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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY OCTOBER 22ND - LIFELONG MUSIC LEARNING WITH DAVE ISAACS. One of Nashville's most prolific and celebrated music teachers, Dave Isaacs is known to the music community as the "Guitar Guru of Music Row". His insights on learning music are fascinating and endlessly helpful. TUESDAY OCTOBER 29TH - TIPS FOR STRUMMING LIKE A PRO. Strumming is a guitarists paintbrush causing pulsating excitement or relaxed motion. We'll be showing some strumming tips to take your playing to the next level. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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    After warm ups today, almost everyone crowded the living room for Collin's lesson. I took a chance and checked into Steve's cozier session on jazz voicings. I knew I had no chance of playing those progressions. But I held my own with the music theory, so I extracted a morsel of satisfaction. We enjoyed an afternoon workshop on ear training -- identifying the I, IV, V, and vi, that is -- then Don Ross arrived to get us psyched for the evening concert. After a bit of baritone funk, it was time for recess. I was roused from my nap by the familiar riff of Orleans' "Still the One" filtering up from the dining room. The source was Gregg and Steve, rehearsing. I stared, mesmerized. After dinner, we had time for a few more student performances. But to my ear, these were too polished and proficient for the word "student". Gregg and Steve performed their duet of "Dance with Me", then Steve officially announced the dates for next year's retreat (Halloween week again). Next we made room for virtuoso Don Ross, with his fan fretted guitars and harp guitar. Don fought off a cold and sleep deprivation (airline issues) to put on a killer show. We took a break for ice cream floats. I plopped into a couch with my nylon and discreetly shadowed Vic's progression for a few bars. Dave appeared with a new Maton fresh from Artisan's, and Collin helped him break it in. Vic and Patrick took turns, then Carol gave us an impressive "Classical Gas". The music went on until we were all exhausted. We pick up an hour tonight but have to start a half hour earlier in the morning. Forgive my brevity, but I'm fuzzier than year old Elixir Polywebs. The finish line approaches.
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    Sunshine returned this morning and defrosted the Franklin countryside, to our collective relief. After a hearty breakfast, we assembled for Steve's exercises: a medley of finger swaps, spider crawls, and the notorious Phil Keaggy digital stretcher. Van Larkins followed with a surprisingly accessible tutorial on left hand hammering, even taking time to roam among us to check our technique and answer our individual questions. After lunch most of us jammed the upstairs meeting room for Collin Hill's basic workshop. Meanwhile downstairs, Steve taught a session on jazz harmonizing. Collin continued with a more advanced lesson on a couple of his compositions, while I opted for Steve's more basic lesson on "All You Need Is Love" in the dining room. Next to us, my hero Julio quietly went about his business of checkups and setups. Today's master class was led by Ian Ethan Case. "Give yourself permission to experiment, to try things," said the man who invented a wholly new playing style. "Don't sentence yourself to failure from the outset." We recessed for down time. I desperately needed a nap. During Collin's lesson, sleep deprivation, a ham sandwich, and chicken tortilla soup combined to anesthetize me; I could barely focus on the music. After dinner, refreshed and recaffeinated, I settled in the living room for another set of delightful student performances. Four lucky campers won Keyser capos. Then Ian took his post at his monster pedalboard for the evening concert. He is a dazzling, modest, articulate, imaginative, and hard working artist. He and his wife Stephanie packed up the double neck guitars, the fretless guitar, the monster pedalboard and all the rest, waved goodbye, and dashed home to St. Louis tonight, only to return for Tuesday's live lesson. I think they like us. We scattered for s'mores around the fire pit outside, shopping at the store, and jamming in the living room. I curled up under a wool throw in the lobby while Patrick serenaded me with "Autumn Leaves". Eleven o'clock, and Steve was a blur, helping Ian haul his gear, dumping trash, unpacking magazines. I was toast, so I said goodnight to my roomies Nancy and Marion and returned to the, ahem, editorial desk.
