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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY MAY 12TH - PEDALS and CABLES AND GEAR OH MY! WHAT DOES THIS PEDAL DO? If you've got questions about what pedals do, what pedals do you need, or how something works, then let's get some answers. Steve will guide you through his gear, setting up a pedal board, and how each pedal sounds. WEDNESDAY WORKOUTS: MAY 13TH Tired of not being able to play barre chords? This three week series on Wednesday Workouts will guide you through... 1) Knowing Where to Put Your Chord 2) How to Form Each Chord Correctly 3) Strengthening the Fingers for Successful Barre Chords Bring your guitar and I'll guide you step by step as we play together. You can do it! Let's finally master these and move forward in your music! Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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    I laid down a few tracks using Audacity and decided to play "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" by Van Morrison. Here is the Youtube post and you can see it here: Please give it a good critique. There were four tracks - bass, acoustic rhythm, electric rhythm and lead on the Gibson ES-150D. I recorded the video using Powerdirector 16. I hope you enjoy it and hopefully we can all learn too. ~Ron Service.
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    For this month’s recording challenge, emotions, I am submitting “Ashokan Farewell”. This song written by Jay Unger is from the Soundtrack of the PBS series “The Civil War”, a film by Ken Burns. The tempo marks for this song say to play Slowly, with expression, so I think it qualifies for this month’s theme. I decided to try recording my acoustic guitar with a condenser microphone, not my usual recording practice. Probably could use some more EQ’ing, perhaps for another version.
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    Hello Everyone; Here's my submission for the May Recording Challenge on the topic of "Emotions" ... Black Orpheus - Mahna De Carnival, by Luis Bonfa. This song is about dreams, love and the excitment of the Carnival, the beginning of Lent in Brazil. I'll sing to the sun in the sky I'll sing till the sun rises high Carnival time is here Magical time of year And as the time draws near Dreams lift my heart I'll sing as I play my guitar I'll cling to a dream from afar Will love come my way This Carnival day And stay here in my heart? Will true love come my way On this Carnival day Or will I be alone with my dream? As many of you know, I'm "into" Jazz guitar, and lately, I've been explorig the classic popular sub=genre of Bossa Nova, which was very popular in the 1960's and '70s. This song is considered a "Jazz Standard" and has been recorded by every major artist and singer that you can think of from Perry Como to Frank Sinatra, and guitarists from Jose Feliciano to Earl Klugh and George Benson. Recorded direct to Reaper 6.1 DAW with my Gibson ES-137, clean with a bit of reverb (post recording production Voxengo Bogex Pluggin) . I hope I've done it some justice, and you enjoy it! All the Best! Neil By the way... I posted the "Lead Sheet" (sheet music) in th. DOWNLOADS section for you. Give it a go!
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    The song Malaguena is covered in Session 5 of the fingerstyle course which is dedicated to classical guitar. I borrowed the old nylon string guitar of my sister-in-law to give it a try. Malaguena is a Spanish tune and is full of emotion, drama and passion. Thanks Greg - @gotto - for the great challenge theme. Wim.
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    Sadly, I have not picked up a guitar since March, not because of coronavirus but because I am working on preparing a properly sound-isolated (aka soundproof) music room for my wife and I. Living in a flat neighbours do not want to hear all sorts of instruments being practised and we are blessed to have been able to purchase a small commercal space in our building beneath the shops, so actually I have been self-isolating by choice! I will report back to playing guitar, flute, drums, bass and keyboard as soon as the room is ready.
