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  1. I just recieved my new axe! She plays like a dream. This is a Fender american telecaster. The tone has that classic country chicken pickin i was looking for. Danny
  2. Hi Neil, and Wim. Ditto @Wim VD1. When I finished the course I did ask the same question, now what. It was a long road for me but I did have some experience before starting his course so I was filing in a lot gaps. I still use it for reference from time to time. I thought of taking his blues class but for me I seem to improvise and learn blues pretty fast. I struggled improvising in country music for some reason. this past year I've spent some time on chicken pickin and that's what I have been study. Im not even close to where I need to be but I know with PPP (patience, perseverance, and practice) I will get there. In this part of my surroundings is all country based so the need to play country is a must, mix with blues. I was playing a weekly gig at the local pub but it since went under. But now we have a BBQ joint that wants live music so I am trying to get a band together to play some Saturday nights. So ive got to some how handle learning new concepts as well as new material for the singer that wants to do, really its not that hard to play most of the songs he wants to play. but I love a challenge. Well, I guess folks out there studying Steve's course hang in there and take one step at a time. learning to play what you love isn't easy but nothing is. hang in there, you can achieve your goals what they may be. As Wim said, Lets see where it goes from here. Danny P.S. here is a pick of my new axe.
  3. @Wim VD1 @NeilES335 Thank you. Wim, I've been working on trying to stay in chord shapes with my lead playing. Its made a world of difference. Neil, your right i do need to turn it up in the mix. I worked on that solo for a week and when i went to record it every take i did i never played it exactly the same way twice. Danny
  4. Thank you @Nutty 1 I was using this song to practice my triads on the electric guitar and it turn out that was the easiest part of it all. The lead solo took some effort and getting the beat down was the most challenging for me. It had an awkward rhythm. but I appreciate your kind words, Mandy. Danny
  5. Pure Prairie League Amie. This song was more challenging than I expected. Anyway here is my attempt at it. Danny
  6. @Wim VD1 That was excellent! It has been a real treat to hear your stages of guitar playing. You have come so far. Well played!!! Danny
  7. Hey @Triple-o I use my pinky finger it lets me free up my other fingers to still make chords. I would try what feels more comfortable for you. good luck Danny
  8. Thank you @Nutty 1 It feels good to get back playing and recording again. Danny
  9. here is my entry for this month, if some one would like to sing this song pm me please, I can't do it but I thought it fit this months theme . Danny the bad moon a rising<<<<
  10. Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay but the final mix is in the box. It felt so good to record again. Danny
  11. @Nutty 1 im so sorry for your husbands medical problems. a fire is one thing but medical is its own league I wish your husband well and a quick recovery. my prayers or with you. Danny
  12. hey everyone!! im finally hooking up my studio again. what a great feeling. btw @matonanjin way to go pack!!!!! lol I couldn't resist either. Danny
  13. Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. For those that didn't know I had a fire in my house. but just a little update I've got the computer back up in my clean room now but my studio seemed to have more damage than I thought. btw smoke gets in everything!!! but my studio should be up and running by the end of the month they tell me,,,can't wait!!! ive got the kitchen up and going and loving fresh cooked meals. sorry for letting down the group on the callab. I wish everyone well. Danny ps sorry its not guitar related.

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