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  1. Anyone needing a new amp? A 100 watt amp (head)?! A 100 watt amp so small it will almost fit on your pedalboard?! For $179! That's what the Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day is offering. I don't know the first thing about Quilter amps. I've heard good things. But what have you got to lose? (other than $179). A back up amp? Or a practice amp? Or practice with headphones as to not wake the family? This is a head so you will need a cabinet if you don't use it with the headphones or send to a DAW or PA. It seems it has 5 amp models but I'm not sure on that either.
  2. Great points, guys. My first "good" guitar was my Gibson LP. I went shopping after I had been learning for a while. I was in the store and had tried a few when the salesman said that they had a used LP/Fender Blues, Jr. 3 combo package. They were like new. I said to him that I really wasn't interested in used. My wife was the one that forced the issue and said, "At least look at it." The salesman brought the guitar and it was immaculate. It looked like they had just unboxed it. I came to find out it was that very common story. The salesman relayed that whoever had bought it was going to learn guitar. He took it home and put it under his bed in its case. It remained there for a couple years until he just recently brought it back to the store and sold it back. I've had great success buying used and every guitar in my sig, except the Epiphone Casino and Strat, were purchased used.
  3. I had the pleasure of seeing Joe and Kirk, along with a lot of others, jam at the Artist Jam on Tuesday night of the Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea cruise. It was, as you would predict, awesome. Kirk also played rhythm for Joe at one of his concerts on the cruise. I also got to meet Kirk, got his autograph, and chatted with him (and Josh Smith) on that cruise at the autograph session. Just a really humble, pleasant guy. Kirk has a new (not all that new now) album called "Hold On". Really great. My favorite cut is "Gotta Right".
  4. Which Hal Leonard "Blues Guitar"? There are so many of them. I have Chicago Blues Rhythm Guitar by Bob Margolin that looks really good and I hope to start in the very near future:
  5. Yes, there is. Confusion that is. I have always just assumed it was a reference about Chicago and came about as a result of the exodus of people, including blues guys like Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy, from the delta south to Chicago looking for jobs. I further thought it came about the same time. It really represented Chicago blues to me. I never realized it was written by Robert Johnson long before this migration. Thanks a lot @Triple-o and @Dave White (for confusing meπŸ˜‰)
  6. Chris, To answer your question, "Yes", you've got it correct, assuming that you are using the pentatonic form 1. You could also, if you want more of an open string sound and ringing, play the E minor using open strings. It would be like the F minor only moved "down" one more fret. So: I can't, of course, speak for Steve. But I suspect he wants us to use the different forms doing this exercise. I tried to. So just using the first bar of the exercise, Cm, you could, as you did, play form 1 at the 8th fret. You could also play it using (red is the root) form 2 at the 10th fret form 3 at the 3rd (or 15th) fret form 4 also at the 3rd (or 15th) fret form 5 at the 8th or 20th fret I hope that I haven't confused more than helped. the whole idea is that with each key, with the different forms, you can play all over the neck. These are just for Cminor. The next bar in the exercise, Dminor, you can play all over the neck. Those graphics, btw, were stolen from this really cool, helpful website, Free Guitar Source. You tell it what minor pentatonic key you want. You then move your mouse across and it will highlight the different forms on the keyboard. Or you can tell it all. @ChrisJ032, sorry for the long answer to your question! I hope it was more helpful than confusing. The short answer is "Yes"πŸ˜‚
  7. Doug, I can't help with aany suggestions but I'm glad you started this thread. My Kindle is getting really "long in the tooth". Apps are taking forever to load. I'm going to have to replace it sooner than later. I've got lots of songs and, of course, lots of L&MG videos stored on it. So I am looking forward to the suggestions.
  8. I just finished up Jeff Beck: Still on the Run. Really interesting, fascinating. From the Showtime page: "Documentary following Jeff Beck from his earliest days growing up in Wallington, Surrey with his home made guitars, teenage friendship with Jimmy Page and the influences of guitarists such as Les Paul, Cliff Gallup and James Burton." Interviews with: Eric Clapton Rod Stewart Jimmy Page Slash Ronnie Wood David Gilmour Lots more I'm forgetting. An interesting part was when Clapton was describing his latter time in the Yardbirds. He was thinking of leaving and the group sent him to go check out Jeff Beck as his replacement. He said he saw Beck and said, "Man. I'm in the wrong business." Unfortunately, you may need Showtime channel, or a streaming service like Hulu with the Showtime add-on, to watch this.
  9. I'll go first. I'm working on the S 15 Bonus materials and working on the exercises. I am going to finish up (notice the overconfidence?) Exercise 2 Power Chords Drill. I am also working on learning Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight". Come on everybody, no Live Lesson so let everyone know what you are going to work on for that extra hour you have!
  10. From Steve from the FB page, "Just a reminder. No live lesson this week but we'll be back next week! " So let us know. In the absence of the Live Lesson what are you going to work on tonight? Let us know!
  11. Ask anytime you want and ask anything you want! I, I'm sure you suspect, love talking guitars and especially love talking about my PRS guitars!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž
  12. @William Nelson, I'm glad you received the couple responses you did. I love the sound of a 12 string guitar and one is probably going to be on my shopping list at some point. (Not soon. There are a couple other items on that list first.) So I was counting on this thread being educational for me. When you hadn't received any responses at first I was about ready to bump this. But, thankfully, Randy and Henk responded with a couple informative posts. And besides, I like the way you think! "it gives me an excuse to haunt the guitar stores"πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž
  13. It was a 1954 Les Paul Custom. Interesting because it had 3, rather than the usual 2 humbuckers. But do you know the entire story about the guitar? Frampton was on tour in 1970. The guitar was on a cargo plane that crashed and Frampton assumed the guitar was destroyed. It was returned to him decades later. NPR story about the guitar. Guitar World Story.

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