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  1. @Popeye I respectfully disagree with your must know it all by rote recall. every "all the words and the beat and the rhythm" + "Know all the chords, melody, riffs" If this was the case I would never be able to play 1 song let alone 155 songs we do every year in choir. . we have to read the chord blocks ahead and we have to sing on beat. and the songs change per church season. yes I needed to come close to this when I'm leading/directing the choir, where I'm watching the timing of the priest, listing to where 10+ kids are in the lyrics, listing to where my 16yr old piano player is in her melody line, and listing to any other musician playing with me , plus my own playing.. and yes we're reading the lyrics and watching the chord blocks and/or melody. @Jogarman said he's in Session 11 which is a 'very high level' of LMG to be in. but he also said "I would like to be able to sing while playing chords and rhythms and simple solo melodies" he didn't say he was going to be on stage trying to recreate a multi-layered track with no music in front of him .. he wants to have "keys / hints" to do a simple strum n sing. this is what some people refer to as a "camp fire" playing.. you strum and sing and everyone else sings along. singing "in key" comes from hearing your voice along with playing, and comparing how badly you're not in tune with the guitar.. but you have to have sound come out of your mouth first
  2. @Jogarman I do lots of singing and playing in church (155 songs per year... except this year) .. styles of playing are open for me but we generally stick to strumg'n'sing as heard in the GG Open mic section.. and some finger style.. no Jimmi Hendrix stuff so here's my approach everyone and their brother knows the chorus and usually most of the 1st verse.. BUT 2nd and 3rd verses,, almost nobody knows of any song. so you're going to need the music in front of you. 1st.. Know the chords at least 80%+ to be able to glance at the chord block coming up and know.. OK.. I'm on a C and a G is coming up.. you gotta know what's next. remember important rule #1.. the strumming had does not stop for you to find the next chord.. you have to be on the next chord when it comes. as I said in someone else's post here in GG when they asked about rests in the music and if you mute the strings while strumming (I don't think they liked my answer) a rest in the music doesn't apply to strumming. .a rest in the music is a non-strummed chord , it doesn't mean you have to mute the strings.. the strings continue to ring through the mute/rested notes. remember rule #1.. the strumming hand does not stop. otherwise you'll have a very choppy sound of a song. 2nd you're reading the lyrics and glancing up at the chord blocks, so you know ok.. at the end of this bar I'm going to the next chord but you're continuing to read the lyrics. number 2 gets tricky if you've got multiple verse lines stacked under them.. I have a few songs that there are 7+ verses.. and jumping to line 4 quickly in each measure is.. .. .. tricky. did I say know the chords of the song 80%+? some songs.. like Taking Care of Business.. I can sing without looking at the lyrics , but my church songs.. nope.. I gotta read the lyrics, play the chords. many of my songs will have a chord a beat as well. so that's lots of chords per song. Notice.. when your favorite guitar hero is playing.. they are not doing fancy note runs while singing.. 99% of them are doing chords as a "comp" for them to sing.. their playing is not 'up-staging' the singing.. if there is a solo part within the song.. it's not during vocals, so learn to just chord the solo section while not singing so you can get the singing/playing part down.. then work on adding the solo after you get the song sounding good.
  3. ok so part 2 of trouble shooting.. so you have a multi meter. and need to see if signal is getting from the pickup out the cable. so you've plugged you cable in.. follow the wire from the tip of the cable that's in the output jack.. follow it back to probably the selector switch.. one probe on that cable . the other end on the guitar cable.. does it read 0? might as well check on the guitar cable side. but Tip and Sleeve , one should be 0 and the other infinite. yes then you know you didn't melt down the connector.. if it's still at infinite , then you know you have an open.. it would be hard to believe that more than 1 pick up is dead in a multi pickup guitar.. the common part is the selector switch (which is prone to oxidation and dust.. ) contact cleaner like Dioxit is good for spraying on it and rocking the switch back and forth. last I would disconnect the pickups from the volume pots and check their ohms. single coil typical below 5k.. humbuckers can range from 6k to 20k ohms last if you want to by pass the pots and tone caps and the selector switch.. solider the (hopefully) 2 wires from the pickup The shield and the signal .. straight to the output connector. this will give you full volume and tone, bypassing any of the rest of the electronic signal
  4. Well soldering the input jack "shouldn't " wreck the pickups as the input jack would normally be connected to the selector switch and not the pickups. First if you want to continue to work on your guitar you're going to need better soldiering iron. When you go to solder on the pots, you need to get off them as fast as possible. The correct way to check the pickups is to test their ohms, which you'd need to desolder from the pots to check the impedance properly. I would guess off the top (without seeing it) is you swapped the tip and sleeve connections . That would connect ground to the signal line. Next cooking the input jack possible the you melted the insulation in the jack. If you have a ohm meter. Insert the guitar cable into the guitar Put one probe on the wire that goes to the tip of on the connector. Next take your other probe, connect it to the other end of the guitar cable You are checking for continuity from input jack to the other end of the cable Theres more but I'll stop typing
  5. @Wim VD1 certainly better than I've played this tune.. I sort of found it a 'fun' tune but never put the time into it to make it worth sounding well (do I ever?) I don't play well enough to comment, except to say. very good.
  6. Let's remember the other Billy Gibson video when his guitar tech sampled his 59 "Pearily Gates" Les Paul on his effects processor, then after that didn't mater which guitar Billy played, low output single to 22k ohm humbucker, they all had same output to amp. I moved my Strat to 10's from the initial 9's prefer the 10's on it, sounded fuller not thin and tiny. Haven't looked back
  7. @Ron Service I just put all my recording equipment and guitars on ebay
  8. Funny how we converted this thread from "What's Gibson QC like" To hey look at this web broadcasting of PRS Lol @matonanjin sadly at 2pm est I'll be at work in a room with no windows and 200 laptops.
  9. Thursday May 14 TOMORROW, PRS Guitars goes live with a Virtual Clinic starring PRS Factory Representative Mike Robb and featuring a special guest appearance by Paul Reed Smith himself. We'll be there to talk about our hand-selected Wood Library and Private Stock models, as well as new PRS Guitars for 2020 and more! It’s an event unlike any other, and it’s only right here, TOMORROW, at 5:00 PM CT! Join Zoom Meeting https://bit.ly/2Lpu1Hy Meeting ID: 852 3662 9401 Password: 941454
  10. Let's just say I love the tone of my Gibson Les Paul. But I did buy it from the store used, but it was older and used, tone got me, not a choice of build qc Heritage Guitars is close to being sued by Gibson for contract infringement. They're breaking their 1982 contract This keeps popping up on my Facebook, don't know much about them but seem like a quality build https://deanzelinsky.com I still say hold tight, wait till the stores open and hold the one you love
  11. If you're relying on GC online delivery I'd say save your money Because GC has a pretty good return policy in first handful of days, I read about people return , return return, and everyone of those returns gets put back up as new. When the stores open, go in and find the one that talks to you Also reading on the Gibson forum some of the returns are for ridiculous reasons
  12. Maybe some century I'll meet you and Neil up here. Good work keep on pick'n

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