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  1. Glad you got a great deal. It's fun when that happens. Three of my guitars were used. Two came virtually unused. The acoustic's wood came aged and opened up! A third guitar--a dream guitar for me--came with wear on the case, no signs of use other than a dull area on the Bigsby and a tip that falls off the selector switch. After playing it I saw how the Bigsby sits directly beneath one's sometimes sweaty arm. Just part of the experience I suppose. The guitar was around eight years old and I knew about the condition. I had played awhile hour-wise and realized that my usual habit of being a tool user rather than collector applied to guitars as well. I take care of them, but I play them a lot. (The only reasonable solution is more guitars.) All three guitars came from reverb. One guitar was new on closeout sale at Sweetwater at a price still lower than the used market! My tube amp was on closeout as well. I pay attention to the Sweetwater emails!
  2. Thanks for the video demo Old Guy and thanks for the expansion Six String. It feels like the world of affordable electric guitar sonic options just exploded! Fortunately an unanticipated Starla purchase has me unable to pull the trigger on the current Sweet Water HX Stomp sale. :-) This will give me time to calm down and play around more with my simple single-ended tube amp, which is plenty right now. Back to those notes...
  3. It's fun to read of the diverse ways we ended up learning to play guitar with maestro Steve. One thing I look for in an instructor is how they walk their talk. Steve has been a working pro all his life and we can see this regularly most Tuesdays, at Gatherings, etc. So I study this material without holding back. The more I learn, the more habits I notice in more experienced players that I won't have to unlearn. I said hello elsewhere. (This thread was not open.) I started a few months after my 56th birthday and hit the "Session 4 wall." I restarted a few months after I turned 58. I am over the crest of Session 4. MOre sixth string exercises anyone? It's exciting to read those octave jumps and notice that sometimes they have been sounding without my thinking about it. Wait! How did that happen? Welcome to you fellow beginners and thanks for all the help from you more experienced players!
  4. Nutty 1 you are full of surprises!!! This is one song I did not expect to see here. Thanks! Thanks for the reminder and clarification of the ding-a-ling too. I worked with a guy who used to sing this regularly and loudly while stocking yogurt. Without explanation, of course.
  5. Thanks for the tips Diane! Simple and endless... I need to put play back in too. Lately I've been warming up by playing the frets up and down, then complete with sharps and flats, then on to session 4 practice. It's coming sloooooowwwly. I'm on my third or fourth nine volt battery for the metronome.
  6. Hi constancr: I'm working through the material with a metronome. I'm close, but not quite there. When the song doesn't sound right I go through it carefully with the metronome. That usually clears it up. I was suddenly puzzled about the eighth note e/c in the Entertainer. I found that I had started placing the beat on the c out of habit. Eighth notes are often on the offbeat, which is no big deal from my drumming. I love off beat stuff. Well, wrong! :-P Hang in there. Way to keep going with life goings on. Me too. I quit last time, but not this time. I love playing guitar. Correction: Before walking my dog this morning I wanted to say that I listened to Steve play the Entertainer multiple times last night. I had drifted from the correct way and back again. I counted with his playing the three e/c sections and found the second beat not played between the first and second e/c pairs. That makes four beats so I am relieved. Please let me know if I am once again wrong. I am a percussionist in rehab to become a musician, so it could take awhile. (How many players in a rock and roll band? Four: Three musicians and a drummer.)
  7. BluzCruz: Signals Music Studio made modes amazingly clear. Thank you. I'm glad I was able to watch this at the beginning of my guitar journey. At my stage "being limited to the little box" would be a big step forward. ShadowBoxer86: I wrote down your pneumonic. :-)
  8. ☺️☺️☺️ Congratulations Ian!!! You got right out there after you stated your intention. Fun how the crowd gave you a boost to get you started. We've all been nervous for one reason or another, eh? Thanks for sharing and inspiring me as I slog through the baby beginner waters.
