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  1. Band Triumph did a great song called: Blinding Light Show well clothes go with the show when I did my Hawaiian Party gig, I wore a Hawaiian shirt if I'm paying $160+ for tickets the band better look more than just rolling out of bed
  2. Thanks for all you do Steve. That just means everyone should have their guitar in hand an practice, while they wait.
  3. Making good progress Many stay in session 4 and 4b much longer. Check my signature area for the link to Words of Guitar Wisdom by Steve. Gives lots of quick thoughts over the years we've had a forum running
  4. @Triple-o where you finding the scales in 3rds exercise?
  5. don't go with the Dito Looper (aka 1) like Steve and I have.. you really need a dedicated Start and Stop button. tricky but "do-able" with the Ditto 1's 1 button but ...
  6. how thick is the maple top? my Les Paul top measured in the pickup cavity is pretty thick 9/16th an inch..
  7. @Curtis I flew once and it was to Nashville Guitar Gathering. be 100% ready to put it in the luggage hold.. that means you should be using a hard case not a gig bag if you want it in one piece. tune the guitar down 1 whole step before heading to the airport. now you have a hard case, a carry on bag, a suite case, guitar(s), amps, etc. how do you carry all that and airlines charge per pound for extra. so yes acoustic is probably going to be your only choice if flying as all the gear costs$$. I found this company http://www.backaxe.com/ it adds straps to your hard case so you can carry it like a gig bag and still have hands free for carry on and suite case. the way down I was on 1 plane, my case was 2" too thick for the overhead (using a Godin TRIC foam case so they're a lot thicker). so the flight attendant headed to the luggage guy at the door. on the other end the luggage guy said he loved my case. on the way back we had a layover, the plane was just a bit bigger and the guitar fit in overhead, and I finally lucked out and got an overhead that was in like row B not where I always am in row ZZ. the security guys x-ray the case to see what's inside. overall I had a pretty good experience flying with a guitar.. if you wanted a 2nd guitar (electric), amp, etc. you'll be paying for the poundage and you'll need to figure out how to carry it all with only 2 hands, as the person you're flying with will probably have their hands full too and no room to carry your guitar.
  8. - there an easy way to transition from single note runs to chords and back to single notes as so often found in blues songs without making them seem choppy transitioning?. -steve has talked about this before, but, What's your take to make pentatonic scales sound more musical then just running up or down a couple of notes at a time? (Guess I'm talking rhythmic here) and adding the "blue note" to them?
  9. Gibson hires Norman's Rare Guitars expert Mark Agnesi Gibson has announced the hiring of Norman's Rare Guitars manager and YouTube host Mark Agnesi for the resurgent guitar company's newly created position, Director of Brand Experience. "I am excited to bring Mark onboard at such a pivotal stage for Gibson," says Gueikian. "He is the perfect fit to help us turn our vision into a reality and I can't wait to see what Mark will bring to our team, our brands and our business." "Joining the most iconic guitar company in the world is the opportunity of a lifetime for me", exclaims Agnesi, who shared the announcement on Twitter with the hashtag #MakeGibsonGreatAgain. "I have been playing, finding and selling Gibson guitars all my life, and now I get to join Gibson for real."
  10. Hawaiian Party night
  11. Randy,, Dave is talking Long and McQuade (L&M) Canada's largest music store. Not LMG guitar DVD series
  12. no, there has been no one there to update any information.. I haven't signed on in years.. all old information.. if you had Version 1 of the course there still really isn't anything there that isn't here. in the first or second version of Steve's LMG forum they needed a medium to upload and share files. but since the number of forum changes, deemed not needed. wouldn't worry about it.
  13. I live in Canada,, what's wrong with using a humidifier? I tried carbon fibre guitar I "couldn't feel it" , didn't seem "alive" They're great if you're in a canoe heading to a camp site or your guitar stand is next to your houses wood stove.

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