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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY OCTOBER 22ND - LIFELONG MUSIC LEARNING WITH DAVE ISAACS. One of Nashville's most prolific and celebrated music teachers, Dave Isaacs is known to the music community as the "Guitar Guru of Music Row". His insights on learning music are fascinating and endlessly helpful. TUESDAY OCTOBER 29TH - TIPS FOR STRUMMING LIKE A PRO. Strumming is a guitarists paintbrush causing pulsating excitement or relaxed motion. We'll be showing some strumming tips to take your playing to the next level. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. NeilES335

    Sidewalk Serenade

    @DianeB Great story Diane... I see a book of "guitar tales' in your future :[) .
  2. Welcome back @sleepingangel Maria! Very nice to hear from you.. My sincere condolences on your fathers passing... Music is great therapy at these times..so getting back to learning and playing is great idea👍 I hope we'll continue to read of your progress. Don' t forget to join us on Live Lessons too. All the Best; Neil
  3. @Texaspackerfan Oh I "hear" you Danny... when I recorded my first real effort (was that almost a year ago already?) Moon River, I must have done at least 20 takes and when I go it "right" I didnt want to mess with it. Funny thing is, I havent played it since!
  4. @Texaspackerfan Really well played Danny! Clear chords, good timing, rythym very good. One small suggestion (and not from an expert by any means).. if you plan to remix the track at all, maybe you could lower the level of the rythym track or raise the level of the lead track... it deserves to be hear more. Good job.
  5. Surely its the condition that counts most, not the age per se. 3 of my guitars where bought "pre-owned" all in excellent virtually unplayed condition (1 was still in the box with a price tag on it) So dont overlook this option when looking for "new" gear...you can save a lot $$$.
  6. @Old GuyId have to agree... As long as you stick to a relatively well know brand there isnt a lot of really "bad " gear out there today. You can, as you say, get some pretty decent guitars for not a lot of money vs. when I was a kid, the choice was excellent and expensive or cheap and garbage.
  7. @Triple-o Since you've played a bit...maybe you could advise me.... I bought a new Honer "Blues Harp" harmonica in A a while back. I found that the "draw" took quite a bit of effort; much more than I remember than the harmonicas I played campfire songs on in Boy Scouts as a kid. Is there some way of adjusting these to play easier? ( I havent really played it much at all as a result)
  8. Many thanks to our intrepid on scene reporter @DianeBfor your coverage and insights. It sounds like a memorable timd was had by all. (Did anyone take any video? It would be nice to see/ hear some of the sessions and performances on the GG Channel)
  9. While I may not get to see Joe Robinson at Guitar Gathering, DougH and I will be seeing him in concert with Tommy Emanuel in Mississauga Ontario (outside Toronto) in March/20. Looking forward to that🎸😁.
  10. Thanks Greg; Now if I can just find the time to play them! Only 3 times since the amp arrived... 😞
  11. @rkl31 Very nice... Something like this one my list to round out my little collection. I reaĺly amazes me that these nylon classicals can sound so good and usually for a relatively affordable price too. Enjoy👍 (btw we'll expect your recording of Canon Dmaj shortly😉)
  12. At $7,000 for an original ES345 with PAF's and tuners, wiring and is good shape with this provenance, it's a tempting buy.. (I just have to remember it''s in USD...ouch) I've seen them sell at $20-30K
  13. I recently found this very interesting and helpful. "Pay Guitar" podcast by professional guitarist and author Lee Wayne Anderson, on Spotify music streaming service. Every week he posts some very interesting topics, and answers questions specifically related to guitar players, beginners up to professionals. There are many weeks of past broadcasts that you can listen to. Check it out. A Spotify account is free ( with commercials) or commercial free for a small fee. Spotify is a great place to find terrific music of all sorts.

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