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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY MAY 12TH - PEDALS and CABLES AND GEAR OH MY! WHAT DOES THIS PEDAL DO? If you've got questions about what pedals do, what pedals do you need, or how something works, then let's get some answers. Steve will guide you through his gear, setting up a pedal board, and how each pedal sounds. WEDNESDAY WORKOUTS: MAY 13TH Tired of not being able to play barre chords? This three week series on Wednesday Workouts will guide you through... 1) Knowing Where to Put Your Chord 2) How to Form Each Chord Correctly 3) Strengthening the Fingers for Successful Barre Chords Bring your guitar and I'll guide you step by step as we play together. You can do it! Let's finally master these and move forward in your music! Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. I play guitar so my fingers often slip, it was quite GOOD LOL
  2. bkd60 check Guitar Gathering on YouTube, and you should find it. it was quite goof
  3. Steve really loves this Hymn and plays it so beautifully. check feb 16 2018 Live lesson
  4. It has been suggested in past Conferences of renting a guitar in Nashville for the week, instead of bringing your own with all the possible hassles.
  5. Thanks Steve for this lesson. I have an idea about using chord structures like this for a while so I could go further up the neck but have not been able to form a structured process to work on the idea. You gave me what I needed! One question though: you mentioned a guitarist would not usually need to know triads on 6 through 4th strings, Why? maybe staying away from Bass guitar? thanks AGAIN. I have used neck diagrams with all notes to picture these triads in the past. it has help see them
  6. I think it was just introduced at Namm . There is another video from channel, Steve from Boston, on youtube . interesting amp
  7. Congrats on new guitar. I too love the colour. Gift to ourselves bring great joy. I know
  8. Thanks Friends for all the support. Eracer the London store is very good one. I have about five stores within 1 hour of me and this is one of the better ones for space, choice and salespeople. Oldjock that is exactly what I want to do. I saw Gordon over a year ago, and have one of his songbooks that I can put to my learning and growing use. Lightfoot has been one of my favorites for many, many decades along few other Folkies. Thanks again for this Community
  9. All the talk about 12 strings a few months got me looking. I tried Guilds, Seagulls, Yamahas and others. All okay but fell in love with used Martin D12x1ae at Long and McQuade store in North London,Ontario Had to go back twice before it just call to be taken home as a Christmas gift to myself. Love the neck on this one. SO< merry Christmas to me!
  10. enjoy, I have had one of these for several years and truly love it!
  11. sorry just to add from history. moved from japan to Taiwan in 1972. started with red label but soon 4 different colours of tan; 75-77 had black labels; 77-81 had white label. exports were mostly tan labels. I am in Canada so check prices online in US
  12. Hey, I was just looking at one of these coming up at an auction.if it has red nippon label and a trust rod it is after 1968, with classical guitar style body and ladder bracing. the lamination for body was actual tone woods , not plywood. Found a history on google. There are a couple videos of people playing them sound quite bright.
  13. wow, I normally do not like SG's but this is cool, and my favourite humbuckers. enjoy
  14. congrats on birthday and sweet guitar
  15. THANKS to all for your congrats and support. Diane, I had not seen those vids. I check the other suggested resources. Maybe what I play at the Gathering next year. Oh, Neil I can see myself at 105 yrs old in my wheel chair hauling a big old Gretsch onto my lap to tell the Youngster about really good music. Only to fall a sleep with head resting on the guitar while dreaming that I am duane eddy. thanks for the smile!!!

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