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  1. until

    Diane can you tell Steve that there is only one page for the download. I missed the lesson but was watching it on YouTube and he refercnes other pages. Thanks so much
  2. I met him several years ago. He was so amazingly generous. It was at a music store and he played a fantastic set and afterwards he said he felt he wanted to give back so he gave all the merchandise he bought out for free. His books his cds etc. It was wild. I was so impressed.
  3. Turns out there are two for free. Here is the other one a Jazz/funk/fusion. Session band https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sessionband-jazz-2/id701553885
  4. This is only going to be relevant for a day or two (I have no Idea actually ) so if you have an iOS device (iphone, iPad or iPod ) jump on this ! i only a few of the others and they are excellent. here is the link : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sessionband-jazz-2/id701553885 hope you all have been well ! Maria
  5. THANKS so much Mandy. I am glad you liked it. and yes i got the groceries 6 days after ordering them and half the stuff was wrong or missing but I am still grateful that I was able to cook a nice Easter Dinner. I am also going to try and focus on the positive and maybe in Sept I will have my job back if we get the Goverment funding Maria
  6. Thank you so much. It is scary. I am starting to know more people who have it or who sadly died. I pray we can get a handle on this soon. Take care and thank you for your prayers and good wishes Maria
  7. Thanks again to all of you that listened and your kind words. We are okay in NY but it is really scary. I get so nervous when we have to go to the store. We are now trying to put an order on line but no "time" yet for delivery. we are doing fine for now with groceries so hopefully I can start getting it delivered when we run out of stuff. I really don't want my husband to go out anymore (or me) One of my co worker's husband has died from this and I am just really in a worried state. Music sure helps Stay well everyone Maria
  8. Awesome! I truly can’t wait for you to get it!! be well Maria
  9. Yes yes yes it is my favorite guitar. i love my other Martin which has more bells and whistles but this one is so much easier for me to play. It Perfect for finger style and my husband said he has never heard me play as good as when I play this guitar so it made me feel like I can play better i hope you can make it a reality. Also it is very light weight. It sits right here where i can pick it up many blessings to you Maria
  10. Thank you guys for listening and your kind words and good wishes! they mean a lot! Be well, Be safe Maria
  11. Hey everyone, I hope that everyone is doing ok and not having any coronavirus health problems. I lost my job and I pray that next September we will get funding to start again. It was the BEST teaching job I ever had and it took me so long to get it! I am an ESL teacher for adults. Anyway I did a video using my Taylor Gs Mini and a few iPad apps. I hope you like it. I'm not really good at improvising on the guitar but Steve's triads workshop helped fuel my creativity and I am pretty happy with the way it came out. It got featured on a blog which is very cool. I hope you like it Maria https://discchord.com/appnews/2020/03/20/maria-calfa-depaul-taylor-gs-mini-in-aum-on-ipad-improv
  12. so happy to see that the live lesson will be on..I am so overwhelmed with so many emotions and no job for a while so I'm antsy and also worried about my grown sons who are on their own... Glad I will be able to take my mind off of it for a while!! Maria

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