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    1. Here's my arrangement of "O Come All Ye Faithful," warts and all.
    2. I think it boils down to personal preference and what you get used to playing. I'm pretty sure your S6 fretboard is 1.8" wide at the nut, and most classical guitars are 2" or just a shade wider, so not a huge difference there. Of course, you can always use the wider fretboard argument to justify adding a nylon string to your arsenal ;).
    3. I've ordered from both Just Strings and Strings and Beyond with no problems. Also, Sweetwater and Amazon.
    4. That's my next project. Love that song, probably my all-time favorite SRV song. I've never used the whammy bar, either, so it'll be something new. Gotta finish Lewis & Clark first, though.
    5. One of my all-time favorites, and one the main reasons I started playing guitar way back when. I recorded the guitar solo version a few years ago on a tele and posted it on YouTube. Probably need to do it again on an acoustic.
    6. Very nice. I have a Breedlove Oregon Concert, all Myrtlewood, that I absolutely love. It's probably the most resonant guitar I've ever played, or a very close second. Enjoy it!
    7. I'm not familiar with the progression, but I'm curious as to why the 3rd is eliminated. Also, if you do eliminate the 3rd, the chord is neither major nor minor. You would normally have either a 2nd or 4th in place of the 3rd, making it a sus2 or sus4 chord. If you're only playing the notes F#, C# and E, I don't really know what you would call that, except maybe a C#madd11/F# (no 5).
    8. OK, not technically with Laurence Juber, but I thought his performance of "The Pink Panther Theme" was fitting.
    9. My understanding has always been a riff is a rhythm figure; a series of chords/notes that repeats throughout the song. A lick is a short series of notes that generally doesn't repeat. Riffs can be strumming patterns and/or arpeggios, and can also include non-chord tone fills, which can make them sound like licks. A turnaround could be either a riff or a lick, and generally returns you to the beginning of a song for the next verse after the chorus. Most (not all) songs end on the I chord, so most choruses also end on the I chord. That being the case, a turnaround would take you from
    10. Thanks very much! I use medium gauge, .013 and .017, for the 1st and 2nd strings, and D'Addario EJ-16s (light gauge) for the 3rd thru 6th strings.

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