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If you missed the live lesson this week, here you go!

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  1. David Bowie Article

    Sure. I graduated from Naperville Central HS in '73. Back when it first put up 25,000 population signs...prior to fastest growing city in Illinois boom.
  2. Finger stretching

    Another good one is Steves "finger coordination" drill (my label): start at 5th position on High E (5,6,7,8 frets will be used throughout) Lift 1 & 3 fingers (simultaneously) and fret the G string while keeping 2 & 4 fingers still Now lift 2 & 4 and fret the G string while keeping 1 & 3 still Next, lift 1 & 3 and back up to the B string. Again, keep fingers 2 & 4 still Next lift 2 & 4 and back up to the B string. Keep 1 & 3 still. Repeat this process of skipping one string, then backing up one string until you arrive on the Low E string. Now you can retreat in the same manner until you arrive on the High E string where is all started. Once these finger combinations are second nature, mix them up and repeat across the fretboard. (1,2 and 3,4) or (1,4 and 2,3). I'm convinced my brain and my finger coordination run on different orbital paths. :-)
  3. David Bowie Article

    @matonanjin McHenry County, city of Crystal Lake, Northwest suburb. Next door to Woodstock , IL where they filmed Bill Murray in Groundhog Day :-)
  4. David Bowie Article

    Today's Chicago Tribune had an interesting piece on David Bowie today. Irregardless of your musical tastes, he did cast a large shadow over musical creativity of our time. Enjoy! David Bowie - Chicago Tribune.pdf
  5. Happy Birthday!  Take time to play a little guitar today.  It's your moment in time.

    1. Ice9


      Thankyou :)

  6. NGD - Epiphone Sheraton II in Natural

    Doug, Beautiful guitar! Hope you enjoy "running across the keys" with it. ;-) Landing a great guitar at a great price just lends itself to a smooth combo. Congratulations
  7. Arthritis in the shoulder

    I've had two rotator cuff surgeries on my shoulders, so I understand smaller is better when it comes to acoustic guitars. Dreads are in my rearview mirror and I've had good comfort with Taylor Grand Concert acoustic guitars. I haven't played the Academy 12e guitars but reviews have them respectable values/quality for the price range you mention. Watch for something used, if it were me. Good luck in your search.
  8. TE is definitely the entertainer with a guitar (and phenomenal live); but Eric Skye gets my "smooth, in the groove" vote. From fiddle tunes, Miles Davis blues, to Herbie Hancock...he gets it done on an acoustic guitar. Here's a tribute to the late Glenn Campbell..enjoy.
  9. Plantsman, Happy Birthday a day late.  I hope you had an enjoyable day which included a lot of guitar playing.

    1. Plantsman13


      Thanks.  I did get some playing time in yesterday along with the Live Lesson.  Had a great day, even if it meant another 365 had passed.

  10. Happy Birthday!

    Glad you're part of our guitar family.

    Hope you have a great day!

    - Steve

    1. Plantsman13



      Thanks for all of your hard work and effort for our guitar family!  It is appreciated.


  11. "New" Guitar Day - Gibson ES-137

    That's a real beauty! Enjoy its tone as well. Congrats.
  12. In the case or not...I have multiple guitars (acoustic and electric) that are kept in their cases when not being played. I have heard and concur with the advice, the case is the safest place to keep a guitar when not being played. Chicago winters challenge the humidity issue, and even 35% house humidification during 0 - 15 degree weather results in significant window condensation. A room humidifier is also used in my guitar sanctuary at night to boost humidity levels. I keep MusicNomad sound hole humidifiers and Dampits (larger model) in the peghead compartment of each acoustic and single Dampit in the electric. I do use distilled water in these devices, as recommended by MusicNomad, to avoid scale buildup from our hard water. I do not keep any guitars outside of their cases for the humidity issues and my Brittany Spaniel's rambunctious behavior during various times of the day. I try to keep regular practice times, then keep them safe when finished. Extended storage periods does make me think of relieving string tension. Is there a recommended amount of string relief, such as half-tone, full-tone, or perhaps more?
  13. -G. No worries. 😎
  14. Trigger

    Stewmac had a video of repair work on Trigger by Dan's brother(?) in Texas and I recall it delved into a number of interesting details regarding the instrument. Fun piece, especially regarding the backup "look alike" guitar that was built but Willie won't play it...or so my fading memory recalls. ;-)
  15. I use mine exclusively with my Traveler Sportster when I fly or drive on trips away from home. Packs well with a small footprint. I own the British tone model. I normally use headphones, but I'm trying my phone earbuds this trip to minimize luggage space. We'll see in the morning when I practice.

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