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  1. Gibson - Running out of time?

    The current leadership style is what a company does when it has money problems. Leadership wants s guitars out the door as fast as they can and ride the help to see its done and the help complains. that what bosses do. Thats how it works money problems set the stage
  2. Discussion Board Beta Observations/Suggestions

    Need a phone app takes to long to get on here , Going through Google search. Thanks
  3. Here is a great Double Stop blues Riff in 5 minutes.
  4. Gibson - Running out of time?

    Gibson's money problems is the reason for the not up to par guitars . ( There's a song in there some where ), an I under stand. It business. But not good Business. How bad it is is how low they will go to pull it out with out Bankruptcies. and help will wait to it is on the last leg before helping to get the best deal possible. If they succeed then they will correct the problems . I heard on the radio they Grossed 1 billion dollars last year. But I don't know there operating cost. so for the next couple year expect to see more of the same . and more of those funky guitars that is geared for the younger folks . But we all know paint don't make a better guitars. Craftsmanship Does.

    Man Six you have them all. My epip LP has 57 classic's and it sounds great for old school rock . The Gibson LPJ has the 490 r and the 498 t with slit coils and it on the heavy metal side . but cleans up real nice . But the 57 classic is the best. its so easy to dial in on a tone you want. Thanks for the info.

    Hi Six , What kinda hummers doses that guitar have 57's.
  7. Maria. That's a ruff one. Hope You have a short recovery. and no Permanent Damage. Good Luck.
  8. Hi, Steve I dont know if this is on topic for to nlghts lesson. But what is the best way to learnto play on the off beat. Like acdc plays and the guitar parts come on the first an beat of the measure on every measure. Is there a trick. Or just practice thanks Blue Dog

    Nice Axe Six. was at guitar center today and they didn't have a one there . not every many Gibson's At all. A lot of epips and Ibanez's Gretchen's D arranges how every you spell it. But they fixed y Fret on the Oman and said my martin Don't need a set up no charge. I said thanks. The man Loved the Martin Retro string on the Martin. He played it for 20 minutes. Said it was great guitar. But back to you Great looking Guitar Hope you Love It and play it for Many Years to come. keep us updated.
  10. Has Anybody used the Drone backing tracks to play the pentatonic scales over . Youtube Has A few in the key of A and C . I am sure more. They Have not Time signature so you can play at your own time . Here is a Example .
  11. It's the same set that was offered on the old learn and master site. And it fits I say after lesson 4.. But great after lesson 11
  12. D'Addario Humidity Packs

    If you Use The D'Addario Humidity Packs and they get hard in the winter time . Dried out from putting moisture back in to your guitar. all you have to do is stick them in the freezer over night and they will be good to go again. them will draw moisture from the cold . Just squeeze them and break them loose and soft again. Had mine for two years . still works great . https://www.amazon.com/DAddario-Humidification-System-Replacement-Packets/dp/B003HNY1IY/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1519013162&sr=8-8&keywords=humidity+packs
  13. Here Is A Simple Lesson That show some Chord Tricks on the B chords That is help full And you can learn a cool song called Sweet Carolyn.
  14. Do You Name Your Guitars?

    I only named one guitar and its called OLD JOE after my Uncle Joe that Passed.
  15. We will rebuild him, Better, Faster, Stronger, The Million Dollar Guitar man. Sounds good to me

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