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  1. Doug, The best straight-up advice I've received when using a metronome is to NOT CHASE THE CLICKS. It is a tool to MEASURE time...not much else. Jason Isbell's lyric in Last of My Kind cites 'everyone else claps on the 1 and the 3' makes me appreciate the backbeat (often snare) falling on the 2 and the 4. :-0 As for live, a recent story surrounding the passing of Charlie Watts, recalled Keith Richards intentionally altering the beat during a song, only to be amazed how quickly Charlie got the beat back under control. Richards always claimed he had worked with one of the best, in Charlie, when it came to keeping everyone on the beat and it made his life on stage so much easier. IMHO, if everyone is not synced on the beat, an overall 'disjointed feeling' is generated, whether it is live or recorded, and the listener is left feeling uncomfortable. Bryan
  2. @Wim VD1 D. Hamburger and Eric Skye have posted You Tube presentations, in the past, focusing on using a metronome focusing on the 2 & 4 to maximize groove. E. Skye's was in a 30 Day Challenge format (very casual and chock full of great ideas each day) and D. Hamburger was in a Fretboard Confidential presentation. Both sources are free. Bryan
  3. @Wim VD1 Great job. Very clean and well played. Don't take this wrong, but I would love to hear you inject some of 'your soul' into it to develop a groove with dynamics, not just a lot of well played notes.
  4. @matonanjin Sad news indeed. I had recently watched an interview clip of him back in the 90's and he really came off as a polar opposite to Mick and Keith's 'oversized, outlandish' persona! He ranked only behind those two in time spent as a member of the Stones. He was always in the background keeping everyone on the beat...even when Richards intentionally changed it during a song to mess with him, and Charlie quickly got it back. R.I.P. Mr Watts.
  5. @matonanjinAsk me again on another day…and you might get another answer! 😎
  6. Hope it goes well. Sounds like a great time. 😎
  7. A recent Acoustic Guitar article was based on these guitar shops of Nashville. Fun read. Acoutic Guitar - Nashville shops.pdf
  8. until

    @matonanjin At least you are NOT alone in that category! 🥴
  9. @Wim VD1 I liked the muted base, good ‘thump’ separation from the melody. Your right hand timing is coming along nicely. Well done!
  10. @DianeB Thanks for sharing! Hope everyone has a great experience. Note: Can you adjust your text color? Currently I’m getting black on a dark grey background and it’s tough to read…
  11. @matonanjin My only question is why did you make TWO trips to the guitar shop?!? 🤣 Congratulations!
  12. @matonanjin And here I figured it was going into a 'sinking fund' for your next PRS baby! 🤣
  13. @Wlm Van Damme Great job, the mandolin at end was a nice touch. My only suggestion would be a little more damping on the base line to separate the melody...but again, that's everyone's own taste. Enjoyed listening. The guitar sounds nice too. 😎 Bryan

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