  9. BrianG, since you posted I decided to check the link. Glad I did. The showcase is coming to Rainbow Guitars in Tucson, AZ September 10th!!! I'll be going. Fun how things work out.
  10. Yes Pat! May I add that growth begins when we leave our comfort zone as well. Ian, great job. It's almost as if a different person is singing when you bring it on! One thing that came to mind is something I've noticed over the years. We've all heard about our "inner child." Well, what helps to me on stage (for whatever reason) is when my "inner hot dog" comes out. It's the feeling of cutting up, joking around and most of all letting go into the flow. Related to the "inner hot dog" is a tip my West African drumming instructor gave us. He said while soloing to play to somebody. That can be a person in the audience or what works great with the lights is playing to/with a fellow performer. I'm sure somebody has mentioned this stuff, but I haven't found it so far. Rock on!
  11. This is great Greg. I'm digging around on the site to see what I can see and wanted to give you another comment. Congrats for getting out there. Fun stuff, eh? I can't speak for your brother-in-law, but playing drums for a long time can be super fun and a huge shot in the arm for playing. Playing West African rhythms for dance class used to be so challenging. Drums are a vital ingredient, but not the main event. If anybody is off, everybody knows instantly! Visiting African dance masters took it a step up from there. I left a lot of sweat playing on the dance floors. Thanks again Greg. I'm watching guitar/Western music equivalents to dance class playing. Dance class was a sign your skills were to a certain hard-earned level. I'm looking forward to experiencing that level playing the guit'!
  12. I've had great experiences on reverb. I bought my acoustic there, a returned Larrivee in almost mint condition. I found a tiny dent that didn't go through the finish on the bottom side. My Squire Mod '51 I also got on reverb. There was a blond model on the site. (The last one I saw for sale anywhere.) I bought it and the seller contacted me. It was already sold. BUT he had a pristine used red model just in if I was interested. Heck yeah! Red was the color I wanted. Reverb has been a convenient starting place to watch price trends and availability. I've watched PRS Starlas since I first saw and heard a core gold sparkle model 2 1/2 years ago. I knew that someday I would get one. Although I had what I needed to learn to play, I recently bought a 2010 gold sparkle starla on reverb. The case is a little banged up--I knew that--but the guitar is in great shape. (I love this guitar. It's better in all ways than I thought it would be!) When Sweetwater was blowing out their Blackstar 10th Anniversary amps I checked items for sale on Reverb. Yep. Great sale. Same with the PRS SE custom 24 on sale from Sweetwater. The vendors bent over backwards to ensure the purchasing experience went well.
  13. Thanks Diane, Now I know too whenever I get there. I went back and looked at the book. That's what I get for looking at one example. Now I have the same question about Canon in D, but I haven't watched the video. So I will get out of heeeeere! Btw, I never used the tab while playing, so I forgot about the 0 = open string. Thanks.
  14. I'm not there yet, but I am very curious about lesson 10, so I looked. On the first page of Session 10 there is a picture of a hand with the Thumb labeled T, the index 1, etc. Below that is a key for finger pattern 1 that shows Thumb - 1st - 2nd- 3rd . Now look down at the first exercise. There is only music notation for the fretting hand. The tab below is for the picking hand. Notice the 0, which equals the thumb. This is a little confusing if one is looking for a T like the picture of the hand or the word Thumb like in the key. It was probably easier for some reason to use a zero. Hope this helps. Now to get back to session 4 before I start messing around with this stuff.
  15. What beauties! One friend who has played all his life (he's 60+) swears by Guilds. "Pros play Guilds." My other friend who can play well loves his budget priced Ovation. My acoustic is a Larrivee DV-05. I was looking for a D-02 or -03 at a good price but made an offer on this when I came across it on Reverb. They took my offer! Such a sweet sound, feel, smell and look. I don't need flash, but I sure enjoy it now that it's here. It's like acoustically speaking I'm "full." I look at Larrivee 12-strings now and then for someday and I'll surely get a Yamaha for beating around once I can play some songs well, but I'm acoustically sated.

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