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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY MAY 21ST - FINGERSTYLE GUITAR WITH JOE ROBINSON. Winner of Australia's Got Talent, Joe Robinson, is one of the Fingerstyle guitars great young players. Premier Guitar says... “Once in a great while a young guitarist captures the attention of music lovers early in his career and manages to sustain this interest as he matures creatively and sheds the 'prodigy' label. Joe Robinson is one of those rare talents.” Joe will be talking about his new project and playing some great tunes. TUESDAY MAY 28TH - PLAYING BY EAR - HEARING CHORD CHANGES. One of the most important guitar skills is to hear chord changes and be able to play them by ear. With a little bit of training you can listen to songs and understand what chords are being played. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Any hints about when the agenda and signups for classes might arrive in our mailboxes?😁 Greg
  2. Excellent find! He has a great tone on his strat and a voice to match in my opinion. I am a fan also. Thanks for sharing. Greg
  3. Great stuff Triple-O. I am considering taking a course next year at the American School of Lutherie in Portland, Ore. as a jumpstart to considering building from scratch. This video is inspirational, it not daunting. Greg
  4. I am a woodworker and I am stunned by the quality and beauty of this , your first build. I can appreciate also the cost of materials, parts and tools required to create such a masterpiece. Fabulous craftsmanship. Thank your for sharing this project with us. Greg
  5. Very cool Ben. My question, in a spur of the moment, which two do you grab for a gig or save from disaster? Do you keep these in a vault to keep them safe and sound?😁 Greg
  6. Hey, we even have our first editor! Love it. Greg
  7. Maybe I could be a cover man on an upcoming issue..... Greg
  8. Ooooo...you are so right on this!! Especially if you are the singer. "Gotta skip that line to catch my breath". Greg😁
  9. Ditto Fretless. Get well soon. My life is crazy busy lately- a good thing for a retiree, yes-but i will try to help if this project launches again. Let's see if this can spark some creative genius from our forum friends here. Maybe even Mr K? 😃
  10. Just came across this. Very interesting concept. I play with bandmates that are technically good but sometimes have difficulty with "timing issues"-when to come in on the correct beat etc. for solos or fills. Fortunately that is one of my few skills. I am constantly having to steer the "one"and driving the rhythm without a drummer or bass. I am wondering if this device might help them in that regard. Maybe give us a review/update Nutty. Greg
  11. Well stated! Love it Greg
  12. She's a beauty! Congrats. Greg
  13. Outstanding! Wish I was in the area to see your band perform. Won't be back in Florida until next November. Have fun. Greg
  14. Anybody planning any in the upcoming months? Good weather just around the bend (I hope). My trio opens for another band this Saturday as a small pub in Portland with a 40 minute set, but in May my quartet gets 2 1/2 hours on one or two Sundays for rehearsals-practice/play- at another truckstop bar as well. Any plans for others on the forum? Greg
  15. The Fender Bassman has been, and still is, used by some players as a guitar amp though originally designed as a bass amp. It has significant headroom and is a superb Fender product. I have played through one and was very impressed. I also have both the the Kemper Profiler and a Fractal Ax8 and one of my favorite patches in each unit, is a Bassman. However the actual Bassman amps are fairly heavy, a big downside for me ever considering one for myself. Greg

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