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  1. Speaking of 'whole hog' guitars...has anyone played a Taylor 522ce with V-bracing? I prefer 00 guitars, but finding a cutaway on one generally forces me to consider boutique offerings, and I'm not wanting to reach for that price level...although I've seen some awesome offerings. 😉
  2. @matonanjin My only question is why did you make TWO trips to the guitar shop?!? 🤣 Congratulations!
  3. @matonanjin And here I figured it was going into a 'sinking fund' for your next PRS baby! 🤣
  4. @Wlm Van Damme Great job, the mandolin at end was a nice touch. My only suggestion would be a little more damping on the base line to separate the melody...but again, that's everyone's own taste. Enjoyed listening. The guitar sounds nice too. 😎 Bryan
  5. @matonanjin Besides, Mike is a far better fingerstyle picker to showcase its attributes! I’ve been ignoring the Sirens’ call lately for a quality ’whole hog’ 00 14 fret with cutaway...😳
  6. @Mike Hoodenpyle Congratulations. That is a real beauty!! I've always admired Koa guitars but hesitated because of the longer 'break in time' I've read associated with them. Now we wait for you to post a recording of you playing it for all of us to hear how it sounds. 😀
  7. @matonanjin So true! Steep Canyon Rangers did a wonderful rendition of his Let Me Die in my Footsteps; but Tangled Up in Blues is still one of my favorites. I recall reading Dylan's quote on Neil Young, 'Why do I want to listen to someone who sings as bad as me (very loose translation)! If I ever get courage to sing along with my guitar; I'll just announce it's a Dylan Phase I'm passing through. 🤣
  8. Cautionary note: Always check with the guitar manufacturer's recommended string gauge on your guitar. I have heard of medium strings 'over powering' the guitar's design limits; especially, small-bodied guitars. Bridge lifting can occur in some instances. Bryan Dave White - please let us know how your two new arrivals work out. I've been interested in the XS D'Addario, but seeing some negative reviews on discoloration of fingers from the coating. I tried SCGC Parabolic Tension lights on their H13 model and they were wonderful...I often regret selling that guitar.
  9. Phosphor Bronze lights, 12 -53, for me as well. I prefer coated strings because I truly hate squeaky strings and I'm not the best at changing my strings in a timely fashion. I've probably used Elixir the most, but a great sale price is never a bad thing either. 😎
  10. Nairon, Randy makes some very good points in answering your question. I have evolved to solid wood guitars; however, there are ' upper entry' level guitars being offered today that are very good as compared to a few years back. Laminated quitars appear louder from the start, but they won't break-in with age. I would look for playability, quality of construction, presence of a truss rod, and any buyer reviews over time ( I have played some all wood guitars that should have served as kindling). Does the guitar feel good in your hands, play smoothly, have good intonation, have a straig
  11. Does it come with pixie dust to allow the user to reach VH's zenith while playing it? And here I was ogling a Santa Cruz OM at Eddie's Guitars with The Tree figured mahogany and Tunnel 13 Redwood top for around $22K new (notice I did NOT say shopping). Fun Google lookup tone wood adventure for inquiring minds.
  12. Great job. My wife loves this song and her The Body Acoustic album had a great acoustic version. Thanks for posting. I might have to queue it up on this weekend's playlist. 😎 Bryan
  13. @Cinco I play mostly Acoustic finger style blues in standard tuning or Dropped D. Wlm is correct with the Triad lessons of Steve for helping to open up the neck movement from open position to accent the melody. A focus for me currently, is to 're-learn' my pentatonic boxes in terms of position name, rather than just the pattern. I find it difficult to follow instruction when talk of lowering the 3rd, or flatting the 5th, etc are tossed around freely. Starting to realize it makes changing keys far easier. Here's a screenshot from DH that has inspired me: An easier way to group Major
    I always enjoy the presentation of a basic version followed by an intermediate version to add "depth" to the song and push me. Always get a better sense of achievement from it. Thanks Steve.
  14. Doug, I've done a number of DHamburger TF courses and feel they improved as I progressed further into them. The degree of difficulty definitely increases. Fretboardconfidential.com has some free lessons (and courses for pay) as well to get a taste of his style. Even a Sweet Georgia Brown arrangement, tabbed out, I believe is available. Bryan

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