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  1. No, Doug, I expected that to work but it didn't. I think it was @William Nelson that thought it was a firewall issue. He took it home and printed it from his tablet. I tried printing it and the little revolving circle came up that told me it was doing something, thinking. But nothing happened. I sent it to my Canon Pro-100 printer. If I go to the print que for the printer there is nothing in the que. I also have a utility for making pdf's from a file. it saves as a pdf on my hard drive. If I send to it nothing happens. Just weird.
  2. There was some discussion yesterday in the chat regarding problems printing out the pdf for the lesson. Some could print it. Some could not. I realized too late that I fell into the latter category. I still can't print it. Did anyone that was having difficulty figure this out? Care to share how you resolved it?
  3. I think a lot of people are especially excited about this one, @Steve Krenz. I know I will be there.
  4. @Randy120, thanks for that link. You even provided a link that addressed my very scenario!! 😁😎 (In my case, a 45 watt amp. Close enough!) "In practical terms, this means if you connect a 50-watt amp to a speaker rated at 50 watts (or more), then you’re good to go. However, connect a 20-watt speaker to the same 50-watt amp and you run an increased risk of the speaker failing at some point down the line ... probably in the middle of your showpiece solo."
  5. No, Doug. Thanks for the response but I didn't explain well. I confused things talking about it. I know the Celestion is a 50 watt speaker. It's good with the Quilter. My concern is running the Quilter 45 into the little 20 Watt Orange 8" cab.
  6. Will I blow it up? Calling you electronics experts! In a moment of uncontrollable GAS, when Musicians Friend had one of their Stupid Deal of the Day, I clicked on a Quilter 45 Microblock Amp. Which was a perfect example of just that, GAS, since I didn't have a cab at the time to play it through!😬 Since then I have made a cab with a 12" Celestion Rocket 50 and it sounds great. It turns out my clicking without thinking has been fun. But! The 12" cabinet is still too large and heavy to take to my weekly jam. I'm thinking about an Orange PPC 108 8" cabinet. It's really tiny and my local store has one so I could grab it before my jam Wednesday. It's 8 ohms but only 20 watt rating. (I can not find any smaller speakers that can handle more than 20 watts.) If I play at the low volumes typical of our jams will I blow out the speaker or, worse yet, blow up the amp? I'm willing to risk trying it if my only risk is the speaker. But I don't want to risk the amp. The impedance match so I don't think I should melt the amp. But I want to check with some of you that know more about this than I do.
  7. Welcome back, Dan. I'm sure you had a great, relaxing time and are, as you said, "Eager" to get back to it. Sometimes a little break is just what we need in our practice. I know there are those that preach we never take a day off practice but I have found sometimes that break can be just what we need. Maybe I'm self justifying. My wife and I are taking off one week from today for a cruise to the Bahamas and then a few days in the Keys. My wife was very relieved to learn the guitar is not going with!😮
  8. @Randy120, Robbie is a great player and I have a couple of his TrueFire courses. I also watched one of his TrueFire broadcasts to promote his courses. As you said, he "has some good ideas. " Interestingly, he is also, apparently, a recognized interior designer in Nashville.
  9. I just received a promotional email from Premier Guitar on their Ebook, "Guitar Pedals – Mastering Guitar Effects by Rob Thorpe". And if you purchase this you get 10 other eBooks as a bonus.. If you go to this link you can see the list of freebies. I'm going to order it. And I should have done so before posting this so I could have reported. But I didn't. But it's only $20. And for those of us going down the rabbit hole of tone obsession it will probably be interesting. If you go to that link it will then link you to a full description of the book. when I get a chance to read some I'll add a reply with my thoughts.
  10. Ben, congratulations on the new guitars. It's always fun seeing your new acquisitions. I especially like that first one. Beautiful. I've never heard of a "Dark Fire". And I never thought I would be congratulating you on a new Tele!!!!!😮 And congratulations on the first ever, at least that I have seen, quadruple NGD!😁😎 If I had to bet on who would have accomplished that it would have been on you! 😉 Ron
  11. @Simira, very, very pretty. Very enjoyable. And a nice job of recording it. I sure hope that you will participate often in the Monthly recording challenge to document your progress.
  12. @NeilES335, very nice. And nice job on the recordings, doing both the melody and rhythm. Very, very pretty.

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