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If you missed the live lesson this week, here you go!

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  1. NAD

    Wow, you played it yet?
  2. Sorry to hear this. My goodness you've had a run of bad luck. Try to keep your chin up.
  3. Returning

    I think Steve has said in the past not to linger on Session 1. Just grasp the principles and move on. Ian
  4. I am trying to. I've been having singing lessons, the singing school puts on a show twice per year to a friendly audience of 100 to 200 friends and family. I've done one song at four of those now. I find it terrifying, yet exhilarating - I suffer really badly with nerves. I'm now going to a little local folk club approx every 2 weeks to try to build my confidence and get more experience. There are only about 12-15 people there and it's really friendly and informal with people playing at all levels. You get to do 2 songs each time, just sitting in a circle, no PA or anything. No matter how comfortable I am with the song, the nerves begin the instant it's my turn. They cause my hand and leg to shake, heart races, forget the lyrics, fingers don't go where I want them to. It's weird. I hope that with time, it'll all get easier.
  5. Oh no, sorry! It's pretty sad anyway, about the loneliness of touring musicians apparently and how they sometimes use hard drugs for 'escape'. Ian
  6. Very nice guitar, congrats!
  7. Getting Over The Hump

    Lots of good advice here. The keys are patience, persistence and persverence (you'll hear that a lot around here). Everyone learns and develops skills at different rates, your rate is just fine. Keep at it, and don't give up but also don't pressure yourself or get down about it. We all go through periods where it seems impossible or we hit a mighty plateau but we usually come through it. I struggled with lesson 1, and barre chords and loads of other stuff. I still struggle with the things I'm working on, but that other stuff seems far less impossible now. I'd suggest that if you think you know what you should be doing and the finger dexterity, speed etc is just not there yet then move on and have some fun learning something else but keep dropping back and having another go at the thing you were struggling with. It's amazing how the skill develops almost un-noticed with time that way. The worst thing you can do is obsess over one thing you can't do, get frustrated and then give up. I'd much rather be a mediocre player that is still developing than someone who doesn't play because they bailed out. Keep going guys, you'll get there! Ian
  8. Here's my contribution for this month. The song is 'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan. I recorded a single, live take direct to mp3 via a Zoom H2n recorder that was standing on the desk in front of me. I then uploaded it into Logic Pro and tweaked the gain and EQ and added bit of reverb and compression. (p.s. when I say 'single, live take' it was by no means the first :-) ) Ian
  9. Strumming and Singing

    @rkl312 YES! I know exactly what you mean, I had that exact same problem. I remember saying to my wife that I didn't think I'd ever be able to strum and sing at the same time, it just didn't seem possible. I did figure it out though, like most things, it just takes time, patience and practice. This is how I did it... 1. Choose a song with really simple chords and a really simple strum pattern, but one you really like. 2. Practice playing the whole song, WITHOUT singing, over and over until you can do it with distractions and practically do it in your sleep. 3. Start adding in the vocals. If the vocals throw the strumming pattern then simply stop and get he strumming going again before throwing some vocals back in. Repeat over (and be patient). I got there in the end. After that one song, it all became easier, I think you have to overcome a psychological hump more than anything. Hope that helps. Ian
  10. Returning

    Welcome to the forum Freebird. Ian
  11. Wow, lots of great entries coming in thick and fast this month. @WATSON43 Sounds perfect to me. Vocal, guitar and recording quality are all superb. @V7#5b9 Good job. I look forward to hearing how far you've come with some new tunes. @Wim VD Beautiful, very clearly and tenderly played. Well done! Ian
  12. Very cool Mark, sounded silky smooth. Well done. From the video, it looks like you have it really rough over there Ian
  13. @matonanjin Great job! Really well-played. Even if I could do the riff, I'm sure my fingers would tie themselves in knots part way through. I hope you have a go at February's challenge too, it would be good to hear more. Ian (ps nice vocals too, sounded just like Paul )

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