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  1. Neil, I just thought the "Easy Pop" series could possibly be of use to someone who has lots of time these days to practice. I think your idea of a "Resources Sharing Library" is a great one.
  2. And who am I to judge what is a good home?😉 Are you at that point in your learning you're ready to start playing some songs? Maybe at about Session 6 or 7 or higher? The Hal Leonard Guitar Method "Easy Pop Melodies" series has been mentioned on here, and over at our previous digs, many times as a great way to start playing songs and keep the learning fun. If you go to the Amazon link and then look at the Table of Contents you will get a list of songs for each one of the three: Easy Pop Melodies More Easy Pop Melodies Even More Easy Pop Melodies These have been untouched by human hands. I bought them, fully intended to study and learn them, and they went in my pile of materials "I'm going to learn". And never picked them up again. Fortunately, I suppose, I've progressed enough that I'm a little advanced for these now. If you want these, they are yours. There are only 2 conditions: 1. You put them to better use than I did. That you actually use them. 2. They don't go to the land fill. When you are through with them you, in turn, pass them forward. If you feel so inclined, when you receive them, you can look at the postage amount and my return address and send me postage. Totally optional. I don't know how to do this other than FCFS. If you are the first to send me a pm requesting them, they are yours.
  3. Doug, thanks for this reminder. Perfect timing!!!! I'm now, of course, not going to my weekly Wednesday night jam. I was trying to remember the name of the online jam software but could not remember it. I remembered us talking about it at the old forum. But what was the name of it?!?!?!?!? 😂🤔
  4. @Karabo, good to hear from you. I think there are a lot of people are using music to help "cope through these difficult times." For some of us it's listening to it. For others of us, many of us on here, it's picking up that guitar and trying to create some. Please keep us up-to-date on how you are progressing.
  5. I wish that I could say that I am making the most of this time. But I can't. Everyday I have great practice plans. I even print out my intended practice plan. "I'll get to it in just a little bit. " And everyday I hear a voice shouting, "Dinner is ready!" Where did the #$%^ day go to? Maybe today?
  6. Thank you Randy! It confirms my purchase of my Ultimate Guitar Pro account. (Which @DianeB talked me into😉) And 1 gorgeous PRS 594 Desi is playing)
  7. It's an indication of something. Although, I'm not sure of what. but every time I go to the TrueFire forum now, or try, I get a page that states "The Forum is Down for Maintenance". It's been down for maintenance ever since this discussion started.
  8. @NeilES335, I have had, until now!, much better response from their tech support. I have spoken with a guy name Ren and a lady, whose name I can't remember, and received remarkable resolution every time. And they did overhaul their site and to me it is worse than before! They use to have a fun, active forum and now it is a ghost town. Certainly not as good as here.
  9. Steve has in the past recommended the Ditto Looper and you just saw Neil recommend the 2X version. It is made by TC Electronics who is highly respected in the pedal industry. I have their Flashback delay and can't see myself ever needing a different one. I also have the Ditto Looper but have to confess I haven't worked with it as much as I should. Musician's Friend has a good description of it. I think, but I'm not sure, the main difference between the Looper and the 2X version is the latter allows you to import and export loops. There may be, and probably are, more differences. I'll let you study that😉 When you get ready to start using your looper Steve has a great instructional video for just $10.
  10. And have a copy of the March issue? For no reason other than disorganization I let my subscription lapse. I have resubscribed but until it gets started again I have been swinging by Barnes and Noble and picking it up monthly. I just picked up the April issue and realized I missed the March one😡 The March issue has the article/blues lesson about Albert King which I wanted. I went to their website for back issues and they have the February and the April issues but no March!!! Apparently a lot of other people wanted the Albert King lesson!😎 Does anyone have the March issue that you have finished studying? And would be willing to send to me? I, of course, am willing to reimburse you for the magazine and shipping. If so, please pm me.
  11. Congratulations on the new Tele, Dan! Enjoy it a long time. We are all looking forward to hearing something from it. @fray, do you know the rule? No pictures? It didn't happen😉
  12. Thanks, @NeilES335. Disappointingly I never did get the promised phone call.
  13. Well Neil, that was very unceremonious! Disappointingly so. That is a huge accomplishment and you are to be congratulated.
  14. To make sure I understand. The entire course? All 20 sessions?!?!?! If so, I missed that.
  15. Hello all! Finishing up 15 in the next couple days. I loved the power chords. Lots of fun and reminded me of my misspent youth😉 But it is time to move on to some Advanced Strumming. I'll meet you all here, probably this week-end. Who else is here? @NeilES335?

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