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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY MAY 12TH - PEDALS and CABLES AND GEAR OH MY! WHAT DOES THIS PEDAL DO? If you've got questions about what pedals do, what pedals do you need, or how something works, then let's get some answers. Steve will guide you through his gear, setting up a pedal board, and how each pedal sounds. WEDNESDAY WORKOUTS: MAY 13TH Tired of not being able to play barre chords? This three week series on Wednesday Workouts will guide you through... 1) Knowing Where to Put Your Chord 2) How to Form Each Chord Correctly 3) Strengthening the Fingers for Successful Barre Chords Bring your guitar and I'll guide you step by step as we play together. You can do it! Let's finally master these and move forward in your music! Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!

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    This is the Learning the Fretboard PDF. (version 1)
  3. Hello. I bought steves learn snd master guitar course and bonus workshops, also the fingerpicking and blues courses. Iam very satisfied and decided to buy also the hits course, but this time was second hand in ebay and arrived with no book. I cannot find the pdf to download. Can anybody help me and tell me where it is available? Or send me the pdf by email al jogarmanza [at] gmail.com I appreciate your help. Many thanks. Jose
  4. Mike, if you are still thinking about the PRS this video will, I think, be very useful to you. It is a huge time investment, at over an hour in length, but it will be very educational about the PRS product line. He spends a lot of time discussing the McCarty 594, the S2 line and the Silver Sky. Had I not gotten a really good deal on my new Santana I would have seriously considered the McCarty 594. It is still on my radar should there ever be another guitar. (Don't tell my wife I am thinking about this!) And I had always thought the S2 line was an economical line because they are machine made. I now know that isn't true. Bryan goes into great detail about how the S2's are still handmade, but because of the shape of the guitar there are economies in building them. Keep us posted on how the shopping is going.
  5. Wow, excellent playing Amy! Your patience and practice paid dividends in rewards. Thanks for letting us in on it. Greg
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  7. DianeB

    Wednesday Workout

    Wednesday Workout with Steve Krenz from Nashville TN, 7:00 pm CDT. Learning the Guitar Fretboard.
  8. A series of lessons from Eric Johnson.
  9. DianeB

    Live Lesson

    Live Lesson with Steve Krenz from Nashville, TN, 7:00 pm CT. How to Learn the Guitar Fretboard.
  10. Fretless, I have no doubt this music room is going to be awesome. Be sure and share some photos "when playing guitar, flute, drums, bass and keyboard as soon as the room is ready. " Please!
  11. Working from home, I save lots of commuting time. I have been working intensively on the classical guitar session 5 from the fingerstyle course and could finalize it in 2 months where I thought I would need at least 3. More practice time is one of the few benefits of this whole lockdown situation. Wim.
  12. Happy birthday Dave!  Thank you for all you add to this community.

  13. Awesome Neil!! What great clean tone, a very nice example of your jazz progress. I really enjoyed it...inspiring. Greg
  14. Working on my pedalboard and Fractal Axe8 patches, getting ready for a July 4th block party if it works out this year. I have postponed my visit to the Gathering until next year, so no preparation for the Student Showcase. Greg
  15. Wow Fretless! That is going to be an amazing space!!! Can't wait to see how it turns out!! As for me, I think I've made some good progress with the Triad series and workouts. I've been practicing them almost every day and I can really see improvement! The first workout seems fairly straightforward to me now, and I'm chipping away at getting fluid and consistent with the 7ths in workout #2. Every once in a while my brain just freezes up, but its happening less and less. I think I'll try working thru some songs using the triads and see how that goes! Still working (or trying to at least.. ) so not a whole lot of extra free time even though business has been painfully slow... And we are getting some projects done around the house.
  16. Sadly, I have not picked up a guitar since March, not because of coronavirus but because I am working on preparing a properly sound-isolated (aka soundproof) music room for my wife and I. Living in a flat neighbours do not want to hear all sorts of instruments being practised and we are blessed to have been able to purchase a small commercal space in our building beneath the shops, so actually I have been self-isolating by choice! I will report back to playing guitar, flute, drums, bass and keyboard as soon as the room is ready.
  17. @gotto @Simira @Skip Russell @Wim VD1 @Nutty 1 Thank you all for your kind constructive (and helpful) comments... And @Oldjock for your p.m. too...🎸😊 After recording a few songs the process is getting a bit easier and hopefull the recording quaility ( and my playing) is getting better too. I learned that its best to record "dry" (without effects) when recording through an interface then add effects/eq/ reverb etc in the DAW later if needed. The choice of guitar can have quite a affect on tone to Ps. another Bossa classic coming up... Pps. If you are at all interested in the jazz style or just want to expand your chord knowledge and spice up your playing, I recommed you follow Steve' K's "Fretboard Workout Jazz Chords" series. Thats what made playing song like Black Orpheus possible, for me.
  18. Very pretty tune and well played, Amy🎸👍. Your timing and note articulation was spot on. (Good hammer on/pulloffs)) Keep it up👌Cheercheers; Neil
  19. So how are things going for everyone now that this post is 2 months old? Have you made a lot of progress in the past 2 months? For me, I've been focusing on rhythm a lot recently and I feel like I've made some good progress there. Spending a lot of time just with a practice amp and a metronome. Simple is good
  20. Respectively Doug- Every time I post on the forum, it is always with a point of view and a prospective of my experience and lessons learned. It comes from the heart to help others. There are hundreds of ways to skin a cat, or sing a song. The journey to get to higher levels is through PPP. Please look for the positive and good in a post. Look for the good in all that you seek to learn from and you will find different paths to follow. Enjoy your journey and have fun making music, at whatever level you are in your journey. Help others and you will learn more about yourself! Take care. Mike
  21. Hey Amy, thanks... i will continue playing like this
  22. I play that way too. Much more comfortable and hard to change to right leg, but that doesn’t appear to be necessary. I play classical mostly anyway but even using a different guitar or music style, it’s still easier on left leg.
  23. This is from Session 10 (the finger style session) of L&M that Steve wrote. What a lovely melody and such a joy to hear these chords and lines! It took me a while and many tries of stopping and working on something else, then circling back to it - because the piece is so beautiful - to get it to this point and I'm so grateful! Session 10 Intro audio - 5_24_20, 3.54 PM.m4a
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