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  2. I have just received my reply from Positive Grid, they apologised and said "I've checked on your order and expect it to ship to you on or before August 31, 2020. Guaranteed!" Feeling a lot more positive now (pun intended!) I like the word Guaranteed! I like the fact that they answered too.😎 Incidentally while reading their website I saw a suggestion that those of us who are waiting for our amps could install the Spark App and take a look at it. I am pleased to tell you that there is a feature in the app that allows you to unlock the functions by typing in your order number. Bingo! 🥳 So far I am impressed. I can open up songs and see the chords and play along and I have also got the smart jam to work using an acoustic guitar. You can even edit the chords and change the tempo or transpose the smart jam track you have created. I discovered lots of this in other people's Youtube videos and have got it to work on my iPad app. It almost feels worth it just for the app!🎸🎸🎸 I looked at an app for Mac where you had to pay £1 per track so the same money would buy me 120 tracks (this was one of my thoughts before purchasing the Spark). Spark gives you all of the Youtube video tracks plus your own iTunes tracks. I have not looked into Spotify yet. If you are really unlucky I may make a video to show you.😆
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  4. Keith & Dave- Very nice....thanks for sharing your trip with us! Mike
  5. Thanks Henk! Glad he took the time to bring Laz back to life and make music again.
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  7. William - Give Greg a call or ask for him at the front desk - he will make sure you get royal treatment at Gruhn's! Hope you have a great time.
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  9. I'm there with @Eracer_Team-DougH Play it and enjoy it - and trust me, that comes from a guy that is the poster child for being OCD. I hear good things about the SE replacement locking tuners, so that might be a good $95 investment. Once you cover the back with belt buckle scratches, you'll probably forget about the other imperfections! And congratulations on that Core! I purchased a Korean made SE Custom 24 (after I laid hands on it at a Guitar Center). I had never played electric previously and frankly just didn't feel like dropping the coin for the Core model. I got lucky I suppose - no obvious flaws, but then again, I haven't placed it alongside a core model.
  10. Sounds like a great trip in spite of the masks! I'm stopping by Gruhn's in a few weeks to get a bit of work done (one advantage of living a couple of hours from Nashville), but I doubt I'll get the royal treatment like you guys did!
  11. Fun times you lucky guys! Looks like a very packed and enjoyable day for everyone. Wish I too could have been there to share it with all of you. Greg
  12. Positive Grid may still be experiencing problems with the shipping for some orders. When I first ordered the amp PG’s tracking system said it would be shipped “around 17th to 20th August”. Yesterday morning it said “around 9th August”. I thought WOW they may post it this week. Yesterday evening it had changed to “before 31st August”. Their website today boasts that they are now in stock and worldwide shipping is 5 to 7 business days. I have filled in their contact form asking for clarification of the situation regarding my order.
  13. That looks like you had a great adventure trail, from one store to another and then to Collin's studio and the restaurant. I am glad you all had a lovely day.
  14. Although the 2020 Guitar Gathering Conference was canceled, a few of us decided that we would like to visit Nashville anyway. We contacted Steve and he said he would be happy to see some familiar faces and could meet us one day for lunch. So the trip was on. After arriving in Nashville, Keith Morgan and I had a quick lunch and then headed into Nashville and guitar stores. North American Guitars (formerly Cotton Music) was first. We had a great time playing some very expensive guitars and chatting with shop owner Kim Sherman. We met up with Collin Hill and it was on to Gruhn Guitars. Gruhn has recently started carrying sinker mahogany OMs and I was eager to see what those were like. Between the two of us, I think Collin and I played about every sinker OM in the store. Greg Voros came down from the third floor and we talked a bit about the COVID impact on the shop (many of the employees have been laid off). Collin and I narrowed the sinker mahogany search down to one or two specimens and Greg took us upstairs to see if there were any OMs we had missed. George Gruhn joined us and suggested that we play in the shop stairwell (very nice acoustics). See photos below. On Thursday, we met Steve and Paulette for lunch and then headed back to the hotel for some rest and relaxation as well as a bit of guitar practice. Keith and I had intended to perform a song at the conference – Keith was ready – I was not 🙂 After an early Friday morning meeting with Instruments of Joy President Joshua MacLeod, Keith and I visited Artisan Guitars (where Keith played a killer Collings C100). We then headed to Clarksville to visit Collin and his family. In spite of getting lost - hey – we only missed their address by 16 miles – we eventually found Collin’s new home and got a tour of his new studio. After a brief tour of downtown Clarksville, which included a new guitar store owned by a former Gruhn's employee, we had a nice dinner, and then it was back to the hotel in Brentwood. By the way, the Holiday Inn Express in Brentwood was a great place to stay. It was convenient to both Nashville and the Franklin/Cool Springs area. The trip was over all too soon. Hopefully, we can all be together next year. Photos below: -Gruhn's new mural (under construction) -Collin playing the best sounding sinker mahogany OM -Collin playing in the stairwell -George and Greg listening to Collin playing -Our mini Guitar Gathering 2020 official photo
  15. Oh, and yeah, guitars get dinged and scratched. Definitely. I'd just rather not buy them new that way. I didn't mention the retailer but a lot of the stuff I mentioned should've been mentioned on their website and in the Reverb listing, especially the finish flaw. It's small and you can't see it from a distance but you can't miss it if you pick the guitar up.
