6KoGvA_q0DFrYeLuwklZEy0O Wim.
  7. Thanks, @NeilES335 and @Strings. It was also one of the first tunes I tried to learn some decades ago, probably after learning Smoke On The Water 😃
  8. Thanks for the useful feedback, Bryan. Yes, I will experiment a bit more with the damping and make sure I also mute the D string better. Wim.
  9. This one is based on a Tommy Emmanual Travis picking lesson on TrueFire. I brought back in a bit of The Animals for the intro and tried to make my guitar sound like a mandolin in the end . It"s the first recording with my new Fender Paramount PM-2 Parlor Mahogany. It"s a nice small short scale fingerpicker with the neck joint at the 12th fret. Great guitar for fingerstyle blues. Wim.
  10. Henk @Oldjock won the May Recording Challenge and could pick the subject for this month. He suggested to keep the format of Open Mic the same for June. So any song which you know or are practicing can be submitted. Looking forward to your renditions, Wim. 1. Wim playing "House of the rising sun": 2. @Nairon playing "Morning has broken":
  11. For this month's challenge, I went through the Travis Picking Bootcamp lessons that Steve did some months back and learned the old tune "Freight Train". I am posting this quite late in the month, because it took me longer than expected to get it under my fingers and play it at a decent speed . Wim.
  12. Well played, @Strings. You have a nice flow in your fingerpicking. Wim.
  13. Strings, Let me invite you to the monthly recording challenge, where you can share your recordings with us 👍. I agree, beyond session 10 you will tackle the "intermediate+" materials and these lessons will take a bit longer. But it is also a real joy to discover all the styles and techniques explained there. Wim.
  14. @Nairon Well played! The notes ring out loud and clean, and your timing is really good. Congrats on your progress. You're doing great. Wim.

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