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  1. Definitely glad you are back at it ! We all go through phases of inactivity with the guitar playing. I'm in a slow period right now where I am not picking it up every day, but do still run through the pentatonic scales a few times during the week to keep them fresh. I get together and play with a friend every couple of weeks. I have over 18 guitars laying around the house, how can I forget to pick one up??? LOL Its good seeing you out here again! Take care of yourself and Vince!! Dan Brown
  2. There is usually a few minutes between concerts, I will remind you to study it ....?
  3. Yeah Ron, You can study it on the Norweigan Pearl !!! ? Dan Brown ?
  4. How Great is that?? That is a beautiful Martin Guitar Vince has in his hands, what model is that???That experience had to reignite the passion to get back to guitar playing! Dan Brown ?
  5. All, Video of Johnny Hiland and Joe Bonamassa guitar duel, Hiland definitely holds his own !!!! Enjoy! Warning it is almost 10 minutes long...but well worth the watch !
  6. Great picture Greg, nice to meet you and your band mates! Dan Brown
  7. Greg, I have been using a TOUR TOUGH GUITAR STOOL for 8 years now, the cushioned seat is still as good as new! The foot rest is adjustable and very sturdy! Amazon is out of them and don't when they will have them again, but, there is presently a new one on Reverb.com for $79.99, I'm pretty sure that's what I paid for mine 8 years ago! The seat folds down for easy transport to gigs! I LOVE mine ! Just saying.... Good Luck with your gigs! Dan Brown ?
  8. Ozy, How is playing right handed working out for you? I hope it is going well !! Dan Brown ?
  9. Ozy, I'm so glad you tried playing righty before really getting started on your journey with the guitar! Besides having to reverse things to play lefty, you will now have access to more, and more guitars right off the rack, I should know, I'm presently stalled at 15 guitars! Enjoy the learning and never ever give up !!!! Dan Brown ?
  10. Ozy, First of all welcome to the community! I am a lefty, who has never played guitar lefty, playing guitar is the only thing I do as a righty. This goes back a mere 54 years ago, when I was ten, and right after the emergence of the Beatles! Anyway, the first thing the guitar instructor asked me was if I was lefty or righty, I said lefty. His response was, good, your left hand is stronger and more coordinated for shaping and fretting chords and so on.. So, right from the start, from the very first lesson, I played righty. If you are not too far into your learning, give it a try. ...
  11. The Xvive wireless will apparently work with certain acoustic guitars, I watched the video which I hopefully will attach to this post, and the guy in the video also played an acoustic. For my own satisfaction, I tried it with my Martin DRS2, which has a 9 volt battery for the pre-amp, and then with my Little Martin LX1E, which has a battery, however the battery is for the onboard tuner. Long story short, the DRS2 with the battery for the pre-amp, did not work, as also noted by one of the reviewers, HOWEVER, with the LX1E Little Martin it DID work. Check out this video....
  12. Recently my feet got tangled up in a guitar cable when I got up to go into another room, went down fairly hard on my knees. Luckily, I was not seriously hurt. So, I started thinking about looking into wireless guitar systems. I play mostly at home, but have been participating in a blues jam once a month at a local tavern. While checking the different systems with price in mind and the fact I'm not going to be playing at Madison Square Garden or Carnegie Hall anytime soon, I came across the U2 Xvive wireless guitar system. There is a video on Guitar Center on this system. Its range is a 100 f
  13. Quilter, Welcome back to you as well, I hope everything is good with you also. I am doing very good, I am very aware that I am very lucky to be alive with all the advances in cancer research, clinical trails and immunotherapy. Still playing guitar as much as time allows me, and playing with others as much as possible, its so much fun! Dan Brown ?

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