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    I had about an hour to kill waiting to pick up my daughter so I hit the local Guitar Center to noodle around. My goal was to see how I could fair with low cost gear. For real. I rarely have time to do this, so I went for it. I picked up an Ibanez G10, tuned it up and found a used Line 6 Spider Mark IV 75 W amp to plug into and played for about an hour. I was thoroughly impressed. That Ibanez felt great, had a real variety of sounds at the different pick up positions and felt a lot more expensive in my hands than the $200 sticker price. The tone was good, the electronics were solid with no scratchy pots or crackling with pick up changes. The amp was decent sounding and went from sparkling clean to "insane" and the tones were usable. The on board effects sounded okay, and did in fact complement the settings for the amps. I was impressed. Basically, for less than $400, including tax, you can get a really killer beginner/intermediate rig that can actually grow on you. Wish that was the case 30 years ago when I first started, LOL.
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    Even though I'm not looking to add a new guitar I've made a point of checking out some of the "pointy" guitars like Schecter, Jackson and Ibanez over the past year. (Work travel had me hanging out in Guitar Center to get some play time in) I've mainly looked at entry level to mid level products from these companies and have to say they put out some products with quality equal to a Mexican Fender or similar. Maybe not quite the quality of a PRS SE, but also not quite as expensive either. Long story short, there are way too many good guitars and way too little time and the common web recommendations are really just reflections of what a lot of people do and there may well be a better choice for the same money for some players. I know its harder and take longer to find your axe but the old, "go play a lot of them" advice is still the best, but I'd add that it may pay to have an open mind and look beyond the popular recommendations online while you are doing it and look beyond Fender, Epi, and PRS for that first guitar
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    Reserve your spot at Guitar Gathering 2020 HERE. “ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE A YOUNG GUITARIST CAPTURES THE ATTENTION OF MUSIC LOVERS EARLY IN HIS CAREER AND MANAGES TO SUSTAIN THIS INTEREST AS HE MATURES CREATIVELY AND SHEDS THE ‘PRODIGY’ LABEL. JOE ROBINSON IS ONE OF THOSE RARE TALENTS.” - Premier Guitar Just confirmed that our friend Joe Robinson will be giving a masterclass at Guitar Gathering 2020! Joe Robinson https://www.joerobinson.com/ is a self-taught Australian guitarist who has toured the world as a solo guitarist. He won Australia's Got Talent. (WATCH HERE) and launched his career when he was 16. He moved to Nashville and now tours the world playing solo guitar concerts. Here are a few videos.... Reserve your spot at Guitar Gathering 2020 HERE.
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    Creepy chords for Halloween.
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    here is my entry for this month, if some one would like to sing this song pm me please, I can't do it but I thought it fit this months theme . Danny the bad moon a rising<<<<
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    I recently bought an 8 year old guitar. They had some photos and said it looked great, which is what I would expect someone to say. Boy, was I surprised, sounds great looks brand new.
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    Surely its the condition that counts most, not the age per se. 3 of my guitars where bought "pre-owned" all in excellent virtually unplayed condition (1 was still in the box with a price tag on it) So dont overlook this option when looking for "new" gear...you can save a lot $$$.
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    Well, gang, I'm finally home. Thank you for reading and for all your kind words. Correction: the song Steve and Gregg (on the far left in the group photo) played that roused me from my nap so sweetly was Orleans' "Dance with Me". Don Ross is third from the right. The only persons not pictured, I think, are Collin, who was off to do a podcast that afternoon, and, of course, our photographer Chuck. The winner of the big prize, a Fishman Bluetooth-equipped Loudbox Mini, was my roomie Marion, a mere 9,000 miles from her home in Brisbane, Australia. Now, that's dedication.
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    I definitely second this! Even though I've been playing for 30 years and have had every guitar under the sun at a certain point, none of my current guitars cost me over $800. For me, they play as good or better than guitars I've had and played that were 3 times that price. It's truly a great time to be a guitar player!
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    Yes, I use Udemy to take classes to keep up my Project Management Professional credential. I consitently take classes listed at north of $100 for $10-$12. Checking frequently and waiting for the sale is the key.
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    Many thanks to our intrepid on scene reporter @DianeBfor your coverage and insights. It sounds like a memorable timd was had by all. (Did anyone take any video? It would be nice to see/ hear some of the sessions and performances on the GG Channel)
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    It’s not the Dorian scale notes that make a difference it’s the chords you play them over. Play A Dorian over a Am chord and it will sound Dorian. Playing A Dorian over a G mayor chord will sound exactly t like playing G major scale.
