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  1. I know it was talked about in the old LMG forum.. can't remember us bringing it up here. but there seems to be many of you "non-essential " people out there that could maybe take advantage of this service. https://www.jamkazam.com it's a community of musician's that gather online via JamKazam app to link you live to other musician's So you jam together as a "band" Depending who's the the jam room with you I've never used it.. but since I have a rental Zoom H5 for a few more days. I hooked myself up.. but alas.. back to work.. so I can't test it all out. maybe it will help of you house bound folks.
  2. Really!! Ozzy bit the head of a bat off in early 70's
  3. I'm getting less, not even my car practice. The company I work for supplies computers to the large banks in Canada, the banks requested literally thousands of computers setup from us. I'm working 12 hr days 5 days a week and 8hr weekends. Trucks are not inspected for produce, medical supplies or TVs or computers. As long as the trucks for of computers allowed on the roads , I'm at the office working along with my staff and the warehouse staff , But let's see who posts here and in the recording challenge.
  4. A Ditto looper 2, has a very important feature the mini 1 only has 1 button form everything A Ditto 2 has a Start and Stop buttons separate, very important
  5. As said above your way I play exclusively with a guitar strap on seated or standing. If I'm sitting I stand up from time to time and the guitar is always in the same spot, and don't even have to stop playing to sit or stand. All up to you
  6. TrueFire hacked, credit cards and personal info may have been compromised Tuition website TrueFire has informed users that an “unauthorised person” had access to the company’s computer system, and specifically to unencrypted information that was entered into its website, for a period of over five months. Guitar.com was today contacted by one of the affected users, who shared with us the full text of the letter they had been sent from TrueFire LLC, titled ‘Notice Of Data Breach’, explaining and apologising for what had occurred. The user told us that TrueFire, which boasts over 1 million users worldwide, explained that even though it does not store personal information itself, the ‘unauthorised user’ had potentially been able to harvest sensitive customer information as it was being entered into the site. In the letter, TrueFire wrote: “On January 10, 2020, TrueFire discovered that an unauthorised person gained access to our computer system and, more specifically, to information that consumers had entered through the website. While we do not store credit card information on our website, it appears that the unauthorized person gained access to the website and could have accessed the data of consumers who made payment card purchases while that data was being entered, between August 3, 2019 and January 14, 2020.” It continued: “We cannot state with certainty that your data was specifically accessed, however you should know that the information that was potentially subject to unauthorised access includes your name, address, payment card account number, card expiration date and security code.” TrueFire went on to recommend that affected users review payment card statements for suspicious activity, as well as following standard preventative measures against identity theft. It also provided assurance that it was monitoring for any more unauthorised activity on the site, and was working with “computer forensic specialists to determine the full nature and scope of the intrusion”, as well as reporting the breach to law enforcement authorities. Guitar.com reached out to TrueFire for a comment on this story, and the company released the following statement to us: “The confidentiality, privacy, and security of information in TrueFire’s possession is one of its highest priorities. TrueFire has stringent security measures in place to protect this information, and we are providing notice to the segment of customers who were potentially affected by this incident.
  7. there are 4 web sites I visit daily (hourly) Guitar Gathering, Joe Bonamassa, Gibson USA and Fender forum Fender just announced last night they are closing down their forum for good. Last day is March 20, 2020
  8. @Nutty 1 hint, all necks have a bow relief. If they were dead straight you'd have tons of string buzz
  9. Remember the rhyme Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey (From looking down the neck from the top) So more bow is looser Less bow aka straighter is tighter. So turn it left but not more than a 1/4 of a turn
  10. Yup $199 is Amazon Canada price for LT25. But I don't see a battery option for the Fender LT25
  11. Fret 1 to 3 buzz tricky Nut slot depth effects only open strings on 1st fret. Truss rod really only effects frets 5 to 10, but may help Capo on top of fret 1. Hold down say low E at 17th fret. Look at clearance of string to 7th fret should be about the thickness of a Business card. If it's not might need a truss rod adjustment
  12. @Achilles Wrath ok reality check on the rests during strumming.. If you mute every rest while strumming the chord progression will be very choppy and not sound good. a rest is a note not played.. it does not necessarily mean all prior notes need to be muted. Steve states that your strumming arm/hand is a pump.. down/up/down/up/down/up/down/up.. it doesn't stop while doing rhythm playing. but striking the strings in either a down or an up or not striking the strings on a down or an up is what happens. a mute in this case would be a downward or upward travel of the hand that is not striking the strings. some chords can be muted silent by your fretting hand easily and some can be muted with your strumming hand.. but if you mute with your strumming hand.. then your strumming hand has to stop going like a pump (down/up/down/up) and you will loose the rhythm of the piece. so sufficient to say.. a rest is a note not played.. not necessarily muting all notes preceding.
  13. @Las Vegas Steve um no a Mustang LT-25 is not cheaper than a $69 battery powered Orange amp. More like $199usd. Little Orange will be good for car/van type practice (ehm 😎) I have a different little battery amp that served me well till I picked up a used Traynor TVM50 battery amp,
  14. wrong string hits are expected esp at this stage. somethings Steve doesn't teach outright or mentions in passing you need to pick up little hints. (there is so much Steve packed into this course, somethings didn't make it) Steve starts Music Theory right away but you don't realize it until he hits you with a major music theory lesson in Session 7. something he glazes over on in Session 9 is you're to mix up your chord playing open chords, barre chords.. most people miss little items like that and stick to one or the other. after Session 9 it's 'tools' for you guitar bag.. the instruction after fingerstyle S10 sort of gets less and less and more up to you as he introduces but doesn't spoon feed in the upper levels of the course.

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