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If you missed the live lesson this week, here you go!

Learn all you can - Steve


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    Looks like a beaut! Congrats Greg
  2. 1st Forum CD

    I plan on beginning my entry when I return from my trip in a week Greg
  3. Jamming tonight!

    Very cool! Have fun. Greg
  4. The Kodiac Crossover has Velcro straps that are adjustable to the thumb. It may be an option to review. I use them because of thumb problems that interfere with my ability to hold the pick without slippage. Greg
  5. Congrats, the wait was well worth it. She’s a beaut! Greg
  6. NGD - Epiphone Sheraton II in Natural

    Sweet, nice score. Make some beautiful music with it. Greg
  7. Thanks to the generousity of PatIam

    What a beautiful thing everyone involved is doing. The pictures are priceless and heartwarming. Greg
  8. Strumming and Singing

    For me, it depends on the song. Some songs I simply cannot sing and play simultaneously. Others , I play on autopilot. My only advice is to know the strumming parts so well that it is like breathing-you don’t even think about it. Have a metronome or drum part if necessary to hold the rhythmic tempo. Then start to add the vocals . I would begin with simpler guitar parts that you can feel fluid with. Greg
  9. Good idea Fretless. Nice Mandy Greg
  10. Thanks all. I do have the Apogee jam as well and the adapter looks like a great idea. Greg
  11. Should have posted this in gear , sorry Greg
  12. Any advice? I have not ever recorded in GB on my iPad My old one used the the wide input, my new one uses the smaller one also used for the iPhone. I have a line 6 Sonic Port with the wider connector only, I know the other connector is available for this unit. I never tried this with GB to record. Other options? Greg
  13. Jazzing Up Your Blues...

    I do use the m7b5 as a variant 9th form. Some songs we do, have maj 7ths and 6ths. Haven’t used m9ths or any 11ths yet. They all know I like to get something different in the mix when we jam. Greg
  14. Jack was a featured guest at last year's Guitar Gathering. What an amazing evening for all the attendees as he is a wizard with the guitar and was a wonderful interview for the students. So nice to see others recognize his contributions with this honor. Greg
  15. Jazzing Up Your Blues...

    I have been introducing 13ths and 9th variations in my rhythm play with the band over the last few months. At first , I got quizzical looks form a couple of the players as it introduces a tonality that is slightly different from the norm but now it just blends in well with our jamming moments. Not only learn the chords, but learn to play it in several positions on the neck. That would be my advice. Greg

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