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  1. I remember, nutty1, when you were having a tough time strumming. This rendition, to me, demonstrates spectacular progress. Top marks!
  2. Tank you, Randy, it is great when someone is really enjoying their guitar.
  3. Well done, Greg, on finding such an instrument. I am glad to hear that you are out there, playing regularly. Keep up the good work!
    I would just like to say that Steve Krenz is amazing. L&MG has a high enough purchase price that many that are looking for free tuition won't part with that much money. But - and it is a big but - Steve is the teacher that goes on giving and giving and giving. Not only do we get the live lessons but we also get the forum and these PDFs, some helpfully going over again so that we can make sure we really have understood, others extending what we have learned, and all that is before we get to additional materials, courses and weekends with Steve and other L&MG students that can be bo
  4. It is glam (not clam) rock and the name came about because stage outfits became more and more glamorous. Look at Abba's Waterloo outfits as an example. Although followed by punk rock, some of the 80's hair bands continued the glam rock look. Top of the pops was the UK's weekly pop chart top 20 rundown with performers of the songs miming along to their singles. I think pretty much every youngster was glued to their TV on a Thursday evening, including me.
  5. I suppose he is going to plug that into a Fishman Loudbox.
  6. Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water. My acoustic playing is largely based on learning to fingerpick like Paul Simon from my youth club leader a few years after this. The whole list is before I had started delivering newspapers and could afford to buy records. My first was a single, in 1972, Don McLean's Vincent. Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits was not my first LP but one of the first.
  7. rockinrickard, are you kidding me? Barney Kessel is one of Jazz's great guitarists and yet I could have sworn that your jazz turnaround and Barney's playing on Julie London 's I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan are pretty much one and the same. PS. Thank you for the funny sticky note. Can I tell the others? I hope so: rockinrickard says I should change my name from fretless to flawless.
  8. That looks like you had a great adventure trail, from one store to another and then to Collin's studio and the restaurant. I am glad you all had a lovely day.
  9. Electro-Harmonix has an impressive range of pedals that delve into keyboard-voicing territory, including the Lester-G rotating speaker pedal. See it and the short video on the EHX web site, here.
  10. Here is a live song from a teacher's concert at my wife's music school. My wife played the piano, the other piano teacher played the drums and I was a guest that evening, playing a Burny jazz archtop guitar. The song is called Spirit Song.
  11. Happy birthday, Steve, and a big thank you for all you have done and continue to do.
  12. If you have a smartphone or tablet then a tuner app would be a cheaper option. I use an app called Fine Tuner.

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