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    Sadly @DianeB I never studied the theory that closely. After 43yrs of certification study for work, my brain seems to freeze up now, thinking theory. Glad we got you and a few others , too bad Cindy doesn't hang around any more, she had theory mastered
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    Thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes. It’s great to be back amongst people like you good luck with your own hand probs Maria
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    Thank you so much for the condolences and the welcome back. Hope you have been well! Maria
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    Hey gang, Here is the official registration list for the Guitar Gathering 2020 conference as of November 13, 2019! You can register for the conference here... GUITAR GATHERING 2020 REGISTRATION 31 Registered Diane B. from Newark, DE Doug B. from Plano, TX Andy C. from Austin, TX Murry C. from Hertford, United Kingdom Michael D. from Rockville, MD Steve D. from Gladstone, MI Lucio F. from Sheboygan, WI Paulette F. from Winter Springs, FL Mike H. from Sacramento, CA Jacqueline J. and Guest from Lewis Center, OH Mark J. from Minneapolis, MN Brooks L. from New Canaan, CT Pat L. from Alto, MI Rich L. from Fair Oaks, CA Trevor L. from St. Albans, United Kingdom Charles M. from Fort Collins, CO Keith M. from Sour Lake, TX William N. from Jackson, TN Greg O. (gotto) from Battleground, WA Eric P. from Largo, FL Joan R. and guest from Tamiment, PA Bob S. from Robinson, IL Chris S. from San Antonio, TX Gerald T. from La Crescent, MN David W. from Asheville, NC Doug W. from Odenton, MD George W. from Red Lion, PA Ken W. from Jacksonville, FL Reg W. from Georgetown, IN
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    @Texaspackerfan Oh I "hear" you Danny... when I recorded my first real effort (was that almost a year ago already?) Moon River, I must have done at least 20 takes and when I go it "right" I didnt want to mess with it. Funny thing is, I havent played it since!
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    A thumbs up for you, @Old Guy! Wim.
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    I am also working on minor scales and chord progressions in a minor key as I want to take the next step and move away from using primarily pentatonic and blues scales. The first one for me to focus on is the natural minor scale. It's the minor pentatonic scale with the 2 and flat 6 added to it. By changing the flat 6 to a major 6, you get the Dorian mode. That mode is the next one on my list. Wim.
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    That is looking great!!! Thanks for sharing your progress!! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
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    Great points, guys. My first "good" guitar was my Gibson LP. I went shopping after I had been learning for a while. I was in the store and had tried a few when the salesman said that they had a used LP/Fender Blues, Jr. 3 combo package. They were like new. I said to him that I really wasn't interested in used. My wife was the one that forced the issue and said, "At least look at it." The salesman brought the guitar and it was immaculate. It looked like they had just unboxed it. I came to find out it was that very common story. The salesman relayed that whoever had bought it was going to learn guitar. He took it home and put it under his bed in its case. It remained there for a couple years until he just recently brought it back to the store and sold it back. I've had great success buying used and every guitar in my sig, except the Epiphone Casino and Strat, were purchased used.
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    Hey gang, last minute change of plans. There will be no live lesson tonight. We will reschedule Ian for another time. But we will be on for live lessons next MONDAY with the amazing Grigoryan Brothers!
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    I looked at the Hewlett lessons and they were on sale ,so I picked up the basic beginner and blues licks. I was a little leery, because the basic price was $199.00 per lesson marked down to $12.95. That’s quite the reduction. When I looked at a harmonica chart and seen all the notes below, it was confusing.Now, I see they are the notes you can bend to. I found a free app on line that listens to the notes, so that I can see the notes as I blow or draw and also tell if I am bending correctly. The app lets me pick the Key. Bending does seem difficult even on the first hole. Thanks again.
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    I think Hohner still makes that double sided model of harmonica.
  27. 1 point
    I think that the reeds go bad after awhile of playing. I signed up for some lessons that nutty 1 recommended and the teacher demonstrated about 10 different types, But none were double sided. I have come to the conclusion that a diatonic Harmonica is the most common. I mentioned earlier, playing the guitar sure makes understanding the theory of the harmonica easy. The learning curve seems to be at about the same pace as a guitar, I started out with Red River valley and it sounded about what it sounded like on the guitar when I first started.
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    Diane B, thanks again for a very melodic report on another great Family Gathering. Sounds amazing to be there in the midst of such nice folks and great music. Hope to go next year.
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    I hope the retreat ended as grandly as it began, and congrats to all you campers on all that you learned, and the memories made!