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    Hello All, I hope you are keeping as well as you can, if you are on lockdown at home or have any free time please join in with our May Recording Challenge. 🤩🙃😲Emotions😭😎🤣 This Months Recording Challenge was chosen by gotto he said "I think “Emotions “ is a pretty broad theme for musical play. Love, sadness, hope, happiness, loneliness, passion, fears,stress, joy. " Or any others Participants and other listeners are invited to give some supportive and constructive feedback on the submissions because that is how we learn and grow. 🎸Here is how the Challenge works. The challenge is to record a song which fits the subject (although you are free to post any song even if it does not fit the subject). The names of people who post a song that fits the Challenge subject are put into "Random Picker" and the person which the picker chooses will be contacted by me and asked if they would like to pick the topic for the next Challenge. It is not about being the best it is about joining in and getting your playing heard. Entries 1, Wim VD1 playing "Malagueña" 2. Skip Russel playing "Ashokan Farewell) 3. Ron Service playing "Have I Told You Lately" 4. Nutty1 playing "Out of Reach" 5. ak0693 playing "Autumn Rain" Please see ak0693 post on page 2 as it is a link to download the track. 6. NeilES335 playing "Black Orpheus" 7. gotto playing "If it Makes You Happy"
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    Hi everyone, I posted a new music video entitled, The Life In The Mirror. I’ve embedded it below. All guitar parts written and recorded by yours truly. Drums and piano arranged in GarageBand. Also, not as a self promotion...but my song Separation Anxiety is on Spotify and iTunes! It’s a bit surreal to hear oneself on such a platform. Just thought I’d share! https://open.spotify.com/track/22MEh1OYh60OqgQdEOdgKV?si=waT6gTkpSuiYqrrCtrDuZg Hope you enjoy! Matt {YouTube}
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    This is from Session 10 (the finger style session) of L&M that Steve wrote. What a lovely melody and such a joy to hear these chords and lines! It took me a while and many tries of stopping and working on something else, then circling back to it - because the piece is so beautiful - to get it to this point and I'm so grateful! Session 10 Intro audio - 5_24_20, 3.54 PM.m4a
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    Version 1.0.3


    This is the PDF for the Barre Chords Workouts 1-3. Topics Covered: Proven Finger Strengthening Exercises Notes on the 6th String The Most Common 6th String Barre Chord Forms Notes on the 5th String The Most Common 5th String Barre Chord Forms Pro Tips for Building Endurance and Success with Barre Chords
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    I have made this with my guitar plugged into GarageBand. The solo is not good at all but im still learning. The song is called “Autumn rain” Autumn rain.m4a
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    I remember well how I struggled with Canon in D when I was in Session 10 of the main LMG course some years ago. Now I came across the same song in Session 5 of the fingerstyle course and finally enjoyed relearning and recording it. https://soundcloud.com/wim-van-damme-401299565/canon-in-d Wim.
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    My submission is "Out of Reach" from the movie "Bridget Jones's Diary" by Gabrielle and Peter Shorten
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    While I dont often post YouTube videos, this one may help you decide the above question... ( and maybe curb / rethink that Guitar.Aquisition.Syndrome ) (confession time; I have 4 and thinking thats probably enough.... except I really like..)😉
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    A little late, but this song took me about 2 weeks to record and mix. Again another song by a lady but I love Sheryl Crow and again another song that is not good for me to sing in the lower range. I thought this was a nice song for the month's theme. The bass and drums are a karoake track but the rest is all me, including keyboard , background vocals , and several layers of guitar work. The mix sounds best with headphones or through a sound system, but also again, not my strength. Greg
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    Hello from Massachusetts! A few years ago I started the Learn & Master Guitar course with good intentions, high hopes... and a smattering of music background from several years of piano lessons. However, I also had a demanding job with a grueling commute and little time to devote to yet another hobby. Now retired -with even more piano instruction under my belt - my music reading skills have improved dramatically. I've found that skill to be a game-changer this time around. I'm nearly done with Session 4 and look forward to the next adventure. I have a vintage Yamaha dread and a lovely Walden Grand Auditorium -which I play alternately. It's great to have an online resource where other guitarists can share ideas and tips.
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    I enjoy your recordings Mandy and admire your progress in recording and performance. I too deal with the scourge of arthritis so I can deeply empathise with the challenges. Playing and vocalizing is especially challenging and often I too use a simpler chord strategy, particularly when I am playing with bandmates-they can cover things with more complex play while I sing. When i am not the singer, I get the chance to expand my chops as well. Keep it up and keep giving us the pleasure of your contributions. Greg Also, in my opinion, "fancy" should never be the focus in this monthly challenge and I hope others take your lead and share their skills, regardless of level. I tend to like building layers in songs to develop my recording skills, but I personally enjoy going to public venues and listening to the solo artists as much as any band, and many of these artists use " simple" play in their performances.
