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If you missed the live lesson this week, here you go!

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  1. Playing and Preparing for Worship Guitar

    You have to sit in.. learn to fit in..
  2. SH S7 Day Tripper & S8 Pretty Woman

    Neil got me side tracked in jazz-land right now. I'l need to get back to these

    I wish I had more "seat" time with all my guitars esp the "new" Sheraton. Enjoy 135
  4. SRV

  5. Joe Bonamassa

    Seen him 8 times.. (met him 4 times meet n greet... this wont happen again) My favorite pentatonics player of all times
  6. Buddy Guy.jpg

    I See Buddy on Apr14-2018. This will be my 2nd time with the Dam Right Blues Band. Wife and sisters first time
  7. changing strings

    Sounds like the store took you for a ride. Nothing to do with a string change. Sorry to hear how bad store took you and money Btw Greg Voros of Gruhn's does great job and may help in the price of repair
  8. changing strings

    Les Paul ruined by string change???
  9. NGD - Epiphone Sheraton II in Natural

    Action was way high. Lowered it last night. Then had to do a intonation as it was out several steps. Have a fret buzz on 6th fret only. 5th and 7th fret notes fine. I think a bit of bow into the neck via truss rod might help with the 6th fret buzz
  10. Gibson - Running out of time?

    The catch with a circuit board is the can give the users all sorts of push pull options like phase inversion etc which requires a lot of wiring and dip switches with old point to point
  11. NGD - Epiphone Sheraton II in Natural

    I got a hat and dark glasses. Although that fingering of Em7(b5) at the 12th fret is a twist up for my fat fingers
  12. Do You Name Your Guitars?

    I name mine.. Strat.. Les Paul.. Acoustic.. Sheraton.. etc.. no fancy names..

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