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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: THURSDAY MARCH 19TH - FINGERSTYLE SONGWRITING WITH BOB BENNETT. Brilliant guitarist and gifted song-writer, Bob Bennett, has been inspiring audiences for decades. His 1982 project "Matters of the Heart" was voted one of the top 20 CCM albums of all time. TUESDAY MARCH 24TH BLUEGRASS FLATPICKING WITH DARIN ALDRIDGE Darin was voted the IBMA Mentor of the Year by the Bluegrass Association. A brilliant traditional bluegrass flatpicking guitarist, Darin and his wife are Grand Old Opry favorites. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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    What a coincidence. Yesterday I recorded this Beatles song from the L&M Fingerstyle course that I had been working on for some weeks. I heard McCartney say in an interview that they wanted to sound like Bach in this one 😀. Wim.
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    Greetings friends; Another happy co-incidence... I happened to be working on a tune who's best known recording is by The Beatles! My rendition of "Till There Was You" Till There Was You, sung by Paul McCartney on the With The Beatles album, was written by Meredith Willson for 1957 musical The Music Man. It also appeared in the 1962 film of the same name. McCartney, however, heard the song through Peggy Lee's 1958 version. I always loved this song, first hearing it when I was a kid back in 1963, on my transistor radio! I played both the Rhythm and Melody tracks recorded directly to my DAW (Reaper 6.0, basically clean, very little effects) using my Godin 5th Ave Kingpin archtop (p90). I hope you enjoy listening 🙂 It was fun (and challenging) to do. https://soundcloud.com/neiles335/till-there-was-you
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    Members of Steve's Guitar Gathering family were on the Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea Cruise. And met up! And what a great time it was! And it was especially nice meeting and hangin' out with other GG members. There were 4 members and spouses from here on the cruise but unfortunately we weren't able to connect with @BluesMan67. Next time! Pictured below are (L to R) Diane and @Dan Brown (in the cap) , Barb and Ron Petersen (yours truly, matonanjin), and Sheila and @Tom M (Tom Moore). That is Nassau, Bahamas in the background.
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    Pulled the trigger on a new guitar yesterday. Fender Telecaster Player Series (MIM). Very nice tone. Not as heavy as I thought it would be.
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    My wife and I made a quick trip to Nashville on Friday to attend the Instruments of Joy benefit concert. We didn't have much time, but did visit the new Artisan Guitars shop, played a few guitars at Carter's Vintage Guitars, and visited a bit with Greg Voros at Gruhn's. Along the way, we met up with Collin Hill and family, enjoyed a great dinner, and then took in the concert which featured Phil Keaggy, Audrey Assad, and Buddy Greene. There was a nice meet and greet with the artists prior to the concert as well as a silent auction with tons of sports, musical and other Nashville-related items. Overall, the concert and silent auction raised over $20,000 for Instruments of Joy. Thirty hours after we set out, we were back home - wish we could have spent more time. One more note: East of Nashville, we saw a little of the devastation caused by the tornado last week. The photos I have seen online and in the media don't begin to describe the damage. Photos below: Inside Carter's, a line-up of McPherson's at Gruhn's, and Phil playing 'Here Comes the Sun' during the concert.
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    So sad to hear this. And don't like the trend. I feel forums like this offer a bit more personally than just a one way facebook post. Where we can interact with each other and get to know each other over a longer period of time and content. -Steve
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    New to thread posting and this site, my apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong place... First off, I'd just like to say that I'm very impressed with the Learn and Master Guitar Course. I moved through a few of the sessions pretty fast as I took some lessons several years ago and played instruments in school. I'm now a week into Session 6 and recognize that I never "owned" strumming or chord changes, hoping to tie that one off in a week or so! I think the course is laid out perfectly for my style of learning (I'm in my late 50s), and gives me all the tools to really develop my guitar playing abilities. I never really practiced the instruments I played in school, or for that matter the guitar when I took lessons. I recognize through the lesson plan in the course how important consistent practice is, how important it is to know what to practice, and how important it is to understand the theory and musicality of the instrument to play it well. Steve and the Team that set this course up have a real gift for recognizing the needs of developing musicians as well as developing a working program that meets those needs. Thanks for putting this course together and making it available.
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    From The Guardian: "The road will kill you": Why older musicians are cancelling tours "Health concerns have caused a number of high-profile singers to quit the road but what will it all mean for the industry at large?"
