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  1. I don't mind telling you guys I am sorely disappointed in you! 😡 All this time, almost a year, and no one has posted this!
  2. We, my wife and I, first saw Josh Smith (and met him) on the Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea Cruise. He is one awesome guitarist. On the cruise we bought his cd, Inception, and after the cruise toured around the Florida Keys for several days. The CD was on nonstop in the rental car! The title cut is a beautiful guitar instrumental. As the title states Josh Smith has a new Signature Guitar, the FlatVI. Josh is probably fairly well know for his raving about his Chapin T-bird. In his article in February, 2019, Guitar Techniques he states, "The second I picked it up it was like, 'I was w
  3. @Plantsman13 how could you have walked "on too many previous posts"? Thanks for your input.
  4. I'm not sure why you need the metronome if you are playing along with the song. When the song starts you should be able to tap your foot, or however you get the beat, and then play along with that beat. But if you want to be able to get the tempo, to set a metronome, perhaps to work a lick or section, there are ways. First, most metronomes will have a "tap tempo" mode. This allows you to, as the name suggests, to tap a button on the metronome with the beat and then the metronome will set itself to that speed. On my Line 6 POD 500X the button is just called "TAP". On my phone app,
  5. Jay, you will find them worth the wait. But, yes, you want to get started. good luck to you. Anytime you have a question, or frustration, post here. The are a lot of helpful folks here always willing to answer/advise. Even if you don't have a question, post and let us know how you are progressing.
  6. @Oldjock completely off topic, admittedly, but what is your background that you taught CPR? (So did I)
  7. So after a judge granted Gibson bankruptcy protection, much of their problems due to an acquisition feeding frenzy, they acquire another company? I'm not saying this is a bad acquisition. At least it is core guitar/music company unlike some of consumer electronics businesses Juszkiewicz went after. But I wonder what Gibson's bondholders and other lenders are thinking right now. I wonder if the bankruptcy trustee had to approve the purchase.
  8. Thanks for your input. If you think about it report back on the Robbie Calvo courses. I don't know how I was alerted to it, but I watched a live lesson that Robbie gave months ago. Probably more than a year ago. He talked a lot about double stops and, as a result, I bought his "Double Stops Chops". Purely as an interesting aside, Robbie, in addition to a guitar instructor and Nashville session guitarist, is an award winning interior designer! According to his website "Robbie was awarded best in Nashville 3 consecutive years "!
  9. Merry Christmas Everybody! And Merry Christmas from TrueFire. (Not that I have the authority to speak for TrueFire because I don't😬) But I think someone may have mentioned their 12 days of Christmas sale. This sale always culminates with everything that they have put on sale at various times being on sale at once, on Christmas day. That is happening now. I tried to count but couldn't. But they have well over 100 $5 downloads on sale. I am guessing close to 120 titles. (Which is especially annoying because I see quite a few that I paid full price for!😡) Their email I rece
  10. Congratulations on the new 335! You can't go wrong with the classic blues guitar. Enjoy it for a very long time.
  11. Well, you clearly have your priorities jumbled, Mike😮😉 Skip work and pick up that beautiful guitar! As others said, I love the back. And the sides! Enjoy that guitar a long time!
  12. Thanks, @Triple-o!!!! If ever there was a song that can described as fun!!!!!!!!
  13. Yes, @Oasis. Exactly what @Wim VD1 recommended. The first 10 or so sessions of Learn and Master Guitar are the basics of learning guitar you will need for any type of playing you will do. Then with session 10 Steve starts to specialize. Session 10 is fingerstyle, 13 is blues, 15 is rock, 18 is jazz, etc. I would suggest you finish at least session 10. At that point you can decide if you 1) want to complete all of L&M G; 2) switch over to the Fingerstyle course, or 2) continue in L&M G and start on the Fingerstyle course working it concurrently (if you have the time to do both).
  14. @Ionut let me think on the G chord and get back to you. Hopefully, someone more qualified than I will get back to you in the meantime. Regarding the A chord, I have seen it played so many different ways that I have come to the conclusion that if it works for you, Great! In fact, for any chord, I think a lot of people agree that if it rings out clearly and the fingering works for you, that is the perfect way to play it! My philosophy has become, "If it works and doesn't spook the horses, perfect!" My own journey with the A chord is somewhat illustrative. I started out fingering t

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