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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY FEBRUARY 4TH - BRAZILIAN JAZZ GUITAR WITH DUOVERSAL. Brazilian guitarist, Paulo Oliviera brings his exciting duo to give a taste of Brazilian Jazz guitar. Paulo will show how to arrange songs on guitar and show his amazing chord and harmonizations. SPECIAL LEARNING SERIES: TRIADS! FEBRUARY 11th, 18th, and 25th. Steve Krenz will be teaching a special three week series on Major, Minor and Seventh Triads. Learn these helpful forms and how to use them to break out of open position playing and take your chord and fingerboard knowledge to new places. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. These triad lessons have such great application in group play. I play in different ensembles where it is important to look around and find where other people are playing their guitars to find a place where they are not. Triads are a terrific way to find a voice in the mix when coupled with the appropriate space and rhythm of the song. Arpeggiating , playing only on the snare 2 and 4 , sliding into the triad position , finger plucking etc, all can add unique character to the song when others are playing bigger or open chords. I seldom play more than 4 note chords in these groups and sometimes even condense down to a 3rd ( or minor 3rd) and a 7th dyad just to be present somewhere in a quieter tune. Important stuff to learn for group play. The easiest way for me to learn them was to just break down the bigger chords into smaller pieces, and as Steve said, know the roots. Great lessons here from Steve! Greg
  2. I wonder how much it weighs. The old Armstrong Lucites were pretty heavy. beasts. Very interesting though. Greg
  3. Once again Wim, Yowser! Sweet stuff on a classic tune. Loved it. Greg
  4. Amazing acquisitions Ben. The Tele is stunning. Let me know if you ever decide to allow it find another lover of Teles.😋 Greg
  5. Looking forward to seeing or hearing how your progress goes Doug. Great idea. Greg
  6. gotto

    Why Do You Play?

    Playing guitar, for me, cannot be separated from my inherent love of music. Instilled early in my life by parents who surrounded me with music on the radio and phonograph, a sense of rhythm took root in me...tapping my feet, drumming with fingers and pencils, bobbin my head. Picking the guitar as my instrument was a product of the 60's music explosion. There was a long lapse for family and career, but discovering LMG with Steve opened the door to actually learn music, develop untapped skills, and not just replay the rudimentary maneuvers of my distant past. I play guitar because that is who I am and is part of what gives my life joy. Playing for and with others has only fueled my passion for sharing my joy. Greg
  7. Nice Neil! You have an accurate note replication here.Comping spot on. Nice recording. Thanks for the charts.
  8. Such terrible news. Paul was such a great soul and such an important and well-liked member of the Gathering family. I still remember testing Yamaha silent guitars with him at my 1st NAMM, and how we were so tempted to succumb to our shared GAS. I am deeply saddened and can only offer my deepest condolences to his friends and family. He will be missed. Greg
  9. Thx, good to know. It is a very good site, could get addictively expensive if you are tempted to purchase a bundle of great custom tracks. I have to fight the urge at times.😀 Greg
  10. Say Matonanjin, i have purchased a handful of these as well. Did you suggest that once purchased, you can return to the site and modify the version purchased to add or detract parts without repurchasing the newest version? Greg
  11. All I can say is "breathtaking", Wim! Just a superb rendition . Thanks for the aural treat. Greg
  12. Very nice Maria. Beautifully performed. Your fingerstyle play is quite inspirational for me as I keep telling myself it is time to advance mine beyond basic finger flailing. Best wishes.Happy New Year. Greg
  13. Love this song. Thanks for the posting. Best to get it from the creator. Greg
  14. Wim, I am getting caught up on your recordings and progress-you are an incredible talent. I hope you are sharing your music with others as well as with us as you need to spread this musical joy far and wide. Amazing playing on every recording. Thanks for sharing. Greg

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