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  1. It's been a good while since I've been able to spend time in person playing music with others, certainly like many others. Last weekend I met a couple of friends in the park outdoors, distanced and we shared a couple hours trading songs on a warm sunny afternoon. It felt great, and we may have talked as much as played but having in-person social contact again with other players was a joy. Sunday my jam group will begin to meet again as well. We take turns leading songs, everything from bluegrass to Pink Floyd, alternating electric and acoustic weeks. Great musicians all, I manage to hang in o
  2. Nice Neil, I really enjoy your jazz chops. I've spent too much time in the country and rock genres of late...need to pull out my jazz lessons and reboot some studies. Thanks for sharing. Greg
  3. Wow, sweet looking jazz machine for you. Congrats and make some sweet music with it. Greg
  4. The one amp I wish I had purchased along the gear acquisition way, was the Princeton Reverb. A bandmate has one....very, very versatile , clean or driven. I can certainly empathize with your spinal condition. SRV. I am doing everything I can to prevent, forestall a second surgery and spinal fusion. Best of wishes. Greg
  5. Great to see you back! You have a couple sweet guitars to guide the way forward and inspire your learning. Greg
  6. How cool is that, collaborating for the first time. Well done friends!. What a great learning experience and hopefully the first of many. Greg
  7. Awesome Mike. You have fantastic fingerstyle technique, and this is a great rendition of this song. What a treat!. Greg
  8. Best clamps for all things, in my opinion. Bessie Clamps. Expensive, but they are well worth it. Greg
  9. Thanks so much Mandy for captaining this ship for the recent past. Your tutorship and contributions have been deeply appreciated by those of us who love to follow this thread. I have felt your enthusiasm and witnessed your performance development throughout your engagement with song writing and recording and hope to see and hear you playing and singing again in the future. Best thoughts always. Hats off and thanks to Wim for continuing the tradition. You are an inspirational leader to steer this onward for us. Best wishes also. Greg
  10. 16 guitars, 10 amps. I'm pathetic....... Greg
  11. Perfect for an uplifting listen as we start a new year. Great style and swing, love it . Greg
  12. The holidays caught me preoccupied with my new arrival, A Kemper Kabinet-the spelling there's not mine. I already had the Kemper Profiler and was using it for recording and playing live with a Seymour Duncan PowerStage and a custom cab from a local maker I float through phases with my gear... tube amps, Fractal Axe8, Kemper ( my Line 6 HD 500 just gathers dust) and find enjoyment in all but this Kab was intriguing. The cab allows for 19 classic cabinet speaker images stored in the software of the Kemper, and the tones are truly quite amazing. One never really has the opportunity to trial diff
  13. They got it backwards. Jewelry first, then PRS guitar. Bet your wife was surprised. Greg

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