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  1. Check out the Flatpicking Guitar website, they have several books, especially by Brad Davis and Tim May.
  2. This was really inspiring to see the younger students playing....thanks for sharing .
  3. Well, as the quote goes - "there is always next year!" We understand the heavy heart and eventually the conference will go on. Thanks for trying!
  4. Hi, learning this skill has a key word - "reading" - the same skill you learned in grade school to read a most complicated language - English. At least music is straightforward and no things like - " I read a good book", vs "Will you read this book for me?". Hang in there and remember you also eat an apple one bite at a time. Cheers, F
  5. Nice, I also got a Tele yesterday, used one. Love the Tele!
  6. Thanks for sharing, sounds like it was fun.
  7. I have a Fender Blues Junior Relic, can perform much more than I can deliver. It's fun to go loud for a few seconds and hear the puppy come trotting to check on her human.....good thread
  8. So sorry to hear this. He was a very nice and humble person. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

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