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  1. Every year I come back from the Bonamassa Blues Cruise (aka Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea) raving about what a great time it was. Because it was!!! 😉 It is consistently one of my wife and my greatest musical event of the year. Just such a great time. If you are ever considering it, don't hesitate. Just do it. But one of the additional benefits is that so many years we have met up with fellow members of Guitar Gathering, or as @Steve Krenz likes to call them, us, our "Guitar Family". And that is exactly what happened again this year. My wife and I had so much fun going to concerts with, having breakfast with, chatting with (about guitars of course) and just hanging out with @Tom M and his lovely wife, Sheila. The cruise is, as I have said so many times, one of our favorite times ever. Tom and Sheila just made it even better. From L-R: Tom M, Yours truly, Mrs. matonanjin, Mrs. Tom M
  2. I just got notice this morning of the next Crossroad Guitar Festival. I really thought that the last one would be just that, the last one. But here we are. And we just, as in within the last couple weeks, got our tickets to Clapton's concert in Denver in September, just before the Crossroads Festival. Look at this Lineup!!! Is there anything that I wouldn't give to go to what probably really will be, this time, the last one? I don't know what that would be! Heavy Sigh.
  3. Gary, congratulations on the NGD. I have heard nothing but rave reviews on the McCarty’s. It seems like even some of the normal naysayers have positive reports. I hope we see/hear some of your playing it here and your report
  4. matonanjin


    @Plantsman13 managing the environment just by humidifier on our furnace and monitoring the humidity with a hygrometer in my cave. So far, surprisingly, the furnace humidifier is keeping the humidity at 45%. I haven't watched it through a summer yet so I don't know if I will have to get a dehumidifier or not. I didn't watch it last summer. I should have. As damn humid as it is here in Nebraska I probably will. Why is the Paul's my favorite? A lot of it is the feel and, certainly, the playability. It just plays so nice. My first "nice" guitar was the Gibson 325, second from the left. Steve played it on one of his live lessons from Gruhn Guitars. Early in the lesson he commented on how nice it was. And it is so gorgeous, I fell in love. And I wanted something Steve played so the next morning I call Gruhn and bought it. But a while after that I was ready for another guitar and decided I wanted a PRS. The only PRS dealer in the Omaha is actually on the other side of the river in Council Bluffs. So I went there on a Saturday and the owner spent hours handing me guitars. I don't know how many I tried but he handed me Paul's and it was instant love. The first remarkable thing before I even played it was it is light. With my back issues that is about the most important metric. But it is so playable and over all just feels so great. It immediately after getting home became my number 1. Obviously I have bought other guitars over the years but it remains my number one. I bought the HB 1 (hollow body) so I have a really light PRS, but I still prefer the Paul's. I think most people on this forum know I'm a huge Santana fan. I knew one day I would own a Santana signature and it would probably become my main guitar. When that same dealer had a Santana come in I was there to try it immediately. And, being a PRS, it played beautifully. And, of course, I brought it home. And I love it but the Paul's does remain #1. I can't explain it beyond an indescribable, inexplainable 'feel". Part of the problem with the Santana is it is heavy. I can only play it sitting down. I have to say, the Santana SE is really nice. For anyone that doesn't know, the PRS "SE" line of guitars is their lower cost line of guitars made in Indonesia. Not even considering that it is lower cost guitar, it plays really nice. Of course it doesn't have feel of my core Santana but it is really nice. It is hot! I don't know what the difference is in pick-ups. It's still dual humbuckers but every time I plug it in I have to turn the volume down on my amp!
  5. Finally!! I got my slat boards up and the hangers attached. This is going to be so nice!!!! If anyone is interested here they are, left to right: 1) Martin M-36 2) Gibson 325 3) PRS Santana 4) Fender Stratocaster 5) PRS Paul's (My favorite!!!) 6) Martin 000-15M 7) Seagull S6 Classic 8. PRS HB1 9) Yamaha Pacifica 10) PRS SE Santana (I posted this photo in the members gallery but thought I would post a thread😎)
  6. matonanjin


    Finally!! I got my slat boards up and the hangers attached. This is going to be so nice!!!! If anyone is interested here they are, left to right: 1) Martin M-36 2) Gibson 325 3) PRS Santana 4) Fender Stratocaster 5) PRS Paul's (My favorite!!!) 6) Martin 000-15M 7) Seagull S6 Classic 8. PRS HB1 9) Yamaha Pacifica 10) PRS SE Santana
  7. Randy, thank you. I haven't looked at his materials for sale. But I find his YT videos entertaining and often very educational. As I have said on here many times, I have enough purchased lessons to last me for decades. So I don't need to add to the pile. But based on what I have seen from him I would suspect his materials worth the money.
  8. @Plantsman13, excellent points both!!😉
  9. Neil, that had to be so much fun to do! And your playing was so enviable. You sounded great! Thank you for sharing this and I did enjoy it.
  10. The editors at Guitar Techniques Magazine saw that we had this conversation about Hank Marvin and made the cover article about him!!! I suppose there is the possibility that they had already planned it. 😉 Planned or coincidence, this month's cover article is about Hank Marvin. I just got it yesterday. I am going to study it and if there are parts that I can share without infringing on copyright I, of course, will do so. Give me a few days or a week.
  11. I'm not selling it! We can't do that here. But for anyone starting out to build a pedal board. Or for someone needing a back-up overdrive. Or for someone stacking overdrives. Here is an inexpensive Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive on Reverb. This one seems really inexpensive at $38.20. There is $20 shipping. But it is described as "mint" condition and it has a 6 month warranty. So, again, for anyone on here that is starting out and building your pedalboard, the overdrive is the foundation of a pedalboard. I think it is fair or accurate to say that, after a tuner, if a person only has one pedal it would be overdrive. And this one seems like an inexpensive one to start with! You're welcome! Actually, if this becomes the start of your tone obsession and pedal addiction, you will hate me😡😉😁
  12. @Dig despite your claimed position a question, there is little doubt, at least to this observer, your position is one of an opinion. That little doubt can be the only assumption when your invited conversaants are "freaks" and simultaneously "brain damaged". And please don't try feigning sincere exchange of ideas with your offering "or is it me". We welcome a conversation about gear here. I actually wish we had more of it. I don't suspect we will see much more in this thread.

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