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  1. Working from home, I save lots of commuting time. I have been working intensively on the classical guitar session 5 from the fingerstyle course and could finalize it in 2 months where I thought I would need at least 3. More practice time is one of the few benefits of this whole lockdown situation. Wim.
  2. It's time to move on again! Session 5 offered a nice introduction to the world of classical guitar and I enjoyed learning some great songs from F. Tarrega, J. Pachelbel and especially J.S Bach, on a borrowed nylon string. To finalize this session, I recorded "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". Reading a bit about him, I learned that Bach is the master of counterpoint which is a setting of different melodic lines (or voices) against each other. Also in this song, there are 2 voices played together, the melody and the bass lines. This makes the song interesting, but also challenging. https://soundcloud.com/wim-van-damme-401299565/joy Thanks for listening, Wim.
  3. @NeilES335, You did a great job on the comping and the melody, Neil! The tone you get out of your ES-137 is very sweet. It's a beautiful song full of melancholy. Wim.
  4. Nice playing. Did you create all parts or did you play it over a backing track? Wim.
  5. Hey Mandy, That's a sad song. Singing and playing at the same time, I envy you for that 🎤🎸. Well done, Wim.
  6. Ron, My recording setup is very basic using Garageband on my iPad and a clip on microphone. I do plan to upgrade the microphone to a Shure, because I am not satisfied with the current clip on one. Wim.
  7. Thanks, @matonanjin, @Dave White, @Simira, @K9kaos, @NeilES335 and @Eracer_Team-DougH! @K9kaos, I did not really master Canon in D after finishing Session 10 of the main course and realized that Session 10 was just a first introduction to fingerstyle. I decided to "drop the pick" in December last year and have played only fingerstyle in the past 6 months. Steve's fingerstyle course is great and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn this style. @NeilES335, I agree on the string noise. I borrowed a not-so-good nylon string for this Session on classical guitar and recorded Canon in D with it. So the string noise is coming from the 3 wound strings. It's due to my very dry hands and calluses, playing technique, and the clip on microphone. Avoiding string noise remains a real challenge to me. The tempo should be fine. I played it at the suggested 105 bpm. @Eracer_Team-DougH, I appreciate your comments, there is no reason to doubt that. You are the one playing guitar for a big audience in church and I have nothing but respect for that 👍. Wim.
  8. I remember well how I struggled with Canon in D when I was in Session 10 of the main LMG course some years ago. Now I came across the same song in Session 5 of the fingerstyle course and finally enjoyed relearning and recording it. https://soundcloud.com/wim-van-damme-401299565/canon-in-d Wim.
  9. @Ron Service I surely enjoyed your playing. It's perfect! I also love your rendition of Misty that I found on your YouTube channel. That ES-150 is a stunning guitar with great tone. Wim.
  10. @Skip Russell That's a beautiful song and you played and recorded it very well. Thanks for sharing, Wim.
  11. Thanks, @Nutty 1, @pkotof, @Skip Russell, @gotto and @Simira. I appreciate all your nice comments! Wim.
  12. Hey Ron, an early congratulations for finishing session 16! And all the best up there in the dusty area. Wim.
  13. Pleased to meet you, Matt. You made a great composition with a nice flow. Wim.
  14. The song Malaguena is covered in Session 5 of the fingerstyle course which is dedicated to classical guitar. I borrowed the old nylon string guitar of my sister-in-law to give it a try. Malaguena is a Spanish tune and is full of emotion, drama and passion. Thanks Greg - @gotto - for the great challenge theme. Wim.
  15. Greg, this is a great rendition. I like that you recorded the complete song with several instruments and singing. It sounds really good. The song is very catchy. After listening to your recording, it stayed on my mind for the rest of the day 😀. Wim.

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