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  1. Wow, Ron that was beautifully done and put together so well, even your pics. You ROCK
  2. Here's a link to the resort band I play with....Fun in Sun band at the Sun N Fun resort in Sarasota, Fl. We do have a lot of fun, these members are a blast to be with and make music with. It's a real treat to watch people dancing to our music. https://youtu.be/Y3SPXUg57fw Preview YouTube video I Want to Dance With You I Want to Dance With You My mom's favorite saying was "take time to have fun"
  3. Steve this has been so helpful. Playing music like crazy here and learning new songs, but this is high on my to do list. Getting to your online lessons late due to chorus practice but that will be over, soon. This has been perhaps the most helpful breakthrough in my guitar learning.....beginning to really make sense to me. Looking forward to seeing you at the Gathering and all the other peeps too! Keep up the great work!! I think you should get paid for these....really. Stars in your crown, Pat Lindgren
  4. Pat L

    Live Chat with Steve


    Okay, this is a test. Am I in the chat room that Steve will be taking questions tonight? Just want to be sure I'm in the right place😜
  5. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!!! Ian,way to go. I create a movie in my mind that acts out the lyrics and put myself in a bubble so that I can concentrate on the emotional parts of the song. The more you do this, the more comfortable you will feel. Even the best singers/players get lost on their lyrics, they just have learned to not let the rest of us know because they can recover on the fly (ex repeat a verse, change a word, humm, etc)🤣. Have fun and keep it up. Love that you don't have the lyrics in front of you, that's helps you connect with the audience better (my opinion).
  6. Nice Greg, that's what it's all about, music with your friends. It doesn't get better than that....unless you get to play for an audience that appreciates it. Guess you have it all👏👍
  7. hey Dave, I see you're online.  Are any of the student showcase videos around.  I'm not real savy about getting around this site. thanks, Pat L

    1. Dave White

      Dave White

      Hi Pat - I don't think any of the video from the conference has been posted yet.

    2. Pat L

      Pat L

      thanks Dave appreciate the response, I'll keep working on negotiateing this site..I don't do facebook so not used to "social media" sites.  Is my grey hair showing🙄🤣😁

    3. Dave White

      Dave White


      Now that I think about it, Paul posted the videos on youtube last year (with links on the forum). Since Steve did the recording this year, I'm not sure how they will post them. Perhaps on Steve's youtube channel?

  8. Hey Dave, I am a fan of Russ also. Had the privelege of taking lessons with him last year at Swannanoa. We are so lucky that Steve can bring in such great players. Loved his set at the acoustic session....just him and his guitar. Great to see you again. Pat
  9. Yep, McKnight is knowledgeable and fun to listen too, am a Patreon, watch all his stuff! For those of you close to Sam Ash in Phoenix, stay tuned...good offer coming up.
  10. Mike, can't go wrong with a Taylor and the 714 has a great voice, glad Trisha found a good home. Bring her to Guitar Gathering next year and we can jam!!
  11. Paul, thanks so much for working on all this, during and after the conference. Hope all's well and your recovery is coming along good. You can post mine to you tube if you want, thanks!!! Thanks again!
  12. Best tip is to play with others, it helps you keep time, you'll learn other techniques, find new music and most of all have fun. I have a jam group every Thursday and a variety of people show up, that's the beauty of it, never know who's going to be there. Anywhere from 4 to 21 (that was way too many:). Check in your area online search for bluegrass jams....don't worry many of them take most types of music, (but not all). Check them out, you'll know where you fit. Remember most musicians want to help you on your journey, you don't have to be the best. I walked into this jam 10 years ago, with all my music in tow....now I know 103 songs without music and they taught me how to sing out. Best thing I ever did, also keeps me wanting to practice to bring in a new tune. Have fun!!
  13. Wow, what an incredible 4 days. So nice to be able to hang out with guitar/singers/music lovers. Look at all the different people represented and then throw in the common denominator...music and we seem to "get" each other. Steve created a very safe environment for all of the brave souls to step out and play/sing for us. The other musicians that came to help us learn were top notch, how lucky we were to be in their space. A little glimpse into see what they have gone through to be where they're at. Hope all made it safely home, and now to digest the information and put it in action. Thank, Steve, Paulette and son (dang I can't remember his name) for making this run so smoothly and for securing dorms for us, that was a huge savings! Next year I'm bringing my coffee pot so Marty and I can have coffee at 6 am, and anyone else that's up then. So great to meet Marion, Gene, Ken, Tom ,John, Marty, and many others this year. Duane, we're going to have to do more jamming, that was fun!! This is the first time I've tried out the forum so hope I do this right. Also a huge shout out to the video man!!!

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