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  1. @camper star spoken lyrics never hurt Bob Dylan you have a broad selection of gear, which should give you choices to work with might be tough for you to watch/chat in Steve’s Tuesday night Live Lessons but not impossible as we have seen some from Australia online, but Steve’s live lessons are always available on rewind
  2. That their “Final” offer 🫣😂
  3. Every year since Mike and Adele first proposed the the gathering (2007/2008??) , I wish I was there. this year is no different amazing job Steve / Paulette, guest instructors (and all the helpers) put on every year,
  4. So glad you’re a “re-offender “ at the Gathering; wish I was (wife won’t clear that expenditure) Wow ‘only’ 34 , down from years past. thanks Steve for his continued support
  5. Wow, my first thought was , security?? single roll up door in what looks to be desolated area and millions of dollars in equipment and inventory, yikes, interesting going with the “McPherson “ off set sound hole looks like they’ll be “higher end” guitars beyond my playing skill and my wife’s budget, I’ll certainly check out Gruhn’s website in a couple of weeks and dream a bit
  6. Fingerstyle is very hard on the fretting hand I find as one has to hold the chords for a longer time than strumming i never learned Cannon in D anything more than just enough to make it recognizable. it’s not as hard as I thought, you’ll probably enjoy “Taco Bell” 😂😂
  7. I’m definitely not the best guitarist on this forum. many of my strum n sing songs may use “simple “ open chords most of the time, my solos are very simple, and my hearing makes vocals a struggle I listened to Bill Withers and Buddy Guy’s version on this song Buddy does a killer duet and lead guitar I present my version
  8. Yup if you look at the Live Lessons link at the top of this website you’ll find Steve did and interview with Greg and the coffee
  9. Recommend for those buying used Les Paul cause of the chances of headstock repairs
  10. @aldo.ant Steve does Live Lessons a lot of Tuesday's. (look at the Live Lessons Link above; you'll even find lessons dating back years) there is a special Thursday night interview/playing night with Christie Lenee as a guest this week also Steve has a few 'mini' lessons videos for sale in his store link above as well.
  11. @aldo.ant udemy version is not an “authorized version from what I understand, 2nd Steve did the DVDs over when Gibson sponsored Legacy Learning course, same scripts. Slightly different looking Steve (less hair more than current Steve) use of Gibson guitars vs what ever Steve had in his closet in 2006. short in HD vs standard video a few mistakes in the manual fixed Love me Tender name change to Aura Lee You’ll gain nothing from the Gibson Legacy version over the original Legacy version
  12. @Colburn my last set cost me $5500 , there are more expensive but my tech said my gain in quality is minimal Can’t remember if I said it above I brought my acoustic in and played while he adjusted settings to I found a spot that sounded right/good

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