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  1. I know you didn't put your stuff away! Thx for the comment though. There's no reason (after COVID) that you and Neil can't do some recording with me. The finished product always sounds better than the live sounds. I've heard your playing with your choir and it's good!
  2. Thanks Wim - much appreciated and thanks for your submissions too. Do you use any recording software? Ron.
  3. I laid down a few tracks using Audacity and decided to play "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" by Van Morrison. Here is the Youtube post and you can see it here: Please give it a good critique. There were four tracks - bass, acoustic rhythm, electric rhythm and lead on the Gibson ES-150D. I recorded the video using Powerdirector 16. I hope you enjoy it and hopefully we can all learn too. ~Ron Service.

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