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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY JANUARY 14TH - BLUES and JAZZ GUITAR WITH ALBERTO LOMBARDI. Alberto is one of Italy's great guitarists, versatile in a variety of styles. He will be showing some great insights into his Blues and Jazz playing. TUESDAY JANUARY 28TH - STARTING OFF RIGHT WITH GREG VOROS. Master Guitar Tech, Greg Voros, stops by to talk about getting your guitar ready to play. PLUS we'll be giving some great tips for starting your guitar learning journey right so that you make the most progress quickly. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Even pro's look at their fretting hand. Don't fret about it 🤣 glace.. but don't stare
  2. I guess I should have "re-visited" the site as I would have seen it's a closed appointment only custom shop now. http://romanguitars.com/
  3. you ever had one of those Opps.. I knew I was going to Las Vegas and I was to be going to the CES show, I knew there are guitar stores down there and I remembered that one of the biggest guitar stores (and biggest blow hards) was Ed Roman's Guitar store, I keep Googling it and I'd see reviews on "this has to be the biggest store I've ever seen".. so I planned a "me" day and summoned my Lyft ride and scooted over. we pulled up to an industrial unit.. and a sign just said Roman's Custom Guitars .. looked all 'boarded' up , I walked up to the door, and in blurry writing on the paper said.. if the door is locked call this number. Thinking the place is closed and how could this be "the biggest store I've seen" when there isn't a sole insight. someone answered and I said is the store or the just the custom shop... they said this is it, we'll let you in. I was stunned.. two room show room.. with quite a few guitars, and I was it.. the only customer in the shop. stunned I was. so Scott explained to me that this was it.. they're a custom shop with 5 guitar builders, the stuff that was on the walls are pre-built units just incase someone comes in and says .. I need a guitar now.. but all they're stuff is custom made to order for the player. and if I wanted to play something.. I'd have to ask ,, and Oh by the way.. Guitar Center is down the street.. I chatted with Scott and what I thought my skill level was, and what country I was from.. sort of hoping that would ease things. finally I asked him to take down a Strat styled guitar.. he told me a story that it was on consignment as the war vet ordered it but couldn't play when he returned. it has a piezo pickup under the bridge, Seymour Duncan single coil size humbuckers that can be split, oiled body and ebony fret board. when he was getting ready to turn the amp on. I said.. "I usually play unplugged to start".. He's like.. I like that attitude. I played for a bit and brought it to the counter where he cleaned it and we chatted a bit more before my Lyft ride came to whisk me away. wasn't a couple of days back home, I went back onto Roman's web site a read the 'rant' on there about how they hated "tire kickers" coming in and saying what a great store and banged on a few guitars and left without buying anything.. so they closed the store and stuck to a appointments only custom shop. Oppps.. I had no appointment.. showed up unannounced, they let me play one of their guitars (they were willing to hand me anything I wanted to try) which I wasn't going to buy (could have possibly, but wasn't ) so I was that "tire kicker" . Oh well .. if all I can say is Thanks Scott and Bob at Roman's Custom Guitars. and if any of you want a hand built guitar.. these guy's could probably build you an nice one. on a final note .,. found out that Ed Roman passed away a few years back so.. don't ask for Ed.
  4. Same here Ron, Randy posted it on his Facebook page, I thought Neil will like the use of some jazz chords. And it's song to learn We're lucky he's one of the best musicians in Canada, from center of the country no less Winnipeg MB.
  5. To me it's almost a bossa nova feeling. Randy Bachman Teaches Lookin' Out For #1
  6. I'm nowhere near the end of LMG, even after years of working on it. Guess if I made "resolutions " I'd be finished by now. Alas I don't make them. Still trying to get 5-10 "bar gigable" songs going, then get back to LMG
  7. Steve has written the songs and sometimes have put them in a more guitar friendly key. He doesn't give you the 3rd verse, and he tends to skip the solo in the songs as they are usually much harder, He gives you "the meat and potatoes " of the song. Trust me you skip a solo in a song playing live, most people would never notice. As for backing tracks , I'm working Day Tripper, You Got It and Taken Care of Business from song Hits I loop the "real" song and play with it, Nutt'n like playing with Randy Bachman and Fred Turner ; while Take'n Care of Business
  8. There was never a pdf of the Song Hits book as Steve had contractions copy right issues. You'll have to contact Legacy, even Steve's own store at the top of this forum doesn't list the Song Hits book
  9. @revster my Christmas $50 gift card came from that North London L&M. I just spent two and a half days in Popular Hill. Didn't think about you being "one of us". Nice 12 strings, on a Martin, L&M rides again
  10. Poof and so it was, what could go wrong did, but you played live in front of people. It counts.
  11. In another post else where on the forum someone was asking about similar. Legacy put up the basic disks on Crowd Guitar. But doesn't have the bonus content disks. Steve K wasn't part of the uploading of his lessons to Crowd Guitar, it was Legacy's choice. I'm not one that subscribes to using my data plans up to stream something I already own. I would suggest getting a external dvd drive that plugs into the usb port
  12. @NueGene when I was a solo musician directing the choir for 2 weekends leading into Christmas, you tend to swet a bit when you're it, knowing any mistake can only becoming from you.
  13. Your list is fine. Only take "with a grain of salt" the X number of weeks to pass and of the sessions. Many sessions take far longer to "feel good"
  14. @Nutty 1 thanks and Merry Christmas to you Mandy and all our LMG /GG family. I can't access the line out of the mixer like I used to, and RC Church has enough issues with young kids which makes it hard for audio let alone video recording. I did a Fingerstyle on Silent Night, with the kids, . And I had a few comments that I think I did a "good" job on it. With my own practice, and church played close to 4hrs yesterday. Wife got 1 picture during the concert part before mass, with me and the director We were at capacity of about 700, not as many as I expected at a packed 1200, I would not be playing live weekly (albeit only rhythm) if it wasn't for Steve K and LMG (Director on BC Rich 12 string, and I have a Godin Kingpin 5th Ave with a P90 pickup with a floor monitor)

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