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  2. DianeB

    Live Lesson

    Live Lesson with Steve Krenz from Nashville, 7:00 pm CT. Arpeggios, Part 6: Creating Licks from Arpeggios.
  3. Fretless, we may both have second thoughts when the credit card bill arrives!
  4. That is a great choice, Gary, and a lovely story too, letting the guitar speak to you as you tried it out. I trust your wife will not regret encouraging you to buy this one.
  5. That's a beauty. Congrats, and play it in good health!
  6. Hey everyone, Not sure if this "falls" (see what I did there) in with the Autumn theme but let me know what you think. Reached session 6 in L&M and I decided to do Scarborough Fair.
  7. Last week
  8. I can’t agree more. A 335 compliments everything you have in the room!! Congratulations Bryan
  9. Gary, congratulations on the new 335! Everybody should have a 335 in the guitar collection. Beautiful guitar and enjoy it a long time!
  10. I’ve had an ES335 or similar on my wish list for a while now. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a decent used one, but wasn’t willing to pay a “vintage” price. While in Memphis the other day, I dropped into Guitar Center to just see if they perhaps had an Epiphone I could try. They did have a couple, but also had this one Gibson hanging on the wall. After giving it a try, I decided this was it. So after a bit of indecision, I decided (with my wife’s approval and encouragement) to go ahead and bite the bullet. I’m telling myself that this one now completes my collection - but we all know better! I don’t think it has made me a better player, but my mistakes sure sound nice!
  11. Hello. That technique is called tapping. It is popular mostly in two genres: the acoustic style as Marcin Patrzalek demonstrates in the video, and also heavy metal - check out Eddie Van Halen's song Eruption as just one example.
  12. I have been watching the prodigy Marcin Patrzalek just maul that guitar with his playing. At times it seems like he is playing the guitar without strumming or plucking with his right hand. what is that technique? i just started learning and am awestruck by it. is he like just pressing the fret super hard? picking the fret?
  13. I’ve looked at some other instructors teaching 10ths and one mentioned using whatever fingers you wanted. He personally used the same fingering as Steve for his lesson as did the others I viewed. I find your method uncomfortable and difficult. Since we are not pouring concrete it would be easy to change “down the road” if need be, without the use of a jack hammer. Since you are comfortable playing the 3rds and the ultimate 3rd challenge you might also try playing broken thirds in a linear and vertical pattern.For example,starting on the 5th string C and ending on the 1st string 12th fret E.This method of playing thirds is supposed to help you play more difficult melodic lines with alternate picking or finger-style. Goggle “patterns in thirds and acoustic magazine”. Also, I found that learning the intro in the song “El Paso” by Marty Robbins was a fun way of practicing 3rds. Plus, the song uses a minor third tremolo. Goggle “Musicnotes and El Paso”.
  14. Just one more: this might take the prize. It’s been staring at me for weeks in, of all places, Steely Dan’s “Peg” — what appears to be a quinary dominant. Peg it will come back to you CM7 G/B A7sus Esus G: IV I II VI Then the shutter falls you see it all in three D it’s your fav'rite foreign movie A/C# C G F#7 Bm7 E7#9 Am7 D7 CM7 Gadd9 G: II IV I V/V/V/V/V V/V/V/V V/V/V V/V V IV I (VII) (iii) (VI) (ii) I'm puzzled about how to analyze the A-E-A; it doesn't seem to qualify as a tonicization as the chords (notwithstanding the C#) are diatonic. The boys used a “Hendrix chord” (E7#9) to create an extension of Michael McDonald’s tonsils. More augmented trivia: Jay Graydon, who played the solo, was the inspiration behind “Wah Wah” in Doonesbury — not that I’m old enough to remember. Go forth, grok those dominants and mu majors.
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  16. $25 isn't so bad and Steve does have sales from time to time Take a look at Steve's 2 lessons on Major Scales https://gx169.infusionsoft.app/app/storeFront/showProductDetail?productId=125
  17. I understand. Too much to expect, but not too much to ask. What matters is that she's engaged and learning. Good for the whole family.
  18. Thanks for your input Diane. Personally, I would much rather find an in-person punk rock girl to give my daughter lessons, but I am walking a triangular tight rope between my daughter, my wife and me - and they are both on board with the pre-recorded lessons. In other words, I'm outvoted! And yet, I'm the person on here trying to find something..? In any case, I agree with you, but my mandate is to (hopefully) find a pre-recorded, r-n-r, female guitar class. Thanks again for your input.
  19. @Wim VD1 William, I get the nails’ dilemma. I’m an avid gardener and longer nails can be a real pain, so I’m constantly balancing their length. I enjoy your musical posts, so keep them coming. D Hamburger is one of my favorite TF instructors. Best, Bryan
  20. If you search Amazon for books of "guitar scales", dozens come up. But scales are merely a means to an end. What, exactly, is your musical goal in the near term? The answer will narrow your focus.
  21. I'm wondering about either Amazon Books, or free online resources that have a list of all the scales that can be played/practiced?
  22. Hi Bryan, I have found that my attack also depends on the length of the fingernails of my picking hand. Even though I play with flesh, I need enough nail to support it. The nails are now a little longer and the difference is really audible in the melody. Wim.
  23. @duck There are some with TrueFire. But I strongly encourage your daughter to meet with an instructor in person. Shyness and awkwardness come with being 14 years old. Avoiding personal interaction is a sure route to poor technique and bad habits, especially in the young. She will miss out on encouragement and direction. Look for a community music school near you, if possible, where you are likely to find an instructor with experience with young people. She can always work with recorded lessons as well.
  24. Hi - I'm new to the forum, and a long time mediocre garage/basement guitarist. I have a 14 year old daughter who wants to take some pre-recorded lessons - stuff she can rewind and replay as necessary without awkwardness of a live/zoom/facetime situation - she's an awkward /shy kid. She also would prefer a woman - think like Donita Sparks from L7 - Someone that wants to show you 6 chords and a lot of distortion and fun! Any suggestions for so many specific details: pre-recorded? female? down and dirty rock for beginner teen?!? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  25. DianeB

    Live Lesson

    Live Lesson with Steve Krenz from Nashville, 7:00 pm CT. Arpeggios, Part 5: Sevenths.
  26. Also from Canada, I purchased an electric Junior neck/body kit from Precision Guitars. The workmanship and finish was excellent with a precise neck pocket fit. Very little sanding was required. The rest of the materials I purchased separately and the final artwork and finish was done by an artist in Florida. The Twilight Zone guitar in my avatar here is that guitar. Stewmac makes complete kits as does Grizzly Tools, from the latter I have also purchased and built an electric strat guitar . The wood required considerable finish sanding and the pocket needed some adjustment, but both companies provide all the necessary parts for completion of the guitar. Finishing materials are extra to purchase from Stewmac, were part of the purchase from Grizzly. It's great fun to build these. Best wishes on your project. I will concur, the cost is likely not a savings over a built guitar, particularly if you have custom painting. I went for high end pickups, electronics and tuners. Greg
  27. Kathy, if you are in Canada, I would suggest Solo Guitars. They have a wide range of styles and reasonable prices. Six years ago I purchased the Solo ADK-10 DIY Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit for $250 CAD. It was a learning but fun experience. This guitar now stays at the cottage for campfire songs with the Grandkids. Henk https://www.solomusicgear.com/product-category/diy-kits/
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