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Guitar Gathering 2019

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On 6/2/2019 at 12:57 PM, colder said:

I don't think I can improve on Diane's summary at all, as far as what to bring! The main thing you want to bring is a guitar stand. 

I think I'm going to bring an electric this year. I have a small amp that runs on batteries that might fit in my gig bag, and I think being able to wear the bag around like a backpack will be nice, instead of needing to carry an acoustic in a hardshell case around from place to place. I'll report back on how well it does or doesn't go. 

Carrying an electric around in a gig bag works out fine. I have done it both times I went to the Gathering. I also bring a little Yamaha amp that can operate on batteries with its own little carrying bag. Maybe next year I will invest in a travel worthy gig bag for an acoustic as I currently use a foam injected hard shell case to check in my guitar. The check in attendants always ask if it is a gun....


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I hope I can actually get there... just got a flight cancellation notice from American Airlines.  This is terrible. I don't even have time to drive there now, I wouldn't get there until late wednesday. Hoping and trying to get re-booked on another flight.... 

Update!!! Yay! I got re-booked on another flight! I will be spending 5 hours on a layover at the Dallas Airport, but at least I should be able to get to Nashville tomorrow!! :)  



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@K9kaos - Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'm sure you'll get there  - thinking all good thoughts for you.


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