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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks for providing the link to the Acoustic Guitar Company. I ordered a pound yesterday.
  2. Gary, Thanks for the text - very much appreciated. Thankfully the flooding SE of here did not effect our immediate area. How are you getting along with the AirTurn Duo500 ? A step in that direction for me, I took an I Pad class last week after getting it's battery charged. The hard copy of Sept/Oct (AG336) Acoustic magazine arrived a couple days ago with the Neil Young song "Harvest Moon". See pages 48-49, a Reader's Pick... Best guitar wishes, Gene C, London KY
  3. guitarfeelsuccess Good luck in your guitar learning journey, practice daily and enjoy the music. Thanks Diane B - Thanks Nancy L, I have seen and used some of Justin's instruction but haven't heard of the others mentioned in the first paragraph. I will have to give them a look-see now that I'm curious. I too remain committed to learning from Steve and not "wavered from his instruction". Steve is a great teacher and guitarist. I take and use Steve 's words of advise in the link Diane has provided seriously. It's certainly has been a good way for me to learn on my guitar journey.
  4. You've come to the right place, welcome to the Guitar Gathering. I hope you can tune into the Tuesday night Live lessons or just watch one of them on the YouTube channel previously recorded. They are VERY informational and one can find lots of useful nuggets to put into your "toolkit" of musical knowledge. Be patient with yourself while building guitar skills, I would recommend setting some specific goals to give your guitar journey some road markers. Gene C
  5. Gary, I really need to shift my paradigm and get this technology into my routine. Honestly I have put it off until the paperwork nears knee deep status. Maybe a future LIVE LESSON on the software and associated Gizmos that make up the system would be a good suggestion to present to Steve. Kind of like he did for the pedal board discussions. Another good resource would be to touch base with Diane and get her ideas. She may be a fan of all things I-Pad. I heard the T-322E enjoys travel in the Fall, Lots of success to you on this, I'll continue to follow this so I can fast track my learning curve. Gene C
  6. Hello Gary, Hope you are doing well and continuing-full-steam-ahead with your Guitar Learning. Seems the Gathering didn't work out for Doris and I this year mostly due to the timing of everything else that was going on. I may go the Fall Retreat, have you ever been to one? It's almost in your back yard (LOL). On to the "PAGE TURN QUESTION" I have in my notes that Steve discussed the software he uses and accommodates (I would assume) the Pageturners. i may be wrong, I don't use my PDFs this way. See the Live Lesson Videos below where Steve mentions them. or just send him an email and request an update on the matter. 24March2021 - 24May2021 - and 29June2021 to see Live Lesson references to: FINALE - Comprehensive with a Learning Curve SIBELIUS/AVID - Music Notation Software museScore - Had a 70% off Sale in March 2021 FORESCORE - For Sheet music, "Got Guitar Questions" 29Jun2021 Live Lesson Hope this Helps, Happy 4th of JULY, be safe and have fun. Gene and Doris
  7. Dear Session 6, I had the same Dm7 situation and after a month or two that "mini-Bar" with the 1 and finally the 2 on the "A" came around. It was easier to use my ring finger at first but I would encourage you to take Steve's guidance and get the muscle memory built on the suggested fingerings. Grab what you can and get comfortable with the strumming rhythms, lots to learn there in pages 37-42. It's good to have alternate fingerings for a chord but don't get in a hurry to move on with this one because when you get to working on the F chord on page 44 - ALL your fingers get busy. It feels good when you can land a chord SPOT ON and do it consistently. Steve's instruction and advice can help you get where you want to be and there are no short cuts that substitute for regular practice. All of this is just my opinion on the matter and I hope you continue to be encouraged on your guitar learning journey. You will find many on this site to be knowledgeable and helpful. Gene C
  8. It's Dave's B-Day, Have a HAPPY one

  9. Very popular here in SE Kentucky for quite a while. Good song
  10. ENOCH11223344, Welcome to the guitar gathering. Be sure to watch the Live Lesson Tuesday, 10MAY2022. They are free and always packed with take-away nuggets of Guitar learning. Gene C
  11. Thank You Diane for providing accurate and timely information once again. I have attended 3 of the previous Guitar Gatherings and believe it has been the BEST music educational experience and value available for the Guitar. And it is FUN !! Keep up the good work, Gene C
  12. Great Arrangement, the recording is super. Thanks for sharing this with the group and do keep up the good work. I dug the harmonics.
  13. I understand Marty Stuart to say he owns and plays a B-Bender that was previously owned by the Byrds and is in the recording of Turn, Turn, Turn.
  14. Hi Jasn, I printed out your PDF and have it up along with Steve's materials. It's a good tool and Looks good. I use it to help me pick out the 3 notes quickly AND continue with the rest of the pattern more easily. Two kinds of practice. Thanks, Gene C
  15. @Fretless I hope you and yours are doing well as we approach the winter months and Christmas Season. Good time to practice if you can manage to keep your Acoustic from getting too dry from the lack of indoor humidity. There is so much to learn and the results are very rewarding when it all comes together. I was happy to hear that @Gary Nelson bought a ES-335 and he now got it cranked up. He had mentioned he was working on the Pentonic lessons from the Learn and Master Series just before the 2021 Gathering. My guess is he will reap the benefits of that study very soon when what he learned goes over to the ES-335. There are many videos on the guitargathering site you can learn from but Jazz keeps coming up in nearly everything lately so I thought I would concentrate on it for a while. The instructional video from the Fretboard Workout lesson covers about 35 chords up and down the neck that are frequently used in Jazz. Very informative stuff and a lot of it builds on what you probably already know. Good Luck on all your studies, tune in on the Live Lessons Tuesday evening- they're great. I really just wanted to say Hello from Kentucky and not end up doing an info-mercial, LOL Best Regards, Gene C

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