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  1. When playing group or otherwise with no indication of really where to start its entirely up to you. But you'll find typically the "perfect turn around in the last 4 bars of a song. There that or pick the first few bars, just tell who you're playing with what you're doing. In some of my church songs the intro is very long, we cut them down
  2. I did a quick check Most of those guitars in the article have an average price of about $450-550 range average Canadian price
  3. from Feb 2017 Premier Guitar mag on speakers. very short article, doesn't descript the sound too much https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/24984-speaker-geeks-alnico-or-ceramicwhat-gives Speaker Geeks: Alnico or Ceramic ... What Gives? I’m going to tell you something you already know: People like different things. Shocker, right? Apples or oranges, cake or pie, Strat or Les Paul … the list goes on. And it seems the more polar opposite things are, the more likely a person may gravitate toward one choice and show disdain for the other. Like the English and Scottish in Braveheart, guitarists can end up on opposing sides ready to do battle over such life-or-death issues as whether to use tube or solid-state amps. That said, I urge us all to agree on one thing: Amplifiers don’t make sound without speakers. Even the simplest amplifier can be an extremely complex piece of electronics, but a speaker is a very basic electromagnetic motor (Fig. 1). When you apply signal to a speaker, the voice coil begins to move in and out in response to that signal. As a result, the voice coil creates a magnetic field of its own, which works against the magnet and tries to demagnetize it. However, the magnet generates energy in the opposite direction, and it becomes a back-and-forth struggle. Gluing a cone to a moving voice coil harnesses this motion and makes it audible. That’s the basic idea behind a speaker. A voice coil is like an electric motor. The bigger the voice coil and the more wire used, the more torque or pulling power you have to move the cone. With the proper match of components, you can get more sensitivity, wider frequency response, and more power-handling ability. The size and type of magnet also affects a speaker’s sound. There are two major types of magnets used in loudspeakers: alnico and ceramic. These magnet types differ and this difference affects a speaker’s overall tone. Let’s take a closer look. The first crop of speakers in the early 1950s used alnico magnets, which is why some people say they sound more “vintage” than speakers built with ceramic magnets. An alloy comprising aluminum, nickel, and cobalt, alnico demagnetizes relatively easily, which gives a smooth response with compression at higher average volumes.. As the voice coil’s effect lowers the available magnetic field of the alnico magnet, the speaker becomes less efficient, and the voice coil moves less. The physics of it is that the small magnets near the surface of the magnet poles (called “domains”) begin to change state, or flip directions. The result is smooth compression, which is the same kind of operating-curve compression that occurs in a tube amplifier. During the 1960s, the popularity of speakers with ceramic magnets increased. The most common type of ceramic magnet is strontium ferrite, which demagnetizes much less easily than alnico. The domains change state much faster, so there is little to no compression as the voice coil moves to its mechanical limit. Because the ceramic magnet isn’t introducing compression, the result is a cleaner sound in comparison to alnico. Some folks might liken the difference between alnico and ceramic speakers to the difference between tube and solid-state amplifiers, where one compresses smoothly and the other gives all it has and then clips hard. I don’t know that it’s a fair comparison because the differences between the speaker types aren’t as starkly contrasted as the differences between the two amp types. Furthermore, by varying the size of the magnet, it’s possible to build very efficient alnico speakers, as well as very inefficient ceramic speakers. Now that you know the reasons why the two magnet types do what they do, you can decide which side of the battlefield you want to be on. Or you can decide that it doesn’t have to come to war at all. That maybe it’s best to have each type of speaker, so you can be ready for whatever tone might be necessary at any given time. Some players even mix alnico and ceramic speakers in the same cabinet. Though different in the way they operate, their purpose is the same: to supply energy to the motor, so the cone will move and thus everyone will hear whether you’ve been practicing or not. by C.J. Sutton is the resident speaker guru and graphic designer at Weber Speakers
  4. Btw John Wells on this forum chimes in from time to time he's like 89... he'd call you a younglings Yeah complaining about holding the pick.. well... Practice every day, and if you're lucky enough to be retired, practice more.
  5. Did you see the "conversation" with my wife below the YouTube post?
  6. @matonanjin sadly thats the part about PBS. Sadly the YouTube video link i posted ... YouTube inserts thier own ads too, but not as bad as PBS
  7. The real catch is, you need to hear the 12" Cannabis Rex speaker over the 10" standard speaker
  8. well I know I saw it I think here on the forum where Tommy Emmanuel meets the Captain from Andertons YouTube video.. but I can't for the life of me, am able to find the thread.. so here it is again.. I'll start a new thread Was watching the interview of Tommy at Anderton's got me thinking to look at Tommy's tour dates. (and he has Joe Robinson as special guest too ) https://tommyemmanuel.com/tours/ I found a listing that's not too far away from my home.. Talked @NeilES335 and my sister into going; March 27, 2020 (yeah I know, 3's a crowd, but she's been trying to play guitar longer than I've been alive and I encourage her every day to keep practicing) we're going to be in Orch C Row F dead center (something like 10 or so rows back from stage).. I'm pretty excited for something to look forward to in the spring (since I can almost no longer afford Joe Bonamassa tickets) I didn't spring for the extra 'upgrade' $50 meet n greet package.. seemed a little step for a MnG when the tickets were $73 each. Maybe @Steve Krenz can swing Tommy a note to meet up with us 🤣 As a side note. the conversation with my wife went something like this: Tommy Emmanuel is coming.. she's like: Tommy Who?.. I said.. No Tommy was done by The Who.. this is Tommy Emmanuel.. she's like what's he sing,, name me a song.. Pin Ball Wizard.. 😪
  9. @NeilES335 If I didn't have my YGL2a with the WGS speaker in it.. I probably would have tried to get one of those Cannabis Rex speakered Fender's as well. maybe I'll have to rent one on half price rental day in Nov
  10. Yeah I really wish my budget would allow the Bonamassa Blues at Sea cruises. I can understand what he's saying, but heck I'd like to play his " simple " stuff
  11. My question is.. in my books does it really count when you have 7-9 people turning your effects on and off for you
  12. These custom hand made guitars are amazing. Only problem is their prices are nowhere near what an average person could even attempt to afford one You're in luck @NeilES335 Linda has no back log of orders right now, 12mnths to build your dream https://www.manzer.com She's 67, in Toronto we should look up her studio
  13. Looks like I lied. My car only knows: aha, Pandora and Stitcher. Doesn't list Spotify 🤨
  14. In all honesty... I haven't listened to "new" music in quite some time. I hat commercial radio and how they EQ their sound. Plus the censorship of songs recorded long ago are now considered offensive and are edited, yet current rap music has some of the most offensive lyrics and subject is played. I was "talked into" a free spotify account, and my car has some sort of ability to talk to a spotify account (probably via my phone). Still haven't used it (spotify that is) Last my music is all on mp3's on USB sticks in my car.. With this said... I just started to listen to Guitar Shorty and Magic Slim that I had transferred there some time ago.
  15. Glad you're able to go. Far and away from my vacation budget

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