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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY OCTOBER 22ND - LIFELONG MUSIC LEARNING WITH DAVE ISAACS. One of Nashville's most prolific and celebrated music teachers, Dave Isaacs is known to the music community as the "Guitar Guru of Music Row". His insights on learning music are fascinating and endlessly helpful. TUESDAY OCTOBER 29TH - TIPS FOR STRUMMING LIKE A PRO. Strumming is a guitarists paintbrush causing pulsating excitement or relaxed motion. We'll be showing some strumming tips to take your playing to the next level. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. I thought the C1 was in respect to the location of the note/cord to the octave it was in, https://www.liveabout.com/pitch-notation-and-octave-naming-2701389
  2. Being in electronic service for more than 40yrs. Can't tell how many times I've seen ic chips, transistors, etc die from just sitting. You'll need to bring it to a service center probably
  3. Playing guitar is a physical event, we all have different bodies and different flexibility. C and G7 first, Steve has said that he'd wished he hadn't put it first when he wrote the course, but with that said, Session 1 was designed to get you used to moving your hands as a group, since they're not used to moving like this. Not necessarily to "master" these chords, you'll be playing them for a long time. (Hint C G and D seem to make up soooooo many songs) You'll find many chords/notes are not always played with the tips of your fingers, You can adjust the neck of the guitar up like a classical player like Liona Boyd or sling it near your knees like Slash,, all is good. Also angle of your hand will adjust up/down and left /right and can twist as well to reach the chords/notes. As a warm up start before playing, put first finger down on first fret play note, then 2nd on 2nd fret play note , 3rd of 3rd play note, 4th on 4th, play note. Leaving the prior finger on the fretboard. Don't need to be fast, don't force, but try. Then move up to next string etc. Over time you'll notice more chance of getting the notes as your hand stretches out
  4. Sadly @DianeB I never studied the theory that closely. After 43yrs of certification study for work, my brain seems to freeze up now, thinking theory. Glad we got you and a few others , too bad Cindy doesn't hang around any more, she had theory mastered
  5. There is really no graduation at the end of LMG. Start stop retaking the sessions as needed. That's the wonderful part of what Steve and Legacy gave us, At Session 17, it's a significant playing skill level and as you found out the more you play better the more you realize how much more there is to learn I don't think I've come near master of any of the sessions before moving on, and I'm nowhere near session 17, as you know life seems to interfere and stop our progress. It was good you could spend time with your dad and he was so close to your place. Maybe theres something he liked you could keep close by while you play. My mom liked lighthouses had many decorations in her house. She never got to see my playing at even this level, but I always have a lighthouse near by while I play. I even bring one to chuch and sit it on the windowsill next to me as we play at Mass
  6. Even our very own Steve K doesn't include 3rd verse or solos in the Song Hits series of videos. But I figured he did that to keep the song with in our reach of playability
  7. @randyh1953 that will great experience Environment you know and you won't be alone
  8. Would have never thought that, usually see a wavey line indicating that. Then again that's probably a guitar thing , "classical " types notate everything
  9. There is also a way of taking the harmonica apart and "readjusting " the reeds up or down as well From the owner of a $5 harmonica from Target
  10. Big Joe B fan here Joe jam's at a bar in Nashville when he's not touring An plays The Baked Potato when in LA
  11. For some reason reading your blog here. I started singing Take Me Home Country Road.. Don't know why, but that song is in my ukulele set list and I've performed it at least 4x this year. Enjoy
  12. Btw, all my songs are in PDF. If I could find a 12-14" Android tablet I'd just continue using my Mobilesheets app. But I highly doubt I'll find an android tablet that large (or inexpensive if one exists. So that leaves me in the Mac and Surface zone of the universe
  13. I have a BT-105 as well. I had to solder/replace the wires from the pedals to the controller now, but a 1/8th mini jack is easy enough to work with, as my forward or backward pedals failed to work unless I wiggled the with. I was looking at possibly a Mac , but wasn't sure of "giging" apps But unless I get refurb at $600 for a 12"", the 14" new is $1500cdn. A bit stiff in price for what I use it for. I'm going to CES in Vegas in Jan, I'll check out what tablets are there too. I'll look at Forescore. Wonder what else is out there
  14. We had this topic in the old LMG, but haven't seen us talk about this in a while Apps for sheet music on your tablet. Lot in tablets has changed since I got mine way back. I'm on the hunt for a new tablet, I have a 10.1" tablet now, and would love a 12 or 14". I'm still on very old Android and I'm using MobileSheets on it I'm able import all my songs into it and create "set lists" which I use a lot (mostly for my church gig) But finding a Android tablet larger than 10.1 inches is hard. MobileSheets works well and I have a blue tooth pedals that turn the pages for me. But will need to update some time So question for those running Mac and Microsoft Surface devices. What apps are you using to create "set lists"

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