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  1. Not "Politics" but an observation from an educated Father with a minor in Anthropology. Delete it if you want to.
  2. Actually I have observed with interest the "Millennials" . My daughters are Millennials. I have found them to be the product of a very Liberal educational system, probably more Liberal indoctrination. I kept hearing some pretty far left philosophies coming home from schools. Even our TV shows are being censored now. Right wing leaning family shows like Last Man Standing are being removed from the air even though they have respectable ratings. While we are buried with Social Comments on Gender Benders and liberal talking points ad nauseum. Gave up TV myself as a waste of time. Millennials really are lacking in creativity today. Amazing, the education system is just cookie cutting out their grads who need Community College at the least to really say they are educated and ready to work. And their music is beyond the putrid. They demonstrate for women's rights and gender neutrality, all the while being indoctrinated by their rapcrap to listen to women being called "Hoes" and "B******" and useful for one thing. Rapcrap and Hip Hop should have their own awards so that real people can avoid it. I find it an infringement of parental authority and I am actually dead centre of the political spectrum.
  3. Little of both. Being left handed forces you into more planning when purchasing a new guitar, except recently. Running into a Les Paul Traditional, left handed in mint condition on the Gruhn's Website just isn't fair. Then the next day I ran into a left handed Cordoba C5-CE, nylon string classical for $335.00 isn't fair either.
  4. I didn't know that we had a "Chat Room". There is the Chat Box that is open to everyone using the Forum. Anyone here can use it.
  5. Most times I have seen Eric Clapton, it has been with some pretty stellar collaborators. Leon Russel, Delaney and Bonnie, Joe Cocker etc.
  6. Limatje I have seen many guitar teachers, including Justin Sandicore on his new video, all say that your first learning guitar should be electric. One of the benefits is less noise I guess. They are easier on your fingers too. At night noodle on an electric and don't plug it in. Believe me you can hear enough. I do it all the time watching tv. Cheers
  7. Yea right, you are the same as me. It's till you can near play the song.
  8. Thanks for the info Mantonanjin. I went to the site yesterday to get a strap for my new guitar. Boneheaded me I made a mistake,clicked the wrong button and needed to get Pay Pal out of the purchase. Kenny called me, refunded pay pal and we talked for over an hour. Nice, personable guy. Been through some tragedy as well. I'm kind of partial, as my wife was Cherokee and Apache, but I like to support the Native businesses when I can. Great people that we can all learn from. I found a 3" strap that will go with the colour of my new Les Paul. Since the guitar is a big block of wood, the 3" strap will help. The Les Paul has the shortest neck and is 2 pounds heavier than my SG-400. Neck length from shortest to longest in my guitars are Les Paul, Fender Strat and then the SG-400 Pro by a long shot. Now I have to go and buy a sixer of Grolsch so I can get some washers
  9. I thought you all may want to view this.
  10. Thanks Six, that's a great idea. May not even get one.
  11. Thanks all. I saw it on Gruhn's website when I was looking at what nylon string guitars they had. Surprised I liked it so much. I now know also that Amazon has Left Handed Les Paul Pick Guards for $7.99. Brackets sold separately. What doesn't Amazon have.
  12. At least you know that it can be fixed and with some time and a little rehab, you will be back at it. Hurry up and heal now Maria
  13. I should get them by Friday. Ordered from Gruhn's. My FenderStrat and my SG-400 have some competition now........ t
  14. Hey someone that is older than me, and I am older than dirt. Happy birthday Rickrblues
  15. Maria: I forgot to mention that my wife found something that really helped her hand. You probably know a lot more about it than I would. It was a wax bath for soaking your hands. The wax is warm so liquid. You keep putting your hand in it and the wax hardened. She said it warmed and soothed deeper into her hand. Just a thought. You just peel off the wax, and it makes some weird shapes. Put the wax back in the bath and that's it for cleanup. Hurry up and heal. Collin

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