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  1. Diane- Your talents never cease to amaze me! Your Like Baskin and Robbins in 1972..................31 Flavors! Or Diane is like a Swiss Army Knife- She has so many uses and is so practical! On a serious note- Well done. Who would ever have thought to write a piano musical score and not know how to play piano? Diane- You are amazing! Your friend always. Mike
  2. If I sit and close my eyes i can visualize this right out of Jimi Hendrix's playbook!
  3. I have been following the Eagles since before they were the Eagles and they were singing and playing behind Linda Ronstadt. The songs original version on radio and LP was written by Glenn Frey and Jackson Browne in 1972. "Well I'm Standin' on the corner of Winslow AZ, such a fine sight to see, its a girl my lord in a Flat Bed Ford, Slowin' down to take a look at me". There may be other versions out on the street and Jackson Browne may have used some different lyrics playing locally in LA since that is the music scene he and the Eagles grew up in. You never know with music. Covers ge
  4. Nice find Randy. Taylor makes a great quality guitar. I have a Taylor 614CE which has its own tone and sound compared with my Martin HD-35. Much more high ends with spank and jangle. The Taylor case looks like yours on the inside, my outside is plain black where yours has a pattern. What I love about the Taylor case is that it has a much tighter fit. My Humidity packs in the Taylor case have twice the life compared to other acoustic hard cases. Congrats and hope you enjoy. Mike
  5. Very Nice- Also interested in comparison of Maton and the Martin HD28?? Congrats! Mike
  6. Thanks Greg- Appreciate the response. My tinnitus is increasing in pitch and volume. Gets old especially at night when all is quiet and trying to fall asleep. Mike
  7. Hey Greg- Nice looking Breedlove. I love Myrtlewood. Having lived in Oregon & Washington at different times of my life, I am familiar with this wood. I have not personally heard an acoustic guitar made from this wood. Let me know how you like it! Thanks. Mike
  8. The tinnitus going away, hearing the birds singing , the gentle breezes and rustling of leaves.....I can really appreciate these observations in my use of hearing aids myself. It's great! Greg Greg- Did Audiologist explain why Tinnitus disappears when you wear hearing aids??? Mike
  9. Keith & Dave- Very nice....thanks for sharing your trip with us! Mike
  10. Thanks Henk! Glad he took the time to bring Laz back to life and make music again.
  11. For all of you who have worked on, repaired and/or just love guitars, this is a great read! Enjoy. Mike https://www.guitarplayer.com/gear/the-raising-of-lazarus-bringing-an-old-gibson-back-from-the-dead
  12. Steve- Happy Birthday! Hope you had a blessed special day today. 🎂🎂
  13. "I Love Rock and Roll"...... Great job Greg. Playing, recording, and granddaughter's singing. What a great way to share music and spend some quality time together! 👏
  14. OldJock- Henk.....Unfortunately she could not make me sound like Carlos Santana. Too bad, I sure would buy a set if she could! Mike
  15. R.I.P. Mr. Charlie Daniels. Thank you for all your music!

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