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  1. Ben - Someday I need to travel out west and visit the Gibson museum! 🙂 Congratulations - all are great looking guitars!
  2. We are not the only group that will miss Paul. There are ten pages of condolences at this site: https://forums.radioreference.com/threads/paul-opitz-passes-away-at-age-59-after-his-battle-with-cancer.399238/ His life touched many.
  3. I am so sorry to hear this. I have followed Paul's 'throat blog' for the past two years and was occasionally in contact via email to see how he was doing. His wit and wisdom were always on display through the incredibly difficult and painful procedures he endured. He has been an inspiration to me and will be missed.
  4. Here is Pete Huttlinger's rendition of Auld Lang Syne. If you wish, you can purchase the sheet music/tab at Pete's website. This was Pete's final video posted online. He passed away 17 days later.
  5. @Cindy - I don't believe it is a matter of censorship. However, I do agree with you - posts should not be deleted. I think these decisions have been made with resources, storage space, etc. in mind. I will let the moderators weigh in on the subject.
  6. @Bigdaddy - Are you referring to Live Lessons or the Learn & Master Guitar Lessons? Live Lessons can be accessed via the tab on the menu bar. I am not aware of any site that hosts the original course material.
  7. Chris - I don't have a diagram of the exercise but below is (hopefully) a clear explanation: Start with your index finger on the high E string 10th fret, middle finger on the B string 11th fret, ring finger on the G string 12th fret, and your little finger on the D string 13th fret. Make sure each string rings out clearly (and at each step along the way). Move your index finger up two frets (it will now be on the eighth fret of the high E string); move your middle finger up one fret (10th fret on the B string); move your ring finger up on fret (11th fret on the G string); move your little finger up one fret (12 fret of the D string); and finally move your index finger down one fret (9th fret of the high E string). Each finger will have moved up one fret on the guitar neck. Repeat this process all the way up the neck until you run out of frets. You may not be able to make it all the way up the neck at first. It is best to do this exercise somewhat quickly or your hand will start to cramp up. If you feel any pain, give it a rest and try again tomorrow. Eventually, you will be able to make it all the way up the neck. One last tip - it helps to hold the neck of the guitar in an almost vertical position while doing this exercise. Good luck!
  8. I posted this a couple years ago in another thread. These are quotes from a session by John Knowles during the fall fingerstyle retreat. Every time you learn to do something, learn how to do it somewhere else. Your best work happens when you are working in areas where you 60% know and 40% can’t do yet (this is where adventure happens). Each one of us has a different tolerance for being confused. When I’m working too hard, I put it down and play something I know how to play. When you are learning, there is exploration, new technique, musicality, tempo, expression (you can’t think of all these things at once). It never has bothered me that I can’t do it YET! Tomorrow I will be closer – don’t be discouraged by the barriers. There is no destination, only so far – so far – so far – so far – then they write your obit. Set modest goals and celebrate. You need patience, you need to love it, and curiosity. I play what I love – and work on what I can’t do yet. Chet Atkins (in response to someone saying ‘that looked easy’): ‘It didn’t use to be.’
  9. @Triple-oFishman has been a big supporter of Steve's fall fingerstyle retreat. They have provided a number of nice giveaways the past few years (including a couple amps). Mention that you are part of Steve's guitar community when you contact them - it can't hurt. Good luck.
  10. That song definitely has some confusing lyrics. Check out the following Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Home_Chicago

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