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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY MAY 21ST - FINGERSTYLE GUITAR WITH JOE ROBINSON. Winner of Australia's Got Talent, Joe Robinson, is one of the Fingerstyle guitars great young players. Premier Guitar says... “Once in a great while a young guitarist captures the attention of music lovers early in his career and manages to sustain this interest as he matures creatively and sheds the 'prodigy' label. Joe Robinson is one of those rare talents.” Joe will be talking about his new project and playing some great tunes. TUESDAY MAY 28TH - PLAYING BY EAR - HEARING CHORD CHANGES. One of the most important guitar skills is to hear chord changes and be able to play them by ear. With a little bit of training you can listen to songs and understand what chords are being played. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. @Old Guy, I am going to have to check him out. I had never heard of him but a couple guys on another forum were raving about him. And Truefire just brought him onboard just releasing a new course, Blues Speak. They just released it within the last couple weeks. Of course, just because he is a great player doesn't mean he can teach. But I will be interested in looking at it. And definitely I'm going to listen to him. Thanks for the recommendation.
  2. Just signed my wife and I up for the Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea again for 2020!  I am beyond excited.  Days on a cruise of awesome blues music by some of the greatest guitarists in the world along with a stop in Nassau, Bahamas! 

    Woo Hoo!!!!!!

    Joe Bonamassa

    Buddy Guy

    Mike Zito

    Tab Benoit

    Resse Wynans

    Doyle Brramhall II

    And about 20 more!

    I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Rickrblues


      Congrats, Ron. Thinking about going.


    2. matonanjin


      Get signed up, @Rickrblues!!  It is, of course, filling up fast!

  3. My thread so I guess I should start. I've been a Robin Trower fan since Procol Harum and Too Rolling Stoned. I have always felt that after James Dewar, who was bassist and vocalist in Trower's power trio, passed away the band just wasn't the same. Robin Trower just released his newest album, Coming Closer To The Day. On the new album Trower performs all the instruments except drums. He also does the vocals and it is passable. This is "I Want To Take You With Me". It has some fairly some classic Robin Trower Strat work. I hope you enjoy it.
  4. So you found some new guitar music you really enjoy? Share it with us here. And when I say "new" I don't mean newly released. I mean newly discovered. New to you! Found a deep cut from a 1972 Jeff Beck album that you hadn't heard before and you really like it? Share it here. If it's new to you it very likely will be new to a lot of us. Just please keep it something we most likely haven't heard. No chart toppers. There will be few restrictions here, beyond the usual ones: Keep it family friendly. Don't try and sneak in something political. And, of course, it must be guitar centric. It matters not what genre it is, blues, country, jazz? And it doesn't matter what type of guitar, electric or acoustic? And it can be a new artist we should be on the watch for. Or it can be, like my example above, a cut that we most likely haven't heard from an artist we all know. Just share here something you think we would enjoy. Maybe include a few lines about how you discovered it and/or what you find interesting/enjoyable about it.
  5. What's not to love? Like all PRS guitars it's gorgeous and sounds great. I suspect it is wonderfully playable and that the craftsmanship is excellent. Even the SE guitars from PRS are amazing as I understand.
  6. There is no Live Lesson Tonight, May 14. From the Facebook Guitar Gathering page (about two hours ago): " Sorry all, there will be no live lesson broadcast tonight. Tried to get it worked out but things just wouldn't come together. We will be on for next week. - Steve "
  7. There is no Live Lesson tonight, May 14.
  8. Wow, @Kbore, what a beautiful outcome to this project. Like many that have posted here I am very impressed with your craftsmanship. Thank you for showing us this.
  9. Great to have you back here, @JayKayWright. Keep posting and letting us know what you are up to.
  10. And I watched it over the week-end. And it was exciting, at least entertaining. Interestingly, the documentary crew interviewed both Robert Johnson's son and grandson. It was an educational, enjoyable hour spent. I recommend it.
  11. WHAT!?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!? I started this and thought it was a joke! It does have its own Facebook group. This requires more investigation😎
  12. So @HYA, we haven't heard from you. How are you doing with that B7 chord? We need progress reports😉 Actually what prompted me to write this is I thought about this thread last night. I was at my weekly jam and one of the guys said "Let's do 'Nights in White Satin'". And, of course, guess what's in "Nights in White Satin"! So you are going to encounter the B7 in the wild. And giving this thread a little more consideration, you aren't to the Blues session, session 13, yet. When you do, you're going to learn about the "blues progression" or the I-IV-V chord progression. Even if blues isn't your first choice for music, most modern music is based on this I-IV-V. And one of the most popular, "guitar friendly" keys is the E. @Wim VD1 touched on this above. The 5 chord in E is B. And the 7th chords are frequently used in blues, rock, country, etc. For learning most chords, for me, it was getting the string to ring out that I was fretting. But for me, with the B7, it was getting the strings next to where I was fretting to ring. I don't know about you or anyone else but my problem, primarily, was the open B string, the second string. My third finger on the G (3rd) string, the A note, kept muting the B string. It just took a lot of practice and significant amounts of cursing. I hope you're making progress with the B7. Let us know.
  13. You guys are coming up with some great topics! 😁 The unfortunate reality is that I qualify for them all!😣
  14. Now on Netflix. The ReMastered Documentary: Devil at the Crossroads. The Robert Johnson Documentary. I haven't watched it yet so I can not recommend it. I'm just giving you a heads up. But I'm sure going to watch it. Probably tomorrow night.
  15. Another sweet guitar, Ben. Congratulations. I looked at a Blues Hawk at a pawn shop a couple years ago. Wonderful tone. I found the varitone circuit and 5 way switching really interesting. Enjoy it!
  16. Congrats on the new amp and thanks for telling us about it. It sounds really useful. Enjoy
  17. Anyone needing a Strat Style Case? This is a pretty sweet deal! The Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day is for a Tweed Strat Style Deluxe Hardcase for only $60! the ad says they are normally $100; I thought they would normally be more than that. But still almost half off. And sorry I didn't post this earlier. Only 14 hours left.
  18. matonanjin


    So @S Bach, how is that Silver Sky working for you now that you've been playing it a few weeks? I'm sure great. I didn't post in the forums but the week before last I was in Chicago. I went to 3 different PRS dealers and played a lot of PRS guitars. Of course the biggest one was Chicago Music Exchange. I fell in love with a Limited Edition Cherry Sunburst Custom 24 there. I almost acted on it when I was there. Fortunately, I came home empty handed. But it is so gorgeous. I'm still thinking!
  19. Those of you that know me, know that I am a PRS Guitars supporter. (Or you can look in my sig) And Santana is in large part why I fell in love with guitar music. But this isn't about that. Carlos makes one complimentary comment about PRS guitars. Maybe Warren Haynes says something nice about PRS amps. There is no selling of equipment in this video. Nor is there any technique lesson here. This is, from the description, " A philosophical conversation about tone and the quest to find your own voice featuring Carlos Santana, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks and Paul Reed Smith. " Warren said something to the effect, "It's about the singers and getting your instrument sound like a singer." One of them said, "If it doesn't give you goosebumps how can you expect it to give the audience goosebumps?". It was 3 of the greatest living guitarists talking casually and candidly about what they strive for when performing or playing. I found it very interesting. I hope you enjoy it.
  20. You continue to bring great outside artists to these Live Lessons for our benefit; for our expanded learning, @Steve Krenz Robben Ford and and now Rick Deringer! Thanks, Steve!!!!
  21. I had no idea this was coming. but I could not be more thrilled with the choice. @DianeB thank you for volunteering to help.

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