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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY JANUARY 14TH - BLUES and JAZZ GUITAR WITH ALBERTO LOMBARDI. Alberto is one of Italy's great guitarists, versatile in a variety of styles. He will be showing some great insights into his Blues and Jazz playing. TUESDAY JANUARY 28TH - STARTING OFF RIGHT WITH GREG VOROS. Master Guitar Tech, Greg Voros, stops by to talk about getting your guitar ready to play. PLUS we'll be giving some great tips for starting your guitar learning journey right so that you make the most progress quickly. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Here's a couple - "I wanted to create music that was so different that my mother could tell from anyone else" - Les Paul "Whenever I get down on my playing, I just bend a note, shake it and listen. What I hear sound so great it makes realize that even a rut doesn't suck." - Dimebag Darrell
  2. Thanks, forgot about these. They can cause an "owie" if not careful!
  3. Very nice story and congratulations on the new guitar. I would like to tour that place some day,
  4. Welcome back, we more mature folks understand the relationship between our guitars and goals.
  5. Diane B, thanks again for a very melodic report on another great Family Gathering. Sounds amazing to be there in the midst of such nice folks and great music. Hope to go next year.
  6. I play a Takamine TF 340s BG and a Takamine P6JC BSB. They have earned their place after playing a lot of others - Martins, Taylors, Gibsons, etc. I have a Guild DCE-1 that a grandson has and I can't get it back - durn it! Interesting thread.
  7. Have you considered the other "T", Takamine?
  8. Well that is just very dandy! Nice looking. Congrats!
  9. Stories about the LP is very funny. Whoda thunk? Thanx for sharing.
  10. fray

    Good TEDx Talk

    Similar story, early put downs and now love learning about the guitar and so forth. Very insightful speech, love TED talks....

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