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  1. Congratulations - that is a good looking resonator!
  2. I think the exercise you are referring to contains 16th notes. 16th notes at 92 bpm is fast. I've been playing (or attempting to play) fingerstyle guitar for years and I can't play that fast. My advice is to move on to the next exercise.
  3. Congratulations Ron - you should treat yourself to a new guitar! 😀
  4. Fender has reportedly laid off hundreds of employees at its Corona, California factory.
  5. Here is a Stringjoy article on the top ten guitars ever sold. If any of you purchased one of these guitars - bring it to the next conference. 🙂
  6. You will have a great time. The setting is beautiful and the fall leaves make it even more so. I have attended all the fall conferences, and aside from the cramped bunking arrangements, each one has been a wonderful experience. The food is terrific and Steve and Paulette always have snacks available. If I remember correctly, Steve said we ate 75 pounds of M&Ms at the last fall retreat. 🙂 Among my highlights: I have sat next to Phil Keaggy at dinner, listened to John Knowles share tips and wisdom from a lifetime of playing guitar (and also a few Chet Atkins stories), learned from some of the best fingerstyle players in the world, and been introduced to Christie Lenée and Trevor Gordon Hall (if you want to be blown away check out Phil and Trevor's impromptu jam from the 2018 conference - they had never met or played together before). That video will give you an idea of the intimate setting the lodge provides - you will be sitting a few feet away from some of the most amazing guitar players in the world. Steve and Paulette are always outstanding hosts. Looking forward to seeing you there!
  7. That is really optimistic. Looking over my purchases and my progress to date, I have calculated that I will be 779 when I have completed everything. Of course, then I will have to start over because I will have forgotten most of it. 🙂
  8. Another one for you thrill seekers: Tommy Emmanuel's Guitar Camp.
  9. Happy Birthday, Dave.  Thanks for all you contribute to our discussions.

    1. Dave White

      Dave White

      Thanks much!

  10. It's Dave's B-Day, Have a HAPPY one

  11. Wonderful Wim - That was really well done!
  12. And remember the Number One rule in guitar playing - Don't be a quitter:
  13. @matonanjin - Yes I would agree. Rumble Seat is a small shop that I would describe as half guitar shop and half guitar museum. I'm not aware if they rotate the guitars they have on display, but they had some incredible instruments hanging on the wall when I was there last summer. And they are conveniently located (between Carter's and Gruhn's).

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