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  1. I sure wish I could join everyone there again this year, but while you are jamming away in Nashville we will be awaiting our first child, we have a little boy on the way who will be due any day. 😀 Have a great time! I hope to see you for my third Gathering next time!
  2. Joe seems to acquire lots of things on the road, buying them to support local music shops or just for fun, then selling them later. Perhaps they appreciate due to their association with him as well.
  3. I think the answer is both, they will probably go back to normal over time and you will get used to it. Callouses build up in the fingers and they just seem to become tougher. Feeling the callouses in my left hand now, I don't think I have seen them scaly in a while but it can happen if I play a lot of acoustic (I mostly play electric guitars). It might just take some time for your fingers to get used to it.
  4. Welcome Eduardo! I believe that what you are describing would be a good way to learn the fretboard, but there are as many ways to learn it as there are people :) One of my teachers taught me to make up games, like playing a certain scale on a random part of the neck and reciting the notes out loud as I played them. I think the "3 note on a string" exercises are good ones too, that break you out of the shapes we usually see in our practice. Another thing that's really helpful for me are the triad courses on the Guitar Gathering YouTube channel. There are Major, Minor, and Seventh triad videos with links to worksheets. I have been using these recently and they have definitely helped me know the fretboard better. Good luck and keep us updated on your progress!
  5. It's fun to see this thread again! I've actually had three Princetons. I had a blackface Princeton that sadly died and would have been too costly to fix, then I had the '68 Custom Princeton that is in the opening post. I liked that amp but I traded with someone on Craigslist who had a Deluxe Reverb and wanted something smaller. I also liked the Deluxe Reverb but it was too much for my living situation at the time, so I ended up selling it and getting a Princeton again. I now have had the '65 Princeton Reverb for a while and I like it a lot. I mostly play clean sounds and it works well for that, it doesn't break up too early but it sounds good with a pedal in front of it. It doesn't sound exactly like the Deluxe Reverb did but it still has that cool 3D sound that tube amps give you. I think these are great amps, and they are plenty loud enough for me.
  6. Looks beautiful! Those are definitely classics for a reason!
  7. I really like Josh's truefire materials, he's good at teaching and is obviously a really amazing player.
  8. I know some of our friends here are fans of blue chip picks. In experimenting with thumbpicks I just started off with the plastic Dunlop ones and they work pretty well, but it can be hard to find one that fits you exactly right. I would recommend ordering a couple of different sizes if you have to buy them online so you can figure out which size is right for you.
  9. Still looking forward to this! Can't wait, it will be the first fun thing I've been able to do in a while ;)
  10. That looks amazing, @Fretless ! Can't wait to see and hear about it when you've finished!
  11. So how are things going for everyone now that this post is 2 months old? Have you made a lot of progress in the past 2 months? For me, I've been focusing on rhythm a lot recently and I feel like I've made some good progress there. Spending a lot of time just with a practice amp and a metronome. Simple is good
  12. Great article, Randy! Thanks for sharing it!

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