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  1. I'm slipping in just under the wire with my acoustic cover of "Classical Gas." If I could point to one song that inspired me to play guitar, this would be it. I remember seeing someone (most likely Mason Williams) play it on TV when I was nine or ten years old and I've loved it ever since. The original version, released in 1968, included an orchestra. This is a cover of the guitar solo released on the 1970 album Handmade. Thanks for listening.
  2. Thanks very much! Maybe the problem is mainly my speakers.
  3. Thanks very much. Only flesh for me. My nails are weak and grow like hooks, so they're not an option.
  4. Thanks very much! When I learn a challenging piece like this, I slow down the original recording to various tempos and play along with them, gradually building speed. In addition to building speed, it helps me keep the right tempo. Tommy Emmanuel plays this song with a capo, so I did as well to avoid having to change the pitch of his recording as well as the tempo. I doubt if he needs any help with closer frets, so he probably did it to get the sound he wanted. Bonus for me, because it definitely helps with some of those stretches. I can play it without a capo and it still sounds good to my ea
  5. This is my rendition of "Lewis & Clark," my favorite Tommy Emmanuel song. It's got elements from both the original recording from 2006 and the updated version from last year, plus a few of my own ideas. There are a few instances in the recording that sound like clipping or static of some kind, but I can't get rid of it. I had the levels low enough where clipping shouldn't have been an issue, and it wasn't apparent on the waveform, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I experimented with different settings, and also recorded some tests with mics instead of plugging in, and it was still ther
  6. Thanks Wim. I recorded Classical Gas a few years ago on a tele, but never on an acoustic. I'm thinking this would be a great guitar for that song. Just gotta knock off all the rust. Thanks Greg. I don't know about deserving it, but I'm happy to have it! 😀
  7. I know it sounds trite, but I'm truly sorry for your loss. I hope you can pick up your guitar soon and find some sort of solace. Prayers for you!

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