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    I have been looking for something really light for some time. After talking to a couple of the PRS owners on here, and talking with a few on other forums, I had decided that a PRS Hollowbody I or II was the guitar. I was already a huge believer in PRS guitars. I had looked at a couple on Reverb, at Chicago Music Exchange and elsewhere and made a couple offers but never ending up owning one. Last week my wife and I were in a local guitar shop and this one was hanging on the wall. Way up high where the nice ones are! The owner had to get it down! He handed it to me and my wife immediately said, "That is really pretty!" I played it and fell in love both with the way it played and the tone. My wife actually told me to make on offer on it but I didn't. I don't know why! I told her wanted to think on it. It has driven me crazy all week and I went back and brought it home tonight! It is feather light and has this gorgeous hollowbody tone. It has McCarty Humbucker Pickups. There is just no doubt at this point that this is going to be my "go to" guitar.
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    SPOILER ALERT! PET scan preliminary results today indicate the tumor is gone and no metastases detected. The tumor morphed into a cyst that is big, but smaller than the tumor was. A lot of structural damage to my larynx, but nothing life threatening. Just can't talk beyond a whisper, and that might be a permanent condition. But, overall, very good news.
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    Two children on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation are going to have the opportunity to learn guitar. Let me digress for a moment. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is Shannon County, South Dakota. According to US statistics it is the poorest county in the United State. Just a couple statistics: per capita income is $9,286. 1 in 4 children, yes 1 in 4! , is born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Each year a musician friend of mine, Larry Dunn, puts on a benefit concert, The Toy Drive for Pine Ridge, to get toys donated for Christmas for the kids on the Pine Ridge Reservation. If you want more to read about Larry and his efforts you can do so here. Every year I go with Larry to deliver the toys and what a heart warming experience it is. I'm not sure how the conversation came about. But @PatIam and I were discussing about some of these kids having access to a guitar and learning to play. Actually, what we were discussing is how unlikely it is for that to happen. We all know about Pat's repairing guitars. Immediately Pat said, "Why don't you let me send some guitars along?" And just a few days later guitars showed up up for me to do just that! Here are two children, that if not for Pat, would never have the opportunity to learn. I took for each of these a Hal Leonard "Method Book 1" and TrueFire has a "Learn Guitar 1. First Steps for Beginners". I need to check to see how they are doing! Pat, both these kids said to tell you "Pilamaya"! (Thank you in the Lakota language>) Aroja Thunder Bull: Jace Fire Thunder:
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    Here is a quote from Steve Krenz. I think it is beautiful. "Let me explain. Playing guitar, as with any creative endeavor, for the vast majority is not about "being the best". (Forgive the upcoming metaphors) It's about breaking through something - it's about creating something. It's about pounding against the concrete layer put over us in our daily lives by this hardened world to eventually find a crack to burst through our flower. It's about saying to this hardened, cynical world, there's more to me than just my role - I was made to create something. I'm not putting this as eloquently as I would like but I hope you understand. We create because we were made to create. It's why we try to paint, to sing, to play a guitar. Learning guitar is not a talent show. It's not about who sings the best or plays the best. It's about getting the music that's inside of us out."
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    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of flat keys, I will fear no voicing: my barre and my capo, they comfort me. —Yours truly, upon attempting Blood, Sweat & Tears
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    Some weeks ago, I recorded an accoustic version of Misty. So I thought this would fit here as well.
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    I hope this month Has as many contributors as last month, what a great turnout! Thanks for taking the time to keep it going uncle hammy and thanks for this months challenge Watson43. I Hope this is ok.. it’s an electro-nylon played through a Roland mobile AC amp. The audio was recorded live outdoors, direct to the mics of a Zoom H4n. The loop was created live on a boss RC3. It’s a little promo vid I made for my wedding services. It was recorded in my garden a couple of weeks ago. There are lots of timing mistakes, bum notes, and I even wandered off at one point. But you don’t have to be perfect for people to enjoy what you do. 🤗🎶🎶 Mark
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    New Used Semi-hollow Guitar day. Over the past couple of years, seeing several NGDs for this style of guitar got me thinking I should give one a try so I’ve been playing a few various models at GC the past few visits. This ES-135 was at my local Guitar store and I played it a while back when the price was well above my point. Well this time I guess they decided it had hung on the wall long enough and floored me when I asked what the bottom line was. It was so far below what I expected all I could do was stutter I’ll take it. The guitar is in good shape but not mint. That said this picture didn’t do it justice. It’s a very different animal and I’m enjoying figuring out what it does best.
