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  1. I'm considering an electric pickup for my "repop" Tricone. Will a string pickup mounted to the metal body work? With no guitar repair/electronic setup experience, I wonder what would be my best option. A contact mike looks easy, but I would prefer a string pickup with a mounted cord jack. Any recommendations on these options?
  2. Thanks for the pdf.
  3. I have the new Vox mini in British. It's great! Batteries last a long time, but I keep spares handy. There isn't a low battery warning. BE CAREFUL WITH THE VOLUME, the level can change significantly with little movement. The batteries won't last as long when using the effects. Fits in guitar case for ease of transport or storage. I recommend it for anyone without an amp, and for anyone wanting electric practice in the quite times.
  4. Getting Over The Hump

    The members advice and encouragement has carried me forward for three years. But, if you hit a plateau and you can't seem to work through it; buy a new guitar. Guaranteed to improve/stimulate your playing.
  5. Returning

    Freebird, ,fly high. Never rush the learning. Good to see another player.
  6. Favorite Guitar Picks

    I choose picks based on the particular instrument being used. Electric guitars I use Fender Heavy celluloid, acoustic guitars I use Fender Medium celluloid, Resonator guitars I use a medium weight with gripping surface or pick with grip hole (no favorite brand yet).
  7. Play-along CDs - tempos

    Grog, great observation on my German. Beautiful music in any language. Fretless, I got the three songs from internet; L&M Bonus Resources. I never had a CD. Cindy, Thanks for the link. I listened to the song on the internet to learn the phrasing, while I did learn the song I think it was a long process.
  8. Play-along CDs - tempos

    Thank you Fretless. I didn't see "Turkey in the Straw" or "The Entertainer" listed. How about "Fleur Elise", these three titles are from bonus materials. Does anyone play these? Are they from an earlier version of L&M not available now?
  9. Session Nine

    Thanks to everyone for their responses and encouragement. Does anyone know the beats per minute for "Turkey in the Straw" and "The Entertainer"?
  10. Session Nine

    Thanks for the insight. I'm sure if/when I have session 10 completed it won't seem so bad. For all of us on this endeavor just remember, Time flies when your learning (having fun).
  11. Session 4

    Session 4 is long and takes perseverance. You will really feel more like a guitarist when its completed. Things only get better throughout the course.
  12. Session Nine

    Working on session 9. I'm close to finishing the session and was thinking about skipping the fingerpicking. I'm not very coordinated. I feel I'm making great advances in my playing and I'm afraid session 10 will slow my progress. Is it as hard as it looks, or is this paranoia?

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