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  1. @RockVox he's barring the 10th fret with his first finger and since all the notes are played all at once.. you pluck the first three strings at once with your index, middle and ring fingers
  2. If you're on High E or B you have to bend up or you come off the fretboard If you're on A or Low E you have to bend down or come off the fretboard G and D can be bent either way, but it's easier to push up then it is to pull down Your hand is also freer to vibrate/vibrato when pushing up
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cliffs_of_Dover_(composition) While he did indeed compose "Cliffs of Dover", Johnson does not take full credit, saying "I don't even know if I can take credit for writing 'Cliffs of Dover' ... it was just there for me one day ... literally wrote in five minutes ... kind of a gift from a higher place that all of us are eligible for. We just have to listen for it and be available to receive it Ah Via Musicom catapulted Johnson to guitar-hero stardom, achieving certified Gold and Platinum sales. A crucial element of the album’s success was the inst
  4. $77 is pretty darn cheap Lucky it wasn't more
  5. I don't know enough about EMG pickups or their quick connect system. I'm also not certain if there any passive EMG pickups, thought they all needed a 9v battery to run. Maybe replace with a new battery One option for trouble shooting is put back the original pickups. Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forward. If you had soldered the connection on the pot, I would have you probably over heated the pot , but since this is a quick connect system that shouldn't apply Watch out when you disconnecting the pickup you didn't in fact pull the wire off the quic
  6. @marshall not all rests need to be muted, not played is as good as a rest
  7. So how do they compare sound wise
  8. True test of good hearing aid programming is they don't make all sorts of wierd noises when you use a wha pedal
  9. so I ended up doing a "Google" on Rif vs Lick here's it's answer: The Difference Between a Riff and a Lick: Riff: A riff is thematic (a what??). It serves as the main section for a song. Think of Satisfaction for example or Smoke On The Water. A riff is often repeated and developed, sometimes with variations, sometimes in different keys, but a riff is always recognisable as the main idea or main part of the song. A riff is what makes the song 'recognisable' and distinctive. p.s. thematic just means a theme! ; ) Lick: A lick or solo i
  10. On the 7th fret B (then 8th fret C, and 10th fret 10) the frets are getting closer and closer You maybe finding that it just seems a little tight compared to say G barre on the 3rd frrt
  11. I should add, If you've been really lucky, getting a new set of tubes and swap them all, might work What concerns me the most is the , put in a output tube and the fuse blew. That says the tube had a high current draw. Resistors can easily melt down on high current Other thing with tube amps , never run them without a speaker attached. Output transformers do not like being unloaded and typically melt down with no load, which can also happen with a bad output tube Some amps have a protection circuit in them to prevent this most don't. Always swap tu
  12. Yes If a tube goes bad or in your case put in a bad tube, a number of things can happen Worst would be output transformer blowing, , that'd be really bad. If you're lucky, the screen resistors saved the amp but melted down. Don't go into the amp unless you know what you're doing , paralyzed or dead are to options in there for the uninitiated. Never keep old tubes, chuck's Better take it to a tech

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