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  1. Do you think you understand modulation pedals? Or want to know more about them? Or starting out with pedals and don't understand the category, "modulation pedals". This video is for you. Actually, if you are early in L&MG and starting to think about pedals, and starting down that "rabbit hole" we call tone, there's nothing wrong with jumping ahead to session 15, "Electric Guitars - The Heart of Rock & Roll". At least I don't think there is anything wrong with doing so. In addition to the excellent lesson on power chords and everything else that makes R&R, Steve goes into a section he calls "Guitar Effects". Here he discusses distortion, chorus, delay and reverb. Or, if you have started your pedal board, or are ready to, you need to study Steve's video on how to do just that, How to Build an Electric Guitar Pedalboard. So much information for only $15. But now you want to know more about modulation? As I said, this video is for you. I don't think there is any more nebulous group of pedals than the modulation one. We all know the chorus as a representative member of this group. And it's one of the first pedals to go on most of our boards. But what about tremolo, vibrato, rotary, phaser, flanger? Josh Scott, of JHS Pedals, goes through all the different categories and types of modulation pedals. And he does it in historical order, adding a little historical insight with each, making it even more interesting. And he does it with his usual tongue-in-cheek humor. If you are getting started on your (addictive?) journey on pedals and tone I'm confident this is going to add to your knowledge of modulation.
  2. Wim, really nice recording. I enjoyed it a lot. David has some very good blues courses on TrueFire. And I don't know if you are on his mail list or not. If you are, you know his writing is right up there with his blues teaching, always fun and entertaining.
  3. Of course!!! Which type of guitar you use should be dictated purely by which you enjoy most. Nothing else. Some use an acoustic for the course; some an electric. Some, like Doug ( @Eracer_Team-DougH) and myself, use both.
  4. I mentioned above we are moving and the new home has a music room/studio/man cave that is huge. This is it! This was shot before the move and I would be too embarrassed to show it to you now. But it is mine!!!! All mine!!!!! 😉🙃 It is a shambles with boxes everywhere. But I hope that I can show you an organized practice room in the near future. @DianeB is helping me with that by PM. Thanks Diane! Practice has been almost non-existent the last couple months. But, hopefully, in the very near future I will have no excuse. And, I took a Zoom lesson with @Steve Krenz recently (before starting the move). Predictably, it was hugely helpful and educational. Of course it was! And I purchased 4 more lessons. So with the great practice space and lessons with Steve I am going to have no excuse to not progress and finish up L&MG!!!!! Finally.
  5. Yes! Diane, a lot of us are living vicariously through you. Keep the news & updates coming please. Is Corey there? I recall Steve had him teach a blues session one of the early Guitar summer Gatherings.
  6. @DianeB I'm sure that @QuietlyBold appreciates the pdf on setting up a home studio. But so you know, I also appreciate it. I haven't shared on here the fact that my wife and I are moving after 41 years in the same house. We are "moving to town" as the expression goes (in the rural community). I won't go in to the significance of the expression. It means much more than just changing mailing address. But because of the move, which occurred last Friday, I haven't been practicing and probably won't for another week or so. But............. the new house has a room that is huge and is going to be solely Ron's studio/music room/man cave! so I am interested in any suggestions for making it an ideal practice space. Thank you!
  7. You people make me very envious. Have a wonderful time! "Learn all you can!"
  8. This just promises to be fascinating! I'm definitely going to have the DVR programmed to record this one. Thank you for the heads up, @DianeB!
  9. The annual Sweetwater Gearfest is all online this year. Today was the first day of it. Tomorrow Paul Reed Smith and Tim Pierce have a presentation at 12:50 PM: "Paul Reed Smith & Tim Pierce: Guitar Tone Master Class Looking to get the best tone from your guitar? Join music legends Paul Reed Smith, founder of PRS Guitars, and Tim Pierce, one of LA’s most sought-after session musicians, as they reveal the secrets to monster tone." Most of you know I'm a huge fan of PRS Guitars. Tim Pierce has some very interesting, educational YouTube Videos and is a monster player. I'll be watching!
  10. Mike, as I have said so often, I can rationalize anything!!!! 😉😆 @Fretless and @Wim VD1 I appreciate it coming from two guys whose playing I have come to respect so much.
  11. I was, as many of you recall, trying to decide between the Martin 000-EC and the less expensive Martin 000-15M. Actually, as you also may recall I ended up going with the Martin M-36, which I am enjoying immensely. But I had that nagging, "what if?" . By going with the M-36 I saved significantly from what I would have spent on the Clapton. What else could a guy do? What is the only logical thing to do with those savings?!?!?!? 😉😆 Today, I picked up the little 000 Martin Mahogany. I have only played it a little since getting it home. But with it forecast to hit 104 today I am going to be spending this afternoon in the house. But thus far I can tell you it is an entirely different sound than the M-36. A lot fuller, robust lows probably due to the mahogany. And so playable and the 000 size is really comfortable to me. It is going to be another great, acoustic blues instrument, like the M-36, but, again, different. I'm thinking, In the very near future, of starting to try some acoustic slide. So I suspect one of these will be dedicated to that and probably tuned to a different tuning. After some time with them I'll decide which. And, again, forgive the horrible photo. I'm getting it out of its case!
  12. Thinking very seriously about the Martin 000-M15. I was deciding between it and the EC. By going with the M-36 I do have enough savings to go with the M15. Only makes sense doesn't it?!😉 (I can rationalize anything!)
  13. As some of you may have seen, last week I asked for advice about Martin guitars. And, predictably, I received some great advice from you. But! I didn't follow your advice😉😆 Not exactly anyway. I had largely decided on the Martin 000-28EC, the Clapton signature model. I had played one at my favorite local store, heard great things about them, reviews, etc. but held off. And now there are none in stock locally; I would have to order online. After getting your advice I went back in my local store, which is Lidgett's in Council Bluffs, IA. I asked him, "I know that you don't have a Martin Clapton signature in stock. But what do you have that I would like?" He replied, "I really think you need to try this one that I just got in. It's a Martin M-36. It's similar in size to a dreadnaught, but not as thick. A lot of people find it comfortable and it sounds almost as full as a dreadnaught" You know how we often use the expression about guitar shopping, "Find the guitar that speaks to you"? Or something similar. That is exactly what happened! It is really comfortable. It plays and sounds great. And I came home with it today. And.......it was significantly less money than the EC! Sorry about the horrible portable camera photo but I wanted to snap this to show you and get back to playing it!!
  14. What fun this would be, @DianeB!! One of my "bucket list" items has been to visit Alaska. And now to combine that with a guitar camp!!!

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