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  1. You're right, Greg! About time you posted your contribution to your theme!!!!!😉😄 And great job in doing so. Some really enviable singing and playing on this. Thanks for sharing it. Somewhat off the topic of member recordings, and you "love Cheryl Crow" so my guess is you are already aware of this, but her new album is awesome. I'm not a huge fan but there is a song on it, and I can't remember now which one, that my wife really liked. So I bought her the album, called "Threads". Every song is a collaboration and it is a very diverse, interesting list of collaborators. Eric Clapton, Gary Clarke Jr., Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards, Joe Walsh, Lucius, Brandi Carlisle, just to name a few. I really like the album. Thanks again for contributing to the thread.
  2. Mike, if you are still thinking about the PRS this video will, I think, be very useful to you. It is a huge time investment, at over an hour in length, but it will be very educational about the PRS product line. He spends a lot of time discussing the McCarty 594, the S2 line and the Silver Sky. Had I not gotten a really good deal on my new Santana I would have seriously considered the McCarty 594. It is still on my radar should there ever be another guitar. (Don't tell my wife I am thinking about this!) And I had always thought the S2 line was an economical line because they are machine made. I now know that isn't true. Bryan goes into great detail about how the S2's are still handmade, but because of the shape of the guitar there are economies in building them. Keep us posted on how the shopping is going.
  3. Fretless, I have no doubt this music room is going to be awesome. Be sure and share some photos "when playing guitar, flute, drums, bass and keyboard as soon as the room is ready. " Please!
  4. Happy birthday Dave!  Thank you for all you add to this community.

  5. I was searching for a lesson on a song I want to learn (by Santana, of course). In my search results a backing track was listed. I glanced at this guy's channel and it appears he has a lot of high quality backing tracks for a lot of popular songs. All free. I am only offering my opinion on the quality of his tracks based on a statistical sampling on 1. So, as we say so often, YMMV. But "I Love You Too Much" seems well done. He has a playlist that he calls his "Cover Series". There he has backing tracks for 189 songs including Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Clapton, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Prince, AC/DC, Black Crowes, Hendrix, Eagles, and, most importantly, Santana, and many more. Enjoy.
  6. Magnit, that Spark does look really interesting. We had a brief conversation about it earlier this year. It seems to have so many tools for a practice amp. I just don't know what else they could have added for an at home practice amp. Autodisplay chords, jam tracks, audio interface, the list goes on. But I think that they have been shipping and I don't see any user reports yet.
  7. PRS has their weekly "Play at Home" challenge. And it offers backing tracks for this. There are 5 tracks 1 each a different genre. Free Download. I think, not sure, they change weekly.
  8. It probably doesn't need to be repeated that I am a huge Carlos Santana fan. It is largely because of him that I am here in this forum and trying to learn guitar. What many not know is Carlos' brother was a very talented guitarist in his own right. But many of you may remember him from the band Malo. Or at least you remember some of the band's songs. And I remember several occasions of Jorge on stage with Carlos, the most notable being Santana's South American Tour. Beyond that I've always wondered about Carlos and Jorge's relationship. I don't recall Carlos addressing it much in his autobiography. Being Carlos' brother or not, Jorge was a great guitarist and his passing should be acknowledged. Guitarist Jorge Santana, brother of Carlos, dies at 68.
  9. @pkotof, Phil, if you want to learn to set up guitars yourself think about getting the best instruction on doing so, Learn and Master Guitar Setup and Maintenance with Greg Voros. The people that have this that have reported back rave about it. (Don't follow my lead. I bought it and haven't taken the shrink wrap off yet!) The cost of the course is about what one setup and your local guitar shop would cost. And Steve has Greg on Live Lessons from time to time.
  10. But even SRV went to lighter strings. Here, in this video I had posted in the other thread, Dave Onorado, who is Rick Beato's guitar tech, talks about SRV's guitar tech describing his going to 10's not long before his death. It is at about 3 minutes in the video: And Doug, I have had just the opposite experience. As I have mentioned before, I went to 9's on 3 of my electrics. I did this just to make it easier to bend while learning that technique. I fully expected "thin and tiny" and figured I was just going to live with that while developing the finger strength necessary for bending. But I just don't feel I've given up the tone. I'm sticking with 9's and even thinking about 8's on at least one guitar. Part of it is, admittedly, just the fun of trying something different!😎😉
  11. Anyone else gone lighter strings? It was somewhat by accident. And I'll try and not make this too long of story. My granddaughter's little parlor guitar had a broken tuner peg. And she just reported she would like to take it up again. So, of course, Papa took it in to get that fixed! I thought since I'm going I will get strings changed on mine. Donning my mask, I took the guitars in, handed them to the guitar tech at my local store. As I was taking my guitar out of the case I found a set of "RARE" 10-48 "Extra Light" DR Phosphor Bronze strings in my case. I have no idea where they came from or how they got in there. I don't remember ever buying them! I asked him if he knew anything about them and he just said that he has put them on before. His response could probably be distilled down to "Why not?" BTW, I had 12's on it. I just started up the practice session this morning and tried them out. I like them! Going lighter, my first impression is I haven't given up any tone. I know it doesn't make sense. But maybe, just maybe, the tone was even a little fuller?? And I thought that I had pretty good callouses built up. But I have been playing acoustic a lot lately and the fingers are a little sore. The lighter strings will maybe give me a little break there. I just finished up about 30 minutes with the acoustic and another 30 minutes with electric and they aren't as sore as I might have expected. Anyone else tried these strings? Or a similar pleasant experience trying new, different strings?
  12. In @Eracer_Team-DougH and my defense, Mike did say he was also considering a PRS. And he later said he is considering a CE 24 or a 594 SC. So Doug and I perhaps took it a little bit tangential with the web broadcasts but still relevant. So let's not get the moderators (site police) involved. I'm sure that you have figured out the mods on this site are real jerks!
  13. Very nice, Wim. Very nicely done. I never did get Canon in D mastered.

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