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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY FEBRUARY 4TH - BRAZILIAN JAZZ GUITAR WITH DUOVERSAL. Brazilian guitarist, Paulo Oliviera brings his exciting duo to give a taste of Brazilian Jazz guitar. Paulo will show how to arrange songs on guitar and show his amazing chord and harmonizations. SPECIAL LEARNING SERIES: TRIADS! FEBRUARY 11th, 18th, and 25th. Steve Krenz will be teaching a special three week series on Major, Minor and Seventh Triads. Learn these helpful forms and how to use them to break out of open position playing and take your chord and fingerboard knowledge to new places. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. @kenneth As the folks above have said, your progress sounds totally normal. Remember, you are doing multiple things at once now: your eyes see the written note, your brain translates it, sends the signals to your fingers, your fingers go to the right fret and your other hand picks the right string. That will become more automatic as you go on. There will be less times through before a new piece sounds better. Take your time and have fun learning! If you want to see how far you've come, go back and revisit an earlier session and you will see how much easier that material is!
  2. For the printing, I saved it as a pdf and printed it from the pdf version and it came out just fine. I'm very excited for the next lesson! I've been working on the triads up and down in the different keys, and finding them in 4ths as listed in the lesson handout. It has already begun to sink in and get easier finding the forms going up and down the neck! It was certainly a bit slow at first, as I tried to rely on just finding the forms on my own rather than reading the chord blocks, but I'm gaining speed! Tonite I start practicing the I - IV - I forms. I'm hoping to be ready for the next one!! Great lesson series Steve!! 😎
  3. Thats a pretty interesting video!
  4. Congrats on the new additions Ben! You have quite an impressive collection!! That new tele you have is nice looking!
  5. Hey Rob! I'm just over the mountain from you in Pahrump! It is very very dry here. I have had the same struggle with humidity. I thought about those humidified cabinets but when I saw the prices.... well those are out of budget. I resisted at first getting a room humidifier, but ended up with a small inexpensive one. So my current setup is: a humidifier in my office/music room, my instruments in a cabinet from Ikea, with some aqua stones (little ceramic globes that sits in its own bowl of water, along with a few containers with wet sponges. It was a bit of trial and error to get it to where I needed (45-50%), but I've finally got it! Well, at least for now, lol!
  6. Oh no!!! Paul was such a sweet person. A truly kind soul.... he will be missed by many. May he rest in peace, and prayers for his family at this difficult time....
  7. I'll be there as well! Road tripping it this year Can't wait!
  8. Thanks for posting that! A very good and straightforward explanation! Although I memorized the key signatures when going through the L& M course, I really do find it helpful to look at all different angles of explanations for theory! I think looking at the circle of 5ths really does show the relationships between the keys
  9. That sounds like an amazing tool! Especially the customized tracks. I like the ability to customize, and come back and change it later! These could be very handy especially if there aren't a lot of folks to play with! My town is not that big, and although I play bass with our local ukulele group, i haven't found anyone yet to play guitar with.... this may help fill that void! Thanks for posting this!
  10. These look interesting! I still need to work on the fretboard. A while back, I went back to session 2 - 4 and re-learned the exercises and songs in the fifth position. It was initially awkward to say the least! It did definitely help ease my total lack of confidence anywhere above the fifth fret, but I haven't really practiced that in a while. I'll give these a try tomorrow! Thanks for sharing these Neil!
  11. Welcome back Marty!!! Im sure you'll be putting that new amp to good use!! It really does come back quickly! Have fun playing again, and Best wishes for good health and happiness in the coming year!
  12. I've had difficulties with that particular chord too. Now I'm at the point that I can form it, just not quickly enough to use it suitably in a song.... I also used the technique Triple-o suggested. I believe I started at maybe the 6th or 7th fret where it was easier (still awkward, but easier), and move down a fret every few days.
  13. I am very glad to see I'm not the only one with canine challenges!!! Lol!
  14. Wow! Looks like you have a great system going there! We've lived in NY, Tennessee, and Florida (northeast) before settling out west here in Nevada. Each location definitely has had its challenges with humidity. Now living in the Mojave Desert, this is by far the biggest challenge! When we moved here, I knew I would need some system to humidify. I started with a cabinet from Ikea - I'd rather spend the $$ on guitars rather than a big fancy cabinet, as some of them are quite pricy! Using humidification devices inside the cabinet has helped but has not really gotten me to where I want. My guitars (and other instruments) are all in my music room which I keep closed if I'm not in there. But when I am, I have two very persistent dogs who believe I have entered into a danger zone if I dare close the door and they bang and scratch the door until they 'save' me.... lol! Recently I got a small, fairly inexpensive room humidifier at Home Depot. Just using that small humidifier has solved my issues at the moment. Still storing my instruments inside the cabinets, even though the room humidity may vary more, the cabinets are staying fairly consistent at 45-50 %. That is amazing for me being in the desert. Before this, I was getting maybe 30 - 35% inside the cabinets. Its a balancing act for sure!
  15. Fun song to learn!! Thanks for posting these!! And thanks Doug for that pdf! I find having some kind of written material so helpful!!

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