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    It's time to move on again! Session 5 offered a nice introduction to the world of classical guitar and I enjoyed learning some great songs from F. Tarrega, J. Pachelbel and especially J.S Bach, on a borrowed nylon string. To finalize this session, I recorded "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". Reading a bit about him, I learned that Bach is the master of counterpoint which is a setting of different melodic lines (or voices) against each other. Also in this song, there are 2 voices played together, the melody and the bass lines. This makes the song interesting, but also challenging. https://soundcloud.com/wim-van-damme-401299565/joy Thanks for listening, Wim.
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    Tuesday May 12th, 2020 Topic: Pedals & Cables & Gear... Oh My! 7pm Central Time US You can watch the lesson HERE. Got Questions on Gear? What does this pedal do? Learn keys for choosing the right pedals for your playing and how to set them for the best sounds.. Distortions, Preamps, Delays, Reverbs, Wah's - Let's cut through the confusion and find some answers in how to work these tools. Grab your guitar and I'll see you there! - Steve There will be music, laughs, giveaways and more. Watch on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel HERE - Steve
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    It probably doesn't need to be repeated that I am a huge Carlos Santana fan. It is largely because of him that I am here in this forum and trying to learn guitar. What many not know is Carlos' brother was a very talented guitarist in his own right. But many of you may remember him from the band Malo. Or at least you remember some of the band's songs. And I remember several occasions of Jorge on stage with Carlos, the most notable being Santana's South American Tour. Beyond that I've always wondered about Carlos and Jorge's relationship. I don't recall Carlos addressing it much in his autobiography. Being Carlos' brother or not, Jorge was a great guitarist and his passing should be acknowledged. Guitarist Jorge Santana, brother of Carlos, dies at 68.
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    It is very kind of you to say that. I only do simple stuff, not complicated things like you and the others who post here. 😎 I have been slowly incorporating some very basic fingerstyle into my performances, my goal is to do more fancy stuff but I am limited by my arthritis and trigger fingers and the fact that I have a terrible memory.🤣🤣🤣
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    Thanks, @matonanjin, @Dave White, @Simira, @K9kaos, @NeilES335 and @Eracer_Team-DougH! @K9kaos, I did not really master Canon in D after finishing Session 10 of the main course and realized that Session 10 was just a first introduction to fingerstyle. I decided to "drop the pick" in December last year and have played only fingerstyle in the past 6 months. Steve's fingerstyle course is great and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn this style. @NeilES335, I agree on the string noise. I borrowed a not-so-good nylon string for this Session on classical guitar and recorded Canon in D with it. So the string noise is coming from the 3 wound strings. It's due to my very dry hands and calluses, playing technique, and the clip on microphone. Avoiding string noise remains a real challenge to me. The tempo should be fine. I played it at the suggested 105 bpm. @Eracer_Team-DougH, I appreciate your comments, there is no reason to doubt that. You are the one playing guitar for a big audience in church and I have nothing but respect for that 👍. Wim.
