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  1. Triple-o

    Dr Robert

    Steve, I came across this song on line. When I read the story behind the song it said it was written in the key of A, but the key center was B mixolydian. When I looked at some on- line sheet music,for the song, in the key of A, nothing seemed to explain why the key center was B mixolydian. Finally, I found the song in a Beatle’s song book. I realized all the original chords were in fact from the B mixolydian mode. The on-line sheet music was a different version of the song, even though it was in the key of A the chords weren’t the same as the original.
  2. I didn’t know that Martin’s term Dreadnought was take from the British warship HMS Dreadnought. I tried a Martin D-28 today and even though the measurements between body styles isn’t very much I could tell it wasn’t a “triple o” body. I guess one would get used to it, but I prefer the smaller body.
  3. Anyone have the Looper Pedal songbook? I see it has 50 song hits arranged for guitar. $11.55 on Amazon.
  4. Blue Dog and Doug I am using Acoustic Guitar Sept. 2013 and March 2013 issues.The articles are Patterns in thirds and Soloing with thirds. Thanks for the link, I made the mistake of stopping my subscription in 2015.
  5. I find that the song hits, fingerstyle course and learning to play the scales in 3rds is pretty much taking up my practice time for the time being. It just so easy to get side tracked with new material available. I have a stack of material and at the rate I grasp things I will be “Dust in the wind” long before I make a dent in it. .
  6. C Cmaj7 C9 Am Asus2 Asus4 Fmag7 Fmaj7#4 Fmaj6 Gsus2. G5. G6 http://PremierGuitar.com. On their site search “spice up your cowboy chords”
  7. You might try Songsterr.com. Free tab with a play feature. I know the song tab is there,
  8. Anyone play a Martin with a modified V neck? What do you think,any problem?
  9. I thought that the major pentatonic scale was right up there with the diatonic scale as two of the main scales used in bluegrass.The other one I thought was a main stay was the mixolydian mode. I was just looking at a bluegrass tune that stated with a jazz chord in the first measure,so it seems there is room for your own voice. You might also check out Byron Sutton at Artistworks,he has 200 lessons.
  10. Hi, I have a ditto x2. It took a little time to get the hang of it, but it works fine. I think Steve has a manual or dvd for sale ($10)on how to use one. I would like to see some comments from members on Steve’s manual.
  11. I finally had to drive to a guitar store to look up a Beatles song.While there I bought “12 Bar Blues Solos” by David Rubin. It has 25 solos for $14.95. Look like a decent book to have when you get to session 11. Also, I couldn’t help it, I had to try out a Martin gpc ooo-15me hanging on the wall. Nice sounding guitar! $1599.00. 1 3/4 nut 25.4 scale length.
  12. Triple-o

    Dr Robert

    Thanks, I was thinking, since the chord progression didn’t start on the one chord (A) that it might be the reason it was a modal progression. I had’t given much though to the melody notes, since they don’t appear to make a difference.They are chord tones. Edit.... Looking through the Beatle’s complete song book I see that the original song started with A7, F#7.The V chord in B mixolldian is F#7. Another chord in the progression was the B. I now realize the mistake of just looking at on-line sheet music sites.
  13. Triple-o

    Dr Robert

    The Beatles song, about “Dr Feel Good” the pill pushing doc, is written in the key of A. The key center is B, so the song is in the B mixolydian mode. The chords in the song are A7 and D/E, at least on the first page of the sheet music. Can someone shed some light on why the key center is B.

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