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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY MAY 21ST - FINGERSTYLE GUITAR WITH JOE ROBINSON. Winner of Australia's Got Talent, Joe Robinson, is one of the Fingerstyle guitars great young players. Premier Guitar says... “Once in a great while a young guitarist captures the attention of music lovers early in his career and manages to sustain this interest as he matures creatively and sheds the 'prodigy' label. Joe Robinson is one of those rare talents.” Joe will be talking about his new project and playing some great tunes. TUESDAY MAY 28TH - PLAYING BY EAR - HEARING CHORD CHANGES. One of the most important guitar skills is to hear chord changes and be able to play them by ear. With a little bit of training you can listen to songs and understand what chords are being played. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Karl, That is an absolutely beautiful guitar! I love the inlays and the wood you selected. Play it with pride. Bill
  2. Thanks for posting this. I've got it on my list for the weekend! Bill
  3. Thanks Ron! This was really cool. I love hearing about all the different musicians that have influenced each of them. I feel like I've been to the church of music this morning. Such wonderful positive souls! btw, I do play like I don't know how to play...... Bill
  4. Thank all of you for your generosity. I'm sure it's a big time commitment but you guys do an amazing job. This site runs pretty much flawlessly! Diane will be a great addition to the team! Again, thank you for all that you do, the GG family truly appreciates it. Bill
  5. Now if we could only have good old "mike" back to let us know about the great deals on guitars like the Takamine EAN 40 we all bought with the case for a closeout from MF for $300.00 I agree! I miss old Mike as well. He was a wealth of knowledge.
  6. Welcome back Slug! If I remember right, I think you were a big Fender fan??? Hope all is well and happy to have you back with the family. Bill
  7. Looks great! Turn it up and have fun! Bill
  8. I'm a Steve guy. I have pretty much all of the courses he has done. I've purchased many of the "monthly specials" that he's recommended as well from pedals and cables to song books and tools. I'm really trying to stay focused in one direction - "too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the soup". Whenever I've surfed the web and been tempted by other "learn this song" videos, I think to myself, if I just practiced a little more with LMG I could play this by myself without this video. It also feels a little bit like I'm cheating on Steve! Steve has given so much to thiis community that I want to support him any way that I can. It's a small investment considering what I've gotten back from him and all of this that he gave life to. I want to see it continue and grow. I'm on Session 4 - I've been here quite awhile but that's another story for another time. The point I want to make is that with all of the resources I've acquired from Steve, I have everything and I mean everything I need to become a real guitar player. Well, at least until he releases his next course...... Bill
  9. Welcome Ozy! They are all right. There's tons of great information here and players of all levels that are more than happy to answer any question you may have. I'd encourage you to watch the Tuesday live lessons as well. You can check the Live Lessons tab for the schedule or the new News Ticker on the main page. Most of all, have fun! Bill
  10. Congratulations! Turn it up! Bill
  11. Dave, Fun trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures and story. Great Live Lesson as well. Collin is really an inspiration to those of still stuck on Session 4! Bill
  12. Steve on the Jumbotron! Sometimes, I play the DVD's on my mac and then use Airplay to my AppleTV on the big screen in my family room. This way I can better see Steve's fingering and which strings or notes he's playing. I also stand in front of the tv with the music stand raised up and the practice book next to me. I usually do this when no one else is home because I think I look like a bit of a dork! lol Bill
  13. Good to have you back Dan, and healthy! Bill
  14. That's a work of art! It must play beautiful music. Enjoy! Bill

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