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  1. I would, as usual, love to be involved but I have just gone down with flu so if you need anything once my energy returns I'll help out then.
  2. Ian, perhaps the simplest ending I can suggest is to not strum the final C chord as you sing the final word, down, just silence the guitar for that final word and then, after a pause of perhaps one bar, slowly strum a Cmaj7 but from top to bottom. If I am not explaining myself clearly and you would like an audio example, just say. Otherwise, nice, straightforward song and I can hear how your voice has improved. Great stuff!
  3. Does your app (better the audio app than the video app, as Eracer says) have a recording volume control so that you can increase the gain on a weak sound and turn down a loud signal? Is the distorted sound just on certain accented places or on the whole recording? If you are struggling, send me a sample recording. Ask for my email address by PM.
  4. <Sherlock Holmes's curious voice> "Interesting, most interesting."
  5. I think it is great that you have tried a different material and heard which you prefer. I would call that success.
  6. pkotof, one more thing, if I may: when you take your guitar to be set up I think it will help the technician if you also take your acoustic to show him the differences and what you prefer, because while one player may want a really low action, others want a bit higher. The techie will need to work out what you want so that he can set it up for you, not just a generic setup.
  7. Why do say it is more challenging? My first thought was that it has not been set up properly but maybe I should hold my thoughts until I know more about what you mean by more challenging.
  8. Bass amps and keyboard amps share much in common. Guitar amps, and particularly guitar speakers, have quite different characteristics as they colour the guitar's sound. The all in one solution would be to have an effects unit such as a Kemper or Helix LT (or much cheaper) which has amp and cab modelling. These work best with a FRFR (full range, flat response) PA speaker, and you would choose a bass amp and cab or a guitar amp and cab within the software to get the desired sound.
  9. It is worth a try. If you are unfamiliar with cutting a new nut buy a cheap plastic one and cut that one. If you get it worng then another plastic one will be cheap. When you are happy with the new nut, you then have a template from which to repeat the process with a bone or tusq nut. Sometimes I buy a pre-cut nut that has a fraction narrower string spacing E-E than the one on the guitar at the moment. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to help with showing you how to do the job. To glue to new nut in place just use two small droplets of superglue as it does not soak into the wood.
  10. Many metronome apps have a training facility whereby you can select start and finish tempos and how long it takes to ghet from the first to the second. It is good for starting off a slow tempo and steadily, gently increasing the tempo as you practice longer. If your metronome does not do this and you would like to practice this way, tell me and I can produce some audio files to help you: you just need to choose the start and finish tempos and how long you would like to practice for.
  11. Nutty, I think all the right praise and encouragement has already been given so I will simply agree with them as you progress is noticeable. One suggestion from watching your video: try placing the microphone so that when you are looking down towards your guitar you are singing into it. Okay, not that low but try half way between where it is and where it could be so that your head is swinging to either side of the mic, not up to it and then down, away from it. I think you will get a more consistent vocal level although you will start finding the vocal mic picks up a little of the acoustic guitar sound, which may or may not be a bad thing. Try it and see.
  12. That's good to hear, Nutty 1. I must go and find your Recording Challenge track to hear your new-found ability. As ever, I am happy to give constructive advice but only up to the point where you overtake me!
  13. Similar to Neil, I would say that the guitar that inspires you to play is the one to start with. As your ability and tastes grow then venture out into other styles, genres and types of guitar and maybe even other instruments.

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