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  1. I would agree as well. I've found that using my Looper pedal while practicing is a great help in hearing exacty how you sound. I record the rhythm track and play the melody over it to practice the tune and the timing. It's a bit frustrating at times to get a "clean" track and often takes many many attempts, but it's well worth it in the end, whether you are practicing or recording. Now I'm more familiar with it (there was a pretty steep learning curve), I also use my recording software "Reaper" for this when I want to capture a track to save. Pro backing tracks are good too, but I prefer doin
  2. @RockVox If it's any consolation to you.. I have "finished" the LMG course, but I confess, I never really "mastered' Canon in D. I learned enough to know that fingerstyle guitar is a sub-genre that requires certain skills. As Simira says, with many of us it's still a "work in progress" . But of course that doesn't mean this applies to you! Just take it slow and steady, and pretty soon we'll hear your recording of this classic here. N
  3. @RockVox Canon in D is quite a challenging fingerstyle song. Expect to spend some time with it. I suggest you go at it a few bars at a time, building on each bar moving into the next.. If you have only been at this course for 5 months and are at S10, I must assume you have some prior experience, or, perhaps you've moved ahead too swiftly. Most students take far longer, (possibly a year or more) to get there . If you are confused or struggling I suggest you go back and review prior lesson which do teach these skills that are bothering you.
  4. Congrats @Six String Ive also heard they are a very versatile (and popular) amp.
  5. Very unlikely. Is there actually a market for these? I've seen lots of these sort of ideas come and go nowhere. Someones great idea but unless you can sell it... (expensive too) N
  6. @Nutty 1 Well done 🙂 Fingerstyle is a real challenge... You're nearly there on this song; just a bit more polish and you've got it down pat. I've seen quite an improvement in your playing too.. N
  7. You're usually only a half step away from the "right" note.. so just slide into it and make it sound cool...:-)
  8. If you really want to hear how YOU sound, make your own "backing track" with you playing the rythym part.
  9. 12/8 is known as a compound time signature. The 12 refers to the beats, and the 8 refers to 8th notes. It's acutally a slow beat like the blues... who better than a drummer to explain here; https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=12%2F8+time+signature%2C#id=1&vid=9e2588127f89e708caf10f35ccb48a5c&action=click
  10. @Ionut. 1. Dont struggle to retain finger pressure on a string for a note you're not playing. Dont lift your finger , just release the pressure leaving your finger lightly touching in place until you need to move your hand for another position. 2.Open strings will ring. They're supposed to. At this point just play the next note and dont worry about muting strings. That comes later. Cheers: Neil
  11. The comment about this talent( of being able to hear a song just once and play it exactly with no mistakes ) is usually made about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, according to a music theory book I am currently reading... (Music Theory 101 by Brain Boone and Marc Shonbrun). Although Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman; May 24, 1941) was/is a brilliant musican, I have my doubts he is on the same plain as Mozart. Actually the atribution goes so far as to say MOZART could "listen to music just once and then write it down note for note from memory without any mistakes".
  12. If you listen carefully, you'll hear the major or minor pentatonic scale in thousands of songs! (Especially in the Blues, 1 - 4 - 5 progression)
  13. @Triple-o I'd really pay attention to this advice... In case you didn't know Doug has many many years of experience with electronics.
  14. @foreverbroke Welcome to the Guitar Gathering website. I see that you are a brand new member today. Generally speaking, this is a enthusiastic community of music and guitar loving folks who are learning and growing in their gutiar journey, under the guidance of our founder/ teacher, Steve Krenz. If you wish to share your experiences with gear, be it pedals, guitars, amps etc etc. then this is the right right forum on the site. If you wish to share your music, be it orginal or cover song, in any guitar genre, then you would post your song or links to "Member Recordings" We also

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