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  1. William - Give Greg a call or ask for him at the front desk - he will make sure you get royal treatment at Gruhn's! Hope you have a great time.
  2. Although the 2020 Guitar Gathering Conference was canceled, a few of us decided that we would like to visit Nashville anyway. We contacted Steve and he said he would be happy to see some familiar faces and could meet us one day for lunch. So the trip was on. After arriving in Nashville, Keith Morgan and I had a quick lunch and then headed into Nashville and guitar stores. North American Guitars (formerly Cotton Music) was first. We had a great time playing some very expensive guitars and chatting with shop owner Kim Sherman. We met up with Collin Hill and it was on to Gruhn Guitars. Gruhn has recently started carrying sinker mahogany OMs and I was eager to see what those were like. Between the two of us, I think Collin and I played about every sinker OM in the store. Greg Voros came down from the third floor and we talked a bit about the COVID impact on the shop (many of the employees have been laid off). Collin and I narrowed the sinker mahogany search down to one or two specimens and Greg took us upstairs to see if there were any OMs we had missed. George Gruhn joined us and suggested that we play in the shop stairwell (very nice acoustics). See photos below. On Thursday, we met Steve and Paulette for lunch and then headed back to the hotel for some rest and relaxation as well as a bit of guitar practice. Keith and I had intended to perform a song at the conference – Keith was ready – I was not 🙂 After an early Friday morning meeting with Instruments of Joy President Joshua MacLeod, Keith and I visited Artisan Guitars (where Keith played a killer Collings C100). We then headed to Clarksville to visit Collin and his family. In spite of getting lost - hey – we only missed their address by 16 miles – we eventually found Collin’s new home and got a tour of his new studio. After a brief tour of downtown Clarksville, which included a new guitar store owned by a former Gruhn's employee, we had a nice dinner, and then it was back to the hotel in Brentwood. By the way, the Holiday Inn Express in Brentwood was a great place to stay. It was convenient to both Nashville and the Franklin/Cool Springs area. The trip was over all too soon. Hopefully, we can all be together next year. Photos below: -Gruhn's new mural (under construction) -Collin playing the best sounding sinker mahogany OM -Collin playing in the stairwell -George and Greg listening to Collin playing -Our mini Guitar Gathering 2020 official photo
  3. Hi everyone - Clive Carroll, who will be one of the guest artists at this fall's fingerstyle retreat will be conducting an online concert this Saturday evening (7/25). You can find the details here.
  4. Awesome Joao - thanks much for all the work you have put into posting these lessons!
  5. Joao, That was a wonderful site that I visited often. Those videos contain a wealth of information. Thanks for all the work you have put into this!
  6. And Artisan Guitars and Cotten Music (now North American Guitar) are right around the corner. Probably no other place where you can see and play so many world class guitars.
  7. Excellent! Also - congrats on the Furch OM - I have heard good things about them. Dave
  8. Happy birthday Dave!  Thank you for all you add to this community.

    1. Dave White

      Dave White

      Thanks Ron!

  9. Very nice Wim. It took me a long time to get anywhere near as nice as your recording. Thanks for posting!
  10. Hi everyone - Adam Rafferty is offering his new beginning fingerstyle course free for the next two days. I took a look at the course, and even though it is billed as introductory, I think even intermediate players could benefit from some of the material. And hey, it's free! Topics include: Guitar Basics Basic Chords “Fingerstyle Essentials” Right Hand Exercises Learn to play the “Boom Chick” Blues in E Learn to Play "Ain't No Sunshine" - the Percussion, Bass and Chord Groove How to Create a Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement: “Silent Night” Advanced Fingerstyle - "Shelter Island” Advanced Fingerstyle -"Silent Night” Something FUN 🙂 The 4 Levels of Thumb Picking (Boom-Chick) Advanced "Groove Slap" Technique in 12/8 The link to sign up for the course is below: Click HERE to grab the course FREE on Udemy Here’s the coupon code: LEARNGUITAR1
  11. Hi Rob, You may be thinking of the Canon in D video that was hosted on the old Gibson guitar site. I bet I watched that video 100 times when I was in lesson 10. Unfortunately, Gibson took down those videos years ago and I have not been able to find them anywhere. Welcome to the new forum! Dave
  12. Yes - I would purchase one in an instant!

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