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  1. I'm sorry. I should have given more than 30 minutes notice. I got the email about this earlier but didn't think to share until now. Jeff McErlain's weekly "Brooklyn Lockdown" YouTube lesson today is titled "Peter Green - Playing the Changes Pt 1". The Part 1 perhaps indicates there will be another part next week which you can catch live. For now you should be able to catch Part 1 on the replay. Beyond a nice tribute I suspect it will be educational.
  2. There was a really nice tribute article in Premier Guitar. "Green’s catalog of ’66 to ’70 remains a necessary touchstone for any guitarist seriously interested in exploring foundational British blues—or, simply, blues. Examined chronologically, it illustrates his evolution from hard-core traditionalist to a composer capable of both deep introspection (“Man of the World”) and psychedelic experimentalism (“The Green Manalishi”)."
  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Steve. Thank you for how much that you have taught me and all of us.
  4. Mandy, after you have worked with it for a while give us a review, please. I heard lots of grumbling on some other forums about the shipping delays. But the ones that have received it seem to sing very positive praise.
  5. I hadn't heard of his passing so thank you for posting this. His playing was always so soulful and moving. Probably no song of his demonstrates that soulfulness more than "Supernatural". It will always be my favorite of his. Wim, very well played and just a nice tribute.
  6. Yep, Henk. And this is reflected in the fact that I have never heard of a few on here!😮🤔😬
  7. I'm not sure how to answer you as far as how it's different. but someone above mentioned, I think, a Snark tuner, which has somewhat become the standard for a "clip on tuner". A very cheap alternative to the Snark, and the phone app mentioned is a Reverb tuner. Really cheap. $5. Although I don't know what the shipping will be for you. I have one clipped on my guitar right now.
  8. I think there are quite a few of us on here that accurately describes! Including my self in that group🤣☹️ Yep, "there's an app for that"! It is an economical solution and from my very limited observation seems accurate. I use one called Guitar Tuna. It's a handy little tuner and also has a metronome and a chord library.
  9. Steve is teaching a guitar training workshop for band directors and so there will be no Live Lesson tonight. But he said we would be back next week. So let's all use this time tonight for practicing! No slacking off!!😮 No TV!😉 I'm going to be working on this one really cool blues rhythm. Kind of a funky thing. And I've gone back and am re-working on pentatonic scales. What about everyone else?
  10. Mandy! Nice playing. Nice singing. Nice percussion. You did make it look simple.
  11. @Oldjock, I need hearing aid but keep putting them off. Your audiologist makes me sound like Carlos Santana and I am making an appointment with her and buying an airline ticket same day😮😄😎
  12. ^^^^ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Guys, thanks for adding to the thread. I should have mentioned in my op, and you guys probably know, Charlie is famous for playing his fiddle. But he definitely knows his way around the fretboard on his Les Paul!
  14. How many times did I listen to "The Devil Goes Down to Georgia"? It's hard to say; but a lot! Coincidentally, I just watched part of a concert with him last week on AXS tv. 'What a hero': Charlie Daniels mourned by Luke Combs, Meghan McCain, Luke Bryan, more stars

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