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  1. Learn all you can where ever you can. Is all you need . That's It !
  2. This site has 1 thru 10 maybe more. Good Luck on your journey. https://www.crowdguitar.com/Learner/Beginner This is 11 thru 20 . https://www.crowdguitar.com/Learner/Intermediate
  3. It does require a lot of practice. But well worth it no more pain or indents.
  4. I have no indentations in my fingers . learnt not to press hard to make them . and if i do have to then some things wrong with the guitar. Then fix it. If cant fix it send it down the road.
  5. The needle and the Damage done is right on the mark. Thanks
  6. A friend gave me a new surface pro with windows 10. Because i said i was going to get a tablet. So i didn't have to carry my lap top around . Using it was just like carrying my lap top around . so i gave it back. Cell phone the size of tablets . Tablets the size of lap tops . Lap tops the size of desk tops. where will it end. LOL The morel of the story is Be careful of what you ask for. Pawn shop is a good place to look.
  7. Welcome, Hope you learn all you can here. Take Care.
  8. https://www.npr.org/2019/08/27/754509680/musical-instruments-to-be-exempt-from-restrictions-on-heavily-trafficked-rosewoo Rosewood is not ban no more. Don"t need permit for music instruments .Not even a piano. Some times people make rules and dont understand what they did.
  9. Guitar zoom is have a 5 day video course on the blues starting today at 2 O clock. Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 The last Day 5
  10. Get a GS Mini With the Taylor pick up system all ready in it. they are top rated. In hole pick ups over time messes up the sound hole. I install LR Baggs under saddles in all of mine . If the guitar sounds great i use the one with mic and pick up . If sounds ok i use just the under saddle pick up . But small guitars with small sound holes the hole pickups are a little to big for the hole. . Good Luck. P.s I played one at Sam ash loved it went back to get it it was gone . it was Built in electric
  11. Bunk a member here. has posted a video. He"s playing Life by the Drop By SRV, Pretty Good.
  12. Your speaker out put should be the speaker that are being use . real tek . I assume . The out put should not be the pod. Good luck.
  13. Easy make a E chord and strum. One will be full and one will sound like it's in a box. The fullest one is it . Good Luck
  14. I use electric amps on all of my acoustic guitars. Works great and sounds great using a Di box helps with the feed back . But i dont use it a lot . have no need / three guitar with LR Baggs sound great on all amps Two guitars with sonic core an arua not so good but the DI fixes it . Just dont play those guitars much . Amp Are fender mustang 20 watts. Fender princton 65 watts plus , Fender vibro champ xd 5 watts , Boss Katana 50 watts. Traynor 45 watts And a Acoustic amp Peavy 20 watt. all sound great .

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