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  1. I agree with you all. From the adverts it looks like they are aiming it at young people. The fact that you can change the pickups and body parts makes me wonder if they are trying to sell it as the only electric guitar you will ever need. I suppose there may be a market for that. The neck is wood but the body parts are ABS. The thought of that being my only electric guitar sends me cold. Part of the enjoyment of guitars for me is owning a wood guitar with character. There is great choice of different guitars out there to be explored and I intend to do so whenever I can (GAS).
  2. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this. Fingers crossed for you @gotto. Look after yourself and your loved ones my friend.
  3. Hello folks, it looks like they may be starting to produce the Slight Modular Guitar if they get enough backers. Would you buy one? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reveho/the-slite-modular-collapsible-all-in-one-electric-guitar?utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Songwriter+September+%238-20200909&utm_content=&sc_src=email_2548801&sc_lid=149334291&sc_uid=tx7j8Jrd4W&sc_llid=14540&sc_eh=bcfe9059586827f61&sc_customer=seabirdsandpaint%40gmail.com
  4. Thank you Greg, I really appreciate your kind comments.
  5. Thank you @NeilES335, @Fretless and @Randy120, your comments mean a lot to me.
  6. Here is me having a go at Simon and Garfunkel's Scarborough Fair on my Cordoba F7. This arrangement is by Muriel Anderson. I have been learning this on and off for months now, it is far from perfect. It has been a long and hard journey for me but I am really pleased to have got it this far. Do not adjust your sets folks, it is a rough recording in mono. I used one microphone into the Scarlet 2i2.
  7. That was great Randy. Lovely guitar! 😎👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Sounded like the crickets(?) decided to sing along too.
  8. I received this email today containing a discount voucher for use on the Positive Grid website. If anyone out there reading this would like to use this code it is only valid for a short period of days.
  9. Hello All. 👋 The September Recording Challenge Topic comes to us from Fretless and is 🎸 "Solo"🎤 Fretless said "I would call the topic "Solo," by which I mean try playing (and recording) just you playing your guitar with no backing track. That could be an exercise from L&MG, a song you like, a fingerpicked or jazzy masterpiece with a melody embedded, or just a single note exercise or melody. If you wish to sing too, feel free." This is a challenge that anyone at any stage in their guitar journey can do. So get practicing and recording and join in the fun!😎 1. Randy120 do
  10. Wow! She is superb Greg. Enjoy!
  11. An interesting thing happened yesterday which highlighted the nature of the Spark App. People started to get error messages like the one below, this one was when someone was trying to use the Smart Jam. My own app wouldn't let me play videos. It turned out to in fact be that someone had let PG's certificate expire. So this means that if PG give up and pull their server we will all just be left with a nice amp. I asked this question of the other Spark Amp owners and they said yes. I still don't regret my purchase because there will always be something like the Tonebridge Ap
  12. I subject you guys to my rhythm playing just about every month.😆 I am using the Spark to inspire me to learn different rhythm patterns and to encourage me to play at faster tempos (while my arthritis is having a good patch). I think playing along with the videos is a good start, just like the disappearing metronome trick I will know I have made some progress if I can’t hear the bands rhythm guitar part. Yes my playing is that bad! When I reach that stage I will record my rhythm playing to a drum beat and see what it really sounds like. Thank you for the great advice guys. 😎

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