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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY OCTOBER 22ND - LIFELONG MUSIC LEARNING WITH DAVE ISAACS. One of Nashville's most prolific and celebrated music teachers, Dave Isaacs is known to the music community as the "Guitar Guru of Music Row". His insights on learning music are fascinating and endlessly helpful. TUESDAY OCTOBER 29TH - TIPS FOR STRUMMING LIKE A PRO. Strumming is a guitarists paintbrush causing pulsating excitement or relaxed motion. We'll be showing some strumming tips to take your playing to the next level. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!

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  2. I felt I learnt a lot about interesting strumming from this lesson. I've been playing harvest moon with a dropped D for a few years now, the audience loves it. A very clever song. Love Steve's lessons. Lily Aussiemuso.com
  3. Some good informative. Wished he would have demonstrated more on ghost strums while using open chord progression like C A G and F. Enjoyed listening to Harvest Moon wish he would spend an entire live lesson on this song.
  4. Thanks, It’s the Fadd9 the song is using. Immediately below the F In the rhythm is a C.1.Any thoughts on the meaning of C.1 I used the term double voicing and that term may not be correct. In the Song Hits song Satin Doll, Steve uses the same music notation and its that style of notation that I am referring too. It has nothing to do with the C.1 I probably couldn’t have made my first post more confusing.
  5. Sadly @DianeB I never studied the theory that closely. After 43yrs of certification study for work, my brain seems to freeze up now, thinking theory. Glad we got you and a few others , too bad Cindy doesn't hang around any more, she had theory mastered
  6. There is really no graduation at the end of LMG. Start stop retaking the sessions as needed. That's the wonderful part of what Steve and Legacy gave us, At Session 17, it's a significant playing skill level and as you found out the more you play better the more you realize how much more there is to learn I don't think I've come near master of any of the sessions before moving on, and I'm nowhere near session 17, as you know life seems to interfere and stop our progress. It was good you could spend time with your dad and he was so close to your place. Maybe theres something he liked you could keep close by while you play. My mom liked lighthouses had many decorations in her house. She never got to see my playing at even this level, but I always have a lighthouse near by while I play. I even bring one to chuch and sit it on the windowsill next to me as we play at Mass
  7. I loved this song from the first time that I heard. The Joe Bonamassa fans amongst you will probably have heard this because Beth and Joe have done some superb concerts together. "Baddest Blues" by Beth Hart.
  8. Hello Maria- Life goes on and we flow with the river as it winds its way through the countryside. Glad to see your back and that you are continuing the guitar journey. Take care. Mike
  9. @Triple-o We mustn't leave you feeling lonely and dreary! A full Fmaj9 is, of course, F-A-C-E-G (1-3-5-7-9), requiring a minimum of root (F), major third (A), major seventh (E), and major ninth (G) intervals. The fifth is often absent. If the seventh is absent, then technically we have an Fadd9 (or Fadd2). In the G-F-A voicing/inversion you cite, I suspect that's just a consequence of the way the voicings are moving in the melody at that beat.
  10. I was playing around with a song I down loaded from Musicnotes. A fingerstyle version of Red River Valley that’s not too difficult. It’s in the key of C with a I IV V progression. When it gets to the IV chord directly below the F there is a C .1 and a line going across the Top of the measure.The only notes in the measure start with the open F chord (or Fmaj9) then the single notes F A. The arrangement also has tablature below and it matches the chord and notes. The music is written with a double voicing and the first voicing for this measure would be the notes G F A. The G being part of the Fmaj9 chord. I’ ve never seen this voicing for Fmaj9 before. ”Oh how lonely and how dreary it will be” if I don’t get a response.
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  12. NeilES335

    Sidewalk Serenade

    @DianeB Great story Diane... I see a book of "guitar tales' in your future :[) .
  13. DianeB

