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  1. GGreat story, both of you. The most important take back is having fun through the process. Very cool.
  2. Terrific achievement and well deserving of a grand congratulations. You have not only shown diligence, patience and resolve but have also been a hallmark of contribution to this forum. Best wishes on your accomplishments and for your future musical growth. Greg
  3. Salt shakers, coins, stamps…..guitars. Collectibles? That said, if Schon sells one of his guitar, it has already appreciated from his purchase price because….well it’s from Neil Schon. So these now are investments I guess. 😋 Greg Seems a shame they are all locked up in a warehouse though
  4. Hey Gary, I too use the AirTurn, 4 pedal variety. I generally only use the scroll function so in hind sight , the duo may have been a better choice. I use Onsong as my song library, best money I’ve ever spent for anything. Best wishes Greg
  5. Awesome Mike. What a terrific talent! I love watching really fluid players as yourself, finger movements concise, with cleanly played notes. Thx for sharing. Greg
  6. So interesting, your comment on used gear. I have been trying to downsize myself, selling things. Everyone comes in low balling, when you do get an offer. Easy to buy, hard to sell. I ended up giving away my Squire bass to a young lady who broke down in tears when she got it. Better than selling , my best feeling ever. Greg
  7. Best thoughts and wishes in your addition to the family Gre
  8. Man what a nice looking guitar! Congrats on finding that beauty. Greg
  9. I have a conflict this summer and won't be able to spend time with friends and make new ones at the Gathering unfortunately. Thankfully, we all have Diane's daily journal , allowing us to enjoy and imagine the good times had by all. Greg
  10. I thought about getting Michael Pachelli's VPick after seeing him at the Gathering, and that was only $10...and passed on it. Greg
  11. Being a huge Santana fan (my PRS Hollowbody is Santana Yellow😊)), I've had the chance to see him several times. I also recently finished his tome, The Universal Tone, which reflects on his biographical evolution and spiritual soul. You are correct, they are great moments to experience in concert. Greg
  12. Hey welcome to the forum Professor. I don't hear much from digital lovers here outside of SixStrings who plays out publicly with his Line 6 Helix. I also have moved into the dark side ( as die-hard tubers might say) over the last few years. It began with the Kemper( though I have a Line 6 Pod HD 100 which I never have connected with) and followed it up with the Fractal Ax8. My band plays covers and I have found the units to allow me to cover many styles and tones without having a boatload of pedals. My tube amps are gathering dust as well. Both of my units generate very authentic rigs, but the convenience in gathering and assigning rigs is much easier with the Kemper. In addition, I can profile my own gear and add to the offerings. The aftermarket products are more numerous and easier to load with the Kemper as well. The tweaking required of the Ax8 rigs is overwhelming to me at times. I"d rather audition a rig and go with it in the Kemper....more time to play guitar. I'm sure you will enjoy the Quad Cortex. I have no experience with it, but as with all these products, there are positives and negatives reported on the various forums. Most however say they all are great options regardless. Have fun with it. Greg
  13. Nice addition Randy, looking good! Congrats . I like the idea of an SSH as an alternative. I have a Roadworn SSS Fender, MIM, which is my take-out-of-town vacation guitar. Looks like its been through the fights, and can still take a beating. Greg

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