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    on a recent Instagram video Joe Bonamassa said he has 425 (approx.) guitars. (and about as many amps) in California he has 12 "bursts" Nashville home has 4 "bursts" NYC home has 1 "burst" that's a lot of coin tied up in Les Paul Bursts (some 1958 , mostly 1959 and a few 1960's ) I should video done around May6 2020. He does have a rating system he uses for all his guitars, he said on the super mint he has those in storage and won't play them on the road
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    Thanks for posting. Keeping in mind Keith's slogan is "helping you get the most music with the least gear", he did make some very interesting points. Most such videos encourage us to get one each from the familiar food groups: Strat, Tele, Les Paul, 335, etc. Keith, on the other hand, made some valid points for not doing so. There is one point that I think he made that is undeniable. With one guitar one becomes forced to "Knowing the guitar inside and out". I am so guilty of not doing this. Probably the one guitar that I have owned that I learned the best was my Les Paul. And I sol;d it. Another one was, "When shopping for guitars we are not practicing guitar". But...............have you seen the new Martin SC-13E?!?! Gotta go!🤔😁😉
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    Welcome Jogarman. You have advance quite a ways in the LMG course so you have considerable skills under your belt by now, so to speak. Just as you started learning how to strum rhythmically to a metronome, whole notes, half notes, quarter and so on-one- step at a time-so might you consider learning to sing along with your playing. Select a simple 3 or 4 chord song that you know well lyrically (or have the lyrics and chord chart visually close at hand) and go back to square one with your rhythm playing. Keep your strum playing simple, slow down and focus on the melody, hum at first if you need to, use the metronome. As you become more comfortable and familiar with integrating a third task while both hands are working their own actions, you can begin to advance to a more accurate tempo and advanced strum pattern. There is no fast track, just as there is no quick way to "learn and master" guitar but dedicate a small part of your practice each day to the task, perhaps at the end of your dedicated practice schedule. That said, I know some very skilled musicians who simply can't sing while playing, and it does become more difficult as the chord progressions become more complex. It is a learned skill however, so don't be discouraged if the challenge appears too daunting at first. Practice and patience is a virtue. Best of luck on this. Greg
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    I have been struggling with "clunk!"-sounding barre chords for years and did not realize that I was applying pressure incorrectly. For the first time last night, everything rang clear all the way up the neck ---on an acoustic guitar! Thank you, Steve K.
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    The 2020 mix. This is from The Song Hits.
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    Well, since I suggested this month's theme, it is time I finally added my recording. It took me a couple of weeks, and is probably the hardest recording I have ever done. Again, my mix could be better, and again this song is not good for my lower vocal range and again another song by a woman, but I love Sheryl Crow so I thought this was a good candidate for the theme. All tracks, including keyboard are mine except the bass and drums, which are kaoake tracks for the song. All guitar parts and background vocals as well, are mine. Got it in just in the nick of time. Greg
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    @gotto @Simira @Skip Russell @Wim VD1 @Nutty 1 Thank you all for your kind constructive (and helpful) comments... And @Oldjock for your p.m. too...🎸😊 After recording a few songs the process is getting a bit easier and hopefull the recording quaility ( and my playing) is getting better too. I learned that its best to record "dry" (without effects) when recording through an interface then add effects/eq/ reverb etc in the DAW later if needed. The choice of guitar can have quite a affect on tone to Ps. another Bossa classic coming up... Pps. If you are at all interested in the jazz style or just want to expand your chord knowledge and spice up your playing, I recommed you follow Steve' K's "Fretboard Workout Jazz Chords" series. Thats what made playing song like Black Orpheus possible, for me.
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    R.I.P. Jorge. Being from California and growing up 3 hours north of San Francisco, I was a big fan of Carlos and Jorge Santana. Carlos obviously made the big stage, but Jorge stayed in the Bay area with his band and stayed true to his Latin Roots music. I never met him, but got to hear him play. Way to young to leave us!
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    And conversely, Billy Gibbons and Tony Iommi are known for very light gauge strings and no one says they have thin tone which is why I feel its a good experiment for players to explore for themselves. They may find the prefer the SRV heavy is better path but they may find enlightenment on the Billy Gibbons path On set ups, the changes to mine have been relatively minor (surprising even to me). As you note, you most likely will need to adjust for some string buzz with a touch higher bridge, but you will also learn to attack the strings lighter and you're muting will improve. I also needed to adjust the neck relief on one guitar, but not the other (at least not yet). I continue to tweak on the set up as I adjust to the new feel and the guitars settle in to the new tensions. The ability to experiment like this is another reason I've always advocated people need to learn to do their own basic set ups. You don't have to go pay a good luthier for a set up and you rarely find a good luthier (or even guitar tech) at your local Guitar Center. IMHO, the biggest change going to a much lighter gauge string will be to how you approach the guitar Both right and left had technique will have to be adjusted. I'm still getting used to it but feel its forcing me to develop much more finesse and my bends and vibrato are improved greatly over my playing with 10's. That said, I'm mainly a rhythm player though and even there those all barre chord songs are way less fatiguing. You do have to learn to lighten your touch though or you pull everything sharp. For me, this change has been the most inspirational change I've made since going to a digital modeling rig.
