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  1. Congratulations. What a beautiful guitar. I can only imagine the sound!
  2. I had to rent it from Amazon.
  3. I watched a very interesting documentary about the supply of Sitka spruce from Alaska. Kind of dated (from 2013) but very interesting program. I recommend it to anyone who has interest in the supply of tonewoods.
  4. I'm trying this again. For the third time in my life. This is where the learning stopped both other times. But I feel pretty good about it.
  5. Finally pulled the trigger on this beautiful Cordoba C7. I have been wanting this guitar for a long time and am very happy to finally purchase. It looks and sounds beautiful.
  6. I just received my Learn and Master the Song Hits from Amazon. One question I have is are the lessons in song hits supposed to mirror the session that you're working on in Learn and Master Guitar? The songs seem more complex than that.
  7. Hello! Thanks for sharing your story. Congratulations on becoming a parent. I have three kids myself. I am by no means anywhere near an expert but there are many experienced musicians on this site. For my own personal path I am going to study Learn and Master Guitar until I have the first 9 sessions down and then study the Learn and Master Fingerstyle Guitar also.
  8. I am recovering from rotator cuff surgery and I gave my guitar a play over the weekend and I can play without too much pain. So I am looking forward to getting back into the lessons. I left off on lesson 9 and now I will go through the first eight again to refresh my memory. I also have the fingerstyle lessons to get through eventually!
  9. It is sold for full price. I had talked him down some But someone liked it! Thanks for all the input!
  10. Does anyone have knowledge of this Yamaha model? The seller says it was bought in the late 60's. I have read that the old Yamahas sound really good. He wants $125.00 for it. So I thought I would ask around before I drove the 2 hours to his house to try it out.
  11. Thanks Neil. I don't know if I can try that model out with only two local guitar stores but I will look into it.
  12. I was able to play a few nylon string guitars in my price range at the guitar store today. For me the prettiest sounding guitar was the Cordoba C7 cedar top guitar. Does anyone have any experience with this guitar? It was right at the top of my budget at $499.00. But wow it sounded nice. Any info would be appreciated! Robert
  13. I really love acoustic guitar and I found this show made right down the freeway from me in Bozeman, MT. If you're into acoustic you might enjoy. I really do.
  14. Those that have read any of my posts know I'm a lover of encouragement. Thanks for the Post Randy!

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