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  1. The title is self Explanatory. The Five Most Expensive Guitars Ever Sold
  2. And thank you for sharing your inspirational, encouraging story!
    Really helpful to have the list of power chords in one file to reference! After a while we learn the "root and up two frets and up two strings" rule. But until then this is a hugely helpful "cheat sheet".
  3. Theory?!?! Paging Ms. @DianeB! Paging Ms. Diane B!!!
  4. George, thank you. I actually own the Blues Spotlight course. (the plastic wrap is still on it!) I've owned it quite a while and need to start. I've already proven I have trouble with fingerstyle so I'm not sure I will pursue that more!
  5. Congrats, Wim. I've thought about a resonator. I'm now thinking about one again.
  6. Saw Bonamassa again Friday night. Just a tremendous concert. His concerts always are. I just don't understand his naysayers out there. Well, maybe I do. It's social media! But I think he is one of the greatest contemporary blues guitarists today. He is an acceptable singer. The band included Reese Wynans on keys. You all know him from Stevie Ray Vaughan's band. Rhythm guitarist was Josh Smith who also took a couple lead guitar spins. Some of you may know Josh from TrueFire and he has put out a few albums. Joe introduced Josh as "the greatest guitarist on this stage". He may be. I've seen Josh at his concerts and he really is a great guitarist. I don't know who was on drums and bass. Not Joe's regulars. And three women back up singers. The band played for two hours and 20 minutes without break. Actually one short break before the encore of one song of about 7 minutes. Should Bonamassa's "Time Clock" tour come to your area just don't miss it!
  7. Diane, thank you. There is a group among Steve's Guitar Family that has been so encouraging during these years. And helpful when I had questions. No one moreso than you and especially with questions about theory. Thank you again. @jasn, there is no way I can encourage you more to do so. Of course, you could take a lesson locally. Or probably, I'm not sure where you live or how available local teachers are. But Steve has an uncanny ability to almost immediately evaluate one's skill and determine what the student needs. I mentioned the lesson with Steve in Chicago. I met Steve and he said "Play something for me". I was apprehensive and self conscious and so he took out the L&MG lesson book and said "Play this". Five minutes later he is working with me and working on exactly what I needed help with! @Dave White I like the way you think😉
  8. Finally! After years I am pleased to announce that I have completed Learn and Master Guitar! My signature doesn't reflect this yet and I will change it. I took a lesson with Steve in Nashville last August on session 17. And then I completed it shortly after that when I got back home. I then finished the remaining 18-20 over the next months bringing us to now. What a great few years it has been. I looked at many different avenues to learn guitar not long after Santa brought me my starter guitar kit. I looked at some online sources like Justin Guitar and Guitar Tricks. I, of course, considered one on one lessons with a local instructor. And I took a couple lessons with a local guy. But when I distilled it down I decided L&MG was the route for me. And what a great decision it was. Certainly, an enjoyable part of the journey has been the friends I have made on the original forum and here after Steve moved us here. Enjoyable and helpful. Anytime I was confused or frustrated I knew I could come here and find answers or just encouragement. It's because of this forum that I met @Dan Brown on the Keeping the Blues Alive cruise. He and his lovely wife, Diane, have become friends with my wife and me and an important part of our lives. See you next March, Dan! I mentioned the lesson with Steve in Nashville. Some of you may remember I also flew to Chicago to take a lesson with Steve not long after my starting L&MG. Not only did I get the hugely helpful lesson but I got to then spend some casual time with Steve including lunch and a trip to the Chicago Music Exchange. Numerous zoom lessons with Steve have unquestionably been significant in my learning. Most importantly, I have come to consider Steve a friend. To be completely truthful, and you can also see this in my sig, I haven't finished session 10. So I suppose you can make an argument I haven't really finished L&MG. I really struggled with it and consulted with Steve. He suggested that I move on and that is what I did. I really should go back and complete it. "What's next?" you logically might ask. Since somewhere in the second half of L&M, session 12 or 13 or so, as so many of us have, I've supplemented my studies with some outside learning materials. And I have lots!🤣 Certainly, whatever I study is going to be blues based. I think the very near future is going to be dedicated to just learning some songs I've wanted to learn. I'm thinking "Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream is next. Thank you every one! It's been nothing but a joy to be a part of @Steve Krenz's Guitar Family these years.
  9. Back to seriousness, at least temporarily, I was surprised at the top two. I didn't realize that Kurt Cobain's guitars has surpassed the record set by David Gilmour's Black Strat. Somehow the sale of those two occurred without popping up on my radar. Clapton's "Blackie" selling for whatever it did, $950,000? is not quite as shocking now. Whose guitar is left to sell at auction? Are a lot of our classic rock pioneers' guitars lost? Or did they switch guitars often enough to where there isn't just one to command that ridiculous premium? BB King didn't, as an example, have just one "Lucille". Hendrix's, Duane Allman's, John Lennon's and Garcia's are sold. Is this why we are now moved from "Classic" rockers' guitars to "Grunge" rocker Cobain's guitars? Whose guitar is going to sell next for the ridiculous multimillion dollar price? Or are we done with these astronomical prices for Guitar God's Guitars? How many million will @NeilES335's Gibson 335 bring at auction?!? What is everyone's prediction?
  10. I don't know Dave. I just worry travelling with it!🤣🤣
  11. @jasn really glad that you are going to make it this year. I know you will, but I am going to encourage you to do so annyway. Please report back here with your experience. That way those of us that can't make it can get a "taste"? a "hint" a "glimpse" (which is the right word?) of your experience! We are envious.
  12. @F Scott, welcome back and good luck to you. Lots of people, in the years that I have been here, have started, set the guitar down for a while, and restarted. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Be sure and come here and post if you have a question or get frustrated.
  13. Eric Clapton, the sequel? Eric Clapton, Part Deux? Sorry. I posted about seeing Clapton in Nashville last fall and what a great trip it was. And it was just that. A great trip and perhaps one of the best concerts we have had the opportunity to participate in. A fun several days in Nashville including a lesson with Steve and the concert. What a fun city. We just found out not long ago the Clapton is going to have a very short tour in the US. Only a 6 city tour and one of those, Chicago. He announced the tour in May and we, at the time, were satisfied having seen him. (Another bucket list check mark.) I don't know why I checked with Ticketmaster a couple weeks ago and tickets were still available. So the decision process started again. How long should we go for? Where do we board Clapton? (The dog). Etc. We were all set to (or I was) click on "Purchase Tickets" when my wife further complicated the decision process. She informed me that Jackson Browne is playing in Red Rocks Amphitheatre at about the same time. Instead of driving approximately 500 miles east to Chicago to see Clapton we could drive a little more than 500 miles west to see Jackson Browne at Red Rocks, Colorado. I think that my wife, ever so slightly, favored going west. I, by I think about the same very slight edge, leaned towards east. The final logic we came up with is, even though they are close in age, Mr. Clapton is a few years older. It's more likely, maybe, we will have another opportunity to see "Running on Empty" performed. So in a few weeks I'll report back, again. Of course, the trip will include a trip to Chicago Music Exchange. Mrs. matonanjin surprisingly, cheerfully already approved that. Negotiations included equal time at a favorite home décor store. 😉 Opening day of the Chicago Bears vs San Francisco is the Sunday before the concert. Maybe Soldier Field will be included? I will be reporting back!

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