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  • You can do it. You can become the guitar player you want to be! This Month's Live Guitar Lessons: Tuesday March 12th - Advanced Blues and Jazz with Robben Ford!! Tuesday March 19th - Celtic Fingerstyle with Shane Hennessy Tuesday March 26th - Celtic Flatpicking with David Howley.


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    Cataract surgery in both eyes came out great. I didn't know the world was so bright and colorful. I complained that it seems as though I often feel some irritable thing in my right eye, and Lo, they looked and informed me that my lower lid has some eye lashes growing backwards. I said that's weird, and they said no, it's quite common and informed me it's some long name I can't pronounce. Still think it's wierd, but next week I go to a specialist who'll pluck them and correct my situation. Talk about medical specialists! But they still can't correct my astigmatism, which means every darn page of sheet music I use has to be enlarged. Even so, they say I don't look like I'm eighty-seven, and I reply "You ought to see the world from my side of the eyeballs!" Lotsa luck. Best, John
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    Hello everyone! I appreciate all your advice from my previous post. I'm finally able to play Minuet in G with the fast Jam track. I think I'm done with the session 4 lesson. Just getting started on the bonus material. I appreciate your advice and feedback. Thanks again! Cliff
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    I dont know how Steve was able to pull it off, but I understand that we will be blessed with the appearance of one of the greatest Blues/Jazz/Rock guitar players of our time, on Live Lesson, March 12th/19! If you're not familiar with Robben (I guess you can tell I'm a bit of a fan) you can check out his bio on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robben_Ford , and find him on numerous YouTube Videos. As a preview of what's to come, here's a recent 1 hour video interview and teaching session with TrueFire Live, where you'll find Robben a regular contributor, teacher and all round gentleman.. outstanding!
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    Howdy folks! Here is my entry for this months challenge. I want to apologize for the vocals, I'm not a singer, lol! but I tried. The song is "She Ain"t in it" by Jon pardi. its kind of about if you could turn back time, in this case its about and old love. go figure, its a country song, lol! Danny
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    Decision made! Thanks for the input! Ian44
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    Hi all! Since joining my rock band, I've been working on covers and have not been working on any original music for the better part of a year. All of a sudden out of nowhere, I felt the urge to do a few of my own. This is the first result - an original composition I call "First of Spring." Played on my Fender '52 RI Telecaster (neck pickup, of course), direct through my Duet interface and into Logic Pro X. I just used a stock preset in Guitar Rig called "Buzzed Michael Clean." I also added some reverb (though that delay sound you hear was already built into that preset). All comments welcomed! I may do a youtube video version too, as Blue Dog mentioned in chat that haven't done one of those in a while either! Peace...
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    Hey gang, I'm so sorry about last night. Due to some tech problems that we have yet to unravel, we just weren't able to get the stream to connect with YouTube last night. We were all setup, Shane was playing great, cameras looked good, but we just couldn't make contact with YouTube. It was the tech equivalent of inviting everyone over to a big party, but when it came time to let everyone in, you couldn't get the door to open. We ended up recording a great show with Shane Hennessy anyway and will have it edited and up on YouTube in a day or so. I'll send out an email when we get it up. Sorry about the hassle and thanks for your patience. I've already cancelled next weeks show as well until we get this all sorted out. Basically, here's the deal. We're changing a bunch of gear behind the scenes. Pretty much everything, other than the cameras and lights, is being switched out. When it gets working it will be giving you a much better looking 1080p stream and give us a ton more capabilities. Initially, I thought we might be able to change out a piece at a time without any interruption but it looks like we're just going to have to start from zero and rebuild our entire setup from scratch. I went ahead and cancelled next weeks show to give us some extra time to get the new setup working. It's frustrating, but I'm actually relieved that we can just take a couple of weeks off to make the transition. I'll keep you posted and thanks for your abundant patience. Once we get this done, I'm excited that we'll be giving you a much better experience. - Steve
