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  1. Gary, congratulations on the new 335! Everybody should have a 335 in the guitar collection. Beautiful guitar and enjoy it a long time!
  2. Mick, Keith, Ronnie Talk About Missing Charlie, and 2021 Tour Lots more to this wide ranging interview than what follows. But here is an excerpt of Mick talking about Charlie: "The thing about Charlie was that he was such a quiet guy. I can’t think of that incident when he came into the room and said, ‘We should do this like this!’ I can always remember when he sat down and played ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking.’ He established this great rock beat, then switched it to Latin jazz. The thing about Charlie was that he was always there, always played beautifully and was always willing to discuss what to do about it – how he could make it better. He held the band together for so long, musically, because he was the rock the rest of it was built around. We had a lot of wonderful times apart from playing music together. We used to go and watch cricket. And when we’d get together, we didn’t talk about music. We talked about art, which he knew a lot more about than I did. But the thing he brought was this beautiful sense of swing and swerve that most bands wish they could have. We had some really nice conversations in the last couple of years about how all this happened with the band. It’s a huge loss to us all. It’s very, very hard. But we had wonderful times, and Charlie made some wonderful music.”
  3. You probably saw my post about our trip to Nashville and visiting the requisite guitar shops: Gruhn's, Carter's, Rumble Seat. The day after going to the Eric Clapton concert we visited the first two of those. And before visiting those I had given some thought to what I am missing in my guitar "stable". I had been giving some thought to this even before the drive down. And it became obvious what I am missing is the Tele "snap". I, of course, being a blues guy, or wanting to be, never saw me with a Tele. But then I thought about Robben Ford, Keith Richards, The boss Bruce Springstein, and others. And most influential among those was Robben Ford. Here is the blues guy playing a Tele. So with the decision made, or almost firmly decided, it was off to the stores the day after the Clapton concert. And certainly we had to hit Gruhn's first. They had about five Teles including a Vintera, a couple 75th Anniversary one, a Signature (I can't remember who) and a Professional. I didn't like the Vintera at all. I'm opposed to relicing. The Signature was way too heavy. And the was something distasteful about the Anniversary ones. They just didn't connect. But the Professional did. Gorgeous natural wood finish, not painted. And it played really nice. I didn't plug it in and told the salesman we would think on it. Which was code for we still had to check out the other stores. Which we did. We went to Carter's. And I was shocked. I'm not sure if before composing his Guitar Stores List @Dave White felt this way, but I found Carter's inventory to be way bigger than Gruhn. But nothing in the Teles called out. So the next day we went back to Gruhn's and I played the Professional plugged in. And it WAS awesome. I loved it. And kids! Here is the life lesson. I told the guy I wanted to think on it one more day. We were leaving town the next day and would stop back to play it one more time on the way out. And now you know where this is going🤔 On the way to Gruhn's my wife pointed out a shop and said, "There's a guitar store! Called Rumble Seat. why haven't we gone there?" So finally, we are packed and heading out of town and I am just going to swing by Gruhn's and pick up my new Tele. Which we did. At least stop by. And the Tele is gone! So we headed back to the parking lot with the intent of pointing the car west. And I said, "Ok. Just while we are here, so I can say I've been there, let's just pop in Rumble Seat". And we did. And they had a shocking inventory on the wall. A Strat played by Ronnie Wood and a Tele played by Keith Richards just for two examples. And about 10 Teles. And here is the one that spoke to me! It's a 2018 and it played great. And sounded great. And so Bryan @Plantsman13, it is going to be a very long time before another NGD post from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since being home now better than a week I've played almost nothing else:
  4. Bryan, I will fulfil that promise, hopefully within a day. And, yes, I see how it can appear I have had some "insider connections". But there is nothing sinister here. 😅 And I realize how fortunate I am. Not that anyone is interested, but we took the profits on a couple investments. Some of that profit is going to the new house (and new music room). We agreed to diverting a couple bucks to a few new guitars. And I can promise you there will not be another NGD for a long, long time, if ever!😏
  5. I alluded to it in my post in the thread about Nashville guitar stores. Surprisingly, as excited as we were about it, I didn't make a bigger deal about it. I don't know why I didn't start a new thread about it?!?! WE WENT TO NASHVILLE AND SAW ERIC CLAPTON IN CONCERT! One week ago today. What can I say about it beyond it was one of the greatest musical experiences in my life? My wife and I discussed it at length before clicking on "Purchase" on the Ticketmaster site. It was a significant investment, not just in terms of ticket cost, but it would be a two day drive each way and, if going that far, we decided to make a week long vacation out of it. But we reasoned that Eric may not be touring that much longer. We may not get this opportunity again. Immediately after the last song he played, before leaving the arena, we agreed we were so glad we made the decision we did! What an experience. The concert was an experience but so was the entire trip. We saw the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Ryman, most of the expected tourist sites. But what fun downtown Nashville is. Walk into a bar or restaurant and a band is playing. And the band is great! Walk a couple doors down the street and another great band is playing. Every few doors the same experience and all no cover charge. And not just country bands. Lots of cover bands. And here is what is almost depressing. Every guitar player is amazingly talented. Every one. And...........while in Nashville, I worked in a face-to-face lesson with Steve. And it was, predictably, hugely helpful, encouraging and educational. Thanks @Steve Krenz! Now I have to work on those 3 notes on a string scales! And the 7th chords! Oh, and I did mention the guitar stores, didn't I? Well I did hit Gruhn's and Carter's Vintage and Rumble Seat! And, yes, there will be a NGD post coming in the next day of two. I just have to get a photo. It's probably not going to be what most of you expect.
