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What path should i take in my guitar journey/formation?

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Hi Guys, thank you for reading my post.

I'm from Portugal! Hyyeeeyyy.

I started playing the guitar like 2 years ago and i think i had a good learning process and evolution with the JustinGuitar Begginer and the start of the Intermidiate course but then i just started to get more interested in soloing so i started searching more about scales and stuff, and time passed by like that.

I'm happy with my guitar journey but i feel like what i'm doing is not enough for me to evolve even more at this stage of the learning process and get to a level where i feel more confident with what i can do with rhe guitar and with the knowledge that i have.... so i'm trying to understant what may be the best guitar course for my case.

I am... i would say a kinda Intermidiate guitar player feeling like i need guidance at the moment. I'm thinking about a subscription to Paul David's course "Next Level Playing" or to Kiko Loureiro's Megadeth Guitarist Learning Platform but i don't know if those are really the best options, i would like to know your opinions guys, thank you.


Big hug, enjoy life, give your best, love eachother.

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You've come to the right place, welcome to the Guitar Gathering. I hope you can tune into the Tuesday night Live lessons or just watch one of them on the YouTube channel previously recorded. They are VERY informational and one can find lots of useful nuggets to put into your "toolkit" of musical knowledge. Be patient with yourself while building guitar skills, I would recommend setting some specific goals to give your guitar journey some road markers. 

Gene C

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Hi, there! And welcome to our group. May I offer two suggestions, one internal and one external.

First, the internal: after a couple of years, you are enjoying guitar and want to progress. Now you recognize the overwhelming number of options open to you. We all go through this. It's time to consider what part of your life you want guitar to occupy. How much time can you realistically devote to it each day? What style of music are you attracted to? And what do you want to do with your music? Play for yourself and friends? Join an ensemble or band? What are you willing, and not willing, to sacrifice for it? As you contemplate these questions — and make no mistake, this is work — the answers to your questions of what is best for you will soon become obvious.

Which brings me to my second suggestion, the external, and it will help you with the first. Find, and bring into your personal circle, as many experienced musicians as you can. Music teachers, church musicians, open mic-types, professionals, anyone who is farther along the path. You want to be seek out those who will encourage you, coach you, and be stone cold honest with you. It might be just for one conversation, it might develop into a long friendship.

It is quite impossible to research every option. That’s no excuse for doing some research. The magic word is practice. That comes first. Here are a few words from Steve you might find helpful. I hope you make many new guitar friends here and at home!

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Like you, I went through both Justin's courses.....check out his website to expand and refine your skills.  The "Tammy Lessons" and "Lee's Private Lessons" help you apply all you've learned to make music.  Also check out Rut Busters and song tutorials:  justinguitar.com.  All free.....

Steve Krenz (here on GuitarGathering) was my first exposure to guitar and I've never wavered from his instruction, great stuff.  He generously gives his time AND great PDFs for lessons for all levels on electric and acoustic, all styles.  As mentioned above, join us for the Tuesday lessons when they are given.  But in the meantime subscribe to his YouTube channel where all lessons are archived......the first and last minutes of each lesson are not on YouTube and are focused on us GuitarGathering folks, so I'd encourage you to join live when you can.  "Guitar Gathering" on YouTube.

Best advice from Steve, which I'm finally following: practice at first without the computer or phone apps, just put in deliberate practice time, just you and your instrument.  And from Justin:  improv!  Put on a song and try to play along or just jam, without worrying about getting it right.  Have fun.......yet also spend most of your time in deliberate practice.

Looks like Paul David and Kiko are geared toward electric guitar.  Is that your main interest?


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guitarfeelsuccess Good luck in your guitar learning journey, practice daily and enjoy the music.

Thanks Diane B - Thanks Nancy L, I have seen and used some of Justin's instruction but haven't heard of the others mentioned in the first paragraph. I will have to give them a look-see now that I'm curious.

I too remain committed to learning from Steve and not "wavered from his instruction". Steve is a great teacher and guitarist. I take and use Steve 's words of advise in the link Diane has provided seriously. It's certainly has been a good way for me to learn on my guitar journey.


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Paul David is pretty good we've all seen his humorous YouTube videos

His Next Level Guitar course at $199, pretty pricey.

I don't know his guitar course so can't say how good it is for the money.

I know many of us don't spend enough time working scales, and saying the note names when playing the scales. 

Next part of learning is what to do with those scales. 

Steve Krenz the instructor here likes teaching theory and scale knowledge as the key to being a "real" musician. 

Take a look at the Store link at the top of the page, he's got some inexpensive lessons in the Fretboard series. 

Look for Scales mastery, might be a first look

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