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  1. Just what I needed on a Monday morning!
  2. One of our members posted a question recently about where to find the answer key to the written exercises in the Learn and Master course. There was a companion book containing Bonus Resources that went along with the course. The answer keys were at the end of that Bonus Resource book. I was able to google "Learn and Master Bonus Resources" and was directed to a link for the PDF version of this document. Steve has also done some additional live lessons on "How Music Works" and provided a PDF as part of that series of live lessons - freely available on the YouTube Channel and the PDF should be available in the downloads section. Hope this helps!
  3. Hmm...I wonder if a couple of those would fit in my post-retirement budget........
  4. I went through the Jazz Chords video several years back and I think it is great "basic training". But like anything, it's "use it or lose it". Incorporate these chord shapes into your regular playing to really get comfortable with them. I'm not really a jazz player so I could probably benefit by going through the workshop again. If you really want to get into jazz, get yourself a copy of the Real Book and start playing those tunes.
  5. Doug - I felt the same way when I went for the first time. But trust me, you will be fine. And I highly recommend Steve's Fingerstyle Course. Hope to see you in the fall.
  6. Steve, Thank you to both you and Paulette for continuing to share your gift of music with us through the in-person gatherings and the Tuesday Live Lessons. Although a bit disappointed, I am sure we all appreciate the need to stand down this year and regroup. Maybe you and Paulette can take a nice vacation in June instead of working around the clock to put on the conference! In the meantime, we will see you on the live lessons and look forward to seeing you in person in the fall.
  7. Amazing stuff. I can't imagine playing and having to keep my head still! Now I'm wondering how they sterilized that Tele!
  8. Done properly, I don't think the pull off is always going to be weaker than a hammer on. I suppose it depends a lot on which finger you are using and what effect you are trying to achieve musically. Here's the link to the live lesson that Steve did a while back on hammer on's and pull offs that should provide some greater insight.
  9. I'm thinking also of those carbon fiber McPherson guitars - they don't sound half bad either. Something we will all have to come to grips with at some point as the traditional tone woods become harder and harder to source. And of course, the guitarist in the video is quite talented - proving what Steve has always told us that the tone is in our fingers.
  10. Hope you had a good one Gary, enjoy the Madolinimage.jpeg.fae354551e102fbbe9f83a4ad8f011c7.jpeg

    1. Gary Nelson

      Gary Nelson

      Thanks Gene.   Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

  11. @Wim VD1 I've dabbled with slide just a bit, but the bug hasn't hit me yet. But trying out different slides gives me another excuse to go the music store!
  12. Let me say first that I am in no way abandoning the guitar. I still have much to learn. But - having said that, I have started dabbling with the mandolin. My wife, who has played violin in the past and presently plays the piano, has always loved the sound of the mandolin and wanted to learn how to play. So as an early Christmas gift, I picked up an inexpensive student model. As this is her first attempt to play a fretted instrument, she is looking for my help. So in order to be able to help her, I have to learn a little about it myself. And you know what? It's fun! It's satisfying to see how guitar knowledge and technique can translate to the mandolin. And I think in the end, it will help me be a more well rounded musician and indirectly a better guitar player. Anyone else have any experiences with learning another instrument? Or trying to teach your spouse to play and still remaining on speaking terms? LOL
  13. Interesting background. I think most everyone simply associates this tune with the old "Popeye" cartoons!

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