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  1. Great accomplishment Wim. X 4! Great accomplishment and dedication! And thanks for all the sharing that you do here.
  2. What a great source, Triple-o. With chord charts!!!!! Thank you!
  3. @Nutty 1, Mandy!!!! I had to use Wim's words because it describe your performance so well! "you got cat class and you got cat style!" And you played all the instruments?!?!
  4. Hmmmm. I'm guessing this is more of a major setback on their journey. I'm not trying to be just sarcastic and skeptical. (well, maybe a little sarcastic.) Anytime, someone brings an original idea from that idea stage to market product it's beneficial to many. I just remain doubtful of the size of a market fro this expensive of travel guitar. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Eddie Van Halen, Guitar Hero, Dies At 65 "Eddie Van Halen, the guitarist and songwriter who helped give the rock band Van Halen its name and sound, died Tuesday after a battle with cancer. He was 65." His music is a little too hard of rock for my taste but it's undeniable he was tremendously talented guitarist. My wife and I were in the car and she was reading a news bulletin on her iPad about his death. I didn't realize that he is a classically trained pianist. Interesting guy. RIP EVH!
  6. Thanks, Mandy! The big difference between this one and the other one we discussed not very long ago is this one is at a LOT more attractive price point! for any of us on any sort of budget this one is probably going to be more realistic. Thanks again.
  7. There are some............interesting?.... guitars in that collection. From the weird to the weirder. But entertaining viewing. I'm still not sure what a "steampunk" guitar even is. Guitordian? 😁
  8. I posted a while ago about starting this session and, quite honestly, got distracted. But I'm back. And now starting it with a vengeance. But I got to going on the 3 notes per string, I'm just on the 1st form, F major scale, and trying to figure out what my goal/expectation should be here. I am focusing on saying and playing the notes with Steve. But is the goal here to actually memorize every note?! Or are we, as with the Pentatonic scale, just learning patterns? He does say that this is "a way...that help you learn the notes on the entire neck of your guitar". I think I know
  9. I have been thinking about trying some really light strings. I mean really light strings. I am talking Billy Gibbons light. I am talking maybe 7's. I have been thinking about this for a while and only procrastination has kept me from it. I was in my local store a couple weeks ago and they are nearly totally out of strings. And I don't see where they normally carry anything that light anyway. If you order strings online where do you recommend? Just glancing there is Strings and Beyond. And there is Just Strings. Anybody had experience with either? Any other recommendation?
  10. @Triple-o, thanks for starting this conversation. I hope we get some more discussion. I have never understood why two notes played together is a "double stop". You don't stop!🤣 @JaxJaxon, thanks for the violin reference. Is it the same usage? Two notes played together? Yes, triad is a term we use all the time. Steve had a Live Lesson or two about them. That makes sense. They are that important. I have heard some refer to Triads, somewhat in a slang way, as "little chords". And I've seen some, those same ones that refer to them as "little chords", talking about their importance i
  11. Don't Hold Me To This! I'm Trying to confirm it. This was a post on FaceBook. (So it has to be true! Right?) Neil Young's concert will be streamed free at 8 PM ET. I think that I saw on the news that the Farm Aid Concert is going to be streamed free. That there will be ongoing requests for donations. So I am guessing this is true. YMMV
  12. @TeleRooo, thank you for the kind words. But I think @Steve Krenz and @DianeB and @NeilES335 will agree, all the members on here are so well behaved, it makes our job very easy. It's a rare occasion that one of us has to step in. I deleted one post a week or so ago and that is the first time in months. This IS a "helpful positive place to come and share in learning" because of Steve's "guitar family"
  13. Thanks for the support on this policy, @LarryB. Are you working L&MG, or the Fingerstyle course or what is your interest? You should post an Introductory Post!

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