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    Hello Everyone! Well, after 5 weeks I'm done with session 4 lessons and bonus material - easily the most challenging session yet.. Thank you Steve Krenz!! This course is really working for me so far. You would have to know me to know how hard it as been for me to slow down and be patient with myself. I'm all in with Steve's learning style, and it is paying off for me. It is a constant tradeoff for me - I'm still not entirely happy with my sound, but when I go back and play a session 2 exercise or song I'm pretty stunned at how much sessions 3 and 4 moved me along. Lots of progress and lots still to learn. I'm confident that if I stick with the plan I'll get where I want to be. On one of my earlier attempts at learning guitar (in my 20s), I had a private teacher and I was using William Leavitt's Modern Method For Guitar. I didn't stick with my teacher or with Leavitt. My life and career trumped my guitar, and I was not successful. I found my Leavitt book last year and tried to start going through it. I made it about 10 pages into the book. The problem is that the material gets pretty complex pretty quickly, and I didn't have anyone to shepherd me through it. No knock on Leavitt - it is good material (from Berklee no less), but it definitely requires a patience I've never had and a good teacher to dole it out. I feel like the L&M method is like taking the Leavitt course, but with an accomplished professional musician guiding you. Truth be told, the L&M course is not as technically complex as Leavitt, but is way more practical, and definitely more fun. Bottom line - as a checkpoint, I pulled out my Leavitt book the other night and was able to play some exercises and songs that are pretty far beyond where I've ever been before. I'm working on a duet Etude from the book with a way more experienced guitar buddy of mine. Steve said to celebrate completion of session 4. I bought myself a new guitar strap, and I gave my Taylor a thorough spring cleaning and a new set of strings. And oh, yeah, I'm going to see Pat Metheny here in Knoxville on April 7. To session 5 and beyond!!!
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    As most of you are likely aware, this upgrade has been completed, and all forums, chat etc appear to be functioning normally. If you experience any issues with the site, you can send me a PM and I'll pass them along to Steve, who does the "behind the scenes" work.
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    I ran across this young lady and her creativity original music awoke that still small place inside of me. I love to hear talent. She has musical talent in spades! Hope you enjoy as much as I.
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    Here is my contribution to this months challenge. It is a new original that I wrote this month and have been practicing to play and sing at the same time. It is called "I think its time" I think its time
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    Since @UncleHammy hasn't logged in in a while we decided in February's thread to keep the tradition going. Let's hope he is well and that he can pick it up when he comes back. This month's theme is courtesy of @Nutty 1 Theme: If I could turn back time Description: "If I could turn back time" anything that is to do with the past or time. Deadline: 11:59 PM PST March 31, 2019 1- @Texaspackerfan - She ain't in it 2- @Nutty 1 - I think it's time ------------------< RULES >------------------------- SUBMITTING: To complete the challenge, record an eligible song and reply to this thread with your your direct-linked or embedded track (Soundcloud's great) before the end of the month. GUITAR REQUIREMENT: You must play at least one real guitar track heard in the mix. GEAR: All content must be recorded with your home studio equipment. You may use BIAB or loops as long as you play the majority of the song with your real guitar. This is a guitar playing challenge not a sampling/recording challenge so keep that in mind. TIME: A recording made at any time before the entry deadline counts, but do not enter a recording in more than one challenge. ONE ENTRY per person or collaboration. But, I doubt anybody will complain if you want to share another on-theme track too. NEXT THEME: The person to choose next month's theme will be chosen randomly from those who complete this challenge. ----------------------------------------------------- Have fun, try something new, and give us something to listen to!
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    I just want to add a small bit to Neil's post about Robben Ford. What a great artist Steve has been able to get for this Live Lesson! Just a few facts about Robben Ford: He is 5 time Grammy nominated He is named one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of the 20th Century by Musician Magazine. He recently released Purple House which is getting rave reviews. " The balance between its canny production, well-written songs, killer playing, and honest, emotional singing is downright inspiring. " Robben Ford and his co-Truefire teacher are going to offer their (along with John Jorgenson ) 3 day Guitar Dojo at Sweetwater April 25-27 for $1295. I thought I had seen something about a collaborative retreat in the Catskills with Robben and Jeff but can't find any information about it. Robben is probably one of the most respected instructors over at TrueFire. Barring severe illness or such every member of Guitar Gathering should tune in for this Live Lesson IMHO.
