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  1. The dark side I would refer to thd length of time needed to learn your modeler and nothing to do with sound quality. Patches twinking, patches downloading, patch creation, etc. I spent learning, researching and building tube amps, was a dark side, a rabbit hole, etc as it was 3yrs of not really playing and more of replacing compoients to hear the differences. Enjoy learning your new Boss.
  2. Check power settings. Maybe USB power gets turned off
  3. @Steve Krenz it'd be great if Legacy would sell you the domain name so all those LMG copies that reference to the old site could have a URL redirection here to GG.
  4. probably saying them in your head or out loud is the best as you're not relying on the visual paper to guide. I have brought guitars on some of my driven trips, and play occasionally, I'm pretty poor at time management while on vacation .
  5. Yup I don't carry guitar (most of the time) on vacation. I'll be on a local beach for a couple of hours next day or two. I print off Steve's major scales mix up and work on those at the beach
  6. @BluzCruz Yup https://www.learnandmaster.com/piano/resources/ You can also use for the LMG Guitar https://www.learnandmaster.com/main/pages/resources/ Both links still work
  7. @ChrisJ032 @NeilES335 Chris I have to say I agree with Neil. Play amps side by side in the store and let your ears tell you the tone it likes. Katana's get a lot of love on this forum. I found in the store that Katana's on thier own sound pretty good, till you play some other amp next to it and my ears went wow. Won't say what amp was next to it. Lot to be said for a amp with just a volume and tone control and use of your guitar volume and tone control
  8. Your hand has to come up sometime. Just do down up on all notes, doesn't matter which string. (Unless it's a rest which you would then not play but hand has to keep moving )
  9. I put them into a Academy clone Strat. Went in like the guitar without issues. They have chrome, gold and black. I bought black https://www.guitarfetish.com/Now-STAGGERED-Gotoh-Style-Locking-Tuners-Sperzel-Style-GOLD_p_515.html
  10. Good point. I know there is a bunch of stuff for Travis picking, never looked for chicken Pickn. https://fretboardanatomy.com/demystifying-chicken-picking/
  11. Good golly it will take a century for me to get to s17 , and another century to get out of it
  12. I bought locking tuners from GuitarFetish.com Good quality right price
  13. had to double back and look at the spec's of your new tele. Vintage Noiseless pickups offer hum-free classic tone Get the classic Tele tone you love, without the hum. The Deluxe Telecaster Thinline's set of Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups offer traditional Tele tone, while get the timeless Tele twang you want, but none of the show-stopping radio and electrical noise you don't. Top it off with 4-way switching that includes a setting for the bridge and neck in series, and you get plenty of tone options to play with a stacked pickup is like a humbucker with the first coil on top of ththeir stacked Alnico 2 magnet design wards off interference and ground hum. In other words, youe second coil, (instead of a humbucker side by side arrangement) first thing is usually house environment. try different rooms, then take your whole rig to the store for a test, or a friends house. does it happen with just 1 pickup section/ both? you say static and hum.. I know some Gibson's have been reported to have a crackle sound like static, Gibson response is to rub the guitar with a dryer sheet , which I find a useless endeavour since dryer sheets are heat activated. hum can be tricky but maybe one of your stacked pickups is having an issue.you may need to find a different tech..
  14. It would be great if Steve could buy the domain name and redirect it here
  15. Check out my "new" "tailgate" practice New (old used for $100) Traynor TVM50 battery amp comes in at 30lbs, and didn't feel like lugging to the tree like last year... http://traynoramps.com/legacy/discontinued/product/tvm50/ Note black Strat shaped device 🤔

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