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  1. I bought one of these ( less expensive model) from a local shop. kept it for a day, then returned it. The fretboard segments didn't line up flat, string buzzing everywhere and the intonation was way off. No way to correct it. Perhaps just a factory lemon, but a quick reject for me. Not necessarily an indictment on all of their products, just an experience of one. Greg
  2. Super fun Mandy. You have the perfect voice for this song as well. What a kick! Greg
  3. A slide/everything friend and I decided to put together a little closed Facebook group with the above reference title and invited a few friends to be part of our fun time playing group. We meet on Mondays outdoors, staying socially distanced and alternate plugged in and unplugged Mondays to play whatever we throw out on the wall to see what sticks. Different folks show up , depending on musical interests, although it appears there is mostly a hardcore group open to all musical forms. The bluegrass and country folks seem to like to stick to their genre. A couple weeks ago on Labor Day, 6
  4. I recently read a quote from country icon Vince Gill that all he ever sought from music was to be moved by it. Listening to your recording, one of my all time favorite songs, I was truly moved . The song is deeply emotional, provocative and thought provoking to begin with, and you captured and framed all of that essence in a brilliant interpretation. Thank you so much for sharing your music with us. Should you choose to create an album of songs, let me be the first on your list to purchase it. Greg
  5. I know this is a guitar forum, but just a brief response Triple-O. An unprecedented wind storm in the NW .associated with an unseasonal cold front into the Rockies, ultra-dry humidity and record heat have turned the NW and California into massive fire zones. I suffered significant wind damage to my property, and living rurally, am somewhat anxious of the potential for a fire ignition in my locale. Even a coastal town is evacuating. I have taken to index and record all of my musical and woodworking gear in the last couple days just in case I have to evacuate. We , in this part of the countr
  6. Super Mandy! What a big leap forward with fingerstyle. I concur with Fretless with your significant progress. Greg
  7. Taylor’s are great guitars. I have a nylon string model with a slightly wider neck than a typical acoustic. Very sweet sounding. I have played several Grand Pacifics at stores and loved every one of them. You will have hours of musical pleasure with this beauty. Excellent find! Greg
  8. Very nice guitar Randy. Congrats and thanks for the visual treat. Greg
  9. Funny reading about the “ peeling” issue. Just noticed mine also starting to peel on the bottom edges. I have had it less than a year. Obviously this remains an issue with an otherwise fantastic piece of equipment. Greg
  10. I never asked but an interesting article from the American Tinnitus Association suggests that augmenting external noises with aids may help mask the internal noise of tinnitus. The relief probably varies from person to person but picking up even softer background noise can help retrain the brain to receive and interpret auditory stimuli. I have even heard the term “white noise” to describe the concept . Stimulating the auditory nerve pathway may override the internal drone of tinnitus, even if not completely. It may be that the tinnitus blends in with the background noise and the brain auditor
  11. Sweet!! What a wonderful sibling for your Martin. Well done, make some great music with this beauty. Greg
  12. Well....this is a different guitar body shape. My new Breedlove Concerto. I have been meeting weekly outdoors, socially distancing with some friends in jam settings. Recently we formed an acoustic , non-amplified session every other Monday, and I found my OOO Martin struggled to speak loudly enough on solos. I hesitated considering the jump to dreadnaught and came across this hybrid design from Breedlove, a company in the Northwest where I reside. A large dreadnaught+ sized lower body and a concert sized upper. The sound hole is also smaller. Breedlove claims this shape retains the volume loud
  13. Back in the late 70's, I lived about 40 miles due north of Lake Charles for three years. After Rita and now Laura, I wonder if my home is still standing. Even 70+ miles from the gulf shores, there still are severe limits for where the waters can go. Even graves have to be above ground because of the high water tables. My front lawn was underwater even after a heavy afternoon thunderstorm. I pray for the folks caught in the fury of this hurricane. Greg
  14. The tinnitus going away, hearing the birds singing , the gentle breezes and rustling of leaves.....I can really appreciate these observations in my use of hearing aids myself. It's great! Greg
  15. After the Gold Rush, Abraxas, Plastic Ono Band , Bridge Over Troubled Water ( all of Simon and Garfunkels works) were all impactful for me. Even more so, Sweet Baby James (James Taylor), as I was composing my own music. The singer-songwriter concept stimulated the poet-writer side of my consciousness and the 60-70's provided ample topical fuel for creativity. Greg

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