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  1. @NeilES335, Your song is very appropriate nowadays. It makes me feel nostalgic, although I was not born yet when it was first released 😀. Great playing, you mastered it well. What I sometimes tend to do with this kind of timing is set my metronome to only mark the first beat of the measure and stay silent on beat 2 and 3. Wim.
  2. @rockinrickard, this song makes sense for the world we're in right now. Beautiful rendition that you brought here. Are you a fan of Dave Fenley? He covers this song as well. I just recently go to know him. Thanks for sharing, Wim.
  3. Thanks @gotto, @Nutty 1 and @IanD for you nice comments. I saw Tommy E. explain in a video that he heard Chet Atkins play this song through a radio in 1967 and that this inspired him to learn fingerstyle. Wim.
  4. I have downloaded a bunch of Fingerstyle Blues materials from David Hamburger. That should keep me busy for the next months 😀.
  5. When I watch Tommy E. play this, I always get a smile on my face. So I hope I can pass the good vibes this song gives me on to all of my guitar friends here. Wim.
  6. Congrats, Mike. I'm looking forward to your next video recording to hear you play it! Wim.
  7. @V7#5b9 Welcome back, Gerard. Good to hear from you again! Hope you are doing fine. Wim.
  8. Welcome to the forum, @Oasis! I would recommend indeed that you do the Learn and Master Guitar course first. You should be at an intermediate level before starting Steve's Fingerstyle course. Take your time to build good fundaments and enjoy the journey. Wim.
  9. @3rdwaverider That's different indeed. I had to listen a second time before I even recognized the Beatles song in it 🙂 . But it is a very original approach and I liked it. Thanks for sharing. Wim.
  10. Thanks for this, Neil. I think we all should spread a little joy these days, just like you did with this song. I do notice that you have really progressed in your playing. Your latest recordings all sound "in the pocket" with great timing and feel. Wim.
  11. Rock solid playing, @NeilES335! You are building a nice repertoire. Wim.
  12. My dear friend Mandy, Allow me to express my deepest condolences for the loss of your husband. My thoughts are with you. Wim.
  13. "Tears in Heaven" is on Eric Clapton's soundtrack album "Rush" for the 1991 film of the same name. This is my attempt to cover this all-time classic in a solo fingerstyle arrangement. Wim. https://soundcloud.com/wim-van-damme-401299565/tears-in-heaven-ec

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