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  1. My tinnitus never goes away - with or without hearing aids. Fortunately it doesn't drive me totally crazy. I normally sleep with music playing. But to me it's just background noise. If it's loud enough for me to hear, it's too loud for my wife.
  2. I do have multiple programs, even one for music. The best results I get are with the treble turned nearly all the way down. I have an appointment later this month so I'll discuss it with her. Thanks for the responses. They are helpful.
  3. That may be it. I saw a video yesterday of a man using a string mute at the first fret. That seemed to make a lot of random sounds go away.
  4. Does anyone else have issues with "stray" sounds when wearing hearing aids while playing? Sometimes it seems like my hearing aids pick up guitar sounds that you normally would not hear. Almost like getting harmonics on one string when playing another. I have some control over hearing aid settings but I haven't found a good way to deal with all of them. Does anyone else have a similar issue?
  5. Thank you for the input. I'll research it some more when I get the jack fixed.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I need to replace the jack. It's really doesn't hardly work now.
  7. A couple of questions about the Blues Jr. I think mine is about 2007 vintage. Can you turn the reverb completely off? I don't notice much if any difference at different settings. Also, has anyone had trouble with the cheap plastic jack plug? From what I've read it is a pretty common problem. At least in older models.

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