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    Well as you read in NeilES335 post he had a "new guitar day" well I had one sort of the same day via Neil.. we were tossing back and forth the Long and McQuade 'scratch n dent' inventory blow out listing (Think Guitar Center but better,, and you can rent high end guitars (ie Gibson J454 or Martin D28) for like $130 month) they put together their inventory, each store has selected what they would like to move.. not all deals are great. you might get $150 off a Gibson Les Paul or something like that.. and apparently there is some sort of line up policy I didn't' know of but good thing Neil found out. I just happened that Neil doesn't live too far from me or the store we shop at and it had at least 2 interesting guitars to look at. Neil lined up early in the morning 2 hrs before the store opened so he could get his number to enter when they did. he called me about the Epiphone Sheraton he thought I might like .. actually I was thinking of an ES-137 .. but the Sheraton is a very good deal. the Sheraton is the Chinese version of the Gibson ES-335.. very similar in all respects so he grabbed the Sheraton for me on Friday and some how managed to get them to toss in a hard case for it.. so the deal got even better. (now how to tell the wife about another guitar ) Neil had both guitars till I could get over on Sunday.. Neil has probably played this Sheraton more than I have at this point.. but Neil thinks I need to learn how a cat runs across a fret board. at least if I make a mistake in guitar.. I can call it Jazz... (I'm even too lazy to take my own pictures.. so I used the ones that Neil sent me ) Your guitar was made at the Qingdao Plant (Epiphone), China on July, 2014 Production Number: 1479 FEATURES Body Body shape: Double cutaway Body type: Semi-hollow or chambered body Body material: Laminated Top wood: Not applicable Body wood: Maple Laminated Body finish: Gloss Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: '60s SlimTaper Neck wood: Maple with walnut Joint: Set-in Scale length: 24.75" Truss rod: Standard Neck finish: Gloss Fretboard Material: Rosewood Radius: 12" Fret size: Medium jumbo Number of frets: 22 Inlays: Block and triangle Nut width: 1.687" (42.8mm) Pickups Configuration: HH Neck: ProBucker 2 Middle: Not applicable Bridge: ProBucker 3 Brand: Epiphone Active or passive: Passive Series or parallel: Not applicable Piezo: No Active EQ: No Special electronics: Volume controls with coil tap Controls Control layout: Volume 1, volume 2, tone 1, tone 2 Pickup switch: 3-way Coil tap or split: Coil tap Kill switch: No Hardware Bridge type: Fixed Bridge design: Tune-o-matic Tailpiece: Stopbar Tuning machines: Grover Rotomatic Color: Gold Other Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Pickups, Vintage "Large Clipped Ear" with Mother of Pearl "Vine" Inlay Case: Sold separately Accessories: None Country of origin: China
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    If we are going to open up a time capsule!!!! This is from about 1964. I'm the guy with the bass, far left (stage far right.) I don't remember the circumstances that I had this Hofner Bass for the photograph because I actually played a Fender Bass. I just vaguely remember borrowing it for the photo.
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    Well if we are going to open up the time capsule here is one from 1985 when I was 18 years old. I am the one with the bass in the blue shirt. The others are my brother-in-law John and my ex-sister-in-law Nancy.
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    Nice Pic I don't have anything recent but here's a couple of pics of when I used to play live in a band in the 90s. These were taken in the rehearsal studio and I'm the gawky lookin' kid with the red shirt and explorer shaped guitar
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    All these Birds all Have some thing in common. Narrow Mindedness. It's ok to have a favorite kind of music. Problem is If you shut your self off from The others. Then you are limiting your enjoyment. Because its all tied to gather. Ernie Ball
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    Chet Atkins (in response to someone saying ‘That looked easy.’): ‘It didn’t use to be.’
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    UncleHammy, a great quote and Will McFarland did say this. As I understand his entire quote was, "I'm not a neurosurgeon. If I make a mistake playing guitar, nobody dies." What bothers me (or did) is this came just before my 2nd neurosurgery
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    Here is another artist that inspires me!
