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  1. $25 isn't so bad and Steve does have sales from time to time Take a look at Steve's 2 lessons on Major Scales https://gx169.infusionsoft.app/app/storeFront/showProductDetail?productId=125
  2. One problem with the analysis Most amps use the same output tubes no matter what channel you are playing . The v1 is usually shared with channel 1 and 2, There is typically 1 or 2 more 12ax7 style input tubes for each channel after the V1, (they could also by 12ay7 or 12au7 depending on the gain of the amp choices) If only channel 1 is failing then possibly a v2 (v3) pre-amp tub could be failing as long as they're not shared by channel 2 And before the splitter tube. This amp probably uses relays to channel switch/change, possibly it is not coming out of channel 2, could be a relay The best part is 12ax7 and EL84'S are cheap. Like under $20 each You don't have to but Mesa branded as they ate just rebranded tubes, Doug's Tubes is good also Check https://www.thetubestore.com/shop-by-amp https://www.eurotubes.com/store/pc/home.asp
  3. Nothing like a new guitar, (Now to convince the wife...)
  4. I thought you've been to Nashville before?? Yes band on every floor When I was there I didn't have a ngd Now the real sad part. Those bands play a two hour gig for like $30 per band member and rely heavily on tipping before packing up and rotating to the next bar (Wish my playing skills would warrant a test drive at Carter's)
  5. It was always in Anaheim, but just in January No gain for Anaheim, but certainly a loss for Nashville. Things might change back in 2023
  6. Those that like going to NAMM big changes for 2022 Winter NAMM now in June Summer NAMM in Nashville canceled Covid must be bad down there for them to make this move
  7. Well not sure where to put this . we sort of have 2 threads running at the Same time.. the "Recording Challenge" and the "Open Mic" subject threads. Open Mic was setup as a non-subject based recording where the Recording Challenge thread was subject based, which has sort of fled it's original subject theme this year.. which makes for a small dilemma: which thread do you post a recording.. anyways I picked here. Taken me a while to get this one done. the Main rhythm track took a while to get down with a lot less mistakes (mistakes are free of charge and gives music it's 'organic' feeling). knew the lead and subsequent vocal tracks would go quicker. once again we're using @Steve Krenz LMG Song Hits to provide the base of this song. This time I was hitting up Day Tripper by the Beatles as presented by Steve in Session 7 his course. I've added back the 3rd verse and I've added the B solo back into the song as well (the B solo riff keeps my fingers confused) Technical stuff.. the Base rhythm track was played on all things .. My Les Paul (I wanted to get away from always using the Sheraton) in the lead pickup . the Lead track was played on my MIA Strat on the bridge/lead pickup and last there was supplemental rhythm track played on what else.. the Epiphone Sheraton a Beatles type of guitar again keeping with me .. "you choose your poison"... first track is just the instrumental and the second track is how it would be heard at any party my relatives or wife's friends had enough to drink and beg me to play. (some day I'll invest in an auto-tune plugin) with Vocal
  8. That's the kind of stuff I've been trying to find up here. No lunch yet. Looking good Greg
  9. @LVHook welcome aboard. LMG is a great learn course, teaches reading music, music theory besides playing. It's not heavy on guitar tabs, it really wants you to become a real musician. There are a number of great players here on the site. (The replacement home for LMG). Steve still does live lessons Tuesdays and has other resource videos in the link at top call Store, still has a summer conference and Fall Fingerstyle retreat. Steve's smiling encouraging face will always be there when you turn on those DVD'S
  10. See you've got the Es going, looks like JP is on a L5 guessing Not sure what guitar Dan is playing. Glad to hear you got quite a lead in this group . I have to figure out how they do that collage video
  11. Sounds good to me Plays like I can't
  12. @Nairon good multi track , Songs Hits is actually pretty good to work with, @Wim VD1 need some "rusty voice " vocals to go with South St Pete track . I ain't got my woman, naw she done run away... I ain't got...
  13. Rest and stretch your thumb Don't squeeze so hard with the thumb vs pull back with arm a bit. If tendonitis kicks in in your thumb just makes playing harder all around
  14. @Randy Breeding barres at not mastered in weeks, And session 7 and 8 pound barre after barre. Most music is not written barre chord, barre chord barre chord..... Even after years my barres are not clear My thumb muscle still fatigues. Also do session8 at the same time, same concept, just slightly different shapes Also easier said than done, pull back with your fretting arm to give the barring index finger more pressure over squeezing with your thumb and finger as thumb tendonitis can happen

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