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  1. The expression "dark side" is an expression of die-hard tube enthusiasts, one that I have encountered on occasion in conversations as I describe my setup to them. Those of us that use modelers have a far different perspective on the versatility and quality of the systems now available in the marketplace. The bad rap on modelers to the skeptics relates to the questionable tonal quality of some of the first and earliest ventures, primarily regarding the distortion effects available in those units. Much has changed over the years as the digital technology has evolved regarding the newer products. I find my Kemper and Fractal units to be superb in accuracy to what I might anticipate with tube play. Playing through a sterile amp and a quality cab even replicates the "air push" of tube amps.Is it it precisely the same as tubes? No, but in a group playing environment, or in a blind ear test ( check out the Chappers- Captain review on the Kemper vrs. Tubes), I believe it is very difficult to hear or feel a difference. even for the experts. and from a recording standpoint, they also excel. So Dark Side is a good collar for modelers to wear, in my opinion. I have no problem with it. That said, I still enjoy playing my amps but in an active group environment, I have set up my equipment to cover all the variations in styles the group needs with less fuss and pedal pushing. Have fun with it. Greg
  2. This is terrible Danny. I am so sorry for your difficult situation but so glad that you are safe and that the destruction wasn't worse than it was. We are all wishing you good thoughts and prayers and my hope is that soon all will be well again in your life again.Your priorities are elsewhere so take care of them and yourself. Greg
  3. "Dark Side" indeed. I have invested much ( money and time in tweaking) into like-devices and there are rewards down the line in the effort. I don't know anything about the Boss unit, but it is all about finding something that inspires and promotes m=one's musical enthusiasm. I have my tube amps as well but the modelers can be very fun. Congrats and have some. Greg
  4. Can you run your Line 6 HD direct into the powered speakers to see if it is a problem with the POD? I have Apple computers so I am clueless about Window operating systems. I don't use my HD 500 anymore but it seems like I had patches that would quit working on occasion, but I never had the entire unit freeze or quit operating through a direct system-POD into amp. I never ran it through the computer except to record on occasion though. Greg
  5. What an inspirational speech. I constantly try to encourage my guitar playing friends to give singing a try, regardless of their perceived talent. Sadly most persist on shying away from it. But on occasion, one might give it a go and I can see the shell slightly crack open. The word I capture in my life anymore is "joyful". It might be redundant in my remarks here on the forum but for me, music is just that, whether playing or singing. Further, if you can share your musical pursuits with others, that joy is only amplified. Thanks for sharing this. Greg
  6. Tone, comfort and playability are the most important considerations in buying an acoustic. As a woodworker, I am always attracted to the glories of the wood as well, but sometimes the least adorned are the best sounding. Even identical models can have tonal variances. I am less impressed with signature choices, though I too have lusted somewhat at times over a PRS Santana styles myself. Fortunately I too have plenty of electric options and can tame the the GAS beast in me....for the moment. Greg
  7. ...hit the neighborhood again for another July 4th block party. The organizer of the day chose our name and made the drum head banner .My brother-in-law, the drummer, asks me to gather up some troop each year to play for 2 1/2 hours in the evening before the fireworks. It is a close cul-de-sac neighborhood and the residents are out in the streets cooking on barbeques and sharing time with their neighbors all afternoon. The evening begins with a children's parade to patriotic music on their scooters, bikes and tricylcles and then the band kicks in. Some gather to watch, others are in their driveways and on the street having their burgers and sharing conversations with friends and family....all very casual and a lot of fun. I get to be frontman though I don't know how good I am at that.😋. A couple of the players each provided a couple songs that they sang but I end up doing most of the vocals and this year I played an acoustic and an electric on different songs. Here's my good friends that generously gave up their holiday time to bring some musical joy to the neighborhood. Oh, and we each got paid $50 from the fireworks funds. It doesn't get better than that. Me on the left. Greg
  8. Beautiful playing Mark. Your instrumentals always touch me and provide inspiration to all of us yearning to play as well as you. What a wonderful outlet you have for sharing in Spain, and thanks for sharing with us. Ian, this is great! Your fingerstyle is growing by leaps and bounds, a testament to your dedication and practice. So nice to see you still creating new music for all of us to enjoy. Well done. my friend. Greg
  9. Ditto on the Loudbox. I have a Marshall 50sd that I bought 12 years ago. No comparison and no comparison to any of my electric amps. The state of current technology in my opinion Greg
  10. I am putting up 3 new wav. tracks and jettising the previous mp4's. a bit of an oversight on my part before. Vocals with mix, vocals dry, vocals wet-maybe a little too wet if you think so Danny. It is a preset from Nectar 2 and there are many others to switch out, or you can use this as a template to tinker with effects in your DAW and see what works best to your ear. Mixing is not one of my strengths and I always think I sound better with effects. As a singer, I am a little self-conscious and insecure sometimes. Hope this works for you and helps out with the project, always fun! You never know what road you are going to end up on down the line in these collaborations. Greg
  11. The vocals are up as well as a 2nd reference track with the previous mix. I kept the vocals pretty dry with a little compression. Danny, can you add some reverb and delay to the vocal track or would you like me to? I usually pick a nice mix out of Nectar 2 for a vocal track but didn't for this. I thought since you were mixing it would be best for your to enhance the tracks. Mandy, this is a sad, sad song...my wife said to let you know it was totally fictitious.Sad chords, sad song. Greg
  12. I will try to get started on it this weekend. A 3 hour gig tomorrow and band practice Fri.-two different bands. My voice will be fried for a few days but I will at least get a start on a melody line and conceptual lyrics after all this. Greg
  13. I have a gig on the 4th of July and I will keep an eye on progress here. Nutty, can you let me know when things are set for me to work on a melody and lyrics? I will be busy the next few days and ready to help out by next weekend. Thanks. Greg
  14. Seems simple enough to me.😃 I will share this with my wife. Greg

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