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    If you are like me, I appreciate straight talk – especially when it comes to something that is important to me, like learning guitar. There are just way too many opinions, by too many people, and too little time to wade through them all to find the real information. So, here are a few things, from where I sit, that every learning guitarist should know. 1) Decide. Are you going to do this or not? Is learning guitar and playing music an important goal in your life? If it is ever going to be more than just a “wouldn’t it be great” and a “maybe some day” kind of a hope, then you need to get busy. Stop waiting for the perfect time to get started. It will never come. Inspiration is for amateurs. Decision, goals and action are what get any job done. Decide, then start. 2) Don’t wait for free time, PLAN time to learn. Everyone’s busy. Waiting to practice until you have free time is a recipe for finding yourself a week from today not having touched your guitar. Think about your daily schedule and decide where you can fit in a few moments to practice. Set this time aside and be faithful to it. 3) Consistency is more important than quantity of practice time. The old saying goes “only practice on days you eat.” The human mind learns best in regular, consistent small doses. You’ll find you learn and retain more in 15 minutes a day for 5 days than a 3 hour “binge” practice session on the weekend. Don’t believe me? Try it and see. 4) When practicing, work and reach. Don’t fool yourself into thinking, “just because I have my guitar in my hands, I’m getting better.” Progressing in your learning comes from “reaching” – from doing things that you can’t do. It comes from struggling with a new task, fumbling around, making mistakes, eventually getting better at it, until slowly more successful attempts are made. If you’re not “reaching” and “struggling”, then you’re not progressing. 5) Never waste a good mistake. Learn from it. Don’t make a mistake and think “well, I just messed up.” If you make the same mistake more than once then stop and think carefully about what happened. What specific musical task did you stumble over? Isolate it, and analyze it. Was it the change between two specific chords? Or, perhaps, you’re consistently overreaching to get a particular note? You’ll find that your mistakes are hardly ever random. They are very specific. Examine carefully what you stumble over, isolate it, practice it slowly until you can play it consistently correct, then put it back into context within the song. Be a student of your mistakes so that you can learn from them. 6) Record your progress – “seeing the flower bloom”. When you finally get that new exercise down make a short video of yourself playing it. Try to make one video a week. After three months, you’ll be able to clearly see the progress you are making. Recording yourself helps you measure your progress but it also helps you learn how to switch from “practice mode” to “performance mode” which is a vital skill. 7) Bring someone else along in your learning journey. It’s no fun learning alone. Involve someone else in your learning journey. Play your new song for your spouse, or friend. It’s not about them being “impressed” with your playing. It’s about having someone to help you be faithful to your commitment to learn. 8) Relax. It’s just guitar. Learning guitar shouldn’t be stressful. It’s a long road toward a very worthwhile and life-enriching end. Relax and enjoy the journey. You’ll learn a lot better. Keep up the great work! - Steve
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    This is our sunday evening gigs. Left to right: Joe, John, Danny(myself), ED, jason
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    A brief rundown and demonstration of the key aspects of stylistic blues guitar soloing and techniques by Griff Hamlin.
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    Last year, my daughter and me played a folk song at a school concert.
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    Here is one from an open Jam in my garage a few years ago. I'm on the far right. The two on the far left are in a gigging band playing around town now.
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    "Don't be so serious. Playing should be fun, that's why they call it playing". A guy I was chatting to in the pub. Ian
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    But finally and ultimately, music remains an intensely personal issue. Maybe the most important commitment you can make is to the music fan that lives inside of you, to find out just what it is about music that really, really knocks you out. In that discovery, you'll find most of what you need to know to take you wherever you need to go. All of you here have roads ahead of you that will be filled with good musical days, the ones where you feel like you can play or hear anything, and bad musical days, the ones where everything you do sounds like a bad Madonna tune. But that variety, that sense of unknowing, that feeling of having to make it up yourself, that sense of adventure — that is what music is at its best, and that's a big part of why having a life as a musician is so much fun. —Pat Metheny, Berklee Commencement Address, 1997
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    “If it sounds good and if it feels good, then it IS good.” - Duke Ellington
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    "If I make a mistake playing guitar, nobody dies." - Will McFarland at the 2015 Guitar Gathering.
