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  1. Welcome Southernpicker! Great bunch of folks here! Have fun!
  2. I have not had time to watch the whole thing yet, but I too, have it recorded on my DVR. I was impressed by the short section I did get to watch though! Hoping this coming weekend to get some free time! So glad you posted this and I got it recorded though! I would surely have missed that!
  3. Looks like a great show! I just set our DVR to record it when it comes on our local PBS later this month Thanks for posting this!
  4. So glad to hear you have your studio back! I hope if there is more work to be done, it gets done quickly! I know it can be rough getting everything straightened out! Now that you have your music back it must feel wonderful!!!
  5. Hi S Bach, I found the Dm7 to be a bit awkward at first too. Mostly I found I was muting the B string if I wasn't very careful. I found it easier when I made sure my wrist was kept low, and for some reason, it it easier if I angle my index finger a bit. Everyone's a bit different... play around with it and see if there are little adjustments you can make to get it to ring clear more consistently. Sometimes its just a matter of practice and trial and error. You'll get it!
  6. Thanks John! I had visited that website in the past, but completely forgot about it! It is amazing how much that really helps, just doing a few minutes a day. Getting the note recognition down takes one piece out of the learning puzzle!
  7. I hope I can actually get there... just got a flight cancellation notice from American Airlines. This is terrible. I don't even have time to drive there now, I wouldn't get there until late wednesday. Hoping and trying to get re-booked on another flight.... Update!!! Yay! I got re-booked on another flight! I will be spending 5 hours on a layover at the Dallas Airport, but at least I should be able to get to Nashville tomorrow!!
  8. Thanks for sharing that link Blue Dog Always great to have different practice pieces. 😎
  9. I have two, and they are definitely my favorites!! Unbelievably soft and comfortable, and going on probably 5+ years and they are still going strong!
  10. Great news John! Good luck with the specialist too!
  11. Great job Cliff! Took me way longer than 5 weeks! Fun stuff ahead with chords, barre chords, strumming, and a bit of theory.
  12. All great advice above! What works for me when I get 'stuck' on a song or an exercise, is to slow it down - way, way, way, down. Then It seems I find the places that are an issue. It may be a measure here, or a measure there, that are just stressing my brain and fingers just enough to affect the performance. If I find any spots like that I isolate them and practice them very slowly, concentrating on the actual mechanics of my fingers and the pick getting where they need to go. Once I have ruled out trouble spots, gradually increasing the speed of the metronome seems to do the trick. Once I get to a speed where I'm starting to make mistakes or it doesn't feel fluid, I go back to the last one that was great. I never leave it at the mistake. I go back and play a few bpm slower and play it well to solidify that in my brain and muscle memory. Adding in recording is a whole different challenge! Seems like as soon as the 'record' button is hit things go crazy! But it does let you really hear where some of the challenging spots are, things you really don't hear when you are playing! Its really good to get used to this early on! Session 4 is a challenging session, so take your time! You are doing very well at only a few weeks in and already up to the faster jam-along tracks!
  13. Definitely going to make sure I can tune in to see this!!! Just ordered his instructional DVD's a few weeks ago from Steve! This will be a great start to using those!

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