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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY AUGUST 6TH - USING CHORD TONES AS SEEDS FOR SOLOING. Improvising can be intimidating - but here's a simple trick you can use to spark soloing ideas. By using the chord tones, you can create simple "seed" ideas that can be expandaded into much larger musical ideas. TUESDAY AUGUST 20TH - BEING A SINGER/SONGWRITER WITH ROB HARRIS. Ever dreamed of playing your own songs at a songwriters night? or perhaps playing guitar at a local restaurant? Rob Harris is a master of this and he will be dropping by to talk about crafting your own songs and building gigs. SPECIAL EVENT: MONDAY AUGUST 26TH - THE BOUTIQUE GUITAR SHOWCASE. These are some of the rarest and fascinating instruments in the world. We'll be showing these amazing instruments live from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville Tennessee. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. enjoy, I have had one of these for several years and truly love it!
  2. sorry just to add from history. moved from japan to Taiwan in 1972. started with red label but soon 4 different colours of tan; 75-77 had black labels; 77-81 had white label. exports were mostly tan labels. I am in Canada so check prices online in US
  3. Hey, I was just looking at one of these coming up at an auction.if it has red nippon label and a trust rod it is after 1968, with classical guitar style body and ladder bracing. the lamination for body was actual tone woods , not plywood. Found a history on google. There are a couple videos of people playing them sound quite bright.
  4. wow, I normally do not like SG's but this is cool, and my favourite humbuckers. enjoy
  5. congrats on birthday and sweet guitar
  6. THANKS to all for your congrats and support. Diane, I had not seen those vids. I check the other suggested resources. Maybe what I play at the Gathering next year. Oh, Neil I can see myself at 105 yrs old in my wheel chair hauling a big old Gretsch onto my lap to tell the Youngster about really good music. Only to fall a sleep with head resting on the guitar while dreaming that I am duane eddy. thanks for the smile!!!
  7. Retired after 40 years and decided to treat myself with this Gretsch 5420T. Just brought it home today and I am totally happy. Now need suggestions on Rockabilly Guitar for Beginner materials. Any help Friends?
  8. thanks, closing my office with all my musical stuff ( like 3 guitars and 2 amps, and a ton books,etc ) bringing together with all I have at home ( much ,much more ) is daunting. Sometimes to continue our musical journey is setting up proper practice places inspiring us to grow. If I want to go back to Nashville in 2019 ( as I do) bringing order to my present chaos is needed to help me get there next year, and to continue my journey with Steve and our musical family.
  9. I would have been there except I am retiring sunday after 40 yrs of service. trying to plan a proper guitar practice program given I will not much to do on Monday. Discipline is needed to keep focus. Also, learning songs to play and sing so I can entertain at senior homes in fall. I still want to be in Nashville. I am truly jealous.
  10. remember there are some members in Michigan and near Buffalo , might they be included?
  11. wow, Dave that is one the best DIY stand I have seen. I have made rudimentary ones along amp stands, etc. Can we get a picture without the things on it. I would like to see the top clearer. well done
  12. I am in listowel 1 hr north of London, and will have more time on my hands after my retirement in june
  13. thanks so much for this. I just picked up the 50 last week this will help me understand and play.
  14. At the 2016 Gathering I donated a classical guitar to the Instruments Of Joy program we as group were supporting. Today I received a very nice card and picture of my guitar in the hands of Joseph in Zambia. Joseph looks about 10 yrs old. He plays in the church choir which for me is a greater joy since I have been a minister for 40 yrs, The smile on his face makes me cry with happiness. Thanks Steve for the opportunity to spread joy through music

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