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  1. Unless the guitar has a "photo flame" top, you're dealing with a living product (aka a tree) You will find wood does not grown exact perfect That little swirl in the top would not bother me. Fix/replace your tuner, get them working, don't look back It's a guitar, they're meant to be played and chances are dinged, nicked and scratched.
  2. @Fretless great that both of you play, where both of you understand the challenges of practice and performance. Excellent
  3. @Slaphappy wow very accomplished player (listened to your other recording in the 'open mic' as well)
  4. @Nutty 1 @Skip Russell @Wim VD1 thanks for the kind words, True a couple of months ago I probably would not have played it, let alone at this current level. Jeff's course has been stacking techniques in each lesson, the ACDC lesson took me a couple of months to get the fast Double-Stop Full Step bend pull off going on that lesson. @gotto yup the jam track from the lesson is 5:15.. you know what Steve says.. don't just play it once and say yes I have it.. I'd have to count to hear how many times I did that lick in this track
  5. I'm a bit hesitant to post this lick as it needs so much work. It's from a TrueFire course I’m working on by Jeff McErlain. it’s his take on a lick from Dire Straits Sultan’s of Swing The lick Jeff McErlain calls Guitar George (remember Sultan's of Swing.. "Guitar George knows all the chords") Remember , I’m working on it.. It’s half step bends on the first finger, full step bend on the third finger, hybrid picking , pull offs and hammer on trills, slides and vibrato; it's got a lot going I’m choking out the notes when I finger pick so hard the string slaps the next frets and kills the note.. I have to fix my over pluck on that.. grrr.. (once I'm done, I'll have to learn the rest of the song) So its 5:15 of will he ever play this right . (And yes @NeilES335 I did use the Sharaton for this phone recording)
  6. @Prabhu there are studio grade tuners than there is the rest of us. Most apps are pretty much as accurate as a clip on tuner There is always going to be a slight variation +/- a couple of "cents" in tuning They'll be "good enough "
  7. @Joao Peneda you do realize that Steve's Spot Light Series are separate disciplines on their own and not a requirement to work through L&MG. Which is more than big enough on its own. the L&MG series was to give you (as Steve 'coins') "Tools for your Bag" , after giving all the basics and theory from Sessions 1 to 9,, Sessions 10 to 20 just add 'bites' of styles for you to explore. doing the Finger Style course instead of Session 10, is going to be a fairly long road before coming back to LMG. as is the Blues Guitar Spot Light, it's a chunk on it's own over and above the LMG sessions The Song Hits is a companion to the LMG series which can be run alone side the LMG .
  8. @William Steve does one on one Skype lessons Contact him at Service@guitargathering.com
  9. there are certain sounds which modern active hunt and peck (looking for voices) hearing aids have problems with esp if you're using a Wah pedal. hopefully you have hearing aids with more than 1 program (1 have 4 ) you might need to go back to your tech, have them make one of the programs for guitar, taking a lot of the compression and hunt'n'peck for voices, and a lot of the auto stuff off for that 1 program
  10. well Robert Johnson, BB, Charlie Christian didn't have tuners in the 30's and we listen to those recordings. but they played in bands where each had to be in tune with each other (well maybe not Robert, but certainly BB and Charlie did and they all had to tune to ear, typically a stringed instrument like a violin) In reality.. use a tuner.. you'll eventually train your ear what is close to pitch and playing a chord or such you'll hear when you're off and can twink. if you're solely playing by ear with out a tuning reference you'll train your ear to be off , although the guitar will be in tune to itself, you'll be used to playing out of pitch/key. Indian is probably difficult to get stuff (I wouldn't know, never been there,) but do yourself a favor.. buy a tuner.. even a $20cdn/$12usd Snark , train your ear to be in pitch
  11. @Prabhu if you only play by yourself and never to recordings or with others. Use my method,without a tuning fork or tuner. The guitar will be tuned to it self in what ever pitch. Will it be pitch perfect 99% no, Can you play everything, and sound ok, yes. Its tuned to itself. Can you play with others and recording, highly doubtful, you'll be off from those that are "in concert pitch "
  12. @Prabhu lots of practice. No skill program I know Use a tuner to tune High E, so at least that pitch is right Now press B sting at 5th fret pick it, and E, notes should match, tune up/down B to match E Next press G string 4th fret, pick it and B make them match by ear Press D string at 5th fret, compare D to G Same for A and G, fret at 5th Compare A 5th to D open Compare E 5th to A open
  13. Your ears wouldn't want to hear what I've been working on 😪
  14. @NeilES335 yes it ended in my in box probably same time you posted , good playing and balance between lead and rhythm

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