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If you missed the live lesson this week, here you go!

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  1. Robin Trower Speaks

    And "Black Betty" and "Hotel California"!
  2. Jamming tonight!

    Everybody, thanks for responding. It was fun. We did some Stones, some Allman Bros., some Pink floyd (which I was lost on), some BB King. A lot of fun. I'm out of town on the cruise next week but we made pact that after that we meet up every Wednesday no matter what!!
  3. Robin Trower Speaks

    Maybe some day we'll find out the meaning of "A Whiter Shade of Pale".
  4. Session 8 Merle Travis Technique

    @UncleHammy, I don't understand bluegrass vs. flatpicking vs fingerstyle vs I don't know what else. But would Tuesday's Live Lesson about Flatpicking with Molly Tuttle be helpful to @Late Starter? That's not my area of interest so I watched very little of before going to go practice. But it sounds relevant
  5. Robin Trower Speaks

    Thanks for posting @Grog. Robin Trower is one of the greats. To me, right up there with Clapton and Santana. I was taking some lessons with a local guy and he was using "Day of the Eagle" to work on block chords with me that Trower uses so often. I had to quit but it was fun and I need to get back. I'm with @Maybellene, "Bridge of Sighs" is one of the best. Along with "Too Rolling Stoned", "Where are You Going" and "Daydream" and "Messin' the Blues" and ..............
  6. Carlos Santana

    @Oldjock, I can relate. Pre-Santana, but in high school I had a "53 Chevy. I took the 6 cylinder out and put in a 283 v8 , 4 barrel, 4 speed and matching rear end. Of course, Chevy hadn't come with v8 until "57 so anyone I pulled up next to knew that I was running a six cylinder. There were a lot of surprised faces after the race! The problem was that to put in the v8 I had to take out heater ducts. There was no room. It was cold in the winter! Then I got married....................................
  7. Jamming tonight!

    I am meeting up with a couple friends tonight to jam! Should be fun. I had mentioned over at L&M how a friend of mine and our wives get together occasionally for dinner. He wants to learn guitar but rarely practices due to his profession (and family stuff) just doesn't allow him the time. But they had brought another couple to dinner and the conversation turned to guitar playing. The new guy, Doug, is a really good player and his son is in our local blues organization's "Blues Ed" program for high school kids. His son plays a mean blues guitar! Doug had introduced me to another player, Steve. Steve and Doug and I have been trying to schedule a time to get together and jam for months. Tonight it might finally happen!!!!!!!!! We are supposedly going to ply "Wild Horses". It has three guitar parts and Doug is going to sing. As I said, it should be fun!
  8. Greg, thanks for the response. Did you happen to recognize the guitar in my profile photo?
  9. Those of us working session 13, "Playing the Blues", or anyone interested in Blues Rhythm or comping might find this article in this month's Premier Guitar interesting. It is titled "Rhythm Rules: 8 Ways to Navigate a 12-Bar Blues". No hot soloing licks here. "In this lesson, we’ll look at eight different 12-bar rhythm styles that you can expand on or alter to fit nearly any situation. "
  10. Gibson - Running out of time?

    It looks like Gibson made their interest payment. Lots of hyperbole in this article and since Gibson is not publicly traded we can't see the actual finances. But if what Juszkiewicz is saying is true maybe things will turn around? "He said that the company continues to streamline and focus its Philips brand consumer audio business on those products that have greater growth potential, as well as eliminating product segments that do not perform to our expectations and have little upside in the future. Gibson expects this strategy will lead to the best financial results the company has seen in its history within the next year, and an ability to pay back the company's debt in whole within several years."
  11. Carlos Santana

    8 track!?! We didn't even have 8 tracks yet when I became a fan. I remember re-positioning the needle over and over again to the beginning of " Toussaint L'Overture". It was the last cut on Santana III. How many thousands of times did I play that?
  12. Carlos Santana

    SMOOTH?! I see what you did there, @NeilES335
  13. Oh No Maria. Not out again?!?! Well, at least this time, if I understand correctly, you're only going to be out a month. Here's to a speedy recovery.
  14. @UncleHammy, you're describing Omaha as well. Both yesterday and today we had the sleet on top of ice. Everything around here, schools, etc., is shut down.
  15. NUSHGD

    "NUSHGD" = New Used Semi-Hollow Guitar Day! That's an new one! Welcome to the Guitar Gathering Semi-Hollow/Hollow Body Guitar Users Club (GGSHHBGUC)! @NeilES335 is President. Congratulations, Six! Really pretty guitar. Enjoy it.

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