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  1. @Adam429 Adam, are you referring to the "Fretboard Workouts Bundle"? If so, note that the accompanying PDFs are e-mailed along with the links to the videos. I'm not aware of a "workbook" with all those PDFs combined as a single file.
  2. DianeB

    Wednesday Workout

    Wednesday Workout with Steve Krenz from Nashville TN, 7:00 pm CST (the graphic has a typo). Travis Picking Boot Camp, continued.
  3. DianeB

    Live Lesson

    Live Lesson with Steve Krenz from Nashville TN, 7:00 pm CST. The Top Guitar Chords in Any Key.
  4. To document the fourth anniversary of the Guitar Gathering forum official opening!
  5. Thank you, Girard! Nice to have you back. After seeing what Jackson did with "They Shall Not Grow Old," I'm sure this will be terrific. Wow, what memories.
  6. Wow, Mike, that's a sweet instrument, and I know you'll do it justice. Make it sing!
  7. @Oasis Welcome to the forum! Playing keyboards and drums gives you a great head start on learning guitar. I agree with Wim that it's best in most situations to start with Steve's general guitar course. That course takes up basic fingerstyle about midway through. The fingerstyle course assumes from the outset that you have certain skills. But if you are really intent on learning fingerstyle, there's no reason you can't start learning right hand patterns right at the beginning, on the six open strings. It won't be really musical, but some exercises just aren't. If you have access to an in
  8. Hi, Mohammad. Glad to help. Practice, play, and participate. Join us for the Live Lessons if you can. Details are in the sub forum. If you can’t watch and chat live, you can watch it a few days later after Steve posts the video. If you’re just starting out with guitar, I especially recommend Tom Heany’s “First, Learn to Practice”. It’s concise and direct.
  9. @gmills Greg, I have the pdf's (2015 or 2016) but can't locate the video among the ones Steve has archived on YouTube. I vaguely recall that it was done at Gruhn's, but I'm not certain. Silent Night (Basic Arr) Guitar Gathering.pdf Silent Night (Advanced Arr).pdf
  10. Hello, Mohammad, and welcome to the forum. Since you're new, you probably haven't had time to explore. Practice is a big topic, and there's a lot of experience and thoughts about it here. I suggest you start with Steve's video, then consult some of the many good texts on the subject. I've collected a few of them here.
  11. Carrier Wave When all is still I hear your voice No words no cry A brilliant chill If this be death It disappoints No fear no pain A quiet breath I ask again Who pleads so clear For my reply A cold refrain No spirit calls In words of man These sounds are wrought Where music falls What grace this brings Flows through my hands While echoes fade As silence sings — D. B.
  12. @filipmo Another resource is Desi Serna's fretboard theory courses. He used to offer a DVD on the pentatonic scale, but apparently it's no longer available (except u$ed, by arbitrage).
  13. Oh, Mandy, I am so sorry. That is devastating. Take all the time you need for yourself and let yourself grieve. Your guitar family will still be here for you. Diane
  14. DianeB

    Wednesday Workout

    Wednesday Workout with Steve Krenz from Nashville TN, 7:00 pm CST. Travis picking boot camp, part 2.

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