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  1. I'm no Martin expert, but I've played both of those models in the past. For my taste, I'd go with the EC. That said, I wouldn't buy either without playing it first.
  2. I don't think the minor scale intervals are in the course. It's nice to know info, but it's really much easier to work off of the major scale all the time. Glad to be of help.
  3. Hi Kenneth, Relative major and minor scales have the same notes, and the relative minor of each major scale begins on the sixth degree of the major scale. As an example, the C major scale has the notes: C - D - E - F- G - A - B, then up to the octave C The sixth degree of C major is A, so the relative minor scale of C is Am, and the notes are: A - B - C - D - E - F - G, then up to the octave A If you were trying to determine a minor scale's notes and didn't know the notes of its relative major scale, you could build a minor scale using intervals. This is done the same
  4. I've had two Ovation Elites and a Breedlove 12-string in the past, and currently have two Breedlove six strings. Never had any problems with any of them, and I think the pinless bridge is a great design. Like Randy, I protect the top behind the bridge when I change strings, but I use the cardboard string packaging.
  5. That's a fantastic project. Great playing from people all over the world, and a really nice mix and video. Well done to all involved.
  6. Congrats! Sweet looking guitar, and it's making me drool.
  7. Nothing wrong with flesh only. Experiment with your attack and you'll find you can get actually get some pretty bright tone. If you play a lot, your fingertips will toughen up a little and give you more options.
  8. Thank you! Thanks. Yes, it was a challenge, and I could never play it the way TE does.
  9. I'm slipping in just under the wire with my acoustic cover of "Classical Gas." If I could point to one song that inspired me to play guitar, this would be it. I remember seeing someone (most likely Mason Williams) play it on TV when I was nine or ten years old and I've loved it ever since. The original version, released in 1968, included an orchestra. This is a cover of the guitar solo released on the 1970 album Handmade. Thanks for listening.
  10. Thanks very much! Maybe the problem is mainly my speakers.

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