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  1. @matonanjin So that's where a lot of my earnings were spent that year (or the following year, as I played catch-up)! Beer, cigarettes, food, and girls were waiting in the wings fifty years ago; so music ruled my expenses and my tastes ran as eclectic as one can imagine. I still have almost all of those on vinyl in my LP archives. Looking back, it just reminds me of how wonderful the musical experience was in our "younger" days. One of my favorite movie scenes, is the panoramic vista in Easy Rider as "The Weight" is filling the room! Okay, time to get back to the pandemic at han
  2. @Nutty 1 and @matonanjin I’ve worked on several of her True Fire courses related to rhythm. Can’t say I’ve been unhappy. 🤠
  3. @Eracer_Team-DougH Can't do that Doug...what would you do with all of that freed up time at lunch? 🤪
  4. I recall Steve saying on a Live Lesson a few years ago, if stranded on an island and could only have one guitar....it would be his nylon from years ago.
  5. @Oldjock Why do we always seem to relegate our six string acoustic to a “campfire” scenario when a vintage Martin is such a treasured instrument? 🤣 I can’t image Vince Gill sitting around a roaring fire in the woods with one of his many treasured vintage guitars. No insult intended, just a wondering aloud moment. Bryan
  6. @K9kaos So true, and we haven't even touched how a discussion of pedals can further "amplify" what we can really do with each..."so little time, so many to play"! I'm an acoustic "gatherer" and have sold my nylon for the reasons you are considering. I have two acoustics on the market (but a really low ball market right now) and I occasionally re-tune and play for an exercise moment. Wow, I think, why would I sell such a guitar...I must be crazy?! OBTW: My wife has an immediate answer to that last question. 🤣
  7. Good suggestions. I didn't see any mention of strings gauge you are using? I see where medium strings can be too much for the luthier's intended design and cause lifting. Just a thought...but you could also ease the tension between playing sessions to buy time. Good luck in getting it resolved, Bryan
  8. If you ever need a baby-sitter; give me a call...and I'll be there to pick it up! 🤠
  9. Corky Siegel is doing live streams as well. He has one Monday, and there was one earlier this week that can be viewed. Siegel-Schwall Band (Blues) LIFE'S DREAM Cousin Corky's Live Stream Monday, March 23 at 11:20 am CST Directions to our abode: https://www.facebook.com/corky.siegel Free Parking For the streaming event, I'm planning on telling at least one story, reciting some lyrics and playing at least two tunes. I will also try to respond to your comments. But you know what, forget all that. Let's keep it all a surprise. Hope to see you the
  10. Steve, No worries. I really enjoyed your ideas. Thanks again. Bryan
  11. A sad point of contention indeed; however, I have found myself attending smaller venue performances of some truly wonderful acts of completely different genres than my youth preferences. And, enjoying every last minute. Acoustic sets from bluegrass, "new" country, and even jazz/blues have crept into my playlists. Lawn seats at Ravinia have allowed my wife and me to enjoy a host of legacy bands at far more comfortable pricing. But I must point out that not all of those legacy bands were worth hearing again. I, too, love remembering younger days with legacy bands that can still get you on y
  12. So true! A friend worked in a vinyl shop and always introduced us to “offbeat” artists. Try bouncing Lou Reed’s “Walk on the wild side” and then his live version of “Heroin” on unsuspecting guests (the guitar on that can rattle any skeletons you might have in your closet) 🤣😎
  13. @Steve Krenz I too have liked this arrangement. It is one of my "finish up my practice" tunes to exit on a nice note. Bryan
  14. I think music is the ultimate expression of freedom of speech; be it lyrics, passion, or just creative ways to explore sound. I truly believe music brings out the best in all of us. It allows us an escape from the daily norm of work, politics, and whatever is troubling us. Long Live Music!!

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