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    Hi everyone, here is my fingerstyle version of Havana by Camila Cabello, for this month’s challenge. This was certainly a huge challenge for me, to be honest I bit off more than I could chew for this one. It was a challenge to learn and memorise the notes, work out the fingerings, put it all together in a semblance of a tune and finally getting down a reasonable recording, especially in such a short time-frame. I must admit that I was going to give up on it a few times, but I gave myself a good talking too, reminding myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect and just to continue to work on it and see how I go. So, I persevered and it started to come together a couple of days ago so this is the best of the bad bunch mistakes and all. Obviously, it needs way more practice, you will hear string misfires, muted notes, hesitations (especially on the tricky parts) and I tend to speed up or slow down in places, but overall, I’m pleased with it. Recording Info: Song Title: Havana by Camila Cabello Arrangement: Hal Leonard’s 100 most Popular Songs for Fingerpicking Guitar. Instrument: Yamaha NTX-500 crossover Nylon guitar with pickup and D’Addario EJ45FF ProArte Carbon Classical Strings, Normal Tension. Recording Gear: Behringer Guitar Link USB interface. Audio software: Audacity.
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    I've been out of touch for a while, and I was hard pressed to come up with a song about a place or location. But then I thought: wait a minute, "the roof" is a place, so how about this one? It's done in the style of James Taylor.
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    Are you getting a lot of playing in? What are you working on? Have you chosen this time to get into something new? How are you spending this time? These are strange days, I know they have been personally quite stressful and anxious for me - it's been difficult for me to want to go pick up the guitar at times. But it is a great mindfulness activity, and it does allow us a way to escape for a time and continue to learn and grow. Just wanted to say hello and that I hope all of the friends here are finding time in our lives for guitar.
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    🎸🔆Hello Everyone!🧣🌲 This months topic comes from Simira. "How about the Beatles and Beyond. Any songs from the Beatles, Lennon, McCartney or Harrison?" We forgot Ringo, we can play any of his songs too! Thank you @Popeye👍 This topic is pretty wide but if you can not find anything to suit you could post a song from the 60s decade. 1) Wim VD1 playing "Blackbird " 2) NeilS335 playing "Till There Was You" 3) Watson43 playing "Paperback Writer"
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    A Public Service Announcement from one of your mods here!😉 Safe activities you can be doing! Or replying with other suggestions for us to be doing. Or what you are doing! Full disclosure: this was stolen from PRS forum
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    A sad point of contention indeed; however, I have found myself attending smaller venue performances of some truly wonderful acts of completely different genres than my youth preferences. And, enjoying every last minute. Acoustic sets from bluegrass, "new" country, and even jazz/blues have crept into my playlists. Lawn seats at Ravinia have allowed my wife and me to enjoy a host of legacy bands at far more comfortable pricing. But I must point out that not all of those legacy bands were worth hearing again. I, too, love remembering younger days with legacy bands that can still get you on your feet and dancing the night away; but I just read an article today about celebrating Beethoven's 250th birthday that continues this year. Hmmm, I doubt anyone ever dreamed of the Stones, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, CSN&Y, or those kids from Liverpool called The Beatles in his lifetime! The point is, music is at the root of it all in terms of our childhood memories, our adult lives, and even our "golden" years. Who knows, perhaps a young version of Bob Dylan is perfecting his chops as I type.... Bryan *** I must apologize to any and all of the great performers I omitted in my text
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    Mrs. Fretless is a piano teacher. I was invited to play at the teachers' concert and so teamed up with my wife and a colleague, another piano teacher, that loves jazz and has some drums. Here we are, then, in an impromptu jazz band just for the evening, although all three of us said we should do this more often.
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    Do you know about the Keep Music Alive Project? Since music venues have been closed, a group sponsored by the Fretboard Journal, Dream Guitars, the Asheville Music School and others have decided to take concerts online. Last night Al Petteway provided a great fingerstyle concert. Another Asheville area artist, Shane Parish plays tonight. You can learn about the project and see the concert lineup at the link below: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/keep-music-live-project-29989688540 The concerts are free - but donations are appreciated. Enjoy!
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    Hey everyone, I hope that everyone is doing ok and not having any coronavirus health problems. I lost my job and I pray that next September we will get funding to start again. It was the BEST teaching job I ever had and it took me so long to get it! I am an ESL teacher for adults. Anyway I did a video using my Taylor Gs Mini and a few iPad apps. I hope you like it. I'm not really good at improvising on the guitar but Steve's triads workshop helped fuel my creativity and I am pretty happy with the way it came out. It got featured on a blog which is very cool. I hope you like it Maria https://discchord.com/appnews/2020/03/20/maria-calfa-depaul-taylor-gs-mini-in-aum-on-ipad-improv
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    It's amazing what the Beatles could do with two chords and a riff. They performed this song in the key of G but that's too high for me to sing, so I did it in E. I'm not entirely happy with the vocal mix but I couldn't spend any more time on it. Thanks for listening.