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    Tuesday February 20th, 2018 Topic: Flatpicking Guitar with Molly Tuttle 7pm Central Time US "2017 Guitarist of the Year" - IBMA International Bluegrass Musicians Association You can watch the lesson HERE. https://www.mollytuttlemusic.com/ Molly Tuttle is one of the most amazing guitarists on the scene today. At 25 years old, she was named the Guitarist of the Year by the IBMA, the first woman in the history of the IBMA to win this award. She has been on the cover of Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Captivating vocals, impeccable musicianship. Here are a few videos of Molly. Enjoy... There will be music, laughs, giveaways and more. I look forward to seeing you there! Watch on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel HERE - Steve
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    "NEW" guitar day! Very chuffed to show my "new" Gibson Memphis ES-137 Classic Heritage Cherry Sunburst! Hand carved Flame Maple top, back and sides, (even the neck) Trapezoid Mother of Pearl in lays with special "C" market at the 12th fret. Gibson 490 R and 498 T pickups..This guitar, a 2004 model is in amazing 9.5/10 condition, and plays superbly! Warm creamy jazz tones all the way to snarly singing blues... and everything in between. It is described by some as being the perfect blend of a Les Paul and and ES -335 ... It is a semi - hollow, BUT, the centre block is mahogany, (not maple) ,to increase sustain and reduce feedback. The centre block does not touch the solid top, which gives this guitar extreme resonance and sustains like crazy! There's a full description; https://goo.gl/fQ3XAo I bought it mostly for the "jazz tones"(ala ES175, CES-4, L-5 etc.) but it's so versatile, any serious player would love it for any style! Will this take #1 spot over my beloved ES-335? We'll see... I spotted this on a 'Blow Out Inventory Sale" at our largest music retailer, Long and McQuade. I lined up at 8:30am on the first day of the sale, to get a number, to get a chance to buy it... I was 14th.. Fortunately, I was the 1st to speak for this guitar and they kindly put it aside for me. When I was "demo'ing" it, a couple of other guys wanted it too and hung around to see it I took it... NO way guys... this ones mine! And the price... well, you wouldn't believe it if I told you! What a gem. Special thanks to Greg Voros and BWillard (our resident Gibson expert and passionate collector) for their valued opinions on this. I was also pleased to pick up a superb deal for my friend EracerTeam_DougH, a beautiful Epiphone Sheraton Natural, with gold hardware, also at a superb price. I 'll let him tell you about that...
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    Hey everyone, I just put up a PDF covering 100+ chords that you need to know. You can get all the info here... THE CHORDS YOU NEED TO KNOW Let me know if you have any questions. Learn all you can! - Steve
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    This is, in essence, how I eventually want to play. I just love the style. I realize there are two guitars but even when Tommy plays alone it sounds like two guitars!
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    Currently, my recording facilities are not favourable and I’m still focusing on practicing jazz etudes, but since the theme is fitting I thought I’d use my old recordings. This is really old stuff. I recorded those almost 5 years ago for a couple of initial monthly challenges. It’s kind of funny for me to listen to these amateurish attempts today. I really should take some time to rerecord them to find out if I’m still dying of laughter listening to them. “Blowing In The Wind” Bonus track “Yesterday” should probably stay home.
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    Here's my submission. I saw a guy do this arrangement on YouTube and I really liked it. KG_What a Wonderful World_February 2018 challenge.mp3
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    Here's my neighborhood band, "Uncommon Ground", at our holiday party in December. I have a G&L Tribute Strat ("Judi" is her name). We had a blast.
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    Hello colder! Over the past couple of decades, I have played guitar on a few worship teams and led at times as well. My current church is fairly large and has some very talented and professional level musicians so I have only been able to play for evening services. Because of this, I joined a little group which uses music to minister outside the walls. For the past three or four years I have been part of a group who visits assisted living facilities every month. Some of these people get zero family or other visitors so we have an impact by playing, singing, chatting, hugging, etc. They are blessed and so are we. I would like to share a true story which I witnessed in a memory care unit late last year. Nearly every time we played and sang at this place, a lady I will refer to as Jane, would come into the day room with big smiles, sometimes giggle, and occasionally hum but not a word from Jane's lips. Over a period of months, Jane became more animated and would walk around us as we played and sang. Again, just smiling, giggling, and humming. The staff occasionally would gently help her back to her seat as her sense of personal space didn't exist. She would get within inches of my face while I was seated playing guitar. One particular day, my fretting hand was hurting so I laid down my guitar and sat next to Jane. As our pianist started into the next song, I grab a song sheet and proceeded to smile back at Jane and point to the place we were at as the group sang. About mid chorus, suddenly, Jane is singing!!! She isn't even reading the lyrics. She knows the tune and the lyrics by heart. The staff and our group could barely contain ourselves. This went on for a few songs. Then, she went back to just smiling and giggling and I got back to my guitar. Later, I learned from the staff that Jane had never spoken a single word to anyone since she was brought to the facility. We had been singing and playing for about two years in this "memory care" unit. I never had a clue how God was going to impact my life when I walked in that day but I walked out about ten feet off the ground - God had blessed my socks off with what is the most miraculous event I have ever experienced. I had the most peaceful sense of being right where God wanted me, when He wanted me, and how He wanted me. If your church has a hundred or more people in attendance, there are likely other instrumentalists sitting in the pew you can connect with. If you have several hundred attendees, I guarantee you there are other singers and instrumentalists on the sidelines willing to join one who stands up and takes the lead in a new or revived music related ministry. Step 1. Pray. Step 2. Share your heart for worship with your pastor as well as other musicians. Step 3. Ask your pastor for information on other ministries where music is or could be utilized. Step 4. Ask for names of people who also enjoy playing and singing. Then initiate personal contact. Step 5. Keep practicing with ALL types of Christian music. (I never expected to be playing hymns every month versus contemporary Christian music) Step 6. Make yourself available to every opportunity. Post an advertisement on the bulletin board to start up your own group if no other opportunity presents itself. This will be a powerful learning experience whether the group thrives or dries up on the paper. Step 7. Practice resting in God and meditating on His word as His timing is perfect.