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    This is the 5th solo from the BGU blues course. It's again in G, and combining major and minor pentatonics. One more solo to learn, and then up to a Classic Rock course. Wim.
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    This is the opening jam for my next YouTube video. I called it Rick's Blues because I learning the chord progression from a good friend on YouTube, Rick Romanelli. A good story too was that I recorded the rhythm backing track, which I will release separately on my YouTube Channel, with my amp, and thought I had recorded the lead as well, but found out I hadn't. Well, I had already sold the amp and didn't have my new one yet! So the lead was done on Garageband with the Jazz amp in there. I think it sounds quite good. Anyhow, silly me. Enjoy!!
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    My husband bought this years ago and used it to start his guitar learning journey. I started my own journey about 2 1/2 years ago but only started doing this in January of this year. It has been a great program so far and I can tell I am making some real progress finally.
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    This was a real fun one to learn and I like the fact that this solo is played all over the neck. It is my final BGU recording. Now that I have learned all these licks, it is time to work on my blues improvisation skills. Thanks for listening, Wim
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    As an old sailor, I know that the HMS DreadnOught was a revolution in warship design. Nothing else could match its design and firepower from its large guns. The same can be said for the dreadnAught guitar.Lotsa luck.
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    Congrats! I just moved into Session 5 recently as well! The bonus book songs tripped me up for a bit when I thought I was pretty much done, but I was able to get to a place where I was happy. It's exciting to move onto Chords and session 5 is moving quickly. Although I previously tried to learn guitar a long time ago by sites that taught chords and not the comprehensive course. I got very frustrated when it came time to use my pinky for the 7th Chords and eventually lost interest after not much progress learning B7 and C7, but I think employing it for sharps and flats in L&M has built up some strength and I've made some great progress in just a week or two! Starting to feel like a guitar player!
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    Play Barre Chords Easily Without Thumb / Wrist Pain
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    Thank you @Eracer_Team-DougH@NeilES335 Neil, for my recordings I have a 14 channel mixer. It is made by soundcraft and is able to record directly to my software. The software or DAW I use is Studio one 3.5 artist. As far as recording all the parts, I mic up real drums most of the times, however on some cases i use a drum pad if the drum parts are not that complicated. The pad is just too slow for me. How i record the drums, I make a recording of the original song in my DAW and play along with the song. Then i record the bass and that is plugged in to my amp and i use the direct outs on the line 6 amp. then it goes to my mixer which i can EQ it before it is sent to the DAW which that then is also EQ. I don't add any plugins for the bass parts. I try to keep it simple. Acoustic guitar, I mic up and use the direct outs on the amp and mix them later. I add Reverb,eq,compression,etc... Electric guitar, I used 71 fender tele, its got a great sound for the old school country songs. the amp is a Line 6 and i use the built in affects. That is mic'd in front of the speaker and i also use the direct outs and mix the two later. I don't use plugins that much. I try to keep the sound pretty raw. I'll add different eq's and compression that came with my DAW. That's it basically, hope it helps. Danny
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    Some pics on the staining process. Putting a full video together soon. Beginning stain is Brown (although it looks Black). Sand it off as much as the thin veneer would allow. Then Yellow base, and Orange on edge. Let dry, build up some more. Will sand it one more time and then repeat Yellow and Orange, so not quite done yet.
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    Well, I did it again! Here is my new Limited Release ES-330: Closeup of the body: Just a plain head stock: And the back I picked it up used but you wouldn't know it. Someone sold this to Guitar Center in Cincinnati, OH on Christmas Eve. They originally purchased it from Sweetwater because the checklist was still in the case. The only problem I found was that the nut slots were cut too low. I don't know if it came from the factory that way or the previous owner lowered them. I used the superglue/bone dust trick to raise the slots. I purchased a set of the nut files that Greg Voros recommends and re-cut them to the proper height. It plays like a dream now! Ben p.s. My daughter got a nice DSLR camera for Christmas so I borrowed it to take more professional looking pictures. If I could just get the creases out of my backdrop it may look like I know what I'm doing!
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    A perfect interval remains a perfect interval when inverted. So a perfect 4th becomes a perfect 5th when inverted and vice versa. The unison intervals are called perfect primes and octave intervals are perfect octaves.