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    @pkotof Be aware that very light strings may require a neck or bridge adjustment. Light strings vibrate more and could could cause a fret buzz if the string height (action) is already low. The debate rages on on string gauge... players like Stevie Ray Vaughan who were renown for huge string bends, played very heavy guage strings (13-52 i believe) on his strat because he claimed the tone was so much better. Like a lot of things... just a matter of preferrence, really.
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    Haven't tried on an electric yet but I went from 10's to 8's on my Les Pauls. I tried 9's and 8's and after some initial adjustments decided I liked the 8's better. I first tried Earnie Ball Extra Slinky's then got a few sets of Billy Gibbons Mexican Lottery brand from Dunlop and think they are my new strings. I do figure the lighter strings may need more frequent changes but as you said I don't think you give up tone.
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    Hey! First off, forgive the awful pun! But I finished Session 3 today, and I am moving on to the next lesson tomorrow! 😄 I'm excited to have fun with this lesson. I have read a little about the 2 part approach to this one, so I think I'm gonna do it that way. Is there any other obvious tips that other people wish they would have known going into the 4th session? Thanks!
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    When I first purchased the course a few years ago I was still working full-time and unfortunately did not get through Session 4. Now that I am retired...I have started over, reviewed Sessions 1 through 3 with little problem and am also getting through Session 4 more easily than the first time. (Being able to read music has helped a lot.) It helps me to shut the DVD off and work through the rough spots on my own without getting frustrated about keeping up. Then I try working with the DVD after practicing on my own. Don't worry about projected time frames; you will get there.
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    Tim Pierce definitely loves a PRS, but his videos are great and he actually makes good points about what he likes rather than just saying "I like this one better". Video is worth a watch, and the one where he compares the Silver Sky to an original '65 Strat is great too. One thing that is unimpeachable is PRS's quality control, particularly on USA line.
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    @Skip Russell @Ron Service @Wim VD1 You boys are really uping the level here on the Recording Challenge... well done!
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    Meh, every one has an opinion on this and every one has line where people on the other side are collectors/non-players/posers/clowns/etc./etc.. I think I'm pretty close to the right number with 7 electrics (Strat, Tele, 2 Gibson Les Pauls, Gibson ES-135, Epi SG and Flying V and 4 acoustics (two suitable for campfires). I would like a P90 equipped guitar and nicer Tele than the one I have but doubt I'll have many more guitars. I hardly ever pick up an acoustic but regularly play most of the electrics except the Strat. The SG is in my office and I pick up to to do skills drills without plugging in. All the rest get played though the LP's get the most action. At that I'm probably on the wrong side of some peoples lines.
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    On his Blues Cruise last year JB has a one hour session with Norm of Norman's Rare Guitars. Joe has sold guitars through there, probably most notably his prototype signature Les Paul. Joe talked about the collection and a lot of the ones he played on stage during his two shows. He spent quite a bit of time talking about his (not sure what year) Gibson Flying V "Amos". With all the Les Pauls Joe owns it seems he has a real soft spot in his heart for Amos. On the stage with him and Norm JB had two of those bursts, one of which was a '59. Norm valued it at about $425,000. As you said Doug, he has quite a collection of those old Les Pauls. They're not all worth 400K but valuable. And he has a lot of old Strats, Teles and 335s. To put a pencil to his collection and try and add up would make one pause. But JB plays them. He's not afraid to take them on the road (and on the ocean) and up on stage. They are not in a glass case.
