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Live Lessons: January 23rd - Guitar Care with Greg Voros

Steve Krenz

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Tuesday January 23rd, 2018

Topic: Guitar Care with Greg Voros

7pm Central Time US

You can watch the lesson HERE.

It's the first Live Lesson of the year and I cant think of a better way to start off than with Greg Voros (head of the legendary repair department at Gruhn Guitars) to start us off.

Greg will be discussion how you can take the best care of your instrument and maintain it so that it is at it's best playability.

If you have any questions for Greg about guitar care, maintenance, or building, please ask them in this thread and we'll try to get to as many of them as we can.

There will be music, laughs, giveaways and more.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Our Ustream channel is here... http://www.ustream.tv/gibson-learn-and-master-live-lessons

- Steve  



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I hope that I am done with my music room by then. Setting up my PC to stream today, should be setting up my equipment and making a list of what I need.......:D

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GREG; WHAT IS THE PROPER (BEST) WAY TO RESTRING AN ARCHTOP GUITAR WITH A Floating bridge ? How do I insure the intonation and string height will be correct?  Thank you. Neil 

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Nice! I'm really looking forward to this live lesson. I have a few questions/clarifications for Greg:

1- In the course I notice you don't stretch the new strings. Is it because you find it doesn't make a difference? I know that many say it's a must and that the strings will stay in tune quicker, but the difference I notice is so small it might just be a placebo effect. What's your opinion on that?

2- Also in the course, you mention to wrap the strings once over the top, bend it up then turn the tuning peg. When you do, you seem to be holding the string down with your finger. From my understanding, the first wrap is over the hole and the next ones are under it. Is this correct?

3- Do you plan a making a more advanced course, for example about changing parts?


Thank you for the course, you got me started on doing a setup myself and that was a tremendous help. The season changes are so drastic up here in Canada that if you find a shop that is willing to take your guitar in December/January, it will take them a month to get to it.

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Greg I am considering a nylon string guitar. I have heard people complaining of problems with Cordoba guitars and the 12th Fret. Do you know anything about this. My choices are limited since I am a lefty.

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