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  1. Congrats Mike- Beauty! I used that excuse of retiring and needing to buy another guitar while I could afford it! I ended up retiring three times 😀 True story! Mike
  2. I will wear the swirls off my thumb playing plain old natural bare thumb before I spend 35.00 bucks on a pick, Plectrum, or anything else you want to use to pick your guitar with! Just say'in!
  3. Excellent- Timing, tempo, picking, tone, melody, harmonics.........just all around great rendition of Vincent by Don McLean! Enjoyed closing my eyes and just being carried back in time. Thank you. Mike
  4. I use Boveda 20 packs and order from Amazon. They work fine.
  5. I know that this young man has talent, but I can't get into this. It was so much percussion that I couldn't really listen to the sound of the guitar. Just a humble observation and opinion for my taste. Mike
  6. Gary- Congrats on ES-335.....I sure love mine and I don't think you can go wrong with this model. They are sweet! Mike
  7. R.I.P. Dusty.....This music trio was part of my life growing up and my music world. They put out some great Rock-n-Roll music that will forever be played. So thankful for his musical artistry and the impact on so many fans and fellow artists!
  8. Mike- Congratulations on the new Taylor Koa. A Beauty! I picked up and played several Taylor Koa's at Gruhn Guitars. I have always appreciated the wood coloring and grain. Koa is a beautiful wood! I enjoyed a very well rounded mellow & balanced sound from the ones I played. My Martin HD-35 is loud and booms; my Taylor 614CE is great with a little more clarity as some describe as jangly! The Koa is a guitar I would buy if I wanted to pull the trigger on a new guitar! Enjoy and let us know how you like it after playing for a suitable time frame!
  9. Henk- Congrats on the new Eastman. Let us know how you like the playability and tone! Mike
  10. Mandy- Thank you for your time, energy and the spirit of learning. I agree, a format to record and share is a win, win for the artist recording and the students who get the benefit of learning from others. Great job and thank you. Take care, Mike
  11. I am surprised that this would even be a question among musicians! 🙃
  12. Hey Henk- Thanks for the view. Amazing to watch how much he has going on. I have a hard time with one guitar, my left hand and right hand doing what they are supposed to do and real lucky if my foot stays in time!
  13. I am always looking around for music and artist that catch my ear and make me stop and listen. Not just listen, but really hear, feel and be moved by their music and talent. I came across such an artist today- Reinhardt Buhr. I know that his music is not for everyone, but I was so impressed by his musicality, expression, composition, timing, obvious instrument playing music talent (instrument choices) as well as his ability to improvise, play, sing, record, loop all while improvising and entertaining live! The music may or may not be your taste and style, but just watch the video and see what is going on and hear the beauty of the composer and what is coming from his heart and soul. Beautiful! IMHO:) Take Care, Mike

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