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  1. Now you can play an octave lower. I've never figured out how to get a punchy bass track when I record
  2. Joe is selling a number of his historical (and gigging) guitars. I've been told that he is buying a new place in New York city and is using them to fund it
  3. Sadly my one and only time at the Gathering was 2016. Doesn't appear that I'll be going any time soon, probably not again
  4. 1 Steve likes music reading over tab, tab is only in first few lessons. And yes a couple of mistakes in it. 2 DVDs never updated so any reference to LMG websites just come here. 3 don't skip around till atleast session 10 , sessions 1 to 9 are the foundations. 4 check my Signature below for the link to Words of Guitar Wisdom by Steve. P.S don't forget the jam a long CD tracks P.P.S session 1 is just to get your hands moving, move on to session 2 quickly
  5. I use my tube amp daily, wife wishes I didn't. She'd hate to see the Fracal or Kemper price tag more
  6. Now Electro-Harmonics is claiming to have solved their Russian Tube import but paying the 35% tariff and will pass that along to the consumer
  7. Wife won't let me book the cruise (of course our border is still not fully open, hopefully soon) I've seen JB 11 times (met him 4x, yes I'm hooked) most times from 2 to 6th row only 2x from a balcony. With 2nd to row 20 approaching $180cdn each and back balcony at $120cdn, its getting harder to convince the wife for me to go. Hoping for a Canadian date in 2023. I'm waiting to hear what Aug brings you
  8. @matonanjin how was Joe and the band on the cruise? At least 3 long term forum people on the Bonamassa forum stated that the concerts they saw in what ever city they're in in the past 2weeks, seemed dull and lifeless
  9. @Joe B When Steve allowed download of the videos, I downloaded the mp4's I don't rely on trusting a streaming service just on case they go down. So mine run fine as I'm local . Maybe a member that streams can chime in

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