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  1. Great! The ES-335 is a legendary guitar. You don't need the fancy stuff.
  2. @Ionut Steve teaches you these forms for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is the ease of moving from one form to another. The A chord is an excellent example of this. You can easily change from A to A2 to Asus to Am to AMaj7 to A7 not to mention the other chords. Many self taught guitar players use fingers 1, 2 and 3 to form the A chord, but that puts your hand way out of position and ease of motion is not great. Don't fight what Steve is trying to teach you. Don't be afraid of learning chord forms because they are a huge part of being a guitar player. With practice you will pla
  3. My condolences to you Mandy.
  4. Those are computer speakers, and not really suitable for guitar purposes. You need to have studio monitors connected to the speaker out on the M-Audio. I have two Mackie MK2 Powered studio monitors connected to my M-Audio Fasttrack C400. Your M-Audio doesn't have an amp so you need powered Studio monitors. The MK2 is bi amped 20 watt tweeter with 50 watt mid. What do you mean "signal is split between the pc and a pair of Creative Inspire T10 speaker"?
  5. This is what wah sounds like. Cry Baby Wah Demo
  6. Listen to your mom. Don't play with your teeth. Dentists don't come cheap.
  7. Yoda switched to bass because he couldn't play barre chords.
  8. I am a big Taylor fan. I would like to have a Martin also. Gibson makes some really good acoustics also. There are a few small makers that have great quality at a cost. I have been busy playing my new Taylor Grand Pacific 317e which is easily my best guitar.
  9. I still remember the first time I heard Eruption, it was like nothing that ever came before. I was lucky to see Van Halen in concert and he put on a terrific show.
  10. Hi @Greg Voros, Winter is coming and humidification is important. I usually have a whole house humidifier. I have also use the Planet Waves sponge system. Taylor recommends Humidipack. I was wondering what you think of the system, and how frequent to replace these packs. My experience is they seem to last much longer than the 3-6 months recommended. I just replace old packs and they were plump with moisture. I can't imagine my guitar wouldn't have absorbed it. Once a year might be reasonable. Of course it is very convenient compared to the sponge systems.
  11. UFO? I don't know, but he was out of this world talented.
  12. The Taylor Grand Pacific is definitely a lot of guitar. The neck is the smoothest I played so far. The sound is rich. I am going to put new strings on soon, and give it the complete treatment before winter comes. The case is a work of art. I have seen too many expensive guitars come with a gig bag so the Taylor case is a real treat.
  13. It is awful quiet in here. I thought I would make some noise with my new Taylor Grand Pacific. Mistakes are free!
  14. @Popeye I agree the Grand Pacific is very snug in the case. It is rock solid and the floral pattern is rich with gold hardware. Unfortunately, the Grand Pacific will not see the case anytime soon. I get to play with it all Labor Day weekend, and I am off next week. If you hear a guitar ringing, it just might be me.
  15. I found this 2019 gem in my local music store. The 2020 is $100 more, and I got a sale price for Labor Day weekend. I traded in my Taylor GS Mini to help reduce the cost. I get Andy Powers design, and V-bracing. The GS Mini was a good little guitar, but the Grand Pacific is a much richer experience. Then of course there is the case, and what a case it is.
  16. Ultimate Guitar Pro is another good option. It isn't a book, but the TAB is supposed to be some of the best. There is an annual fee, but it is 80% off right now. Guitar Pro
  17. I think when it is time to replace a tube then replace all of them with new tubes at the same time. Your amp has been around for a few years so it might need some work. Doug has some good advice. You could send it to Sweetwater. They do have service techs, but I don't know if they do this type of service. There are not many places around here either that I know of. P.S. A Fender Blues Jr is a terrible thing to waste. Fix it!
  18. I personally wouldn't, but you could use your second finger to gently touch the 3rd string which could be a challenge at speed. Other than that you have to find the right notes somewhere else on the fretboard.

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