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If you missed the live lesson this week, here you go!

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  2. I am still battling with my osteoarthritis and trigger finger. They are still slowing me down but I am never going to give up! Here is a 1 take version of "The house of the rising Sun" exactly as I played it in all its slowness. House of RS - 24:02:2018, 15.46.mp3
  3. NAD

    Nice! That looks like a versatile amp! I like that it has the different power settings. Sometimes its hard to get a decent sound at lower levels Enjoy!!
  4. NAD

    Is it digital. I have never heard of them. I hope you enjoy it.
  5. NAD

    First impressions after 3 hours are excellent. It has 3 power settings, 50w, 25w and 0.5w which will easily cover anything I might need it for. The 0.5w is perfect for living room playing. It sounds and feels like a tube amp and is very versatile with options for anything between acoustic and metal. I'm particularly enjoying the blues sounds and it does a mean Angus Young too This is way better than my little Blackstar in my opinion and most certainly a keeper. I'm not quite sure if it will totally replace my beloved PODxt yet but it might
  6. NAD

    Man yea I love when new gear comes. That looks like a great idea. Thanks let us know how it works.
  7. Thanks for posting Blue Dog. I'll try this today.

    Nice catch Six, I'm sure it will give you a lot of pleasure. I love the stutter effect. Henk
  9. NAD

    Very nice, I've had my eye on that for a few months now. I will be anxiously awaiting your review. Henk
  10. NAD

    Wow, you played it yet?
  11. Don't you love it when new gear arrives?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Gibson - Running out of time?

    My 2016 l.p. seems to be a good year.
  14. Gibson - Running out of time?

    The current leadership style is what a company does when it has money problems. Leadership wants s guitars out the door as fast as they can and ride the help to see its done and the help complains. that what bosses do. Thats how it works money problems set the stage
  15. Gibson - Running out of time?

    This hurts and I wish Gibson the best. I bought my first Gibson in the 1950s and have added to it. They have always made a quality instrument.
  16. Robin Trower Speaks

    And "Black Betty" and "Hotel California"!
  17. Robin Trower Speaks

    About the same time we figure out what "Louie Louie" means.......
  18. NUSHGD

    Nice! - Steve
  19. Jamming tonight!

    Everybody, thanks for responding. It was fun. We did some Stones, some Allman Bros., some Pink floyd (which I was lost on), some BB King. A lot of fun. I'm out of town on the cruise next week but we made pact that after that we meet up every Wednesday no matter what!!
  20. Gibson - Running out of time?

    SixString, I think you are right on target. You've got to listen to the customer. Something the higher ups at Gibson have notoriously not done for years. We'll see what happens. - Steve
  21. Great resource. Thanks Matononjin, - Steve
  22. I'd start the Major Scale Mastery: Level 1 around Session 8 or so of the main course. Major Scale Mastery assumes that you already know your notes and have a basic understanding of what a scale is. Hope this helps and learn all you can! - Steve
  23. Thank you for posting this Matonanjin. I'm not on session 13 yet but I still found this very interesting.
  24. Gibson - Running out of time?

    Yes, far far too often companies fail to recognise that their greatest assetts are their staff. Even if funds are low and managers can not reward their staff with good pay rises they can at least tell their staff how highly they are valued and treat them with the respect that they deserve. I went on a few management training courses in my time and one of the things that kept cropping up was this phrase "People work for people" and it is so true. A change in management can make an incredible difference to the people that they manage. Happy workers = better work. I have experienced this lots of times myself. It is not rocket science.
  25. Gibson - Running out of time?

    There have been reports from employees that suggest a different reason, namely, that the current leadership style is the cause of low morale among employees which has led to a higher rate of poorer quality manufacturing. Here is one example. It is indeed a sad situation for a marque with such an outstanding history and reputation.
  26. Robin Trower Speaks

    Maybe some day we'll find out the meaning of "A Whiter Shade of Pale".
  27. D'Addario Humidity Packs

    I haven't had the best luck with those. Living in the upper midwest where it's very dry in the winter, they need to be replaced in just a couple of weeks. I really like the Oasis humidifiers though. I bought one for the soundhole of my acoustic and another one to put in the case, and the humidity in there stays right around 45 or 50. You just refill it with water (instructions recommend distilled water) when it shrivels up, and use one of the refill packs every so often.
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