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    Concur Steve- Thank you for making it all possible!
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback. After looking at the neck a bit closer with the guitar tech, it was not going to play right as the neck was dried out as well. I returned it and now waiting for a new 2020 Epiphone SG Standard ‘61...everything happens for a reason 🎸🎼🎸
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    I had a breakthrough of sorts last night... I was practicing Session 5 and as I was finishing up I started messing around in the Am Pentatonic scale. At some point, in effort to move up the neck, I wanted to learn this area. I was pleased to find that I was able to name the notes without looking and play a couple of songs (Ode to Joy and Yankee Doodle). I think it goes back to a YouTube video (who says you can't learn stuff on YouTube) I saw explaining how the guitar is tuned in 4ths (except the B string) and if you knew the notes at the 5th fret, the other notes are easier to figure out. I guess it just finally clicked in. I'm going to put this into my practice routine just so I really remember it. Psych! Learning Everything I Can Dan
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    Thanks for listening and for your kind words, @Simira, @gotto, @NeilES335, @Nutty 1, @pkotof, @Popeye, @WATSON43. While searching for the suitable bird sound, I now learned the difference between the sound of a red-winged and a regular blackbird 🎵. Learning all I can 😎. Wim.
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    @Achilles Wrath ok reality check on the rests during strumming.. If you mute every rest while strumming the chord progression will be very choppy and not sound good. a rest is a note not played.. it does not necessarily mean all prior notes need to be muted. Steve states that your strumming arm/hand is a pump.. down/up/down/up/down/up/down/up.. it doesn't stop while doing rhythm playing. but striking the strings in either a down or an up or not striking the strings on a down or an up is what happens. a mute in this case would be a downward or upward travel of the hand that is not striking the strings. some chords can be muted silent by your fretting hand easily and some can be muted with your strumming hand.. but if you mute with your strumming hand.. then your strumming hand has to stop going like a pump (down/up/down/up) and you will loose the rhythm of the piece. so sufficient to say.. a rest is a note not played.. not necessarily muting all notes preceding.
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    Sure isn't like the old days when a post like this would prompt 20 different posters to congratulate you on the new amp and share their experiences with similar amps. So, since it seems its just the odd stray (being me), I'll say I hope you are enjoying the new amp and being inspired to learn something new and Congrats X 20.
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    @Simira and @Wim VD1, You both deserve high praise for tackling such difficult songs. Each one was a joy to listen to. Thanks to everyone for their nice comments about my tune.
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    Simira- Don't worry about the language. It will grow as part of your music journey! Everything guitar is a disease that spreads with knowledge and experimentation! GAS or Guitar Acquisition Syndrome along with Amps, Pedals, Strings, Mics, Recording devices, Music stands, music seats, picks, tuners, DAW, ............etc. You can see the pattern developing here! Oh yah and music books and training materials.
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    I'm early in the guitar journey, but a longtime tone nut. I've only played my Blackstar Artist 10ae tube amp so far. It's a ten watt hybrid amp with lovely clean sound and a fun overdrive boost that effectively makes for a lead channel. I was torn when looking at tube amps between the 6L6 and EL34 sounds. The UK crunch is what I grew up with and love in so many rock songs, but my first requirement upon looking up specs of amps I liked was that sweet 6L6 clean sound. A Sweet Water blowout sale made this amp a no-brainer for me. It was that or wait longer for a tube amp. So far I've played with the pretty cleans that I love which made it easy to start working on my "jazz tone", especially with my Starla. This amp can easily get way too loud for home use! Cool for me has been exploring pushing the amp to the edge of breakup and beyond at an ear friendly volume. My ears don't hurt and neither do those of my dog and cat. I am amazed at how the "sweet spot" makes the non-overdrive mode into a two channel amp using volume. I've read lots of talk and watched youtube, but how magical to suddenly hear it and play it on a small amp! The game changer for my tone exploration was the only pedal I have: a Klon KTR. I had read the raves and the list of who's who in the guitar world who use Klons. I had settled on a Soul Food (Klon clone) someday, but noticed Reverb sellers with a new run of KTRs for sale at just under 300 dollars delivered. (They sold out in about a week.) I figured I could always sell it quickly at a reasonable price if I didn't like it. Wow do I ever love this pedal! That's for another thread someday, but I recommend an overdrive pedal to other newbies exploring the world of tone. The first time I got that sweet overdriven crunch out of my little amp I just about danced a jig! Rock On!