    Sidewalk Serenade

    It was just another errand on a sunny autumn afternoon as I strode up the sidewalk to the Rite Aid. He was perched on a folding stool at the front door, a high-mileage Fender acoustic in hand, strumming a ballad in A minor. I stopped next to him, nodded, and listened: mid sixties, a stubbly, graying beard, bright brown eyes beneath a knit cap. His battered, open case displayed a collage of picks, old string packs, an elastic capo, some singles and change, and a handwritten sign appealing for donations to our local children’s hospital. He paused and smiled at me. “Nice,” I said, as I propped my foot on the curb. ”How long have you been playing?” “Since I was a kid,” he began. “I’m retired now. Audio engineer. But I still do some work.” He took out his phone and showed me a picture of his mixing board. Rows and rows of faders stretched across the panel. “Whoa,” I said, “that’s one serious system.” As we talked tech, he grew more animated. The conversation swung from speaker horns to Dylan to William and Mary to front of house. “Let me show you where I was a few days ago.” I pulled out my phone and found the group picture from the fingerstyle retreat. His face lit up as if a spotlight hit it. “Wow! And that’s you! Where was this?” “Outside Nashville. It’s a little workshop put on by a friend who teaches and does session work there. It’s like a family reunion.” “That is so-o-o cool.” He handed my phone back. “Hey, what’s your name?” “I’m Diane.” I took his hand. “And you’re—“ “Mike. It’s so nice to meet you, Diane. This is great.” He held out his guitar. “Would you like to play something?” A customer stopped and dropped a bill in his case. I shrugged. “Why not?” I said. “You like the Eagles?” “Sure,” he said, as we traded places. I took his guitar. The strings felt rough from overwork, but it was in tune. I glanced at the headstock and felt a 50-year flashback to my first guitar, another Fender. More customers passed by, coming and going. I serenaded them with “Most of Us Are Sad”. Mike smiled appreciatively. Lost in the song, I forgot where I was until the end. “Thanks, Mike, but l better get my prescription before I forget why I came here. Be right back.” A few minutes later, I returned. He was still strumming, but his expression had turned sober. I was pondering what to say when a middle aged woman carrying a large tote approached him from the parking lot. “You’ll have to go now,” she said solemnly. Shift manager? I wondered. “All right,” he said. He stood up and turned to me. “Hey, Diane, you’ve made my day. Really. I’m lost for words.” “Well, then, Mike, we’re even. Keep on playing.” “And you, too.” He took the sign and money out of the case, gently rested the Fender inside, and closed it. I unlocked my car and glanced back as he gathered his belongings. Two kindred spirits, I thought, crossing paths one afternoon, on a random sidewalk.
  14. Thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes. It’s great to be back amongst people like you good luck with your own hand probs Maria
  15. Thank you so much for the condolences and the welcome back. Hope you have been well! Maria
  16. Welcome back, we more mature folks understand the relationship between our guitars and goals.
  17. @sleepingangel It is great to hear from you again Maria, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. My thoughts are with you. I had to give up the course myself because of my osteoarthritis and I also now have trigger finger (one on each hand). Although I have a surgeon who agreed to operate on them the operations have had to be postponed due to another ongoing health problem. This means that I can only play guitar with the middle finger of my fretting hand locked but luckily I can strum chords in the key of G as long as I substitute B7 for Bm. I really admire your true grit Maria, and how your strong determination has pulled you through the bad times. You are an wonderful musician and you have a beautiful voice. I am so very glad that you are back playing again. I hope that your music will help you through this sad time and that your hands will soon become pain free. Sending you lots of love Mandy xxx
  18. Welcome back @sleepingangel Maria! Very nice to hear from you.. My sincere condolences on your fathers passing... Music is great therapy at these times..so getting back to learning and playing is great idea👍 I hope we'll continue to read of your progress. Don' t forget to join us on Live Lessons too. All the Best; Neil
  19. hey everyone, been a long time. Lots of stuff has happened....the good the bad and the ugly as they say... well to jump right in I've had some setbacks with my guitar playing over the last 4 years. BUT right now I'm playing guitar again. I'm not gonna say without pain but that's just the way I think it's gonna be BUT the ruptured ligament surgery a year and a half a go was successful and now with time and a smaller bodies acoustic guitar I AM playing almost everyday again. I decided today that I am going to try in earnest (little by little) to finish the course that I began almost 9 years ago!! Yikes..I got all the way to session 17. IN fact it's still in the portable dvd player that I was using to learn !! Other sad news is that my almost 94 year old dad passed away in April and it was kind of a surprise when he first wound up in the hospital but after 10 days the doctors had to give up and right before that he did as well. It was a lot of work cleaning out his house and it's in the process now of being sold. I miss him terribly. ( my mom passed almost 5 years ago so we got even closer) I am working much more than when I first started this course. In fact I started the course when I was laid off.... Now I'm working 4 days and 2 nights teaching ESL. I've had the day job now for almost 2 years and the night job for 5. With my dad gone (he lived a few feet from me in another condo right across the path) I have some extra time that I didn't before. I've been trying to use it for positive things. Like music etc. I hope that i can continue to get better at the guitar ( i feel like I am and in a strange way due to playing different instruments when I couldn't play the guitar..... I have been playing the dulcimer when I am able and the ukulele. They were a little easier on my hand then the guitar. Now that I've picked up the guitar again I feel like my playing is better. My fingers still may miss some of the notes because of the closeness of them to each other but the other stuff is better. Like my musicality or something) so that's my story..... Thanks for not giving up on me. I know some of you from the live lessons which I try to attend when time permits. Take care Maria
  20. No worries Steve. I have answered to worse! Looking forward to next June In the meantime working on those great workouts you provided as an early registration incentive! Up to eighth notes at 120 bpm. Working up my courage before trying 16th notes! Tough on an acoustic!
  21. Last week
  22. Any thoughts on Bleedlove’s bridge truss system. Bleedlove claims it increases vibration of the top and provides remarkable sustain. They claim it allows them to use thinner wood tops, thus allowing the top wood to produce its best sound. i see that last year they stopped using it, unless you request it in a custom guitar.
  23. Thanks , I was also under the impression guitar tops were perfectly flat. So I was assuming any hump behind the bridge was caused by string tension on the bridge. I guess the correct term is bridge belly and not “hump”.
  24. Anyone needing a new amp? A 100 watt amp (head)?! A 100 watt amp so small it will almost fit on your pedalboard?! For $179! That's what the Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day is offering. I don't know the first thing about Quilter amps. I've heard good things. But what have you got to lose? (other than $179). A back up amp? Or a practice amp? Or practice with headphones as to not wake the family? This is a head so you will need a cabinet if you don't use it with the headphones or send to a DAW or PA. It seems it has 5 amp models but I'm not sure on that either.
  25. Even our very own Steve K doesn't include 3rd verse or solos in the Song Hits series of videos. But I figured he did that to keep the song with in our reach of playability
  26. Modal Interchange, modes and parallel keys were a few of the confusing terms I first came across. I now have a little better understanding about borrowing chords ( modal Interchange) from other keys at first it seemed pretty straight forward until I realized that modes were also parallel keys.Take a common I bVII IV {D. C2 G) chord progression in the key of D. Where is the C2 coming from, the Major Key of C, G or D minor? What notes will make the best solo over that C2. Now I realize that D mixolydian is probably a better choice, because of the intervals in that mode. So, now I am beginning to see why the Mixolydian mode keeps coming up as a mode to learn.
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