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  1. Ice9

    Summer Fun

    That's what it's all about great stuff. Thanks for posting.
  2. Ice9

    Summer Fun

    Any videos of you guys? ... I'd love to see some
  3. I steer clear of anything Digitech mine also sounded awful. I've just traded my old and trusty Pod xt Pro to a Pod HD Pro x and couldn't be happier. Tweaking it is simple with the PC app and its great fun playing with the "pedal" settings. I think its very important to find "your tone". Learning to play is so much more rewarding and inspiring when you like what you're hearing instead of some "plinky plunky" notes in the right order. When I bought my new Pod it took me 3 days to find the tone i was after, but so worth the effort because now its there instantly whenever I want it.
  4. I do the same. Once I find my 5 or 6 presets I'm pretty much done fiddling with it. If you buy a simple amp which doesn't have the sound you want then the pedal rabbit hole appears, especially if you need 3 or 4 different sounds. I can see the appeal of both and if a loud cranked tube amp was an option for me then I'd definitely be taking it.
  5. I've tried a Katana, Blackstar HT-1r , Fender Mustang and several other small amps but I keep returning to Line6. I find that having my sounds instantly available and sounding the same at any volume very convenient. I recently traded my beloved old trusty Pod XT Pro for a Pod HD pro x and discovered that modelling has come a very long way in recent years. So .. POD HD Pro x into a Palmer Macht 402 power amp then to a 1x12 cab. as for guitars ...could be any of the 14 my partner and I own between us but the 335 is getting a lot of love these days
  6. This is very true. Sometimes the corridor sucks a little while your waiting for the door to open but it will eventually. good luck
  7. I've had the Kat 50 for a year now and love it. Very versatile. Check out this site for some cool patches https://guitarpatches.com/patches.php?unit=katana
  8. I lightly sand the neck on every guitar I get to take the shine off. I really don't like glossy necks. The amount of material you need to remove is negligible and won't change the neck shape unless you go mad.
  9. I've been using Alesis Elevate 5's for a good while now. Not expensive and sound great with my Line6 Podxt.
  10. There's nothing that will inspire you more than playing with other folk. These people are old friends and you will no doubt get a ton of encouragement from them. Go for it

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