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  2. When you start playing the F barre chord, you'll need to use your second finger there, so you might as well get used to it now. That said, it's a good idea to learn alternate fingerings for chords, as some forms make chord changes easier, depending on what chord you're going from/to.
  3. Dear Session 6, I had the same Dm7 situation and after a month or two that "mini-Bar" with the 1 and finally the 2 on the "A" came around. It was easier to use my ring finger at first but I would encourage you to take Steve's guidance and get the muscle memory built on the suggested fingerings. Grab what you can and get comfortable with the strumming rhythms, lots to learn there in pages 37-42. It's good to have alternate fingerings for a chord but don't get in a hurry to move on with this one because when you get to working on the F chord on page 44 - ALL your fingers get busy. It feels good when you can land a chord SPOT ON and do it consistently. Steve's instruction and advice can help you get where you want to be and there are no short cuts that substitute for regular practice. All of this is just my opinion on the matter and I hope you continue to be encouraged on your guitar learning journey. You will find many on this site to be knowledgeable and helpful. Gene C
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  5. Hi all, I am currently in S6. and I have a little issue. When playing the Dm7 chord Steve shows us to use fingers 1&2. I am having some trouble with this fingering. How ever when using 1&3 I am pretty much spot on. Is this an ok alternative or could it cause me some problem with other chords down the road on this journey. So far it has been relatively quick and clean.
  6. For those diehards who will stick around through Saturday night... Saturday Night June 18 Shows in the Area: Grand Ole Opry lineup, Saturday night June 18: Dailey & Vincent, Katy Nichole, Smithfield, Sam Williams, others. Third and Lindsley lineup, Saturday night June 18: Resurrection: A Journey Tribute Station Inn lineup, Saturday night June 18: The Farmer and Adele City Winery lineup, Saturday night June 18: The Brothers Landreth Franklin Theater No lineup announced yet for Saturday June 18. Watch the calendar.
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  8. Happy Birthday, Dave.  Thanks for all you contribute to our discussions.

  9. It's Dave's B-Day, Have a HAPPY one

  10. Version 1.0.0


    The play along track and pdf of the Jazz standard "Autumn Leaves"
  11. DianeB

    Live Lesson

    Live Lesson with Steve Krenz from Nashville, TN, 7:00 pm CT. Topic to be Announced.
  12. DianeB

    Live Lesson

    Live Lesson with Steve Krenz from Nashville, TN, 7:00 pm CT. Soloing with Small Ideas.
  13. Like @Plantsman13, I have only been to two Santana concerts. The band really gives a full, lengthy show for the money and apart from Carlos's litte sermon each time, there is no wasted time with lots of talking between songs. They are among the best concerts I have been to.
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  15. Very popular here in SE Kentucky for quite a while. Good song
  16. Hi Helen, The numbers are most likely telling you which finger to use to fret the notes: 1 = Index finger 2= Middle finger 3 = Ring finger 4 = Little finger Enjoy your guitar journey!
  17. Helen


    Am fairly new to guitar and trying to play Romance de amor grade 1 classical guitar. Am struggling to understand the little numbers next to the notes. It would suggest these are the fret numbers but there is a 4 next to a high A which would usually be string 1 fret 5 and sounds better like this. And a 1 next to a high G which would usually be string 1 fret 3. There are no flats or sharps in the score so I am now questioning what these numbers actually are. Any ideas?
  18. I've always loved that tune. Very nicely done.
  19. Thanks, Ron, Dave and Henk. @Oldjock Henk, I have also seen the film "1917" and liked the pure vocal version of the song too. I got to know this song from another movie "The Broken Circle Breakdown" about a Bluegrass band. The clip is on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LprqBP0JTw). It contains some great dobro slide playing. Wim.
  20. That was very good rendition of an old classic folk song Wim, great tempo throughout. The timing of your post is uncanny. Last week we watched a movie on Netflix, titled "1917". At one point in the movie, the troops were resting in the woods before a battle. At this time one of the soldiers sang, "Wayfaring Stranger", it was haunting to listen to given their situation. I turned to my wife and said, I have to learn how to play this song. Hopefully I can learn to play it as well as you have demonstrated. Henk
  21. Wonderful Wim - That was really well done!
  22. Really nice arrangement, Wim. Really nice. Thanks for sharing it.
  23. Wayfaring Stranger is a song that I wanted to learn for a long time. The fundaments for this arrangement come from David Hamburger's Fingerstyle 5 lessons. I searched on Spotify and listened to many different versions to get additional inspiration for my own arrangement. I liked the cover by Johnny Cash on his album "Johnny Cash - American III: Solitary Man" the best and adopted some of the violin intro and solo. Wim.
  24. @Eracer_Team-DougH maybe partially the reason he is now doing lessons? (Truefire and his Masterclass?) I didn't think he would ever be bothered by lessons. At least with this format he is not going to be doing one on one.
  25. And remember the Number One rule in guitar playing - Don't be a quitter:
  26. Congrats Mike- Beauty! I used that excuse of retiring and needing to buy another guitar while I could afford it! I ended up retiring three times 😀 True story! Mike
  27. Joe is selling a number of his historical (and gigging) guitars. I've been told that he is buying a new place in New York city and is using them to fund it
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