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  1. He Ron, I visited Rumble Seat in July. It is a very small shop (with very few parking spaces) that is within walking distance from Gruhn's. It is worthwhile to visit just to see the collector guitars they have (one of Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitars - signed!) and other noteworthy guitars that could be in a museum. Everything is for sale - but bring a bank vault full of money if you are going to pick up Stevie Ray's or one of Ronnie Wood's guitars. They also had a wide assortment of amps and other music business related stuff as well as a handful of acoustic and electric guitars for sale. They were very friendly (the individual I spoke with used to work at Gruhn's). It was worth the visit. As far as visiting the shops go - since Artisan has moved into Nashville, I typically hit the shops all at once. Carter's is within a couple miles of Gruhn's and North American and Artisan are right next to each other about a ten minute drive to the east of Carter's. And not too far from all of them is Gibson's new shop - which is outstanding. Visit all in one day and then go back to follow up on anything you are interested in the next day. 🙂 Inventory was down a bit at some of the shops when I visited during in July. Call ahead to check on shop hours and to make sure you don't need to reserve a time slot. Don't forget to spend some time on the second floor at Gruhn's. Enjoy - and provide us with a full report!
  2. I can't add much to what Diane and Greg have posted above. It was a great week of seeing old friends and making new ones. We were able see, hear and rub elbows with some of the finest talent in Nashville. Thanks to Gruhn's, Artisan, North American Guitar, Carter Vintage, and the new Gibson Garage, we saw and played more guitars than we would in a lifetime back home. Looking forward to next year. Below is a link to all the photos I took last week - starting from packing the car to the closing session. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/svwd4aeu4lpob35/AAACnryfaU3BwSUFb2hkIEcna?dl=0
  3. Very nice @matonanjin - all mahogany guitars are great. I have an O-17 that I really like.
  4. Congratulations on your new guitar!
  5. Sounds like you might regret not getting the EC. You can always pick up a 000-15M.
  6. Yes - your missing piece is a bushing. Do you have a local guitar shop you can take it to? They likely have a stock of extra bushings that would fit your guitar. Should be a quick fix.
  7. No matter what strings I try, I always come back to phosphor bronze Elixir Nanoweb or John Pearse (both 12-53). I do have Martin's Authentic Acoustic Lifespan mediums (13-56) on a couple Martin guitars. I recently purchased some Ernie Ball Earthwood phosphor bronze (12-54) and some of the new D'Addario XS phosphor bronze (12-53) - but I haven't tried them yet.
  8. This is available locally - if one of you purchases it, I will be happy to pick it up for you. 🙂
  9. The conference is basically over when Steve distributes the tickets to NAMM on Saturday morning (at the NAMM show). I plan on heading home after I leave NAMM - however, I only have a five hour drive - which will get me home before dark.
  10. Congratulations on your new guitar - it is a beauty!
  11. Greg, I tried to play a traditional classical guitar - I actually found the same model that Steve plays - but I could not get used to the wide and non-radiused fretboard. I decided to go with a crossover model - slightly narrower radiused fretboard, and a cutaway. The model I have is a Cervantes (Crossover 1R). I am very happy with it. I am sure there are many other great choices out there. Best wishes in your search! Dave
  12. Noting pathetic about a guy doing something he loves. Rock on!
  13. This evening I spent some time admiring the Christmas decorations and listened to one of my favorite guitar Christmas CDs- Pete Huttlinger's 'First Light'. You can listen to samples at the link. What is your favorite?

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