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  1. Welcome! Like you, I went through both Justin's courses.....check out his website to expand and refine your skills. The "Tammy Lessons" and "Lee's Private Lessons" help you apply all you've learned to make music. Also check out Rut Busters and song tutorials: justinguitar.com. All free..... Steve Krenz (here on GuitarGathering) was my first exposure to guitar and I've never wavered from his instruction, great stuff. He generously gives his time AND great PDFs for lessons for all levels on electric and acoustic, all styles. As mentioned above, join us for the Tuesday lessons when they are given. But in the meantime subscribe to his YouTube channel where all lessons are archived......the first and last minutes of each lesson are not on YouTube and are focused on us GuitarGathering folks, so I'd encourage you to join live when you can. "Guitar Gathering" on YouTube. Best advice from Steve, which I'm finally following: practice at first without the computer or phone apps, just put in deliberate practice time, just you and your instrument. And from Justin: improv! Put on a song and try to play along or just jam, without worrying about getting it right. Have fun.......yet also spend most of your time in deliberate practice. Looks like Paul David and Kiko are geared toward electric guitar. Is that your main interest?
  2. I won't be there this year but hoping for next year. Diane, I remember a similar post you made in 2018 was invaluably helpful as I was packing. Thanks for all the thorough, thoughtful information you provide.
  3. If songwriting comes as easily to you as creative writing does, you've got it made! Enjoyed your writing as always, thanks for posting.
  4. Thanks for posting, Diane, so I can enjoy it vicariously. What a great opportunity for small group interaction! And I heard that Cory Congilio, an instructor I adore on Udemy, will be there. Stay in touch. I'm there in spirit!
  5. Very helpful, Diane, thanks!
  6. Thank you so much Doug, Diane and "Fretless".....all very helpful and I'm ready to do some shopping and organizing now. The iPad video was interesting, and I'd been curious about how effective they are at storing music....thanks. I may go that route one day!
  7. I don't have an I-pad. I do have a large piece of cardboard on my music stand to clip several sheets to so I can see all the pages at once. But what do I do with those sheets to store them? Starting to get a lot......my husband uses a porta-file with 26 spaces but the music sags and curls up. Any suggestions? Thanks......
  8. Have a fabulous time, Dave!  School workdays still going on for me this week, but maybe next year we'll be back.  Enjoy every minute.

    1. Dave White

      Dave White

      Thanks Nancy - I hope you can make it next year. The fall fingerstyle retreat is also a great time - and much more relaxed than the summer conference.

      We were over your way last night. One of the guys I met at last year's fingerstyle retreat lives just of 64 between Etowah and Brevard. He had one of the Truefire educators (Richard Gilewitz) at his house as well as a few other guitar playing friends. It was a nice, but rainy, evening.

  9. Thanks, Paul! Your written introduction is well-done, as well as the videos! Thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated.
  10. Hope you feel better, Colder. It's miserable travelling home when you don't. We missed Saturday morning, too, to get home in time for something else.
  11. Thanks so much, Diane. I'm not on Facebook. Wondering if/when survey is coming?
  12. Steve K. has some good practice tips, but I also like Justin Sandercoe's: https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/intermediate-practice-routine-pc-502
  13. Those books look good, Diane.....just read the excerpts on your amazon links. I will look them over on my next trip to the library, and resist the urge to read in the morning instead of playing guitar!
  14. I agree with you Colder and Randy. For me, it's been playing first thing in the day before work. Just pick it up and play, don't procrastinate. Too many things come up after work. I do play after work some, but it's for fun and to relax, not learning new techniques like in the morning. Guitar and coffee, great start to the day.

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