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  1. Yes, @DianeB! What is meant by "and Greg Voros is doing much better."?
  2. A bass?!?! Very interesting @Randy120. I have posted on here before the fact I played bass in high school (which was many (I won't say how many) decades ago. I have toyed with the idea, on more than one occasion, of getting a bass. Congratulations on the NGD NBD! 🤔
  3. Happy Birthday, Dave.  Thanks for all you contribute to our discussions.

    1. Dave White

      Dave White

      Thanks much!

  4. Really nice arrangement, Wim. Really nice. Thanks for sharing it.
  5. @Eracer_Team-DougH maybe partially the reason he is now doing lessons? (Truefire and his Masterclass?) I didn't think he would ever be bothered by lessons. At least with this format he is not going to be doing one on one.
  6. On more than one occasion on this forum we have discussed Joe Bonamassa's guitar collection. That discussion often includes his vintage Gibson Les Pauls and very often the value of those. One of those LP's is named Johnny B. The current Premier Guitar magazine discusses Johnny B and Rumble Seat Music where Joe B acquired it. "Joe wielded this truly exceptional-sounding guitar in many shows across the U.S. You may have seen it onstage". Yes, I have! I saw it onstage several times on Joe's Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea cruise. In fact, the most recent cruise I was on had Joe in a session with several of his vintage Les Pauls along with Norm of Norm's Rare Guitars discussing the vintage guitar market. Because of this I mistakenly assumed Joe got his one or more of his Les Pauls at Norms. If I understand this article Joe B has Johnny B for sale at Rumble Seat Music listing it for $278,000. The article does not touch on why Joe is selling one of his famous Les Pauls nor why this particular one. On the cruise he brought at least 3 onto the stage. Maybe 4. And why this price tag? At the time Norm valued them more in the $425,000 range. Has the vintage market softened? @Eracer_Team-DougH what say ye? @Dan Brown? btw, if you are ever in Nashville, be sure and hit Rumble Seat Music. Of course, one has to hit Gruhn's and Carter's. But Rumble Seat is unique. And, if you recall, I purchased my Tele there. Tiny compared to the other two. But some very unique vintage stuff. When I was there last fall he had a beat up Strat and a beat up Tele on the wall. Previously owned and played by Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards, respectively. Definitely worth the stop. @Dave White agreed?
  7. Congratulations, Mike! What a beauty. You now have even yet another reason to looking forward to retirement: more time to spend with that gorgeous instrument. We are all looking forward to hearing that recording.
  8. The pressure is on @DianeB!!! We, some of us, live vicariously through you!
  9. Nancy, you are echoing what I say every year!!!🥵
  10. Yes, @Nairon! As @Gary Nelsonsaid, "Hang in there". It will come. We all found it "rough going" with barre chords. Keep in mind with barre chords there is the extra element of developing finger strength in order to master them. With everything else that you have learned so far it has been a matter of learning and practicing the technique to improve it. With barre chords one must also build up the muscle strength for the fingers forming the barre. That just takes time to build that strength and there is no shortcut. If you have learned the different Fifth and Sixth string forms and you are comfortable with them, consider moving on. If you know the major, minor, 7th, minor 7th and sus form for both 5th and 6th strings, if you have them firmly entrenched in memory, I think Steve would be ok with your moving on. Just continue to allocate some practice time each day to developing that finger strength. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your progress.
  11. Would you? Would you spend $35 for a pick? If we are spending $35 on it, shouldn't we call it by its proper name, a plectrum?🤣 And, if we put it in perspective, consider it proportionately to what we pay for guitars, does it not seem so outrageous? (Answer, that doesn't work. It's still outrageous 😏🤔) I love V-Picks. It's all I use anymore. Most of the time it is Vinny's Screamer. The rest of the time it's his Tradition or one of his others. Often it's the opposite extreme, one of his Ultralights. But as much as I love V-Picks, and as gorgeous as the Fire is, and it IS beautiful!, I'm not spending $35 for a pick, er.., excuse me, a plectrum. Actually, I thought I was being extravagant at $5 for my Screamers. I have a handful of them. And I probably have 3 dozen V-picks. What do you think? Can you justify that kind of investment in a pick? If you subscribe to the theory, and many do, that our tone starts with our hands and fingers, the pick is the TRUE beginning of our signal chain! So let us know what you think. And whether you would or not, what are you using for a pick?
  12. Highly unlikely that it is still for sale. That was on an auction so most likely it sold. The only possible way that it didn't sell is if the auction did not generate high enough bids and the seller declared "No Sale". Given the signatures on the guitar, in addition to Willie, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings , Kris Kristofferson, Roger Miller, and Rita Coolidge, I can't see that happening. But who knows? If you are interested in it, you could contact Heritage Auction and ask them to contact the buyer and see if he is interested in selling it. Edited to add: @JRopski, I logged in and it shows that it sold for $3,500.
  13. No matter how experienced (or inexperienced) you are in your guitar learning journey, at some point you are most likely going to want to record yourself. There are a lot of reasons for this other than sending the recording to Capital Records hoping for a deal! Send it to a band mate, Send it to Steve for review, Record it for yourself for review. At some point you will want to record yourself. Getting started recording is hugely intimidating and confusing. At least it was for me. TrueFire has a free course right now on home recording. A lot of us over the years have used TrueFire courses to complement our studies. The feedback I have always heard here on TrueFire courses has been positive. I have a lot of them on my hard drive. Introduction to Home Recording for Guitarists.
  14. I have now seen him approaching a dozen times. Last night was not just the best concert of his I've seen. It is close to the best concert ever. I hesitate to call it that only to take some time to review all my concert experiences. But when the rumination is done there is little doubt it will be up there.
  15. I don't know that I need a Fuzz Pedal or will. But then I do want to learn the Kinks "You Really Got Me"! And soon. I gotta have a fuzz pedal for that, right? Come on, please. Encourage me! 😏 Fuzz pedals are in that category of overdrive/distortion/fuzz. I've got the overdrive covered with my Tube Screamer. But I'm still looking for when I need that really nasty. Rumour has it that Ray Davies took a razor blade to his speaker to get the fuzz tone. Other things I've read dispute that. I'll have to recheck my copy of "Record Collector ,The Kinks" to see if it addresses that. (below) for anyone else looking for one, Josh Scott of JHS Pedals does a great job of describing the different types. He breaks it down to different number of transistors, or topology. Probably more information than anyone needs to know but Josh does, as he so often does, make it interesting. A great introduction to different fuzz pedals available. I'm off to Reverb to do some shopping. 😆

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