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    It was a great cruise... and I got a few pics with Jade that made Ron’s day! And here is me with Tommy!
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    Love it. Can't believe I just stumbled upon this great thread. I'll try and post a pic of the group I'm playing with tomorrow at church. Here's a clip from the choir special a few weeks ago on a Sunday I was playing... - Steve
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    Neil, It was just bumped up to 3 months for the 1st 100,000 who sign up. I looked through some of the lessons, but most are very beginner oriented. I am more into lessons like what Phil Keagy has on Jam Play now. My son however, is just starting to learn how to play. Since the Gibson L & M Guitar program is more organized and has a vastly better teacher he is going to use my old discs and books. (best $149 I ever spent)
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    @matonanjin Generous offer Ron. You may have something here... Perhaps we could start a "Resources Sharing Library" . Somthing like this; A Member posts their unused/seldom used/ unwanted guitar or song instruction for donation. The recipient pays the postage; far less than the cost of the courses or books/cd's. They receive a resouce to study that perhaps they could not afford or were unsure of. The resource doesnt gather dust and donor helps a fellow student on their guitar journey. What do you folks think? Neil
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    I wish that I could say that I am making the most of this time. But I can't. Everyday I have great practice plans. I even print out my intended practice plan. "I'll get to it in just a little bit. " And everyday I hear a voice shouting, "Dinner is ready!" Where did the #$%^ day go to? Maybe today?
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    Thank you Randy! It confirms my purchase of my Ultimate Guitar Pro account. (Which @DianeB talked me into😉) And 1 gorgeous PRS 594 Desi is playing)
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    A couple of months ago I returned my Fender Vintera Telecaster and instead splurged on a boutique Sonnemo Classic Twangster. In the coming months I've really upped my practice routine. Gone through Truefire courses in blues and rock to hopefully feel worthy (and good enough) to play such a nice instrument when it finally arrives. So, yes. I'm making use of my quarantine.
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    TrueFire hacked, credit cards and personal info may have been compromised Tuition website TrueFire has informed users that an “unauthorised person” had access to the company’s computer system, and specifically to unencrypted information that was entered into its website, for a period of over five months. Guitar.com was today contacted by one of the affected users, who shared with us the full text of the letter they had been sent from TrueFire LLC, titled ‘Notice Of Data Breach’, explaining and apologising for what had occurred. The user told us that TrueFire, which boasts over 1 million users worldwide, explained that even though it does not store personal information itself, the ‘unauthorised user’ had potentially been able to harvest sensitive customer information as it was being entered into the site. In the letter, TrueFire wrote: “On January 10, 2020, TrueFire discovered that an unauthorised person gained access to our computer system and, more specifically, to information that consumers had entered through the website. While we do not store credit card information on our website, it appears that the unauthorized person gained access to the website and could have accessed the data of consumers who made payment card purchases while that data was being entered, between August 3, 2019 and January 14, 2020.” It continued: “We cannot state with certainty that your data was specifically accessed, however you should know that the information that was potentially subject to unauthorised access includes your name, address, payment card account number, card expiration date and security code.” TrueFire went on to recommend that affected users review payment card statements for suspicious activity, as well as following standard preventative measures against identity theft. It also provided assurance that it was monitoring for any more unauthorised activity on the site, and was working with “computer forensic specialists to determine the full nature and scope of the intrusion”, as well as reporting the breach to law enforcement authorities. Guitar.com reached out to TrueFire for a comment on this story, and the company released the following statement to us: “The confidentiality, privacy, and security of information in TrueFire’s possession is one of its highest priorities. TrueFire has stringent security measures in place to protect this information, and we are providing notice to the segment of customers who were potentially affected by this incident.
