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  1. If you're looking for the greatest number of "effects" with the least amount of gear, I'd go with a digital amp that has plenty of them in the amp itself, vs a pedal board. Roland /Boss make some good ones... play don't fiddle with gear.
  2. I think I heard him say in a video that he learned to play with his fingers because he couldnt afford a pick and didnt want to bother his dear Dad to buy him one. We're the better for it.
  3. 1:38 thumb is called Travis picking named after a style by Merle Travis. I'll leave the rest to others..
  4. Hello Members: As this site matures, and the number of posts grows to into the thousands, let's be aware of the amout of data and storage space we're using. While I'm not privy to all the costs, I know from running my own website for business, that data space and maintence isnt cheap. As we're a free membership site, it's Steve that pays for it himself. I'm not suggesting you limit or refrain from posting, far from it! We want a vibrant and helpful community. I'm am suggesting we be aware and if you have a personal message or quick comment to someone, to use this feature, or a sticky note more often. It would make the posts more interesting to read, and reduce what soon becomes clutter. I hope this makes sense to you all... All the Best! Neil
  5. @mrp777 Thanks for the notice.. I'll pass it along to our tech dept. (Steve)!
  6. @Randy120 Im glad for you that you've found a digital amp that you are very happy with. Like youI my first ( and still only) amp is a Fender G DEC 30. I thought as a beginner Electric player that it would be ideal for me. But like you I found a myriad of choices and a not so hot menu confusing and difficult to use. So consequently to this day I only use 1 or 2 of all the amp models regularly, (called Jazzmaster ) I'd rather spend my time learnig and playing than fiddle. So, being fairly dissatisfied with the sound of the amp ad well, I am about to step into the world of tube amps. A somewhat retrogressive step, some would say. No menus, no multiple effects, no 99 amp models; just built in Reverb and tremolo ;that's it. Will this lead too massive spending on pedals and make my floor look like it's covered in black spaghetti? I don't think so. But this remains to be seen. So Randy I hope you really enjoy your new gear!
  7. Danny; That certainly isnt good news but what is good is you are alive to tell us , so thank God for that. I hope you and your family are uninjured. " Stuff " (even our cherished music gear) can be fixed or replaced, hopefully with insurance. We wish you all the best as you recover from this upset. Regards; N
  8. There are other good ones like AER and Henrikson if you have that kind of $
  9. The undisputed champ of acoustic amps is the Fishman Loudbox and the Loudbox Mini. They are made to work with acoustic pickup s like the piezzo, and sound much better than an electric guitar amp. If i needed an acoustic amp thats what id buy.Period.
  10. So you have to carry along an amp with these Traveller guitars (maybe a Vox AmPlug or AmPhones ... and some headphones) to get some audible sound out of them?
  11. ...Which is just one reasons why Wim has become such a good guitarist.
  12. Or Even a just piece of paper and a pencil to do this. Or nothing at all... just mentally say the scales in your head or out loud wotks too.
  13. @ChrisJ032I will avoid suggesting particular amps, but I would suggest you keep it simple. Some the digital amps have many menus , screen, settings and so forth which add various effects and look attractive. I found these kinds too "fiddley" and ultimately they detracted from my playind and practice. For home practice all you really need is a decent sounding low power amp with eq and reverb . Play them before you buy.
  14. That's acutally a very good idea. Sometimes you can find a very similar guitar in the store and use that, but I don't think any good store would object to you bringing in your own guitar.. I intend to do this once I've narrowed down the choices. (and hopefully can find them at the same store at the same time... like an "A" or "B" test) Nothing sounds quite the same as your own guitar.
  15. @Mike Hoodenpyle They are on Long and McQuade website( Canada) as an exclusive run. The Princeton should work very well with even melower clean tone using a h'b pup like on my ES335 or ES137.

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