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  1. Pretty good review Just wish he played to show more then just doing arpeggios
  2. @Marshall many of us have both acoustic and electric I alternate on both through the lessons
  3. @Wim VD1 sounds good slow acoustic blues. Sounds like blues, I bought Chris Buono's Guitar Lab Blues solo ($5 on sale) doesn't sound bluesy to me, I'll work and learn best I can from it, but certainly not making me a good blues player, This blues Fingerstyle course sounds like it's doing that for you
  4. Well I can only live through these gatherings via everyone else . Gonna be a hard time for me to convince my banker to return Hope for a bigger turn out next year (not that 50 is shabby)
  5. @NeilES335 Thought about tempo, and actually would make the song a bit longer. Which probably I'd prefer Lyrics are tricky with the "they've been down that lonely street " all crammed into that triplet. I listened to 4 version of Elvis and they all run 2'08" roughly as well, so either they dropped the triplets or they smoked through them like I did At least I can now sing and play live (which I match playing to my singing instead of the other way around) On to the next song..
  6. well I tried to get this done for the June Challenge. but didn't work out. You have two choices.. you can listen to the no vocal version or add lots of ear protection and listen to the vocal version. This is out of Steve's Song Hits.. Session 5 if you will.. there wasn't much in the way of rhythm track to the song, so I ran the melody mostly on the neck pickup of a Epiphone Sheraton semi-hollow, the solo (I must come up with a more inventive solo idea) was switch to the bridge pickup and yes.. is "just" the melody played in the 12th position. it was a mix of mic'ing the speaker and since I run a very loud 30w tube amp, I have an attenuator on it that has line out .. so the lead is a mix of the two types of inputs.. speaker and speaker emulation. the rhythm track was done on my acoustic straight in to the mixer. last was my Dean Edge 4 bass to give a little more bottom end.. (if your ears are bleeding.. don't sue me.. you were warned about ear protection)
  7. I took over my son's old bedroom which is like 10x10 as my studio. One thing I wish I could do is " sound proofing", but I think that will have to wait for about 5yrs to move into a different house after I stop working. Now your issue. I'm not sure you're going to need studio monitors. If you're recording electric direct due to volume, then mixing via monitors maybe pointless. I use headphones only The Personus or Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 combo packs are good. I have an ikea desk on one side with books and computer and mixer On the other side has a small IKEA shelf with music books and my dvd player
  8. Good solid list for us still struggling with "current/post pandemic ", wish I could be there too. Play some notes for me, hope I can get back down in a couple of years
  9. have to re-record my song.. just too many little mistakes.. guess it becomes the "July" open mic
  10. In most cases you will want to alternate picking on 1/8 th notes Some exceptions like if you have a down stroke on open A, then a down stroke on Open D Same goes up stroke you could have a double But in most cases you'll alternate picking down/up/down/up Wax on/wax off opps sorry
  11. @rbauer1 welcome another Canadian As Neil pointed out there isn't anything on modes in the main LMG course, but you may have seen a Live Lesson Steve did Sadly I haven't been able to get to watch Steve's current LL videos, but check at the top of this forum for Live Lessons, Everything Steve has done in the last 9yrs of LL videos are stored there for review
  12. The guitar picked your house to live. Nice when a guitar picks out its owner

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