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    I'm trying to stay with the "basic food groups". A six string acoustic, for the campfires; a 12 string acoustic for the folk songs and Gordon Lightfoot; and a six string electric which covers the blues and rock. I have been strictly adhering to the rule, "One guitar in means one leaves", of course that may all change with a lottery win. Henk
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    @K9kaos So true, and we haven't even touched how a discussion of pedals can further "amplify" what we can really do with each..."so little time, so many to play"! I'm an acoustic "gatherer" and have sold my nylon for the reasons you are considering. I have two acoustics on the market (but a really low ball market right now) and I occasionally re-tune and play for an exercise moment. Wow, I think, why would I sell such a guitar...I must be crazy?! OBTW: My wife has an immediate answer to that last question. 🤣
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    Thanks for posting this! Some very interesting points in that video. Lately, I have been thinking about 'lightening the load' so to speak. I believe I will put some serious thought into this.... I have a Yamaha nylon string that rarely gets played and I've considered letting it go. Its a great guitar, just not my 'go-to'. For electrics I'd have a harder time deciding. With one each of Les Paul, Strat, and Tele, I feel like I'm still learning what each can really do.
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    @Jogarman Hi I think this video from Tony Polecastro from Acoustic Life will be a great help to you😊
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    @SteveT Good idea to check. I suggest you lower your thumb position towards the centre a bit and relax your wrist with a slight natural bend. Your can also raise the heatstock/ neck angle too. You'll feel more relaxed and be able to playy chords and single notes more easily. While playing seated, whether restiing the guitar on either thigh, try raising that leg with a footstool. (I use an adjustable one like classical players use. And also, use a good confortable shoulder strap too, even while seated. This adds stability and. allows the player to move their hands freely without supporting the instrument.
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    Pretty simple review, really. Anyone who's struggling with barre chords or having difficulty getting barre chords to work 'properly' needs to follow the guidelines and exercises in these .pdf pages and watch and follow along with Steve in the accompanying video. Oh... and they'll need to practice constantly and consistently. Daily is good, multiple times a day is better. Experience has taught that it's better to grab the guitar a few times a day, even for shorter periods than have long, drawn-out, tiring 'practice sessions' where focus often gets lost or distractions interfere. For example, perhaps grab the guitar for 5 - 10 minutes before getting ready for work in the morning ('wakes up' the fingers and the mind), a half hour 'regular' practice after work or dinner, then another 10 - 15 minutes before bed. Statistically that type of regimen works better for memory, dexterity, and neural pathway programming than a 2 hour session once a day or an 8 hour session once a week. A shorter, more frequent regimen better helps to retain 'muscle memory' and doesn't become tedious or boring. That's just the way humans work, really. Persistence is a 'failure to accept failure'. 😉
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    Version 1.0.0


    Blues guitar uses a fairly standard collection of chord voicings. These are the chord voicings you hear in most blues songs throughout the decades. These are my 10-ish "go-to" chord shapes when playing blues along with a few helpful chord substitutions along the way. Learn all you can!
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    @FTB23 don't get too super tied up with Session 4 Bonus string jumping exercise Many; me included got far to wound out with that 1 excerse Lots of good stuff in S4 and 4b
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    Hi All, hope everyone is safe and getting extra time to play with the quarantine....finally got new Epiphone SG...plays real well and sound with the boss katana is really clear and clean...in S14 now and really enjoying the journey 🎸🎼🎸
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    Hi Costancr! There are so many different directions guitar can take you, its easy to get sidetracked! From my experience, you might want to cover the material in sessions 7 & 8, barre chords. You will need barre chords even for fingerstyle, so from what I see they are pretty important. As a matter of fact, session 10 really highlighted the fact that I needed a bit more work on my barre chords! When you start plucking just a single string and its buzzy, well... for me it was humbling. Maybe you can work thru 7 and 8 at the same time as you explore fingerstyle. But I wouldn't skip them right now. Those sessions can take a bit to work thru so getting started would be great! Steve just this week started a Wednesday Night workout for Barre Chords. It was great! I think the link is posted above... and there is a pdf handout for it. I'm very sure it would be helpful for you to watch! You can watch the first session then join us the next two weeks! The most important thing is that you are having fun learning!
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    Yes, I'm working on the PDF now and will put it up when I'm finished. - Steve

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