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  1. Thank you for the welcome back Oldjock. I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement. Looking forward to hearing some live lessons and getting to know more members. Sincerely, Craig
  2. Thank you Greg, Thanks for the kudo's on my Guitar. It is a 2015 Gibson ES-335 figured with 390 neck. They made 100 of them that year. I am somewhat of little guy so the slim neck works really good for me. I sold my Fender Deluxe Reverb 65' Reissue because it was too heavy for me and I am 100% disabled and in need of 3 more surgeries. I first started taking guitar lessons when I was 10 years old in 1970 and actually learned how to play "On Top of Old Smokey" lol Thank you for the welcome Greg!
  3. Steve,

    This is R. Craig Ferguson.  I want to take some lessons from online.  You may remember me from the old Gibson Lesson era or Facebook.  I went by SRV

    Thank you sir.

    R. Craig Ferguson


  4. Thank you. Im in Houston and we are hurting down here. we are not geared for cold weather...be back intouch.
  5. Eracer, thanks for eyeing that for me. The E2 just seems to have to much play in it. Its hard to explain. I appreciate your help that was very kind of you sir! SRV
  6. Hi Greg, I have been experimenting on size of the strings I use on my 2015 Gibson ES-335/390. Sweetwater who i purchased it from set it up with "9's" made by D'Addario nickel wound XL. I really have wanted to check with a pro like yourself before I screw something up. I have wanted to use 10's to see if it would stop unwanted excessive vibration. I have found that the 10's have not helped any at all. Should I have a technician to possibly open up the nut espescially the E2 string to eliminate excessive vibration. Would you reccommend just changing manufacturers all together? Y
  7. After a longer than expected time to be away from. "even before the Guitar Gatherings" Life happened, So Glad to see familiar members still around. I never have been much on Computers and hope I can get some direction on learning to play my 2015 ES-335 / 390 of courser but more concerned about becoming a grateful student. Blessings and peace to all! SRV
  8. Hello there Matonajin. Its been a long time. Hope you have been well! SRV
  9. Thank you for the kindness in welcoming me to Guitar Gathering.  I am not familiar with the sight but excited to learn all I can.  Hello Mantonanjin!

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    2. SRV


      Im in Houston and we are hurting down here.  we are not geared for cold weather....be back in touch

    3. SRV


      mantonanjin,  I feel inadequate on this new site.  Can you send a message To Steve that i need some online lessons and hes the best and I wont settle for less.  I am worn out trying to keep pipe from freezing and cleaning up the ones that broke from our freeze in Houston.  We are not geared for that.  My whole body hurts Brother!


    4. SRV


      I sent a message to Steve but have not heard back from him.  I hope he is okay!

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