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    Here's a picture of the guys I play with. Between the five of us, we play 6 string, 12 string, electric, mandola, bass, banjo and keyboard. After three years we have a 50 song library and we are constantly adding songs at each practice. We practice once a month combined with craft beer tasting. We have about two gigs a year (non paying). I have never had so much fun in my life. Henk
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    A street party last summer, I'm the singer, my PRS Hollowbody II through a Mesa Nomad....probably too loud, and I a bit flat on a couple of vocal notes. And another Greg
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    'It never has bothered me that I can’t do it YET! Tomorrow I will be closer – don’t be discouraged by the barriers.' John Knowles C.G.P. (at the Fingerstyle Guitar Gathering, November 2017)
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    "If you miss practice one day, you can tell. If you miss practice two days, your friends can tell. If you miss practice three days, everybody can tell." - Chet Atkins
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    Your guitars have a website?!? Mine don't even know how to use the internet!
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    Robin Trower has been one of my favourite guitar slingers. Bridge of Sighs is still on my Play List in my car and at home.
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    Here's my contribution for this month. The song is 'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan. I recorded a single, live take direct to mp3 via a Zoom H2n recorder that was standing on the desk in front of me. I then uploaded it into Logic Pro and tweaked the gain and EQ and added bit of reverb and compression. (p.s. when I say 'single, live take' it was by no means the first :-) ) Ian
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    Yes, yes, yes. I stand by every word of this - even more so. - Steve
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    My granddaughter , on her new Ukelele that was a present from us this Christmas, and I have done a little time together. She has written her 1st song ( age 13) that I will be recording and we will be collaborating on Free Falling soon, Tom Petty. Three children, 4 grandkids and I finally have one that plays music...and sings beautifully. Fun stuff. Greg Nothing better than family!
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    Many of you who have attended recent Guitar Gatherings will remember our friend Paul O. (Opie). Last September, Opie posted on our old forum that a tumor had been found on his throat and he was to have surgery and follow-up treatment. Paul has been blogging his experience with throat cancer on his blog Massively Uninformed. Paul's witty and often humorous writing details all that he has experienced since last summer - and just today, he received some positive news. Paul was not all that active on the old forum and I don't know if he has created an account on this forum. However, I'm sure he wouldn't mind hearing from some of his Guitar Gathering friends. Opie also has a Youtube site that contains many Guitar Gathering videos.
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    I think every female singer has at one time or another tackled Cole Porter's "Love for Sale" (from the Broadway musical ""The New Yorkers," but few people realize that it's also a Blue's classic on guitar, and it's one of those standards that everyone loves, but never talka about. Oddly, one of the best performances I've ever llistened to featured a guitar and not the song. Enjoy, Lotsa luck.
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    As a recreational runner, I'm more of a Nike guy (Nike Vomero running shoes are by far my favorites). But Brooks makes a popular running shoe. Anyhow, saw someone post these on Facebook. If you buy these, you are truly a fellow guitar nerd! I just ordered mine. http://www.brooksrunning.com/en_us/adrenaline-gts-17-mens-running-shoes/1102411D049.115.html
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    I have talked to a couple people about this Guitar Room I am setting up. Well I am ready to start using it, not finished but it is open for practice. It appears to be a Formal Dining area in the house I bought. I have a better idea. The Stool is THE MOST COMFORTABLE GUITAR CHAIR EVER. I bought it as a Kitchen Island chair. Leather seat that is well padded, foot rests and high enough for me. My Persian rugs came from Amazon, it is really plush and soft for bare feet. I have to cover my floors, my best bud likes to be near me, and walking on the hardwood floors is like me on an ice rink in dress shoes. The shoe is hers too. It was my wife's, it is full of her scent. Over a year from her passing, Casey still has both her shoes and puts them where she will be sleeping. There is one in my bedroom as well. The Sony TV is for streaming live lessons and guitar videos. More room to practice iin this room than my computer room. Two PC's, one is my Server, not much are left. Cheers

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