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  1. New recording. I'm starting to work on creating a theme, lick, hook, or whatever you call it. and then keep that theme going throughout the track. I know it may sound repetitive, but that was my goal for now. I'm working to get out of a my rut.
  2. Finally, after many years. my LIne6 TonePort Silver gave up the ghost. So I now have a Focusrite interface. I'm also trying to learn Ableton DAW. Like starting over. Here is a quick recording I did trying to learn how to move around the screen make it record and even experimented with some effects. I appreciate all opinions, don't be afraid to tell me what you really think. 🙂 Thanks for listening, Tom. https://soundcloud.com/dusty1300/newgear
  3. I saw this yesterday. Very good. There is one by Rick Beato also very good.
  4. One of the hardest things I want to overcome is how I tend to play the same way over the same backing tracks. I just found this cool video where a guy made a 8 bar backing track and then had 10 awesome guitarists record their version of the same track. I'll probably watch this many times in the future for ideas.
  5. Very nice Vim, Great playing and I agree, the tone sounded just right to me. Tom
  6. Makes perfect sense Mike. I used to slow down songs also. I had a program called Riffmaster, but I found out that it is gone and I can't even launch it. What do you use? I'm looking at Song Surgeon, but I know there are others. Amazing Slow Downer comes to mind.
  7. Mike, that was FANTASTIC! Blew me away. Question... did you put the capo on there to find a sweet spot on the neck for comfort and closer frets or was there some other reason?
  8. Blast from the past... This was a track I did with Kurt from Minnesota about 9 years ago. Some of you may remember this and / or Kurt. I hope he is doing ok, don't know how to contact him.
  9. This is a new take after some adjustments based on what was said here. I like this much better. What do you think now? Thanks for listening, Tom
  10. Thanks for listening Old Jock, Mr. Attitude, and Neil. I appreciate the comments. I'm not playing through an amp, but into a LIne6 Toneport Silver, messing with effects. I'm also playing with my PRS, switch in middle. I'm not happy with it yet, but will keep on testing. Tom
  11. I'm looking for better tone. Here is the same backing track as the last one, I noodled away on this to see what it sounds like. It sure sounded better in my ear than when I recorded it, but I could use a second opinion. Getting good tone isn't something I have ever been good at. I think there may be too much bass. And please tell me the truth, don't sugar coat it. If it is really bad, say so, but an idea to make it better would be great. Thanks for listening. I know you have better things to do, so I greatly appreciate it! Tom
  12. This is my first attempt at recording and playing after a 4 year break. I had to figure out from scratch how to record with my DAW, but it seemed to come back pretty quickly. I have much work to do, but its a start. Now, on to more interesting things. Thanks in advance to anyone that listens to this.
  13. I just went through all the recordings here. I'm blown away at how good every one is doing. In the past as some of you may know, I was addicted to recording. Sometimes it was a song a day. Some really bad, but I posted them so I could get constructive criticism.... and quite often I got it. 🙂 Just want to say keep up the recordings. I think it makes you all better players and is seriously a LOT of fun!
  14. Awesome song Ian! So glad I found this place again to listen to your expertise. Tom

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