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As some of you may have seen, last week I asked for advice about Martin guitars.  And, predictably, I received some great advice from you.  But!  I didn't follow your advice😉😆   Not exactly anyway.

I had largely decided on the Martin 000-28EC, the Clapton signature model.  I had played one at my favorite local store, heard great things about them, reviews, etc.  but held off.  And now there are none in stock locally; I would have to order online.

After getting your advice I went back in my local store, which is Lidgett's in Council Bluffs, IA.  I asked him, "I know that you don't have a Martin Clapton signature in stock.  But what do you have that I would like?"  He replied,  "I really think you need to try this one that I just got in.  It's a Martin M-36.  It's similar in size to a dreadnaught, but not as thick.  A lot of people find it comfortable and it sounds almost as full as a dreadnaught"

You know how we often use the expression about guitar shopping, "Find the guitar that speaks to you"? Or something similar.  That is exactly what happened!   It is really comfortable.  It plays and sounds great.  And I came home with it today.   And.......it was significantly less money than the EC!  

Sorry about the horrible portable camera photo but I wanted to snap this to show you and get back to playing it!!  1279251622_MartinM-36.thumb.jpg.6c95fe608039d54af098fa3274b6675c.jpg 

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Congratulations.  What a beautiful guitar.  I can only imagine the sound!

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That is a great story: you were thorough, diligent and yet open to a great guitar you had not considered. Wonderful!

Now, what n+1 guitar are you going to buy with the money you saved not getting the EC?

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6 hours ago, Fretless said:


Now, what n+1 guitar are you going to buy with the money you saved not getting the EC?

Thinking very seriously about the Martin 000-M15.  I was deciding between it and the EC.  By going with the M-36 I do have enough savings to go with the M15.  Only makes sense doesn't it?!😉   (I can rationalize anything!)

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