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  1. Congratulations on a great looking guitar. I was at a local Club featuring Nicole Zuraitis, a jazz pianist who has a lovely voice, and her guitarist was performing with a Telecaster-like guitar. I’m not a Jazz Cat, but the Tele surprised me. Go figure.
  2. @Eduardo Do what works best for you. Nuances and techniques of finger style are scattered all over the board. Thumb and 1 finger, thumb and 2 fingers, along with the ‘standard’ thumb and 3 fingers have worked for many artists. I personally favor the ‘standard’ only to stabilize my right hand and allow me to focus on what the music is asking of me. A good example is an alternating base groove (with muted palm for that trademark thump) with a busy melody on finger style blues. So just enjoy the ride, Bryan
  3. Does make one wonder if Willie Nelson's acoustic, hole and all, will ever get auctioned? Definitely one-of-a-kind worthy attention! 😀
  4. Great workaround, but that guitar would demand First Class seats!! 🤣
  5. @matonanjin I’m jealous! Unfortunately, the ‘aging’ argument might have too much validity. I saw JB, with Sean and Sara Watkins accompanying him, in a small theater venue in NE and it was an enjoyable evening. Here’s to seeing both soon! 😎
  6. I’m not a big G.O.A.T. fan on most any topic, especially guitarists. Electric lead guitarists tend to dominate these discussions and highly talented artists of jazz, classical, and acoustical focus get overlooked. Joni was one to explore different tunings galore and Cotton was an early 1900s folk blues woman playing songs like Freight Train. Jimi was an amazing guitarist; but when I’m on the back porch on a summer evening with a beverage of choice and music gets played, Hendrix is not in my top 50 artists of choice.
  7. Very nice job! I agree with others about how fluid it sounds and it’s pleasing tonality.
  8. We’ll be looking forward to your posts. OBTW, if you need a guitar ‘walker/exerciser’ during vacations we can work something out! 😎
  9. @matonanjinI’ve only seen Carlos twice, but I never felt cheated either time!
  10. You nailed the shuffle base! I loved your arrangement elements and your tempo was right where I like this song. I enjoyed your efforts. Nice way to enjoy my morning coffee. Bryan
  11. Here’s a fun read on living with guitars from Janis. Enjoy! https://archives.janisian.com/reading/care.php
  12. @matonanjin Great answer. Thanks so much for the input. I’ll see if I can get something going on my end. Have a great day Bryan
  13. @matonanjinDumb question…where does room selection preference come into play? Not a cruise experienced guy.
  14. @Wim VD1Great arrangement and execution. Your muted base line has come far and its timing is spot on. Thanks for sharing. Bryan

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