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  1. Thanks Bryan, I didn't know "The Body Acoustic" album and I am listening to it right now. Sounds great. Wim
  2. I was a teenager in the Eighties, when Cyndi Lauper scored a hit with this pop song which is pure nostalgia to me. It was originally played on keyboards. Eva Cassidy recorded a great guitar version. This is my short rendition. Chords and melody were played fingerstyle and recorded on separate tracks. Wim.
  3. April's challenge comes from @Nairon, who won the March edition. The topic is "Nostalgia: Hits from a simpler time". As usual, the "winner" is selected randomly and the prize is that he or she gets to choose the topic for the next challenge. So let's grab our guitars and make some music. Wim.
  4. @MGood1 Marty, thanks for your great rendition of this beautiful Willie Nelson song! I really enjoyed your singing and playing. Wim.
  5. Hello @MGood1, Unfortunately, I cannot open your file to listen to your song. The link you posted is not working. Could you post a Youtube, Soundcloud or DropBox link please. Wim.
  6. @Nairon I'm with Neil and Doug. I think you did very well on this Waltz and your timing is indeed really good. Hope to hear more from you in the future. Wim.
  7. Hey Hey, 3 Chord song challenge? Well, that calls for a blues in E if you ask me 😀 This is my laid back version of the Big Bill Broonzy song that was made famous by Eric Clapton. Wim.
  8. It's a true joy to watch this video, @NeilES335. Wim.

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