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  1. @Matt_B nothing to get wrong, it's all good don't worry Steve teaches music reading right from the start, If you read the music notes then look at the tab you'll spot it. Not a big deal TAB was put in the early lessons as its just another way guitar notes can be taught and some people like working with TAB. Its drops away quickly. But Steve prefers us the read music., best to work with the music reading After a while you'll work with both. TAB does come back in Finger Style session 10 but by then you'll be a pretty good player
  2. @Matt_B you can do it. Don't worry about the Master part in the title of the course, Session 1 and 1b is just to get your hands moving , don't spend more than 2 weeks on session 1 and 1b Session 2 is where your journey begins. It's all part of Steve's master plan, of play, learn the notes, learn the theory., get better than just watching YouTube riffs There's still lots of great knowledgeable players here, that are able to help with questions. Just a side note, there are a couple of mistakes in the TAB in the lower sessions, try to read the music as presented, it will pay off In my signature line there's a Words of Guitar Wisdom.. full of QA over time, it's a good browse
  3. Nice When I first started seeing Joe I was able to get tickets at $72 for row 2 floor center. I see Buffalo on the spring tour, I see tickets are now $200usd each for floor seating gone up a fair bit over the yrs and many including the theatres wanting to get covid money back. I'll have a hard time persuading the wife to go see him again As posted on another forum The Musicians: Mahalia, Dani, and Jade were on hand,. Josh was fine, and Reese showed yet again why he is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Steve was splendid on bass, and . Lemar not only killed it on the drum kit, he also ran the multimedia portion of the show
  4. You've entered into that exclusive group. I'm nowhere near close to finishing, too much other material to side track me
  5. My ring and pinky are letting me down, Time for these
  6. I flew from Toronto Canada to Nashville Then my return flight was Memphis to Chicago to Toronto My only issue, I couldn't get an empty over head bin. Far too many people bring too many carry on's flight crew ignores them , they stuff the bins They took my guitar handed it to the ground crew , landed they handed it back to me. No problem De-tune the guitar a full step. I used one of these on my regular guitar case frees up your hands as it turns a hard shell into a strapped "gig case" https://www.backaxe.com/
  7. Paul David is pretty good we've all seen his humorous YouTube videos His Next Level Guitar course at $199, pretty pricey. I don't know his guitar course so can't say how good it is for the money. I know many of us don't spend enough time working scales, and saying the note names when playing the scales. Next part of learning is what to do with those scales. Steve Krenz the instructor here likes teaching theory and scale knowledge as the key to being a "real" musician. Take a look at the Store link at the top of the page, he's got some inexpensive lessons in the Fretboard series. Look for Scales mastery, might be a first look
  8. @Enoch11223344 The streaming thing has been brought up many times, even when Steve and Legacy were together. pretty much spot on what @DianeB said. Legacy did put up the original first disks on a guitar lesson site, but that learning site has now gone away too. It was based on popularity of instructors. I do believe Steve wrote a killer package, and would probably do well on Truefire. But there's probably some sort of rights issues for that (guessing only don't know) I don't have issue's with physical media, but certainly wish this forum had activity of the "glory days" of LMG forum. Which would only come from a new GG guitar series. (And I'm still not good enough for Steve's master Blue )
  9. @kenneth for me yes even after all this time, still sounds like a walk up/down pentatontic scale. Steve has done some Live Lessons on this, check some of those videos in rewind at top look for Live Lessons. You'll have to Sift backwards those the titles. Big catch keep it simple just a couple of notes, make sure you hit the root note of the scale a couple of times There are better players than me here, maybe they'll chime in

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