  16. Yeah, the photo may not show it well but it's clearly damage the occurred while working the veneer. This wasn't a dead spot in the veneer, it's that the veneer was damaged after they put it on the maple cap. What you're seeing is a hole in the veneer and the maple cap underneath. And, although I'm okay with the veneer not being perfect, it's the fact that they marred the veneer and then made the decision to continue with staining and spraying it and selling it as an A stock instrument. I think my more general point was that there were a whole list of QC issues that maybe you'd expect from a budget import, but not a $1,000 PRS. I have a Chinese made Squier classic vibe tele with better fit and finish than this guitar. But, it sounds and plays great so I'm holding onto it because, and that's all that really matters.
  17. Unless the guitar has a "photo flame" top, you're dealing with a living product (aka a tree) You will find wood does not grown exact perfect That little swirl in the top would not bother me. Fix/replace your tuner, get them working, don't look back It's a guitar, they're meant to be played and chances are dinged, nicked and scratched.
  18. Hey all, New member. First post. I'd been wanting a Custom 24 since high school in the 80's when they first hit the scene and when the 35th anniversary editions came out with the individual coil split toggles as is on the Paul's guitar I got really interested. Particularly since the SE version came in Black Gold which is the finish I always wanted. I figured that was the SE for me. But even at $1000, that was more than I've personally spent on a guitar. I'm a bedroom guitarist with a nice collection of $500-$750 guitars. That's my comfort zone. Reverb, being the dangerous place that it is, showed me a 35th anniversary edition Core, 10 top, in Black Gold. It was "used" in that I wouldn't be the first player, but from a seller that was just a buyer, seller, trader. For all intents and purposes, it was new, and it had a used price. A too good to believe price, but the seller had hundreds of positive ratings. I told my wife, "I'm about to do something stupid." She just said, "do it!" So I did it. That's the guitar on the right and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. He even shipped it in the original box that it was shipped in from PRS to the dealer and had all the case candy, amazing. I finally had one of my no compromise bucket list guitars! A few weeks later my Reverb feed shows me a used SE in "very good" condition for $650. I had difficulty finding an SE originally because many of the retailers weren't showing the actual guitars and, at the time, Sweetwater didn't have any. I noticed that for many that I was seeing there were dead spots in the figuring of the veneer. Doesn't affect the tone but you want a pretty top, right? This one was the actual one being sold, again for a reasonable price for a current model so I bought it. I don't intend for the Core model to live in its case, but I am super nervous handling it because, well, it's the most expensive guitar I've ever owned and it's a work of art. I figured the SE could be a daily driver and I'll pull out the Core on weekends. I wanted to share my experience because I know that there have been some questions about PRS moving to Cort in Indonesia. I was worried too. The World Music SE's that I've seen and played were all quality instruments with great fit and finish. This is the first Cort SE that I've personally played so take that for what it is. Maybe this one is just a bad copy. But then again, it's not. Issues with the Core: None. From a fit and finish perspective it's the most flawless guitar I've ever purchased. If I was really wanting to nitpick the output jack is just the tiniest bit off square with the body. Other than that it's incredible. That's it. Looks perfect. Plays great. Sounds amazing. You get what you pay for and this guitar was worth every penny. Issues with the SE: If I had been the original purchaser and I had paid full price for this guitar, I would've been pissed. I'd read that the black gold finish is more of a tobacco sunburst. Comparing them side by side, I have to concur. It's just not the same finish. But it's not an ugly finish, just not what they said it would be. The tuners are sticky, one so bad I'm guessing that the shaft is bent, making it difficult to get to pitch because it alternates from extremely stiff to smooth. A look at the back of the headstock and they didn't even take the time