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    I have recently purchased the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio pack and after reading about Neil's adventure with the included software I made the decision to stick with Garageband. I am happy to report that on a Mac it is practically a plug in and play item. I did not need to download anything (not even a driver). I got it up and running within minutes. I even got it to do multi track recording in Garageband (how cool is that) as well as being able to record a guitar and microphone simultaneously for Quicktime videos (as used in my entry in this months Recording Challenge). I think the Studio pack is superb (thanks for the recommendation @NeilES335). The headphones are brilliant for me as I have just had to donate a load of headphones to charity because they made my ears red and sore. These fit around the ear and do not actually touch the outer ear. Fantastic! ???
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    Just registered! I'm excited to meet everyone. You guys give me the motivation I need to practice.
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    Just a quick tip with the 2i2. When you are setting your input levels when you record with mics, don't dial it up too much. When I record, the signal barely reads within the DAW and sometimes the green around the knob doesn't register. And that's okay. If you record the signal too hot, especially with higher gain signals, it will clip and sound terrible. You are better off increasing the signal within your DAW than recording a hotter signal coming in. I learned this the hard way. If you want to hear what I mean, check out my video on the Blackstar Amp. There is clipping all over the place. I'm still learning and recording a micced amp is as much an art as it is a science. I didn't take it down to remind me what NOT to do! And yes, version 2 of the 2i2 virtually eliminated the latency issues. It's a must upgrade if you have the older version.
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    This is mostly my arrangement, but I did borrow a couple of ideas from Steve's recording he posted a year or so ago.
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    Mike that was very good, I could feel myself relaxing as I listened. The fact that you composed this song yourself makes this doubly impressive. Henk
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    Great job Nutty and Texas! Nutty, great job writing lyrics that are lyrics and not a novella set to music. You followed Tom Pettys mantra, "Don't bore us, get to the Chorus".
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    Well done Danny! Good effort Nutty! I recommend you stop looking at your fretting hand so much while playing. You are playing the chords fine so believe in yourself.
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    I'm a huge fan of his and have been listening to him since his Racer X days. New record incoming in May. Here's one of the tracks.
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    That shape is quite a stretch in the lower positions. Of your two options, I'd say option 2 is better. Another option is to act as though you're barring the first three strings with your first finger. Pull your elbow a little closer to your body in the process, lay your first finger over the first three strings, then grab the other three notes as shown on the chord diagram. That makes the stretch a little easier for me. Just make sure you don't actually play the first two strings. Also, since it's moveable and you can play it anywhere on the neck, work on it first in the higher positions where the stretch isn't so difficult. As you get more comfortable with it, move it into the lower positions and keep working on it. On the bright side, that's probably not a shape you'll ever use other than in the course, so don't stress over it too much.
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    I have two, and they are definitely my favorites!! Unbelievably soft and comfortable, and going on probably 5+ years and they are still going strong!
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    Hank Williams' S.S. Stewart archtop is now available at Carter Vintage Guitars. Wow - if this guitar could talk... Nice appreciation for a guitar purchased for $14 in 1946. If one of you buys this, please bring it to the summer conference. 🙂
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    Amazing................I have 4 pedals and can't keep all the settings in my head!
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    Wow, what a nice recording and exceptional play in every regards! I am really enjoying your contributions and would echo Nutty's thoughts about the vocals. Nothing to be self conscious about-sounds great, man. Greg
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    That 's really well done @Texaspackerfan Danny! Could you tell us a bit about your recording process? Did you use a drum machine or plugin on a DAW? Did you mic an amp for the guitar parts or play direct into a DAW (which one?) and what plug in in. Thanks and congrats. Neil
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    @Curtis I flew once and it was to Nashville Guitar Gathering. be 100% ready to put it in the luggage hold.. that means you should be using a hard case not a gig bag if you want it in one piece. tune the guitar down 1 whole step before heading to the airport. now you have a hard case, a carry on bag, a suite case, guitar(s), amps, etc. how do you carry all that and airlines charge per pound for extra. so yes acoustic is probably going to be your only choice if flying as all the gear costs$$. I found this company http://www.backaxe.com/ it adds straps to your hard case so you can carry it like a gig bag and still have hands free for carry on and suite case. the way down I was on 1 plane, my case was 2" too thick for the overhead (using a Godin TRIC foam case so they're a lot thicker). so the flight attendant headed to the luggage guy at the door. on the other end the luggage guy said he loved my case. on the way back we had a layover, the plane was just a bit bigger and the guitar fit in overhead, and I finally lucked out and got an overhead that was in like row B not where I always am in row ZZ. the security guys x-ray the case to see what's inside. overall I had a pretty good experience flying with a guitar.. if you wanted a 2nd guitar (electric), amp, etc. you'll be paying for the poundage and you'll need to figure out how to carry it all with only 2 hands, as the person you're flying with will probably have their hands full too and no room to carry your guitar.
