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  1. Ankylosing Spondylosis is vastly more serious than sciatica. Glad you are recovering TJmyers Didn’t mean to hijack this thread. Let’s hear some more positive stories about all our free guitar time Greg
  2. No practice for me the last 2 weeks as I try to get through my acute sciatica. Lots of time reclining and trying to medicate TENS unit, heat and cold pack, limited stretching when I am able. Elective medical services are suspended in the state of Washington, so epidural injections are not an option. Very easy to self isolate which i began several days before the onset. I have made some progress recently but a bit of a relapse today again as I start my 3rd week. My problems pale to the horrors occuring in the hospitals across the country. Stay safe and be well, all. Greg
  3. Love my Teles. Congratulations . Greg
  4. Little amps like this are great for travel. The Orange is a bit too limited for me but fits well for the needs of a small room practice amp, given the nice price. I opted to go for the Yamaha THR 10C which a little lunchbox amp-type, which I have taken to Nashville for the summer Guitar Gatherings . Packs in a suitcase, powered by chord or batteries. Ample small room volume for a practice amp, but more expensive than the Crush for certain Greg
  5. The reverb on mine ( 2008 NOS Tweed version) can get very swampy when turned up and disappears when turned off, so my thoughts are that something may not right on your reverb or the control. I also have a metal jack plug, so I can't comment about the input-no problems with mine. Greg
  6. Very nice Neil. The rhythm comping was sweetly jazz-like and the lead, smooth, clear and very cleanly played. A great contribution to the challenge! Greg
  7. I am sharing your Youtube channel link with my Blues Jam Class, highlighting the triads lessons. These are really an important concepts in group play that I hope will inspire the students in the classes and may also turn them on to your exceptional teaching style becoming future GG students as well. I try to use many of these forms in my playing with others but you have introduced me to a few other triad forms that I am now trying to learn and incorporate in my repertoire. Thanks for the great lessons. Greg
  8. I have owned an NOS Blues Jr. since 2008 and have never even replaced the tubes, much less had problems with the reverb. Admittedly, it is not the only amp I play or practice with though so it doesn't get daily use but it is my choice for garage band and jam band play currently as my other amps are too big for small club use. Not big enough for outdoor gigs but great for the smaller environments. Greg
  9. Sweet! Always a treat when you post your recordings,Wim. Thx again. Greg
  10. These triad lessons have such great application in group play. I play in different ensembles where it is important to look around and find where other people are playing their guitars to find a place where they are not. Triads are a terrific way to find a voice in the mix when coupled with the appropriate space and rhythm of the song. Arpeggiating , playing only on the snare 2 and 4 , sliding into the triad position , finger plucking etc, all can add unique character to the song when others are playing bigger or open chords. I seldom play more than 4 note chords in these groups and sometimes even condense down to a 3rd ( or minor 3rd) and a 7th dyad just to be present somewhere in a quieter tune. Important stuff to learn for group play. The easiest way for me to learn them was to just break down the bigger chords into smaller pieces, and as Steve said, know the roots. Great lessons here from Steve! Greg
  11. I wonder how much it weighs. The old Armstrong Lucites were pretty heavy. beasts. Very interesting though. Greg
  12. Once again Wim, Yowser! Sweet stuff on a classic tune. Loved it. Greg
  13. Amazing acquisitions Ben. The Tele is stunning. Let me know if you ever decide to allow it find another lover of Teles.😋 Greg
  14. Looking forward to seeing or hearing how your progress goes Doug. Great idea. Greg

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