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  1. NAD

    First impressions after 3 hours are excellent. It has 3 power settings, 50w, 25w and 0.5w which will easily cover anything I might need it for. The 0.5w is perfect for living room playing. It sounds and feels like a tube amp and is very versatile with options for anything between acoustic and metal. I'm particularly enjoying the blues sounds and it does a mean Angus Young too This is way better than my little Blackstar in my opinion and most certainly a keeper. I'm not quite sure if it will totally replace my beloved PODxt yet but it might
  2. Don't you love it when new gear arrives?
  3. Drone Baching Tracks

    I use drones quite a lot ...including that one
  4. Gibson - Running out of time?

    In today's news.....
  5. changing strings

    I do all my own fret work these days including levelling and dressing and to take the frets down to nothing says to me that the guy you took the lp to didn't really understand what he was trying to achieve. In your case a simple truss rod tweak would have been all that was needed. I'm sorry that happened to you. As others have said, Mr voros's maintenance DVD would be a wise investment and afterwards you will be able to make these small tweaks yourself with confidence and understand why you are doing them.
  6. Happy Birthday!  Take time to play a little guitar today.  It's your moment in time.

    1. Ice9


      Thankyou :)

  7. Happy Birthday Ice9, have a great day my friend. 🎉🎊🎸

    1. Ice9


      Thankyou :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Ice.

    1. Ice9


      Thankyou :)

  9. changing strings

    I've found it depends on the neck of your guitar and how big the change in guage is. If you're just going up or down one guage you should be fine but if you do need to have anything adjusted, it should be quite obvious straight away with buzzing strings etc.
  10. Gibson - Running out of time?

    And today I saw this ......
  11. Gibson - Running out of time?

    Exactly. There were other issues too. Nothing major but enough to make me feel disappointed. To be honest I'm glad it's gone and I doubt I'll invest in another unless I get to inspect it properly first.
  12. Gibson - Running out of time?

    That's true six ...until you want to swap the pickups out as I did. Then it becomes a royal pain in the behind. The pickups in my Gibson were connected to the circuit board with connectors with no real easy way to connect others of a different brand. I also wanted to change the cap ...couldnt do that either. I don't really see the point of buying a top brand only to be forced to rip most of it out if you want to change just one component.
  13. Gibson - Running out of time?

    I don't know if I got a particularly good one, but my epiphone special is better put together than the Gibson studio I bought last year. The more I looked at that Gibson, the more I found fault with it to the point where I sold it on. What shocked me most was opening the control cavity and finding a circuit board in there rather than proper wiring. I had no idea they did that until I saw it. It just smacked of cheapness.

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