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  1. Your typical iphone video of a couple of songs at a street party for the 4th of July. Other clips on Facebook , The Ottomatics group, for different summer outdoor gigs. Greg
  2. Likewise Gary, until next year Greg
  3. This has been a fun summer for my band. It began with an invitation last October to bring the group to my high school class of ‘ 69’s 70th birthday party and morphed into 6 other outdoor gigs throughout the summer months. We played the birthday party gig a week ago and finish up playing at a street party charity event this weekend. Our 4th of July gig for a closed neighborhood was particularly special. No fireworks this year because of the NW drought conditions, so the fireworks money went to the band…$1200. Hope others here had a chance to get out also and play or watch some music this year . This pic of the party, a great venue, is at The Summit Lodge in SW Washington. Me in blue. Our first encore! Greg
  4. Breedloves are very good guitars. Living in the NW, I've had ample opportunity to play several at local shops, bought a concert model myself. I play it weekly with an acoustic jam group, cuts through nicely on leads. Greg
  5. Awesome Neil. What a great collaboration! Looks like a lot of fun putting that together. Greg
  6. Great photos Dave!! Thx for sharing. Greg
  7. Thanks Diane for articulating so well , good memories for me and and other attendees, as well as for the whole of The Guitar Gathering community. It is such a special time for those that can find opportunity to visit Nashville and share treasured moments with so many like-minded and wonderful enthusiasts of all things of guitar learning. Every year I expand my friendships with more and more faces and names to look forward to seeing again in 12 months. It is a joyous time for me as I hope it is for others who attend as well. I thank Steve, Paulette, their family and Trevecca University for giving so much of themselves to make this happen . As I do every time I go to the annual event, I encourage anyone who wishes to spend an uplifting , entertaining and inspirational musical experience and fellowship to consider attending the GG conference. It is one of life’s highlights for me. Greg
  8. Congrats on the new addition to the family. I am sure it sounds as sweet as it looks. Greg
  9. I am guilty of too many amps, digital and tube, including boutiques. That said, the Yamaha lunchbox is my "throw in the suitcase when I go out of town" amp. It's been to the Gathering 3 times . It is a fun little practice amp and is so convenient to traveling with. It also gets more playing time than most of my tube amps. My throw in the car for a quick jam amp is a Roland Cube 60 watt, that I bought used. It is a workhorse, seemingly indestructible and actually desirable from some of my musician friends for these reasons. Knowing its versatility, I would think the Roland Street Cube would be a similar type amp for a beginner. I currently use a Kemper or Fractal Ax8 for band play, not advised for beginners. I have also been exposed to the Sharp amp and my conclusion is that it is the absolute best beginner amp for features, tone and cost. It is not on this years top 14 amp list , but I will bet it easily make next years. Greg
  10. Look forward to meeting you!😀 Greg
  11. You deserve it Mike! A beautiful addition to the stable. You will make sweet music with it, no doubt. Greg
  12. Nice video Diane. Very informative Greg
  13. I have the Yamaha, a jam friend of mine has the Spark. The Spark is way more versatile. I don't need another amp but the Spark wins my vote absolutely hands down, tone and features. I do use the Yamaha when I am traveling ( i have taken it to several Guitar Gatherings, packs well in a suitcase) , the one significant advantage over the Spark, but the latter is very, very cool in helping to work out songs etc., jamming and sound quality. Also very loud for a little box. Greg
  14. Very nice Nairon. The notes are cleanly played with some real stylistic feel added, not the typical first recording we hear here. I would say you have some musical gifts to share with a big upside. Greg

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