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  1. Check out Canada CBC radio for Randy Bachman Vinyl Tap series. Been running for years, he just announced he's retiring in July
  2. @SRV great amp. it does what your fingers tell it to do.. it's not a digital Swiss army knife.. great tone from your fingers I would have bought one if I could off load my Traynor for a good price
  3. @Nairon @Fretless @NeilES335 NeilES335 has a Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 bundled package, he'll tell you the headphones in it aren't that bad, I haven't heard them myself. One thing I have learned from recording with a mic, Heating and AC kicks in , you'll get the whooshing sound in your mic. I block the vent off with several large books, but the low rumble of the furnace can still be seen in the lower bars of the VU meter. Have to time your live recording between heat/cool cycles
  4. @Wim VD1 got my foot tapping on my early morning dog walk. If nothing else comes in , in the few days, say you easily won this month's challenge
  5. @Wim VD1 thanks.. I've been thinking of posting my recorded car practice as that "would fit the March category" better, with just a $60 used Chinese Strat, Battery amp and recorded on my phone with the car windows and roof open. I'm well documented on this forum that I try and practice anywhere any time (usually in the car/van when wife is shopping) remnants from my 24/7 job I squeezed practice in somewhere. our category was to spur on those that we know just started the LMG series and we've see their posts of being in Session 3 and 4. we'll see
  6. @NeilES335 I liked this jazz group recording better than the other one your group did. Song? Better playing? Not sure
  7. Here is a LMG Song Hits song from Session 4 All I Have to do Is Dream, written by Felice & Boudleaux Bryant I ended up using 3 guitars and 1 bass. I didn't want just another strumming rhythm so I did a fingerstyle rhythm on the Epiphone Sheraton semi-hollow body guitar in the middle pickup position running through a rented Fender Pricneton FSR65 with Cannabis Rex speaker. had the Reverb and Tremo on to try and give it a bit of a dreamy state. the lead was on my Gibson Les Paul, in the treble/lead pickup with even more tremo added. the 'super lead' was done on my Fe
  8. With the likes of Justin bieber, Taylor Swift, Drake, etc People go see them, not the " hired gun", guitarist or drummer hired to back them.
  9. Wish I could find a jam group, but mostly my time is used up before I know it. But maybe I would "Make the time", if I had a group to hang with. You figure I'm 10min away from NeilES335, about 50min from Ron Service, and just over an hour away from OldJock_Henk Still trying to work out a jam group We'll have to try and get together after lockdown
  10. Nice looking ES guitar, ordered through Long and Mcquade or from somewhere else Flat 5, augment 13th away Henk
  11. I'm relooking at Steve's LMG Blues again , hoping I've "matured" as a guitar player to get more out of it. But like @Plantsman13 agree there isn't enough direction in it. Too much time spent with Dino on keyboard (sorry Steve) Very well produced though, On Truefire I really like Jeff Mcerlain courses, and I just finished from the $5 sale at TF a David Hamburger Beginner Blues David Hamburger's course was pretty simple if I finished it in a short time . Only "take a way" was the last lick in E where he did a 'stanard' 5 note walk up to the chords. Sounded bluesy Wish
  12. @George Mabry Actually the starting chord is an E and the ending chord also an E. Your key signature is also in E. So its in E This is also a blues song so the 7th has to be flatted. And the 3rd is also flatted. Note they're "not" naturals in this case but a "flatted" notes.
  13. @Wim VD1 almost sounds like Key To The Highway. Good playing, got me beat by a long shot but wouldn't mind jamming with you live

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