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    Hello All, this is song about the current coronavirus situation it was performed by the daughter of some people I know. Beautifully done and it carries an important message or two or three! Stay safe everyone.🙏
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    I work overnight in a grocery store, so not much change in my life so far other than almost being run over by frantic shoppers when we open. Quarantine is a great idea but among the peeps: "We want food." So it goes. Going along through session 5 I thought what the heck: I learned the chords in sessions 5-8 months ago. Why not just practice across those sessions to gain clarity and speed? So that's what I'm doing. Yesterday I got unexpected insight into how to hold my--relaxed--hand during the 5th string barre chord majors practice. I found that I can even play a G with my three fingers as long as I angle my hand so my finger nails are aligned parallel with the strings, rather than trying to edge my fingers in. It seems to be an act of faith that keeps getting better. I had messed up one chord and saw that my three fingers somehow were bunched up on two strings for an F or G on the 5th string, so I thought, Three will be easier. Yep. How fun! Another thing is that I am quite interested in the Jarod James Nichols Blackstar amp/cab and Epiphone guitar. I watched JJN play and his rationale. He is quite skilled at doing a LOT with a little bit equipment-wise. I started doing about half or a bit more of my practicing fingerstyle. I need to revisit the fingerstyle dvd now. I really love it and it feels natural to me. I first tried fingerstyle with the octave jump exercise expanded to include sharps and flats from session 4 and I just keep exploring. I won't abandon the pick though. I like that too. Rock On!
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    Then I really have a problem. 6 forums checking them each a couple times a day😮
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    @Six String I think the little guy was ignored because I found a different thread about small amps which was popular. @NeilES335 I think so too. In many ways this would be a great first practice amp. I spent three days with the Orange Crush Mini. I had fun playing it. The amp definitely tends toward a dirty sound. I also used the Orange Crush Mini in stereo with my Peavey Classic 30 II connected to my BOSS GT-1 multi-effects pedal. Stereo took the GT-1 to a whole new level, and the Mini worked great as the second amp. Pro Build quality is excellent. This is a real amp, and it is a beauty. Price most pedals cost more than the $69. If my first amp was $69 then I would have had $300 more towards my second amp. Wide range of tones. This isn't a nice warm amp, but it can do reasonable clean tones for practice. High Gain settings have a lot of distortion including feedback. The controls are simple and really change the sound. Tuner works great. 1/8" jack for jam along. Headphone jack. Easily portable, and works great with a battery. It isn't really loud. You probably will not go deaf using it. Speaker out so you can hook to a cabinet with a 12" speaker which will take this amp to a whole new level. Con It isn't really loud. You couldn't play with a band. Not much bass with the small speaker. It will not be your only amp. You would outgrow this amp as your skills improve.
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    @Wim VD1 Beautiful, as always. Your entire catalog of fingerstyle songs is very impressive. @NeilES335 Excellent job. Nice tight rhythm and good clean tone on the lead.
  42. 2 points
    At the risk of sounding old...I guess there are lots or younger touring musicians playing concerts today, but I really couldn't tell you who they are or much about them. Those of us "mature" folks grew up in a Golden Age of music, the 1950's through the !970's, and many of those artists are now in their 70's and 80's. So, with all the related health issues associated with this, it's not that surprising that they're willing but sometimes not able. Even the younger artists are making careers out of singing /performing songs or music styles made popular before they were born. Where the music industry goes from here is anyone's guess. I don't think I've really heard much "new" music that interests me much at all in maybe 20 yrs or more... Sidenote; A brother/sister duo recently earned a "Juno Award" (that's Canada's equivilent to a "Grammy") writing, performing recording their song by themselves at home, (with an interface, mixing board, a few mics and a computer) and promoting it on "social media" and YouTube. So much for record companies...
  43. 2 points
    Sweet! Always a treat when you post your recordings,Wim. Thx again. Greg
  44. 2 points
    @Wim VD1 Well done Wim, great job as usual. The birdy tweets were a nice touch, it made me smile😊 You are really powering through the fingerstyle course and becoming a fingerstyle Ninja
  45. 2 points
    @WATSON43, Your song has it all. This can be played on a radio station. Fantastic! @Simira Well played! That's a long song to memorize. Wim
  46. 2 points
    Yes, it is! Of course, I didn't have as good of vantage point as this person.😬 Josh Smith, Tommy Emmanuel and JB. Reese Wynans on Keys!
  47. 2 points
    I think this video is from the Joe Bonamassa "Keeping the blues alive at sea cruise " ... (I found it on YT)
  48. 2 points
    Thank you for letting us listen to your song, Watson, it is a lovely rendition.
  49. 2 points
    It's an old post, but that's ok, I'm an old guy. And this is an old video from a few years ago but I ran this allman bros tribute band and we gigged a couple times a month for a few years. Fun stuff. I'm playing the SG. (Also, I solo at about 3:07 'cuz it's all about me! Just kidding. )
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    I used Acrobat to combine the three triad PDFs (major, minor, and sevenths) into a single 5.6 Mb file, attached here for convenience. Triads Book(M-m-7).pdf

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