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  1. Mr Nelson sure asks tough but VERY good questions. My pencil erasers have become very worn just going through the "Ultimate How Music Works Quest" Quiz and worksheets. As usual some(lots) of it is over my head but thanks for the all the info Diane, it really helps. I think you are always spot on and timely with explanations that compliment my understanding of these concepts. I'm still trying to get around in Theory-Land and "Learn all I can"
  2. Happy Birthday Gene!   

    1. Gene C

      Gene C

      Thank You William, it sure got rainy after the snow and ice. Successfully got the first vaccination against the Wuhan China Covid-19 virus last week. I thank God I have have no issues with that mess. 

      Went ahead and paid up on the GuitarGathering for July and I am really looking forward to seeing all the attendees, playing, learning, and all that goes with it. So much to learn packed into those 3 days.

      Always good to hear from you, keep up with your practice routine and guitar learning. 

      Gene Callebs, London KY 

    2. Gary Nelson

      Gary Nelson

      Looking forward to seeing you Gene.   I'm still paid up from last year.   Still waiting on my turn for the vaccine, but I'm in the next group.   In the meantime, still working my way through the Fingerstyle course.

    3. Gene C

      Gene C

      See you in the Q&A tonight, Blue Skies here today. Heard some ELO too..

  3. Hi Diane, Thank you for your part in getting things together for Live Lessons with Steve and our Guitar community. Lately these have held a lot of valuable information and related discussions on  the equipment that Steve and others use. The links provided on YouTube are a blessing as one muddles through the research on a potential purchase. 

    I watched a L&M video from February 22, 2011 where Steve tells about his classical guitar. He said it was a Yamaha G245SZ Nylon string guitar and mentions he got it while still in school and it served him well.

    Since you are one of the moderators I thought you could verify the accuracy of the information with Steve and place it with the equipment links and other information found below the videos.

    I think a lot of fingerstyle and classical guitar enthusiasts would enjoy seeing that a guitar doesn't have to cost thousands to sound good.


    Gene Callebs, London, KY

  4. I would guess that stage fright is not an issue if you are playing in front of 700 or so, keep up the good work! Merry Christmas, Gene in London, KY
  5. William, I just got through watching the Belmont Group live lessons tonight on Youtube, the recorded version. I was a day late but it was just about as good as live and especially when Steve addressed YOUR question, it was great! I am 64 and with daily practice you CAN learn and perform the music you love. I've done it, you can too! Hang in there, Gene C
  6. Has anyone seen the Guitar Gathering 2019 Itinerary ? I know it's somewhat early for it but I am sure it's going to be fun and fun. Just made the lodging arrangements and my wife and I are looking forward to another GREAT conference. Last year's tour of the CBS studio on Saturday morning was fabulous. Gene C, London KY
  7. Diane, Thank you for all the summaries of retreat activities. I am glad for those that were able to attend and hope to one day say that I too am a happy camper. There is so much talent at these gatherings willing to freely share and build on the guitar learning experience. I attended the 2018 GG in June and I continue to review my notes and handouts. I echo the sentiments of Popeye, FRAY, Appledaddy and the rest of the crew, "You get an "A" on all parts." Thanks from London KY, hope to see you in June 2019. Gene C
  8. Hello Colder, I read your post regarding the classical guitar with nylon strings and it sounds all too familiar. I started the L&M course in the Fall of 2011 and when I got to section 10 for Fingerstyle I thought "Hey this is something I REALLY want to do", so I ordered the L&M Fingerstyle set and worked my way through lesson 6. I bought the Jazz guitar book at the Gathering as an additional resource to use while I tackle lesson 7. With all that said, what I found is that going back and forth between the Yamaha classical guitar and the more narrow neck of the Taylor with these 2 lesson sets has helped stretch my left hand and made my right hand more accurate for both. I viewed a 2011 video in the Skills House of Steve describing his classical guitar. If memory serves me correctly, I think Steve has a Yamaha G245SZ he has been using since college. I too love the sound of Steve's classical in his various videos so I rescued a Yamaha C40 from the pawn shop for a hundred bucks and use it almost daily for practice. This guitar works fine and like you mentioned a Classical is a whole new way to play and in order to keep time accurately a metronome is needed until you can internalize the rhythm better. I have a love/hate relationship with my MATRIX MR500 Metronome but it does help solve timing issues. You can work around some of the timing by playing songs like Terrega's LaGrima that has a slower pace and that too is where the simple things can sound "great and musical". Bach also wrote for the Lute, an early gourd looking guitar. I like Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, and from his Lute suite in Em, Bourree. Steve has a nice arrangement you may like to try. Before timing you will have to get comfortable fingering worked out for the left hand. Give the progress time, it will come with persistence, see Wim VD's message above. Check with Steve Krenz to get it straight from the Master, this is all just my thoughts on fingerstyle. I hope you find this helpful, good luck in all of your guitar learning. If you have any questions for me let me know. Gene C
  9. Hello from London, KY The Guitar Gathering 2018 was a fascinating learning experience. The entire 4 days were cram-packed with musical activity that concentrated on the guitar. The spot on seasoned musicians of the concerts and master-classes/workshops were so inspirational. Thanks to the staff, crew, and artists that made the gathering great. It was an honor to meet so many dedicated people that love music and experience it live. I hope to see Ray, Dale, Marion, Pat, Ken, Charlie, Collin, and all the fellow guitarists who I enjoyed meeting (just too many names to list) next year. Thank you Steve and Paulette for your passion for music and your dedication to our learning. Gene & Doris

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