to put the tuners on level (something PRS even has a youtube video showing you how to do). Seriously, it only takes a couple of extra minutes, if that. The pickups are inexplicably mounted at a slight angle. Guessing, if there is a template or a jig that they are using it was off. Then to top it off there's a pretty blatant flaw in the veneer. This is a clear tear in the veneer. There's no escaping it and there's literally no way that the guys working the factory or the final QC in Stevenville MD didn't see it. They all made a call because, as I understand it, these were behind schedule for delivery. This guitar should've been sent back, sold as B stock, or maybe just sanded down and re-veneered, but every step in the QC process failed. Yeah, if I'd been the first purchaser and paid $1000 for this guitar I would've been pissed. One other issue is the nut was sticking and clearly filed down wrong (see pics) I have to believe that this wasn't done at the factory. It's mangled. I posted pics comparing the SE vs. the Core nuts. It's night and day. I've ordered some SE locking tuners and a new nut. I've adjusted the trem as best I can and it is returning to zero for the most part. I'm pretty sure the culprit is the nut. Once I get the nut and the tuners replaced I think the tuning issues will be fine. The good: The neck is great. The fret ends are dressed well and nicely rounded to give it that lived in feel. Intonation was spot on. Here's the thing about this SE. It's crazy resonant. It sustains for days and effortlessly slips into those sweet feedback induced infinite notes. It's super harmonically active. This is a nice playing and sounding guitar. Part of me wonders if part of the QC process is checking for that x factor that some guitars have and if they have it just ignoring the flaws and running with it. I can live with the finish flaw. I'm not going to straighten the pickups because, yeah, it bugs me, but maybe that's part of what's making this guitar sounds the way it does. I am going to fix the nut. I can change out the tuners and straighten them out. Everything about the Cort built SE tells me it was rushed and that is upsetting. I definitely wouldn't recommend buying one unless you can put your hands on it and give it a thorough inspection. When you buy a $300-$500 Indonesian guitar you expect to see some of this stuff, once you hit that $1,000 price mark, import or not, you expect the factory to take the time it needs to build the guitar right. I feel like I lucked out with this one because it plays and sounds great but can't help but be a little indignant about the fact that the Jackson Soloist I have (An SL2Q), which is also made in Indonesia and in the same price range as this SE was flawless. I understand why PRS moved to an Indonesian facility. That's fine but they need to hold Cort's feet to the fire to raise their QC standards. They also need it to be okay for their QC folks in Stevensville to kick guitars back to Cort if they don't meet PRS's standards. So many people dropped the ball in this process. I hope you fellow GAS sufferers find this info helpful. Like I said, the SE will be great. It plays and sounds awesome. But I'm not buying another SE unless I can touch it. Cheers!
  19. Beautifully done @Wim VD1 it really does sound like you have a bass player in there. Top job!😎👏👏👏
  20. @Wim VD1 Great playing Wim, love the walking base line.
  21. Thanks, Greg. Of all the courses I have done so far, I like the LMG Fingerstyle course the most. Wim.
  22. Awesome Wim! Perfectly played. Loved it. I need to get back into the LMG Fingerstyle lessons. I got stalled out mid session 2....still living with my flailing fingers style. Greg
  23. Perfect timing. I am right now in session 7 "Jazz" of the fingerstyle course, so that fits perfectly with the challenge of the month 😀. This is a walking bass style arrangement of the jazz standard Autumn Leaves. Wim.
  24. Thanks Frettless. I recognize those sounds. Now I know how to make them.
  25. Electro-Harmonix has an impressive range of pedals that delve into keyboard-voicing territory, including the Lester-G rotating speaker pedal. See it and the short video on the EHX web site, here.
  26. Good playing, @Skip Russell. You jazz cats are being spoiled by Steve with a new Jazz Standards course! Enjoy it. Wim.
  27. What a nice Jazz trio, @Fretless. Like @Eracer_Team-DougH said, it's great that you can enjoy making music together. Well played, Wim.
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