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  1. If you’ve never played ‘till your fingers bled or you’ve never been down to the crossroads is the Cliff Notes version! 🤪😢
  2. Other than gorgeous visually and sonically…I find myself asking why would anyone pay outrageous prices for rare tonewoods when a plastic backed guitar can sound that good?! 🤭 Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks for sharing, looks like a fantastic guitar moment!
  4. @Gary Nelson Point well taken! 🤣 But let us know when you find a high-end Brazilian RW in that range…
  5. @Gary Nelson So much for Steve’s “inexpensive” theme! 🤣.
  6. Plantsman13


    @matonanjin I am envious of anyone who can find their #1 guitar. I have several electrics that don’t get much playing time owing to my infatuation with acoustic finger-style. My acoustics are a tease when picking a #1 because they each bring something different to the room, be it body size, number of frets, or tone woods. Hats off to the wonderful space your lovely collection of guitars can now inhabit! Enjoy the ride, Bryan
  7. Plantsman13


    @matonanjin Very impressive! I’m jealous of your ability to have them displayed and not in their cases. How are you managing the environment and why is Paul’s Guitar your favorite? Thanks for posting. Bryan
  8. What if: 1. There are stringed instruments throughout our Solar System, imagine (pun intended) the ice-breaking conversations we could have! 2. Luthiers could compare notes with other planets to see where creative concepts have diverged or followed the same path. Perhaps Martin and Fender had siblings from another mother on another planet! The nonsense could easily cover a few refreshing beverages... 🤣
  9. Tele brings so many contradictions to my mind. Brent Mason’s (and Steve’s) alterations make it so versatile. It seems to be a favorite of K. Richards keeping rhythm for the Stones. It’s most prominent role to me is Texas twang in country venues. But the most enlightening genre to me is Jazz musicians who favor it. Of course one can’t overlook a Tele for those who just WANT a Tele! 🤭
  10. @Dig I don’t own a Tele, but me thinks your ‘humble opinion’ may fall on the minority side of the aisle. 🤣
  11. Hmm, all of these jogged my memory. The funniest memory was Williams playing Gas live on TV and the camera zooming in on his fretting hand…barring with his middle finger! Not a common event on that era’s TV! 😝 Not a 60’s tune, but Dueling Banjoes still gets high marks from me.
  12. Ron, I treated myself to an ‘all hog 00’ this year that covers Xmas for the next year or so. I did get a new coffee mill to improve my online guitar surfing each morning…does that count? 🤣 Bryan
  13. @DianeB Diane, I too have a copy of the advanced SN and recall Steve touching on it live. It was pressing my skill set at the time but just this week I gave it a longer glance. Perhaps this year… I would love a video if anyone can locate it. I’m also having a memory flirtation with several other Xmas songs he offered that pushed his BASIC offerings Thanks, Bryan
  14. Plantsman13

    Tenth Anniversary

    Diane, thanks for sharing. It is a journey full of frustrating moments accompanied by a whole lot more moments of joy (music). Here’s to another ten years! Bryan
  15. William, Nicely done. Your hard work on this song is evident. My only suggestion would be to soften your touch to avoid a ‘choppy’ feel that comes through at times. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Bryan

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