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Steve Krenz Steve Krenz
  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY JANUARY 14TH - BLUES and JAZZ GUITAR WITH ALBERTO LOMBARDI. Alberto is one of Italy's great guitarists, versatile in a variety of styles. He will be showing some great insights into his Blues and Jazz playing. TUESDAY JANUARY 28TH - STARTING OFF RIGHT WITH GREG VOROS. Master Guitar Tech, Greg Voros, stops by to talk about getting your guitar ready to play. PLUS we'll be giving some great tips for starting your guitar learning journey right so that you make the most progress quickly. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Can't wait, Steve! Looks like it's going to be another great one!
  2. Guitar-wise, everything I currently own I bought used. There's a little bit of risk involved and not everything has worked out, but I like the idea of reclaiming something that someone else didn't want or need and making it my own.
  3. Congrats Marion on the Loudbox Mini! I hope you put it to good use! For those who haven't been to a Gathering, Marion is the nicest person ever and is super fun to have around the Gatherings, so I'm glad she won a big prize 🙂
  4. I hope the retreat ended as grandly as it began, and congrats to all you campers on all that you learned, and the memories made!
  5. Great clip Old Guy, thanks for posting it!
  6. Great first post, Diane! I am so bummed that I couldn't attend this year... I am in a wedding in another part of the country and I can't project myself there holographically yet so I wasn't able to come to the Retreat. I am already signed up for the summer Gathering next year though, and I can't wait to see everyone again. Good luck with your performance, I will look for the video!
  7. So sorry to hear this, Old Guy. Lots of people have had trouble with flooding this year, in my area because we had such a harsh winter with heavy snow, in the spring many people's homes flooded. Now the wet year is continuing with tons of rain. Hope that you're up and running again as soon as you can be.
  8. Hah! Actually, I just got a great new one for my birthday, and it was almost entirely her idea! Yes, I know how lucky I am!
  9. My loving wife thinks this might be photoshopped 😁
  10. Glad you came back to the forum Mustafa, keep us updated on your guitar journey!
  11. Finally made it back to Minneapolis. So great to have been to another Gathering! In some ways it's like a wedding, you see everyone you want to see there and you only have a little time to talk to all these people you want to spend several days getting to know better! Time is always short, but for good reasons - because so much awesome stuff was going on. Thanks to Steve and Paulette, and to all of you as well for making things great!
  12. Let’s see if my attempt to link a video will work...
  13. Wow! I’m feeling that Guitar Gathering feeling... a combination of buzz from all the fun we are having, that feeling of a brain that’s still got a large backlog of guitar things to process with lots more still to come, and feeling like you want to rush home/back to the dorms/back to your room to practice more! A binder full of handouts to work on, a notebook full of pearls of wisdom notated in teaching sessions, a perfectly set up guitar, and more plans to do it all again tomorrow. We have a tour of Columbia Studio A? B? in the morning and a full afternoon of Gathering goodness, then for some Jack Pearson’s birthday bash in the evening at 3rd and Lindsley at night. What are the highlights so far? All of it, I guess...?? Hah! Ok, back to those handouts!

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