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    And Plantsman, you're doing it correctly. Purchased two and sold one! I have the ratio all wrong. I sold two and purchased one!!! That is just sooooo wrong!🙄🤣😎 What the heck is wrong with me?!?!?!
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    Gibson hires Norman's Rare Guitars expert Mark Agnesi Gibson has announced the hiring of Norman's Rare Guitars manager and YouTube host Mark Agnesi for the resurgent guitar company's newly created position, Director of Brand Experience. "I am excited to bring Mark onboard at such a pivotal stage for Gibson," says Gueikian. "He is the perfect fit to help us turn our vision into a reality and I can't wait to see what Mark will bring to our team, our brands and our business." "Joining the most iconic guitar company in the world is the opportunity of a lifetime for me", exclaims Agnesi, who shared the announcement on Twitter with the hashtag #MakeGibsonGreatAgain. "I have been playing, finding and selling Gibson guitars all my life, and now I get to join Gibson for real."
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    Hi, My suggestion is don’t worry about muting strings at this point. I seemed to remember Steve talking about muting when you came to a rest, but he also said, even then you didn’t need to mute.Its early days, don’t make it any harder.
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    This is how to practice. Is there a consistent place in the song where you encounter problems, or do you run into problems at different places when playing the songs through repeatedly? Isolate a problem. Switch between 2 or 3 chords to iron out any inconsistencies. Then add in a few beats before the problem area as well as a few beats after the problem area and play through this slightly longer snippet. Then start a couple measures ahead of the problem area, play through the problem area, and continue to play a couple measures after the problem area. Once you can play through those measures, try expanding to a larger section of the song. Do that a few times before running through the entire piece. And like Barbara mentioned, Session 4 is a biggie! In the past, Steve has mentioned maybe he should have broken it down into 2 different sessions. It's definitely one of the major sessions in LMG.
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    Thanks, Neil. Many LMG elements come together when learning these blues solos: lessons 13 (blues) and 19 (soloing), the Speed and Agility workouts and the LMBG course. They all pay off in the end ?. Wim.
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    Awesome stuff @Wim VD1 ! Both your recent recordings are great! I've heard you develop even further in such a short time. It's very encouraging... I may just look closer at that LMG Blues course thats been lurking on my computer hard drive just waiting for me...
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    Starting session 10 today... All i did was playing finger style (alternating bass deltablues...) before i started this learn and master course so i don't expect a lot of troubles in this session. I started the Learn and Master Fingerstyle course a few weeks ago and i am ready to move on to session 2 in that course. I don't know about you folks but i don't really like the plectrum... Just for improvisation stuff maybe and soloing but i play with it because i wanna follow the L&M course and a I think that every guitar player should have a good basic with the plectrum too. What i reaaaaly like is plucking the strings When i finish the L&M course i will follow the blues course but i think i will always prefer finger style on acoustic.
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    I don't know if there were any other authorized admins on that... no one has updated that site in quite some time, and since Mike M has passed ?, I'm not sure if anyone can. Haven't looked at those files in quite some time myself.
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    Hi all, I started With Gibson's L&M and am still using it, although I am now using other Materials now that I can read little. I surpassed the goals I had set for myself when I first started but afterward have set more goals for myself. I definitely believe this is my best route and am very satisfied at my progress. My wife and biggest Fan and (also critic) tells me she is amazed at the progress I've made.

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