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  1. As it's well documented here on the forum, I play on my lunch break in my car, and in our van at the mall when the wife goes shopping for yet... But I have major difficulty practicing at night, but try my best
  2. I've been lucky we have 2 books one for keyboard one for guitar, so I get the chords on top . And most times a capo chord as well. Yes chord a beat happens very often See my other post on where I started playing Dm in stead of Dm7 in inadvertantly. Has view of page 1 and 2, a good example of a chord a beat Now I'm going to have to look closely at my music
  3. Hold over from those classical people Name of the fingers in Spanish: pulgar, indice, medio, and anular. P=Thumb I= Index M=middle A= ring
  4. well I'm in choir yesterday.. we're playing along one of the 'standards' we do weekly.. and I'm reading the chords as I normally would.. I get to page 2, and we're playing along. then what jumps out at me.. a Dm .. well Dm it 's not hard.. but my brain goes.. "WAIT!!!!.. What have you done for the past number of years with this song.. How long have you been playing this song wrong???" of course we're scooting along at 4/4 march tempo of 95+ bpm.. and I'm now scrambling to keep up with the others (which keeping time in our group is a struggle on it's best day) so you ask .. what did I do? I've attached part of Page 1 and part of Page 2 if you notice I've circled a bunch of Dm7's.. and then there is lowly Dm on Page 2.. don't know when I started the 'practice' of only playing a Dm and not the Dm7 in the song.. but I realize my hand is only playing Dm all the way through all the pages of this song. Now I'm going to have to concentrait just a bit more to 're-train' my hands to play the Dm7 in this song. and Page 2
  5. looks like production grade level.. Chris Martin would be impressed
  6. guess I'll have to wait till it's out somehow else.. don't have Netflix
  7. isn't that the one that you can buy more than one, and group them with the app so everyone in the "band" can be at the same tempo?
  8. I posted the 7 guitars he had for sale in the chat feed. All I can say is, tell him come back anytime
  9. Diane is a great contributor to posts and definitely a contributor to the Guitar Gathering conference. Delete them as you see them Diane 😉
  10. I use my voice recorder app on my phone, not video. I put it on my music stand.
  11. I was more 'introduced' to the CAGED system this spring (although it probably shouldn't be under the Barre Chord section) my instructor was trying to get me on the fly changing a song by capo'ing a fret and then thinking of what chord I needed to play. say I capo 5, then what cord (aka CAGED) would I use, then in that case, an open A cord shape, using the D from the capo'd 5th fret as the root. a open G shaped chord with a capo on the 5th fret is a C. etc. the trick with the CAGED system as not thinking your open chords are solid, D chord in first position is a D. but with a Capo on 5 that D chord shape is now a G. The CAGED system does have merit if you're not going to barre the chord as taught in Session 7 and just use a capo as the 'new' nut. example: here is a song I play weekly in church. note I put a capo reference for Capo 1 and Capo 3 in the first barre you're not playing a C or a D depending on the Capo , you're still playing an Eb even if the chord looks like a open C chord you're playing. cause of the capo on the 1st fret, it's an Eb same with the Gm in open.. it's a F#m shape or a Em shape in bar 3, but those chords F#m and Em are just shapes.. its still a Gm sounding chord (my instructor doesn't want me to write the Capo chords in above as I did, but to think of them in my head.. on the fly)
  12. Although general consensus is bone is better. There is no consistency in bone density so you may get lucky or may not have great sound
  13. scale length between guitar's could be a factor on how you place your hand. yes switch back and forth often..

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