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  1. to raise money for musicians affected by Covid-19. Tomorrow, 3 PM Central Time This is from the email sent out regarding this: "Join Joe Bonamassa at 3PM ET this Sunday, April 18th as he hosts the 2nd Annual Fueling Musician’s Stream-a-Thon! Don't miss 3+ hours of performances from over 30 incredible musicians including several artists from our Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea lineup! All donations received during the stream-a-thon will benefit the Keeping the Blues Alive Fueling Musicians program, which raises money for musicians affected by COVID-19. Don’t miss out on this cha
  2. Craig, I know that you "pulled the trigger" but perhaps for anyone else looking this will be relevant. He starts off saying for home use it has to be less than 15 watts. Then demos some that are 22 watts or more. But those all have some form of attenuation. Rhett Shull's Best Tube Guitar Amps for home Use:
  3. Channel 105 and "Guitar Heroes" is not what they call it. Whatever they call it, it is interesting.....entertaining. I just came across it a couple days ago. The guest host when I first stumbled across it was Nancy Wilson. She spoke very complimentary of Pete Townshend and how he influenced her. She discuss a lot about Townshend's rhythm playing. And then, of course, played some Who music. I can't remember who she discussed and played next. Then the next day the guest host was Peter Frampton and he discussed and played BB King and Clapton. Frampton spoke at length about having BB King on hi
  4. You guys are making me very envious😡 Someday, I hope to make it there. (Yeah, I say that every year!) enjoy!!!
  5. Perhaps you are Henk. But then, so am I.
  6. I love it already after a couple minutes!! "A guitar. Like finding the woman of your life"😄😉 Btw, we don't allow advertising here. But since this is a documentary and you're not selling (your only revenues are from YT) we are going to allow this. (And I hope you don't mind. I made your YouTube url a clickable link. Maybe a little easier for folks.)
  7. Henk, congratulations on the beautiful new guitar. It is, as you described, gorgeous! I am curious why the requirement of 1 3/4" nut. Enjoy it a long time.
  8. I have seen many references to "Manny's Music" in different stories about different guitar legends. I remember in Clapton's autobiography his mentioning getting some guitar there. Henry Goldrich, Gear Guru to Rock Stars, Is Dead at 88
  9. @BrokenSpoke I'm not sure, when the dust settled, who ended up owning the copyright to the course. I would guess that Legacy now owns it since they sell it on the website and through Amazon. But knowing the answer to that is probably little more than an academic exercise. It's not offered anywhere as a digital download I've heard nothing to suggest that it will be offered that way anytime in the future. Of course, as you said, you could buy a DVD player and hook it up. Will that allow you to play them where you practice? Or you could do as @Fretless, I, and many others have done. Y
  10. 17!!!!!!! 17!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!? Do we really need 17 pedals on our individual boards? Of course we can argue about that ad infinitum. And if we come to some sort of agreement we don't need 17, how many pedals do we need? Which ones? If I recall Steve's video on this, there are 4 essential pedals: chorus, overdrive, delay and compressor? I'm not sure on Steve's 4th. I think it was a compressor. But here is an interesting article on what they consider the 17 Must Have Guitar Pedals. If you agree these are 17 must have or not, it is an interesting discussion about the differ
  11. Same here, Cinco. I wish I could help out. Doug got further into the course than I have. I bought it not too long after the main L&MG course. But working on the main course I just never started the Blues one. And I actually did start playing with others just before Covid-19 hit. I found 2 other guys to jam with. It was so much fun. We met weekly on Wednesday and I looked forward to it every week. And, yep, then the pandemic changed everything. With the great news of the vaccine(s) hopefully life will be back to near normal before too long!
  12. are appropriately named. These are Top Backing Tracks! To be clear, these are backing tracks, not jam tracks. Learning a song and want comping for your playing? These may be just what you need. Which is exactly how I came across them. I was looking for backing for Santana's "I Love You Too Much" and I don't know how I could find a better one. Nor do I know how they produce these. It is almost as if they have the original tracks to the song and just muted the lead guitar. They are that good. Santana, Hendrix, Clapton, BB King, Aerosmith, Prince, GNR, Zeppelin, they have th
  13. I will venture the compression pedal is one of the least understood pedals on our pedal boards. It is probably not fair to say this just based on my ignorance of the workings of the compression pedal, but if I am at all representative it may be true. I'm sure many, as I did, dialed in settings until it "sounded good" and left it there. This is the best explanation/tutorial video I have seen on how to use a compression pedal. There are many more videos on YouTube and also on places like Sweetwater, on their website, that have explanations. But most of them, the Sweetwater ones as perfe
  14. That's hilarious!😂 I remember seeing Steve Cropper somewhere talk about writing this. I think it was on the Ronnie Wood show. I don't recall that was the way it happened.🤔
  15. Thank you for the kindness in welcoming me to Guitar Gathering.  I am not familiar with the sight but excited to learn all I can.  Hello Mantonanjin!

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      Im in Houston and we are hurting down here.  we are not geared for cold weather....be back in touch

    3. SRV


      mantonanjin,  I feel inadequate on this new site.  Can you send a message To Steve that i need some online lessons and hes the best and I wont settle for less.  I am worn out trying to keep pipe from freezing and cleaning up the ones that broke from our freeze in Houston.  We are not geared for that.  My whole body hurts Brother!


    4. SRV


      I sent a message to Steve but have not heard back from him.  I hope he is okay!

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