  6. Greg, this looks like great summer fun. I am really glad you were able to get out and do this.
  7. Thanks to @Fred B for resuscitating this thread. I'd be interested in what other acoustics people are now playing years later (after the original post). I hope some more people join in and share. It should be pretty obvious to you my favorite acoustic if you saw my recent NGD post. I am still loving this Martin M36.
  8. What great playing Neil! Very impressive. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for sharing it.
  9. LV, welcome to you. I will second what Doug just said. L&MG was never intended (in my estimation) to be the easiest course. It was intended to teach you to be a complete musician, including a knowledge of reading music and of theory. Or, as Doug said, "a real musician". The fact that you have your friend, that gave you the course, to bounce questions off of should be a plus. Or anytime you have a question or get discouraged come here and post on the forum. There are a lot of knowledgeable, helpful guitarists on here. And definitely attend Steve's Live Lessons on Tuesday nights. And please keep us up to date on your progress.
  10. Any particular reason Rumble Seat Music has never been mentioned in this list? I know nothing about them. I just stumbled across a video on YouTube where a vintage Strat was being demonstrated. And I'm doing my planning for our trip to Nashville in a few weeks to see Clapton. And here is a question for you all. We are going to spend several days in Nashville. Should I: Get it all out of the way at once. Visit all the guitar stores one day. Get all the pain for my wife out of the way in one session? Or, Sneak a guitar store in. Then do other things. Sneak another guitar store in. Do other things. Continue until they are all visited. Seeking advice here!
  11. A shocker. I had heard he wasn't going to tour due to "a medical procedure" but this is still a shock. Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dies at 80.
  12. @Fretless very definitely I find myself playing one more. But before answering that I can tell you that since getting them I have played almost nothing but acoustic. I'm an electric guy; always have been. After finally unboxing after the move in the new house, I picked up an electric for the first time about a week ago. Of course part of that is the new guitar smell. But it's more than that. I have just really enjoyed the acoustic more than ever since starting to learn. I don't know why that is. I had an acoustic before. But since getting these I have developed an appreciation for acoustic that was absent before. That has to be a good thing. To answer your question I really enjoy the M-36. I enjoy them both, of course. But given a situation I had to choose one, it would be that one. And, again, I don't know why that is. It is nothing more tangible than feel. Don't misunderstand, I really enjoy the M15. If it was all I had I would feel so very fortunate. It has such great tone. And the difference is so slight and just "feel". But you asked which.
  13. It is going well. I failed to mention in my op the cost of the 4 day school is $100. I can tell you after the first day, if all I received was that first day, it was worth it. Tim Pierce put on an (almost) 2 hours (1:15 - 3:00) Masterclass. Hugely educational. And at the end of the day he and Gary Grainger (bass), Greg Grainger (drums), Mia Samone (vocals), Michael Ault (guitar), Benji Porecki (keyboards), Bill Evans (sax) and PRS jammed. But it was so much more than a jam. They would play for a couple minutes and then discuss. And PRS would suggest, "OK. What if we want to funk it up more?". And they would play. And then PRS would suggest, "OK What if we West Coast it more?". I can't describe it better. It was a session in "feel". Fascinating. The sessions are going to be available after the school is over to anyone that subscribes.
  14. This is late notice, I know. I've known about it for days (weeks?) and been signed up for days. But in my defense I got a new computer and have been preoccupied with transferring everything. Paul Reed Smith's 3rd Annual Music School at Maryland Hall. I wanted to sign up last year and had a conflict. I hope it is as good as it sounds. "This Summer, Paul Reed Smith and Maryland Hall will present the “3rd Annual Paul Reed Smith Music School at Maryland Hall.” The school’s teachers are top professional musicians to include renowned guitar maker Paul Reed Smith, legendary drummer Dennis Chambers, world renowned guitarist John McLaughlin, celebrated saxophonist Bill Evans, acclaimed Celtic guitarist Tony McManus, YouTube guitar teaching experts Tim Pierce and Tyler Larson, and Session Directors Gary Grainger (groove & bass) and Greg Grainger (groove & drums), known worldwide as the “Grainger Brothers.” Included as well are some of Maryland’s best musicians, Michael Ault (guitar), Bryan Ewald (guitar), Benjie Porecki (keys), Mia Samone (vocals), and Bill Nelson (guitar). When faced with the challenge of continuing the successful summer Music School under COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, the entire teaching staff and Maryland Hall decided to make the school/summer camp accessible worldwide by offering a live virtual 4-day event. This year’s event will take place August 9-12, 2021. The school’s Masterclasses are open to musicians and enthusiasts of all ages around the world. Be ready for a fun, interactive experience of learning music with some of the world’s most gifted musicians, all from the comfort of your home. In addition, each day participants will be eligible to win one of four PRS guitars being given away during the event. As in years past, the school will make a donation to the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center."

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