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  1. @Adam429 note there are a few mistakes with the TAB in the lower sessions. But Steve is a big Let's read music guy, so try to ignore TAB until you get to finger style session 10 Ps in my signature is Words Of Guitar Wisdom check it out from mouth of Steve
  2. @Adam429 session 1 is just to get your hands coordinated. Session 2 starts the "real" learning.
  3. I do a version of Tiny Bubbles on ukulele.
  4. Like it was said above, if you're playing along with a song , the tempo is set for you, so no need for a nome But I've learned one thing If you're playing on your own or in a group and you're the lead guitar, you set your own tempo ( fast or slow) and everyone will have to follow. So if you must use a nome, set it slow enough for you to be accurate and speed it up as needed. Don't worry about what the original was recorded at, you're playing it now as you (I know it sounds like I'm recommending not using a nome)
  5. I don't need someone to teach me how mute strings. I do it unintentionally all the time🤣😪
  6. Nice Greg,I got zero music gifts from Santa this yr
  7. And he was a Queen for a day 🤔
  8. not a polished or smooth as some of the members here recordings.. and I lost a full week of practicing (if like that would have helped) from recovering my computer from a major corrupted crash
  9. As another Canadian, I won't argue importing your own guitars vs Long and Mcquade cdn prices But I will say, enjoy your ES335 And play it proud
  10. Joe Bonamssa's O Holy Night of course. Hammer-on's, Pull-off's, slides, bends, and of course volume swells also I play about 20+ Christmas songs for church.. and I'm trying to record a Christmas song at the moment that I don't do in Church.. if I get it done.. I'll post it in Members Recordings.
  11. @Ionut Steve does talk about all open strings , and its pretty much a "no-no" So no, don't strum all open strings You would be playing an Eminor11 chord and it would not be in the key you're playing the song in. Chord changes come quicker with time, There are times where you might "sacrifice " the last beat of a measure to get to the next chord. But not normally.
  12. @Ionut with the A chord, you'll find when you get to Session 8, you're going to need the first finger free for the bar chords, Now I finger A either 1,2,3 or 2,3,4 depending, but I would normally play it 2,3,4, since playing a Barre B, C, D etc will require 1st finger G chord, 2 fingers might be easier and create a different vocing, There is a 4 finger G chord as well as the standard 3 finger.
  13. That unit, you would plug your guitar in the guitar in and the USB as you say goes to the PC, and yes those RCA outputs would be line level signal to powered speakers
  14. sad to hear Mandy. when my mom died , I sat on her front porch in her favorite chair, playing what ever came to me. when I play live I always keep one of her lighthouses near me that I kept from her collection. some way I think she hears me playing. you will go through a number of emotions. remember your music will always be there for you and it will be ready when you are.
  15. Line out on the amp, would plug into the input of your PC Audio card. That way you should be able to hear your guitar on your amp, and the output of your PC speakers. There are a number of ways to connect your guitar to the PC, Remember the speakers running off your PC typically will not blow as they're running at PC level Your M-Audio USB FastTrack, should be find and hear on the speakers should be fine
  16. Wah was first built in 1966, so any recording or video older is probably a combination of tremo circuit in thd amp, and vibrato technique in his hands https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wah-wah_pedal
  17. @RockVox say the note names as you play the scales. Or play find all the E's, find all the F's etc
  18. not sure how fast I can give you an update on the Gary Hoey course. I seem to be a 'slow learner' and I no longer do my lunch time car practice due to work overload and don't do my Saturday van practice since covid as the malls basically shutdown so the wife doesn't shop like she used to .
  19. Yup good stuff. I picked up a Jeff Mcerlain course Blues Rock Soloing back in January, I'm almost done on the last lick to smooth out And in the Oct RockTober sale picked up another $5 blues-rock course Gary Hoey Blue Rock Reactor "powerful rythm and soloing" course I need to start. I download the whole course for full "offline " viewing in thier app, on my desktop, laptop and my tablet
  20. Sounds like you're still going to have to use binders And decide if to organize them by alphabetically or by subject. My church binder is sorted in groups alphabetically. Season Easter has all the Easter songs, Same for Christmas, etc But I use both a Samsung Android tablet running Mobile Sheets ($15 app) And I have a new iPad Pro running ForeScore music app (I do use my tablets for practice but their primary function is for gig's)

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