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  1. Well, now you can take me back off the list. The tumor has returned to my neck, and Monday I'll be getting a complete laryngectomy. This will lay me up for 4-6 weeks...wiping out my ability to travel to Nashville this year. Someone take some good videos for me to watch! I'll try to keep my status updated on my blog at http://massivelyuninformed.me/
  2. Wow, the response to this video has been quite unexpected. I used to have advertising turned on for videos, to help defray the cost of equipment (made a big $200-300/year. But, with YouTube's rules changes it just hasn't been worth it...most of my videos get a hundred or so hits. Well, Johnny's video has already garnered over 16k views and tons of comments. It might actually have been worth having advertising turned on. I sent a note to his publicist giving them the link to the vid, but not sure if it made it to Johnny. Steve: Maybe forward the link seperately to him? I bet you have better contact info than I do.
  3. Ok, here is the last of the GG2018 videos. Ready to load up the guitars and cameras for GG2019! http://massivelyuninformed.me/guitar-gathering-2018-friday-workout-and-johnny-hiland/ (uploading now, so might not be immediately available) Funny thing, I had gotten about 10 minutes into editing the Hiland video and a friend sat down so I started talking to him. One of the topics was about his bass player who would sometimes see that the song was in the key of A, so would just bang away on the A...even though the song would go A, F#m, D, E, ... Then, when he left I finished working on the video and got to around the 55 minute mark and realized that Johnny H. was talking about this very thing (applied to solos). If you don't follow the melody, you aren't playing the same song as the rest of the band. Anyway, enjoy.
  4. A two-hour treat for your Sunday morning. If you couldn't make it to church, this morning, take this as a suitable substitute. http://massivelyuninformed.me/guitar-gathering-2018-blues-counsel-plus-phil-keaggy/
  5. Ok, got the Thursday sessions up. Just a few more to go. This includes the Thursday morning workout, Breaking Boundaries w/Joe Robinson and Blues Guitar w/Will McFarlane. Will's video is uploading, now, so it could be a couple of hours before it is actually available. http://massivelyuninformed.me/guitar-gathering-2018-the-thursday-sessions/
  6. Sorry, all. I'd put the wrong link version in. I was able to edit the original post...they should all work, now.
  7. As promised, here are the 16 Student Showcase performances. Most of these (well, all except Collin's) are unlisted. This means you can't search for them and they won't show up in my video listings on YouTube, but if you have the link you can view it. If you want me to change to Public (makes it easier to find if you lose the link), let me know. I'll post a link to this message on GG2018 Facebook page, but not the links, themselves (no way I know of to make them private, there). Enjoy! Tom Moore Wade Staley George Howard Bud Mellon Joan Reilly-Rosa Collin Hill Reginald Wassom Mandy Brook w/Cosmo (See my note on the video.) Michael Trombitas Charlie Perl Reese Kobylarz Dwayne Farrow Troy Pendergraft Diane Boykin Gregg Steiner Pat Lindgren
  8. http://massivelyuninformed.me/guitar-gathering-2018-acoustic-night/ (Link to the video is in the first paragraph of the article.)

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