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  1. I don't notice those problems with mine. I wear them playing acoustically and take them out and use custom fit earplugs. when playing electrically. Quite an auditory adjustment with ear plugs, I will say though. Getting harmonics and stray string sounds can happen on adjacent strings when you are not muting them while striking a note. It took me some time to learn how to routinely mute unplayed strings with my palm and fingers. Your hearing aids may be allowing you to hear this when you might not without them in. Greg Greg
  2. I saw a broadcast of Tommy Shaw with a student orchestra a couple years ago that was equally amazing. Fun to see. Greg
  3. The epidemiology, medical and health professional sciences, are our best guard rails for all of us coming through these difficult times safely. Your mayor is doing the right thing by moving forward with caution, and I concur that it would be awkward to conduct the conference with so many restrictions on travel and gathering as a group. I am looking forward to next summer and a joyful, rewarding regathering together safely and well. Greg
  4. Very nice recording Neil. playing, tone and quality of the recording. Great stuff coming from Ontario! Loved it. Greg
  5. Congrats Mike. Great decision, great guitar. Make some sweet music with it. Greg
  6. Thanks Nutty and Wim. Yes, it is fun learning the parts and recording and yes it takes hours of time to get things in place and attempt a decent mix . In the absence of band practices lately, it is a great diversion for me. I had forgotten much of my recording tactics until recently. That said, my two groups are reuniting with distancing next week, so I am diving back into my set lists to refresh and prepare for them. My recording time may dwindle. i did this song especially for my kids, but I share all of my recordings with them and my bandmates. Music is meant to be heard, for better or worse. Greg
  7. Power chords.....the heart of rock and roll. I thought this would be an easy assignment this month, but then found how challenging my "easy song choice" was going to be. First there is no drum to follow in the song, then the bass doesn't begin until the second verse, after the brief chorus, then syncing a second guitar part to a very distorted muted chunky rhythm was very hard to match the parts. I am a rhythm player but this one kicked me a bit to put down. I used a karaoke bass line again and copped the intro "noise" and outro dissonant cello piece from a karaoke track but the other keyboard violin and cello pieces I learned and performed in the song. Only 3 guitars (one is a clean solo ) but the distorted tracks are doubled to beef up the heaviness. I don't have the powerful baritone voice of Gavin but I gave it my best try. I was exposed to grunge music of the 90's through my teenaged children's musical tastes ( I live in the Pacific Northwest) and this was a British group that was labeled as mimicking the Seattle grunge movement. The song is Glycerine by Bush. Greg
  8. I am actually working on another song Mandy. Struggling a bit recording what seemingly should be an easy song from a British 90’s grunge band. We will see if it works out. Greg
  9. Woohoo, the Summer of 69! I graduated from high school in 1969, so this song has always had an extra special meaning for me. It is a song I also thought of for this months challenge. Fun stuff Mandy and I loved it. A rocker lives inside of Nutty! I was head banging😎 Greg Good advice from Fetless also
  10. Very nice Neil! Great comping on this challenging song...those changes go by very fast and you were spot on. I am not familiar with the melody but it sounded great, nice tone as well. Your growth as a jazzman is remarkable. I need to get back to my jazz studies. Thanks for sharing. Greg
  11. Wow, thanks Joao. What a real treat for us and I appreciate your hard work. Greg
  12. Welcome back d2. Nice to hear from you. I had the pleasure of spending a few days in your beautiful city a year and a half ago and look forward to another visit in the future I hope soon. I remember the collection of mini-Marshalls you acquired and I thought you had a Relish guitar at one time, though I may be be in error on that. Also discussions on Tone Kings? Glad you are enjoying family and keeping busy. Greg
  13. Rockin' Wim!! I am convinced there is no genre outside of your brilliance. Neil said it best..."Awesome" . Power chords...the heart of rock and roll. Well played. What electric guitar did you use? Is it a PRS S2? Sounds great. Greg Greg
  14. Very nice rockinrickard! Beautifully rendered tribute to both of your parents. Thanks for sharing. Greg
  15. Thanks Nutty and Matonanjin. I really wanted my 15 year old granddaughter to sing this (she has a beautiful voice when she has the chance to rehearse), but I gave it to her on short notice ( 2 1/2 days), tried recording it at her home in a room that turned out to yield a very boxy sound, and her familiarity of the the song was limited, her volume was subdued and she had some slight pitch flatness on a few notes that I couldn't correct in Logic. The multiple recordings just didn't work out. So yesterday I did my vocals and background vocals to get the song off the DAW and onto the forum. It was fun learning all the separate guitar and keyboard pieces, lots of listening, relistening, and practicing the parts before recording them...of course recording and rerecording and..... I may hold off the mass production aspect of recording songs for a bit. I wish I had the skills of other contributors here but making the recording process easier is appealing. Greg

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