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    I found this live jam on YouTube and was completely blown away. I love Fletcher's cool, laid back blues grooving, but Joe Bonamassa's solo break around 4:35 really got me. If you play close attention, this is well beyond the regular pentatonic flair. It is pure Robben Ford. I saw Robben many, many years ago when he was touring for the first Blue Line record, and Joe is harnessing everything there was about Robben's performance back then. Just incredible. Joe's minute or so solo can be broken down into many little sections, and soooo much can be gleaned from his playing. I am in awe. Check it out.
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    @Wim VD1 That was excellent! It has been a real treat to hear your stages of guitar playing. You have come so far. Well played!!! Danny
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    Thanks, I went to guitar center to buy a Lee Oskar C harmonica and they didn’t have a C. So I bought a A. The first thing I learned when I got home was that playing guitar really helps to understand the way the harmonica works.I would have really been frustrated, if I didn’t know the major scales,Blues scales.Dorian and mixolydian scales minor 3rds chords etc. Without guitar theory I would have traded it for tuna salad sandwich. It still seem impossible to blow or draw on only one of those small holes. And I don’t see how anyone “bends” those holes with breaking the thing.😃 One trivia question for you before I close. What did they decorate the White House Christmas Tree with in 1925?
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    Big Joe B fan here Joe jam's at a bar in Nashville when he's not touring An plays The Baked Potato when in LA
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    Retreat? It sounds more like an adventure! I tune my classical guitar one semitone high for the first few days to help the strings settle. 24 hours is not long; I hope it all works out well for you, Diane.
  35. 1 point
    Which Hal Leonard "Blues Guitar"? There are so many of them. I have Chicago Blues Rhythm Guitar by Bob Margolin that looks really good and I hope to start in the very near future:
  36. 1 point
    Thanks Diane! Even when I forget you're right there to help. Thanks, Steve
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    Doug, I can't help with aany suggestions but I'm glad you started this thread. My Kindle is getting really "long in the tooth". Apps are taking forever to load. I'm going to have to replace it sooner than later. I've got lots of songs and, of course, lots of L&MG videos stored on it. So I am looking forward to the suggestions.
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    Thank you Jusca. Sharleen is a very talented and good looking lady (I would definitely have to loose the sideburns for that). I can dream!😆
  39. 1 point
    @Nutty 1 Well done Mandy. I agree with Kevin, best yet - though I'm not sure about the sidies 😆 Ian
  40. 1 point
    My favorite is my new Maton SRS808C. It was hand made in Australia and has an amazing smooth tone.
  41. 1 point
    Thanks @Randy120 That new Taylor looks really nice. Gonna get my Shane’s on one the next time I am at Gruhns. And yes @Fretless the search is half the fun!
  42. 1 point
    Thank you @Nutty 1 It feels good to get back playing and recording again. Danny
  43. 1 point
    Welcome! I look forward to reading your future posts.🎸 Please feel free to join in with the monthly recording challenge.
  44. 1 point
    Welcome Southernpicker! Great bunch of folks here! Have fun!
  45. 1 point
    Welcome, Hope you learn all you can here. Take Care.
  46. 1 point
    @Randy120 Since I play guitar and my wife has taken up the violin, trips to Nashville can get pretty expensive! @matonanjin Remind me to ask about your PRS Paul’s sometime. That is also on my list and I’m trying to decide whether to get the SE or bite the bullet and spring for the core. Oh yes, I do see a nice 12 string hollow body on the PRS site also. I’m sure that one would be awesome for an electric!
  47. 1 point
    @RaptorRich You'll have a great time, Rich!
  48. 1 point
    Thank you Randy, she is a smaller bodied guitar, nice and light weight. The chords in the song are easy so it was a good one for me to practice arpeggios which migrated into strumming and the more complex strumming. Part of my learning about how to make a song build.
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    BluzCruz: Signals Music Studio made modes amazingly clear. Thank you. I'm glad I was able to watch this at the beginning of my guitar journey. At my stage "being limited to the little box" would be a big step forward. ShadowBoxer86: I wrote down your pneumonic. :-)
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    There is no quick way. Nylon strings last a long time. Stretching the strings is the best way to set them, but you will have to do it many times after a string change. Yes changing your strings will make your sound brighter, but don't change them because of some artificial schedule. Analyze the condition of the strings and change them when needed.

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