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  1. The same thing was happening to me, definitely my finger placement. Once I was able to consistently bar all six strings, I found that I was rolling my hand ever so slightly when I brought my other three fingers into use. Our hands and fingers can form so many angles.
  2. You do love that guitar, don't you? Sounds beautiful to me. Glad you went for it. I feel the same about my acoustic. I have to force myself to look at other acoustics--mainly classical and twelve strings for "someday"---because I feel sated playing mine. I wondered why the sound was muted the other day. Well, first I needed to check my strumming path. Then I noticed the coating worn off the strings over the sound hole. :-)
  3. This is awesome! She makes it simple and clear. My music transcription has been delayed, but the twelve stave paper sits ready to go. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Lots of nice guitars coming into the Guitar Gathering family! I look forward to hearing your Taylor.
  5. What a beauty. I've seen guitars made of myrtlewood, but haven't heard any. What a pretty wood. I'll be interested to hear how the hybrid shape works for you. Nice!
  6. Steve Vai practiced odd time signatures while walking around. His footsteps were the 4 beats. Then he practiced saying the five, seven or whatever over the four. Vai says that breaking a rhythm down into two smaller portions gives an incorrect feel. I'm just repeating what he said as food for thought. It may have been in one of the books in the Steve Vai special our Steve offered awhile back. Years ago when I was learning West African Mande music--mostly drums called dununs with bells and djembes--I often did this while walking. The majority of the music I learned was either 4/4 or 12/8.
  7. Yes. I highly recommend Sweetwater. I bought my SE Custom 24 from Sweetwater on clearance. I love the hot pickups and it plays and feels great! Stays in tune too. Before the PRS, I had purchased a Blackstar Artist 10 AE also on clearance. So I had my first tube amp, which I still love, and a killer guitar for the price of either item at regular price.
  8. Eclectophile: Sorry to hear about the disappointing SE experience. Glad it"s a player in any case. I'll keep this as a precautionary tale. I've been lusting over the new SE Hollowbody II Piezo model for someday. Last year I got a new SE Custom 24 that looks and plays great. Later I unexpectedly found a used core Starla that also looks and plays great. However, the fit, finish, feel--everything--is in a different league than the SE line. Given adequate money, I would get a core model without a second thought. Yum.
  9. Thanks Frettless. I recognize those sounds. Now I know how to make them.
  10. Happy Birthday Steve! Thanks for all you share and do. I'm sure I'd still be in the dreaming about playing guitar without L & M. It's difficult at times to fit the playing in, but it is possible. That's enough.
  11. Oldjock: As an aside. Is that like "extra spicey"? :-) I had to get a clip on chromatic tuner in order to tune my grand niece's violin. I liked my Snark, but haven't used it since. Prabhu: Touching the tuning fork to the guitar face makes it easy to hear. I didn't get that right away. And for extra credit, here is a tech showing how to tune an acoustic twelve string by ear.
  12. Wow! Really awesome. Love how the old and new mix.
  13. Yeah, Charlie was a fiddlin' fool. I just listened to a long, live version of Orange Blossom Special on Youtube. The band is having fun! The only casualty was a shredded fiddle bow!
  14. Congrats Steve. I'm working on chords too. I started the Song Hits package and first of all it's fun. It also helps with both chord practice and playing notes. The full version songs are too much right now, but a fun long term project. I warm up practicing "You Got It" and then on to L&M chord practice. Rock On!

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