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  1. This article covers a guitar playing technique that I often forget to do it is about playing with different dynamics. It is something that I should adopt more when playing and recording songs, like making the start softer and the chorus louder. I usually start off with good intentions and then forget to do it. Also emphasising certain beats using dynamics e.g. beats 2 and 4, I often forget to do do that. The Devil’s in the Dynamics
  2. Excellent @WATSON43, beautifully played and sang. I love that song, they used it in the movie "Dirty Dancing".
  3. It is great to see you posting again @Mustafa and to hear the good news that you are playing your guitar and having some fun. Never give up hope my friend.
  4. Hello All, Here is a new guitar track for GG4 GG4 New Drums I hope it is ok
  5. My sincere apologies to you all. I am sorry I really have made a hash up! Thank you to @Texaspackerfan for noticing it. 1) The drum track is too difficult. I used the GarageBand (or was it Logic) drummers and combined sections from 2 different drummers and this may have made the rhythm really tricky. It is not a good track for our Collaboration. 2) I had meant to add the count in on the rhythm track but it looks like my inexperience with driving Logic Pro X (I am attempting to transition from GarageBand) and not checking the track before uploading it has lead to the count in being omitted. I am very sorry for both above and I will put them right. I will do another drum track with a count in (using only 1 drummer) and contact @guitarben and apologise to him. Best wishes Mandy
  6. Hello Danny @Texaspackerfan did you manage to do the drums and guitar mix. I think it would be good for @Jusca to have it for her bass track as your choice of amp simulation may influence her bass line. Greg @gotto you should be able to the the Guitargathering folder in your box account as you are still there as an editor. Jusca I have sent an invite to the box guitargathering folder using an old email address I have for you.
  7. Hello all, I found this article interesting, it is about not making drum and guitar parts too complicated. Space is Music
  8. Thank you @Wim VD1. The sinking mic did add a certain novelty factor. I think you can see when I started to realise what was happening!😁
  9. Thank you Mark. I love that song. I have just bought The Moody Blues 3 cd box set. I am re-discovering them!😎
  10. Thank you @gotto that would be great! I will put you down for both. Thank you for your description of your artistic approach. I have always thought that the vocalist should at least be a co-writer. Not all writers want to do the vocals.
  11. Here is my entry "Nights in White Satin" by Justin Haywood, performed by The Moody Blues. It is a tale of posh bed sheets, wasted stationary and a love that is lost causing pain which no one understands. You know like when you get that sinking feeling .......I had a bit of a microphone problem during this song. Looks like I can not have the boom arm out too much on my mic stand.🤣🤓😂
  12. Hello Scott @Mouseslave, Steve has done a Fingerstyle course under the Learn & Master label. That has loads of exercises in it, it is a very comprehensive skill building course.
  13. Lovely @Wim VD1, beautifully played. I enjoyed that.

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