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  1. Hi Guys, thank you for reading my post. I'm from Portugal! Hyyeeeyyy. I started playing the guitar like 2 years ago and i think i had a good learning process and evolution with the JustinGuitar Begginer and the start of the Intermidiate course but then i just started to get more interested in soloing so i started searching more about scales and stuff, and time passed by like that. I'm happy with my guitar journey but i feel like what i'm doing is not enough for me to evolve even more at this stage of the learning process and get to a level where i feel more confident with what i can do with rhe guitar and with the knowledge that i have.... so i'm trying to understant what may be the best guitar course for my case. I am... i would say a kinda Intermidiate guitar player feeling like i need guidance at the moment. I'm thinking about a subscription to Paul David's course "Next Level Playing" or to Kiko Loureiro's Megadeth Guitarist Learning Platform but i don't know if those are really the best options, i would like to know your opinions guys, thank you. Big hug, enjoy life, give your best, love eachother.

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