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  1. We’ll be looking forward to your posts. OBTW, if you need a guitar ‘walker/exerciser’ during vacations we can work something out! 😎
  2. @matonanjinI’ve only seen Carlos twice, but I never felt cheated either time!
  3. You nailed the shuffle base! I loved your arrangement elements and your tempo was right where I like this song. I enjoyed your efforts. Nice way to enjoy my morning coffee. Bryan
  4. Here’s a fun read on living with guitars from Janis. Enjoy! https://archives.janisian.com/reading/care.php
  5. @matonanjin Great answer. Thanks so much for the input. I’ll see if I can get something going on my end. Have a great day Bryan
  6. @matonanjinDumb question…where does room selection preference come into play? Not a cruise experienced guy.
  7. @Wim VD1Great arrangement and execution. Your muted base line has come far and its timing is spot on. Thanks for sharing. Bryan
  8. Our wives would be in agreement…🤣
  9. @Wim VD1 Not as accomplished as you, but I do see some progress each month. The fundamental, vamp, and embellished are very obtainable, but I struggle with the improvisation and arranging elements. I get through it all, but can’t get a harmonious end product yet. 🙄😎 But keep posting…it’s inspiring for many of us. Enjoy your day! Bryan
  10. @Wim VD1 Nicely done! Enjoyed listening to your arrangement. Bryan
  11. @Wim VD1 I loved your arrangement, shout chorus and all! Your bass line is very good and your playing is solid as well. I very much enjoyed your performance. 🙌
  12. This topic is definitely not in my wheelhouse…but here’s a bit more information: https://www.adkguitar.com/blogs/news/what-you-need-to-know-about-low-wattage-tube-amps Bryan
  13. I was under the impression Boveda owns the rights and manufactures the packets that get marketed. I’m trying the Humidipak system in one acoustic this season and using their Humiditrak BT to monitor that guitar vs one with Dampit /Music nomad sponges. Sweetwater had D’Addario starter packs cheaper than Boveda, so we’ll see. Are packets interchangeable in either pouch system? The most compelling reason to try was their claim of reducing humidity during warmer months when our A/C wasn’t needed. I found internal RH% over 65 in a case and was cautioned such levels over long periods could lead to bracing failure.
  14. David Hamburger posted this story in a recent newsletter and I laughed at the connotations: Before I get to the playlist, I'll pass on a story my friend Ed Russell posted earlier in the week about Pat Martino. Ed's one of the first musicians I met when I moved to New York City, and I heard plenty of his Pat Martino stories when we were hanging out and playing music together, but I'd never heard this one until a few days ago. One day in 1976 Ed went to Philadelphia for his first lesson with Pat. Making his way through the neighborhood, getting directions from assorted old Italian gentlemen assuring him he was indeed heading towards the home of "the world's greatest guitarist," he was finally approaching casa di Martino when the door opened and Pat's previous student walked out – none other than Captain Trips himself. "What's happening?" Ed asked. Without skipping a beat, Jerry Garcia replied "Pat Martino!" and sauntered off.

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