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  1. @gotto @Simira @Skip Russell @Wim VD1 @Nutty 1 Thank you all for your kind constructive (and helpful) comments... And @Oldjock for your p.m. too...🎸😊 After recording a few songs the process is getting a bit easier and hopefull the recording quaility ( and my playing) is getting better too. I learned that its best to record "dry" (without effects) when recording through an interface then add effects/eq/ reverb etc in the DAW later if needed. The choice of guitar can have quite a affect on tone to Ps. another Bossa classic coming up... Pps. If you are at all interested in the jazz style or just want to expand your chord knowledge and spice up your playing, I recommed you follow Steve' K's "Fretboard Workout Jazz Chords" series. Thats what made playing song like Black Orpheus possible, for me.
  2. Very pretty tune and well played, Amy🎸👍. Your timing and note articulation was spot on. (Good hammer on/pulloffs)) Keep it up👌Cheercheers; Neil
  3. Hello Everyone; Here's my submission for the May Recording Challenge on the topic of "Emotions" ... Black Orpheus - Mahna De Carnival, by Luis Bonfa. This song is about dreams, love and the excitment of the Carnival, the beginning of Lent in Brazil. I'll sing to the sun in the sky I'll sing till the sun rises high Carnival time is here Magical time of year And as the time draws near Dreams lift my heart I'll sing as I play my guitar I'll cling to a dream from afar Will love come my way This Carnival day And stay here in my heart? Will true love come my way On this Carnival day Or will I be alone with my dream? As many of you know, I'm "into" Jazz guitar, and lately, I've been explorig the classic popular sub=genre of Bossa Nova, which was very popular in the 1960's and '70s. This song is considered a "Jazz Standard" and has been recorded by every major artist and singer that you can think of from Perry Como to Frank Sinatra, and guitarists from Jose Feliciano to Earl Klugh and George Benson. Recorded direct to Reaper 6.1 DAW with my Gibson ES-137, clean with a bit of reverb (post recording production Voxengo Bogex Pluggin) . I hope I've done it some justice, and you enjoy it! All the Best! Neil By the way... I posted the "Lead Sheet" (sheet music) in th. DOWNLOADS section for you. Give it a go!
  4. @Wim VD1 Ditto. Beautifully played.... I didnt detect a missed note anywhere, tone and timing very good, My only 'gentle critique" would be to pick up the tempo a bit, and watch the string noise. (Ever try it on a classical Nylon string guitar?) But having said that I confess I never got this tune right or anywhere close to a good as this. It was put on the 'back burner" to be revisted "some day" . I've sort of come to the conclusion that some players (like you) are just naturally good at fingerstyle.
  5. @pkotof Be aware that very light strings may require a neck or bridge adjustment. Light strings vibrate more and could could cause a fret buzz if the string height (action) is already low. The debate rages on on string gauge... players like Stevie Ray Vaughan who were renown for huge string bends, played very heavy guage strings (13-52 i believe) on his strat because he claimed the tone was so much better. Like a lot of things... just a matter of preferrence, really.
  6. @ak0693 String muting is a skill that you will have to develop over time. In this case, you would mute the adjacent string (the D) by just touching it with the end /tip of your finger that is playing the G String. It's not being sloppy, but deliberate. Other string muting methods will vary with the application, such as using the palm / heel of your strumming hand. This is usually done to mute all or most of the strings from ringing out with a type of strumming pattern. With the Triads, you can also practice controling your strumming so that it does not cover all the strings, but just the strings being played. Hope that helps you.. Neil Ps Steve K has addressed this matter several times in Live Lessons and elsewhere, so you may find it there or searching this site.
  7. That'll never do... your addicted like the rest of us. :0)
  8. Yes indeed..... Come on guys. Let's stick to the topic or create another. The site police.... Neil
  9. @Skip Russell @Ron Service @Wim VD1 You boys are really uping the level here on the Recording Challenge... well done!
  10. Very Well Done Skip! Not an easy tune I imagine. Nice clear playing and recording quality excellent. 👍
  11. If there is ever a " Student Perseverence Award" Doug should be the 1st recipient!
  12. Ok Steve; For all the gearheads out there... If you HAD to pick ONE GUITAR out of your collection of "tools", to the exclusion of all the others, which one would it be? 🙂
  13. Interesting discussion just in time for tonights Live Lesson of "Pedals, Cables & Gear, OH MY!" It would be interesting for Steve K, who has (I think) 5 or 6 guitars (all different) on which one he'd choose if he could have only ONE.

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